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Hey @ riverdale fans: I know it can be tempting to pirate the newest episode online instead of watching it on tv- but! You don’t need to! The cw uploads the episodes for free on their website! Watching from official sources helps the show get better ratings and it really counts for the continuation of the show. So go watch the show online from the official cw site instead of somewhere shady- support the show and avoid a virus lol

Ron was AWFUL at wooing Hermione

How frustrating was it that Ron and Hermione don’t kiss until the Battle of Hogwarts in their final year? Sure, little things like Lord Voldemort certainly got in the way, but for the most part, let’s all just agree it was Ron’s fault.

During the Yule Ball in Goblet of Fire, Ron has his first shot at asking Hermione on a date, but blows it by saying ‘we need partners, we’re going to look really stupid if we haven’t got any,’ as his excuse for asking her, and then spends the entire evening unreasonably stewing when she bags Triwizard champion Viktor Krum as her date. But it doesn’t end there; when Hermione asks Ron to the Slug Club Christmas party, he somehow messes that up too, by going out with Lavender Brown which obviously saddens Hermione further.

And that’s without mentioning all the sarcastic comments, making fun of the things Hermione cares about, (like S.P.E.W.) and just generally being immature. No wonder Ron ends up reading a book called Twelve Fail-Safe Ways to Charm Witches.



Dramione or Harmione fans, rejoice! Got you a tidbit from the official Harry Potter site!

I can’t believe Jungle Jim’s only exists in Ohio

the rest of the world is missing out on the glorious grocery store that is Jungle Jim’s. Imagine a place like IKEA but for international foods. They have aisles upon aisles of imported goods, and then themed places too. They have several aisles devoted to weirdly flavored sodas. Another area for wines, organized by country. Another for candy that has a choose your fave flavor mike and ikes dispenser. Another for produce, including cactus, coconuts, durians, dragon fruit, and so much more I don’t even know how to pronounce. Name a country and they probably have an aisle or two dedicated to it.

They even have a fresh bakery and a deli area. There’s another area for cooking utensils. Then there’s a few aisles dedicated to american groceries.

Look at all the hot sauce

Look at all the Honey

Look at all the cheese

This part plays children’s songs the whole time it’s terrible but also magical

“With more than 200,000 square feet of shopping space in each of our stores, there are over 150,000 products from which to choose.“ A quote from the official site. 200,00 feet of random foods. 

It takes like 2 hours to get through the majority of the store. There’s still places I haven’t been to. Every time I visit I find another part that I didn’t know existed before. It’s fucking wild and I’m so disappointed to find out that it only has two locations, both being near the Cincinnati area. 

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Why are Jak's proportions so weird? His arms are insanely long/his legs are super short. Clearly it's a design choice for Jak, owing to the fact that everyone else has normal proportions. Why do you think they did this? Do you have any headcanons about it? Maybe prison stunted his growth?

nah, the weird anatomy (long arms + short pelvis/legs) is just Bob Rafei’s style, and it’s applied to all human characters in the games, not just Jak:

(concept art from Rafei’s official site– the in-game models reflect this style as well)

…I mean I absolutely do think Jak’s growth was stunted as a result of his time in prison, but the goofy anatomy isn’t a product of that– if anything, his proportions were even more extreme in TPL (before prison). The overall style of the games becomes slightly less cartoonish as the series progresses, most notably the jump from 3 to X; this was likely the beginning of ND’s shift towards realism in more recent games. Also, the girls are generally drawn/rendered a bit leggier so the stylistic effect appears less extreme, but it’s definitely still present if you look at where the hands fall in relation to the knees (on the average irl human, the fingertips reach mid-thigh when standing neutrally, while the jnd style has them at or sometimes below the knees).

Anyway, because this is a matter of overall style, I don’t take it literally. Jak is very short, and pretty slender as well (he’s got a muscular but very compact build); he will never reach the full growth potential he might’ve had with a healthy/normal adolescence, but aside from this I don’t see him as having particularly unusual proportions.

Let me just tell you how proud I am of our boys… 

I remember last year, they said that they wanted to have a concert. Hence, this picture. (I can’t find the exact video so credits to up10tionfacts @ imgrum)

ID basically blew up in Japan so in May 2017, UP10TION will be having a Zepp Tour. Our boys will be doing 3 performances in Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo! It just makes me so happy because they’re finally going to achieve this dream //cue proud mama10//

This is a translation from the official site~ (THOUGH CONFIRM MY TRANSLATION) but I think you get the gist!

Edit: The date is incorrect here (because i don’t state the obvious. Lol.) The upcoming dates for Zepp tour are:

5/3/17 : Osaka Bayside, Osaka
5/5/17 : Nagoya, Okazaki
5/6/17 : Diver-City, Tokyo

To add to the happiness,

ALL OF THESE became possible with the hardwork of UP10TION and from the support of us, Honey10s!! Let’s keep on supporting them guys!! Eventually, the little fandom that we have will grow and let’s work hard in keeping it peaceful and caring

Last note,

Andy and Top Media, if you won’t let them have their rest after this… I swear somebody will strike a gong in front of your house at 3am

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If you don't mind me asking, where do you get information about the boy's schedules?

From tour organizers who tweet the dates of fanmeetings and concerts, from GOT7’s official site, from the official accounts of shows (Go Fridge).