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[from “I’ll pull the devil down with me one way or another”]

“You are bold,” Thanos said after a long silence. “Perhaps bold enough to lie to me.” Loki froze, and heard Thanos moving. He did not look up, kept his head down. This was the test. The real test, and he had known it would come. If he failed now…

Thanos’ great hand cupped his chin and lifted Loki’s head back until his neck strained. “Do you lie to me now?”

Loki summoned all his fear, all his hatred and anger and bitterness, the memory of the dead guards in the fault, the savage satisfaction of cutting off Thor’s hand even if it was only illusion. Summoned all his dreams of blood and chaos and carnage and held them at the forefront of his mind, wallowed in them, drowned in them. “No, my lord,” he breathed. “I am not so foolish as that.”

Thanos’ touch was not gentle. He delved into Loki’s mind like a plowman digging into earth, and Loki squeezed his eyes closed and rocked with the pain of it, trying to be both focused and open. He was nothing but hate, nothing but bitter ash and desperate fear. A coward saving his own skin. A monster crawling to the feet of a greater monster for shelter.

An eternity and Thanos released him. He could feel something hot running down his cheeks and knew he was weeping blood. He looked up at Thanos, waiting for the sentence.

“You are a coward,” Thanos said. “But you may be a useful one yet.” He stepped back, and Loki dropped forward on his hands, head bent, thanks spilling from his lips. He’d passed one test. One, and there would be many more.

Crossfire - Chapter Twenty Three

Author: somemaycallmesunshine
Pairing: Young John!Michael x Prophet!Reader
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 2k
Warnings: SMUT, unprotected sex, fluff, violence, blood, gore, anxiety attacks, angst, swearing, death, changes in season 5’s plot

A/N:Thank you guys for your unwavering support and love. I love you guys so much. This chapter has some sexy times but it’s also a super important chapter for the entire plot. Parts of the episodes are weaved in through the plot with some changes for the sake of the storyline. (Visions as well as internal thoughts are in italics) And to get the feel of the mood, I listened to this song.

Summary: Takes place during season 5. With the apocalypse at foot, Team Free Will and the reader are doing everything in their power to stop it. But when their plans take a wrong turn, the reader gets kidnapped by none other than their enemy, Michael the archangel

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 Part 19 Part 20 Part 21 Part 22

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My Ghost - Josh Washington x Reader

Originally posted by justjcshingya

{Credit to gif creator}

Fandom- Until Dawn 

Character- Josh Washington {Includes other Until Dawn characters}

Word Counter- 2939 Words

Persona- Female, friend to the group

Warnings- Language. Things get a little heated in parts. 

A/N- So, the idea is that you’re kind of like Josh’s Friend with benefits, and he doesn’t really take notice of you in school and things, so it fits the song: 

Ghost by Halsey 

I’m searching for something that I can’t reach.

You held tightly onto your books as you travelled towards your locker. You looked over your shoulder and saw Josh, Chris, Matt and Mike all walking your way after they’d been watching Matt running around the track for awhile. The girls were no where to be seen. You looked instantly at Josh. You thought he was too good for you, he was handsome, sweet, a gentleman…Most the time. But you were just a…Friend with benefits to him. You gave him a smile when he glanced at you and his eyes fluttered away instantly, looking over some girl at her locker across from you. 

“Looking at the new girls?” Chris asks him and Josh laughs. 

“You know where my heart lies, bro,” Josh says, punching his arm jokingly. 

You wished his heart lay with yours. 

“Hey (Y/N),” You were distracted by voice beside you. 

“Ashley, hey,” You say and she holds out a book. 

“Here you are, thank you for letting me borrow it,” She smiles and you take it off her. 

“It’s not a problem,” You smile before heading off on your own to lunch. 

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Ghostbusters 2016 Ships

I have lots and lots of opinions about Ghostbusters ships, which you can probably tell considering my most-reblogged post is a Holtzbert gif.  So let’s talk about what makes a ship sail, shall we?

I submit, for your viewing pleasure, a visual aid to the best Ghostbusters ship…

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Family Dinner

Dean x Reader One-shot

Rated M: Explicit sexual content, fingering, sex, unprotected sex.

Word Count: 2561 

When you first met the Winchesters, you figured they’d help you and move on to another case. What you didn’t expect was finding yourself learning how to hunt from two of the best. After finding out your apartment had a poltergeist, the boys helped you get rid of it. A simple hunt for them turned into a Hell of a journey for you. You found yourself keeping in contact with the two of them, giving them headlines on possible cases, and digging some information up for them while you attended classes at your local college.

Soon after that Dean and Sam decided to give you some lessons. They taught you all sorts of things ranging from killing a ghost, to setting a devils trap. One thing led to another, and you soon found yourself tagging along on different, not to dangerous hunts. Your dull, boring, mundane life turned into a life full of adventure.

“Hey Y/N, wake up.” sitting up in the back of the Impala you looked around stretching.

“I’m up, I’m up!” groaning you looked out the window only to see something you have been dreading for the last month.

Your parents house.

“We’re here.” Dean smirked, looking at you with green eyes licking his lips before getting out. Oh damn it, he was actually looking forward to this!?

“It’s going to be ok Y/N.” Sam gave you a reassuring smile getting out of the car himself. With a long sigh you looked back at the two story house, debating on whether to just take off. You knew who was all in there, your parents, kid sister, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Having missed Christmas with your family due to a vampire nest, your mother insisted you and your friends come for Memorial Day.

“Sweetheart~” Dean opened the door, a smug smile on his face, “we don’t want to keep your family waiting now, do we?”

Letting out a long sigh you got out, only the receive a slap on the ass from Dean. You gasped cupping you butt glaring at the older Winchester.

“Dean!” He just winked at you following close behind as you walked up the steps of the porch, “I can’t believe you two convinced me to do this!” you whispered ringing the doorbell.

“How bad could it be?”

“You have no idea..” With that said the front door flew open, and you were grabbed by several hands, that dragged you into the house.

“Y/N!” Several people screamed pulling you into several hugs, kissing your cheeks, in other words suffocating you.

“You got so tall!”

“Look at you, you’re beautiful!”

“Looks just like her mother!”

“Uh,” The sound of Dean clearing his throat brought silence throughout the room. Your family turned looking at your friends…and went into family mode! Dragging the two inside the house they looked at you in shock as the questions started flooding.

“Oh my God aren’t you two handsome!”

“Which one of you is dating Y/N!?”

“How tall are you?”

“Is that a 67’ Chevy Impala!? Grandpa has a 66!”

“Dinner time!” And just like that everyone ran to the dining room leaving you, Dean and Sam in the living room.

“Holy mother of God.”

“I warned you.” You rubbed your neck leading the brothers into the dining room.

“How do you survive?” Dean whispered in your ear overlooking the vast amount of family members.

“Whiskey, wine, and beer.” You whispered back a your mother rushed to your side still wearing an apron.

“Y/N baby!” She pulled you into a hug before wiping her hands on the apron looking at Sam and Dean, “Sam and Dean I assume.” the boys nodded looking at her.

“I’m Sam Winchester.”

“I’m Dean.” They shook your mother’s hand, she glanced at Dean before turning to look you dead in the eyes.

“He’s the guy you slept with right?”

“Mom!” your face turned red, Dean licked his lips rubbing his neck.

Yeah you two slept together, you sort of wished you two waited. You both got a little tipsy, and you started kissing, and that lead to Dean fucking you in the backseat of the impala. And you bragged to your mom that Dean Winchester was a sex God. That had to big the biggest mistake you’ve made in a long time. All the time anymore she was asking how the two of you were doing, if you were being safe, and every other question in the book that would make anyone cringe.

What your mother couldn’t and refused to accept is that what happened between you and Dean was nothing but a one night stand. Ever since that drunken night nothing has happened sexually between the two of you. It was nothing more than two consenting adults having sex.

“Do you need any condoms we can take you to Costco and get them in bulk.”

“Is that wine!?” you shouted rushing away from your mother towards the dining room where everyone was sitting talking to one another. The brother’s followed close behind you, doing their best not to get stopped by any other family member., “I love wine,” you looked back at Sam shoving him two glasses for him and Dean, “don’t you Sam?”

“Y/N your family is uh…” Sam swallowed hard looking around nervously, “they really are different from other families wouldn’t you say?”

You snorted pouring the wine in the glasses, “Trust me you two have barely seen the tip of the iceberg, just wait a little longer, once the alcohol hit their systems that’s when it gets to be a lot of fun.”

Sam nodded quickly taking a seat staring down at his plate. You sat in the middle of the Winchester brothers, looking at anything but Dean. You knew you wouldn’t know what to do if you met his intense stare and dazzling green eyes. Your family was stressful enough but knowing that your mom spilled the beans about you talking about your one night stand with Dean…well that was to much to handle at the moment.

One glass, two glasses, and another for good luck. You thought pouring yourself a fourth glass of wine. As you were in mid pour a hand gripped your left thigh squeezing it roughly. You yelped nearly spilling the wine all over the white table cloth. This won some glances from your cousins as you managed to catch the glass preventing the disaster.

“You okay there sweetheart~?” Dean whispered in your ear as you placed the bottle down staring at the table. “You seem a little jumpy right now.” Dean blew on you earlobe pulling his head away from your neck.  

You couldn’t find any words to say as Dean’s rough calloused fingers massaged the top of your thigh roughly. It was sending tingles all over your body, and now was not the time for him to be making a move. You took a deep breath looking at the designs outlining the plate in front of you. Though distracting yourself was not helping you at all.

Dean’s fingers, his touch it was something indescribable. He glanced at you as he moved his finger up and down massaging you thigh tenderly. You gripped the edge of your seat with your right hand while you covered your mouth with the left. Damn Dean for remembering what got you flustered and in the mood.

“Alright everyone, dinner is served.” Your mother announced sitting at the head of the table smiling at everyone. While everyone dug into the piles of potato salad, ribs, and green beans you sat there covering your mouth as Dean’s fingers trailed closer to your groin massaging the whole way.

He was making it really hard to keep yourself composed, while he had no issues at all. While he was cupping your thigh he was having a conversation with your eighty year old grandmother. How the hell was he able to remain calm while he was feeling up up under the table?!

“So Dean, Sam what do you two do for a living.” Your father asked taking a bite of potato salad examining the two brothers before smiling at you, “Y/N really doesn’t talk much about you two.”

“Well maybe not to you dear, I’m the one who gets all the dirt.” Your mother grinned winking at you and Dean.


“Well Mr Y/L/N we do anything and everything.” Dean said sipping on a beer, “You see my brother and I are very hands on individuals.” Just as he said that his hand slipped under the waistband of your jeans causing you to choke on your wine as his fingers began massaging your clit through the thin fabric of your panties.

“You okay there Y/N?” one of your family members asked as you leaned forward coughing between moans.

“Oh she’s fine,” Dean pushed down on your clit causing you to launch forward till your head was almost touching the surface of the table, “she gets car sick pretty easily in the Impala. Besides she hasn’t eaten anything today, the wine must not be sitting well right Y/N”

You tighten your grip, “Yeah, I should go get my aspirin out of my purse.” You said huskily as you gripped Dean’s hand pulling it away from your center, trying not to draw as much attention as you could. “Thank for reminding me Winchester.” you smacked his cheek gently, “you’re the best.” You stood up excusing yourself from the table heading towards the parlor where your purse was sitting.

You walked right passed the pile of purses, up the stairs into the bathroom on the top floor. You shut the door behind you as you slowly slide to the floor staring at the shower in front of you. You panted running your hands through your hair.

“What the hell was that?” You whispered squirming at the wet sensation forming inside your panties, “Why would he do that in front of my parents, hell my whole family?”As the possible thoughts ran through your mind you managed to drag yourself off the tiled floor leaning over the sink. “Is he trying to get back at me for what my mom said earlier?!” Yeah it was embarrassing but it was no reason to trying and finger you at the dining room table.

You turned the water on splashing cold water on your face, trying to calm yourself. Just before you could dry your face off the door flung open then shut instantly. You opened one eye in shock as Dean slammed you against the wall, his lips slamming on yours. You moaned finding yourself kissing back as he cupped your face in his hands. Dean pulled away panting as he unbuttoned your jeans shoving his hands inside your panties looking down at you lustfully.

“A-ah~” you whimpered as his fingers slide inside of you pumping them quickly, “D-dean what are you d-doing?”

“Shh,” he whispered in your ear as his fingers continued to work you, “you’re going to disturb the family dinner with those sweet sounds.”

“D-Dean, I’m being serious.” You gasped throwing your head back as his fingers curled doing the ‘come hither’ movement right against your g-spot.

“Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for you to talk about that one night?” You growled roughly pressing his leg between your legs, “Waiting to see if you wanted to see what else could happen between the two of us.” His finger pumped deeper causing you to buck your hips, “But instead you keep me in the dark and act like it never happened. At first I thought hey maybe she just isn’t the type for relationships, maybe it isn’t her thing… “ he chuckled coldly as his thumb began twirling circles around your clit as his finger continued to pump, “but I come to find out you’ve been telling your mom about us,” he bit down on your earlobe, “you liked it didn’t you, you’ve been dying for me to be inside of you again?

You gasped as his fingers began pumping faster finding a rhythm with his thumb, “Y-yes, oh God Dean I’ve wanted to do it again, I’ve wanted you for so long Dean.” You whimpered as he pulled your jeans and panties down picking you up by the thighs.

“You should have told me sooner baby, you wouldn’t have had to wait so long.” He pushed against you holding you against the wall, as he unbuckled and pulled his cock out.

“You could have said something to Dean,” you smirked, but him thrusting inside of you shut up up instantly. Hi hand flew up covering your mouth as he began thrusting deep inside of you. “Mhmm,” you moaned into his hand as he slammed into you. His head resting against your breasts as he growled thrusting faster.

“Shh, sweetheart we don’t want anyone coming up here to investigate your moans.” you nodded, satisfied with your response he removed his hand from you mouth, replacing it with his mouth. You shoved your tongue in his mouth swirling it around moaning softly as his tongue massaged yours eagerly.

Dean’s hands rested against your hips, his fingers digging into them as he thrusts faster inside you, his mouth still on yours. You found moans trailing out of your mouth and into his. You gripped his short dirt blonde hair tugging on it as his right hand began massaging the top of your right thigh. He knew just how to touch you, bringing you closer and closer to the edge. God Dean was perfection, he was more than a good lay, he was the best fuck you’ve ever had. Both times you two had sex was mind blowing.

You gasped into his mouth as he dug his finger in your thigh rubbing them fast against the muscles. His cock was twitching inside you as you clamped down on him. Your toes curled as you threw your head back. Just before you could let the whole neighborhood you were cumming Dean slammed his hand over you mouth thrusting faster and deeper bringing you to your sweet long awaited orgasam.

As you clamped down he growled in your ear cumming inside of you. You whimpered into his hand as he continued to thrust riding out his pleasure. His movements began to slow as he panted against your neck. You continued to grip his hair as he pulled his hand away from your mouth allowing you to gasp for air. He chuckled kissing up you neck the two of you coming down from your high.

“Dammit Dean, you’re seriously killing me.” You whispered as he finally managed to put you down in the ground, “You really are a sex God.” He nipped at your ear once more cleaning himself on while you splashed cool water on your face panting.

“Please, you’re the sex goddess here, seducing me when  should be on my best behavior in front of your family.”

“Yeah how are we going to pull this off?’ You asked as he grinned flushing the toilet.

“We’ll find a way,” he intertwined your fingers together, “we always find a way.”  You smiled up at him as the two of you made your way back to the chaotic dinner table, where no one but Sam really noticed the two of you were missing. 

Title: Cruel Fate

Fandom: The Gray Garden

Characters: Etihw, Kcalb. Eticalb.

AN: This was inspired by amiau-art who had recently drew a tragic Eticalb comic here, and I was so inspired and decided to write this!  Warning, this is a deathfic again like the last one so if you’re sensitive then please don’t look! Thank you!

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Outlander Review: The Watch, Episode 1x13

Warning, spoilers ahead, and yes the review is hella long. Sorry, not sorry.

This was a decent episode, but I was nowhere near blown away by it as I have been with previous episodes. I think that one of the main reasons for this was because I had no investment in The Watch guys.  I felt the same way when reading the books to be honest.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s get this thing started.

What I Disliked

1.  Not enough Claire and Jamie together.

Seriously people, we know that they’re going to be separated for a while after this, and you couldn’t give us more of them together? No, this Outlander fan was not happy about that.

2.  The Watch dudes.

I’m sorry, but I found them irritating as hell, and the majority of them were dull. In fact every time they were on my screen, I found my thoughts turning to other things. I understand that they were an integral part of this episode, I was just bitter because they were stealing away precious Claire and Jamie time from me. Taryn MacQuarrie wasn’t too bad, probably because he was the most layered of character out of all The Watch dudes.  

What Was OK But I Could Have Lived Without It

I had to insert this new category because there were a few meh moments in this episode.

1.  MacQuarrie: “You don’t sound like an Islander.
Claire: “Jamie spent time in France fighting in the French army with Ian, perhaps that’s what’s influenced his accent?

Claire, sweetie, this isn’t the time for your mouth to be flapping.

2.  Claire: “Never be taken alive. How daring.”

Claire is such a know-it-all though, lol.

3.  MacQuarrie: “Curious, I’ve traded a lot of army tales with Ian, and he’s never mentioned you.

3a.  Claire: “How long are you staying?”

The shade with which Claire made asked that question though, lol. 

We were all her right then though, when that soap-and-water-averse watchman put his feet up on the dining table. Manners maketh man, dude.

4.  The Watch man setting fire to the hay.

Man, I’m looking forward to him dying soon.

5.  The Watch men laughing while the hay burnt.

What I Loved

1.  The theme song. 

I’m sorry, I can’t not include that in my review, the song just moves me and never fails to engender a sense of excitement whenever I hear it.

2.  Jamie:  "I hope you kept your powder dry. Misfire and I’ll ram your pistol down your gullet"

I’m always here for brave Jamie, although like Claire I’d have been having a heart attack at his daring too.

3.  Jenny: “Taryn, put your gun down.

Yay, Jenny from Lallybroch to the rescue! 

So Jamie has to pretend to be her cousin, Jamie McTavish. Are we to assume that MacQuarrie didn’t know about her brother Jamie?

Can I just pause to admire how freaking hot Jamie looked with a gun pointed at his head?


Ok carrying on…

4.  Claire: “Jenny and Ian didn’t know we were married. We surprised them.”

I know I’m not the only person who gets nervous whenever Claire speaks in her perfect English accent when she’s surrounded by a bunch of Scottish criminals.

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