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going home

Dear Internet, I can’t sleep and can’t concentrate on my *real* work, so I wrote this Pynch fic for you. Logic not guaranteed. Feels definitely guaranteed. It picks up right after Gansey wakes up. now posted to AO3.

Adam almost offered to drive. Ronan was covered in blood that was too black to really be blood. Adam could see bruises already buried along Ronan’s throat where Adam’s hands had choked and clawed the life from him just hours ago.

Had it even been hours? Adam wondered. The clock on the BMW’s dash said it 3:47 pm, but the hazy pink fingers of dawn in the sky told Adam otherwise. Ronan’s hands were tight on the steering wheel, his body frenetic with emotion. His phone was still ringing, but Ronan didn’t seem to hear it. Adam closed his eyes against the sound.

“The fuck is Cheng doing?” Ronan said. His voice was a snarl.

Adam opened his eyes to see the Fisker ahead of them slowing down for a red light.

“Obeying traffic laws?” Adam said.

Ronan grunted.

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Who Is My Sunshine? {Closed}

     “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray. You’ll never know dear, how much I love you. Please don’t take my sunshine away.” 

[슈가] This was what felt like the millionth time he’d sung the song that day, his head rocking back and forth as he laid on that padded floor. At first, he knew exactly why he was singing it the entire first week. He couldn’t forget his Hope, he had to remember him. He had to stay strong for him. But as time passed he slowly questioned why he was singing it again. 

The drugs they gave him clouded his mind, the words slurred as he tried to remember what that song was connected to. He almost remembered when the door opened and he was given another dose of drugs. It was gone before he could even remember. He didn’t know why he sang it anymore. 

Another week passed, and half way through the song stopped altogether. It was like it never existed in the first place. Instead, he stared at the white ceiling wondering why he was there. What had happened? He was going insane, slowly but surely. No human contact on top of his already antisocial-self had only made it worse. 

He shied away from the nurses that came in, keeping his distance. They never stayed long, only long enough to feed him and give him his medication. Except, one day, they did stay. They handed him a pair of normal clothing as they spoke. “Someone’s here to get you. Get dressed and sign the release papers,” was all they said. 

He frowned. Who would come get him? He couldn’t remember ever having friends. He thought this room was his life. He hadn’t made friends while in there, so who’d be there to release him? He dressed, signing the papers with some difficulty after going so long without holding a pen. As he was led out, he stayed as far away from contact with any human as he could, shying away from those that passed until the nurse stopped walking. 

In front of him, he noticed a man, taller than him. He seemed gentle, but most of all he seemed to know him. But who was he? Yoongi didn’t know. “Wha- Who are you?” His voice was raspy from days without speaking after he’d stopped singing. “I just… I want to go back to my room.” He spoke, his words slurred just slightly. Did he like it in there? Well, not really but it was safe, and he didn’t have to be around people. It was all he remembered, all he knew now. 


anonymous asked:

C&B dated 3 years ago but broke up cause he's a spy. B witnesses a murder & is hunted cause of something the victim gave her. She calls C, banter, sexual tension & badassery ensue! B's new boyfriend is behind the murder. Bonus points: they had a dog

Hi Anon! Sorry this took me a little bit. I changed a couple of the details from the prompt, so I hope you’ll like this. I also totally went for the bonus points (because PUPPY!).

Start All Over Again

A Caskett AU

“He’s protective, huh?”

Blinking, Kate Beckett lifted her eyes from the wound on her torso to the person stitching it shut. They had been sitting in silence for so long, the question practically boomed in the space.

“Excuse me?”

The nurse stitching her up stilled, jerking her head toward the closed exam room door. “Your boyfriend? Tall, dark, and handsome in the suit out there. He’s been lurking since you came in. Seems protective.”

“Ah,” she hummed, dropping her head back. She didn’t need to continue watching the woman work, really. “Yeah, I guess you could say that. And yeah, he is protective.”

“Oh, complicated relationship?”

She snorted.

Complicated did not begin to describe it. Not that she could get into the specifics in front of an ER nurse anyway, but ‘complicated’ only scratched the surface.

“He wasn’t the one who –”

“No.” She would quash that idea before the well-meaning woman got started. “He was the one who kept the person who did this,” she paused to gesture to her wound, “from doing worse.”

The nurse nodded, licking her lips.

“There’s a police report on file if it’s something you’re obligated to look into, but Castle didn’t do this.”

He wouldn’t even think about hurting her like that.

Unlike her newest ex. How was it that her instincts always seemed to evade her when it came to men? Every man she had dated had been stranger than strange, boring as hell, or a terrorist trying to destabilize the government, of all things.

Except for one, of course. The one waiting in the hallway.

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A Kingdom of Isolation and It Looks Like I'm the...King? || Open

It had been days, maybe even a week since it happened, but it felt just like yesterday. All he could remember was blacking out quickly and then suddenly coming back to reality with Charlie shaking him. It was completely dark in the room, the candles were burnt out and one was on the floor. So Shane’s first reaction was to ask Charlie what happened and he just stated that Shane was just creepily sitting there in the dark, not doing anything. Maybe Shane came to sooner than he thought..but either way, Shane felt incredibly dizzy!

Anyway, he felt the burning sensation from both his hands and freaked out. But when Charlie asked what happened, Shane denied to tell him anything, not really knowing too much either, but went to Nurse Sierra. She put ice on both wounds and aloe as well and asked what happened. He gave the same story to her as she did Charlie and she just bit her lip, deciding to send him to Doctor’s Dee.

Unfortunately, AP Dee wasn’t around at the moment. She was trying to handle the electrical issues, at the moment. So guess who she left in charged?

Heeeeeeey Shane!!” AP Lee said, with a giggle when he entered, followed by a loud a gasp. “Where the heckie did those marks come from? No fight, I hope!!”.

Shane had to tell her everything he knew. Everything he knew that happened and what happened afterword. By the end of it, AP Lee had a worried look on her face.

She told him exactly what was happening to him, not being specific on one detail in particular, but Shane could put it together..slowly.

“Why is he in my mind?! WHY HIM OF ALL PEOPLE?!" Shane thought, having the pills in hand he had the prescription for from AP Lee.

Shane could feel him and hear him thinking and running about in his mind. Threatening to be out at once. AP Lee told him that if he took the pills, he’d be able to maintain the personality in his mind for a certain amount of time. She suggest that he took one within every 12 hours or so, but to be sure, he would have to come back when ’Dee Dee' was around, Ms Lee said.

So, Shane had kept himself isolated for the most part, not really sure if he should tell anyone. The only people that knew was his family. Teresa, Shane’s mom was surprised for the most part and partially scared. But she was still with her son like he was through the rough times.

Anyway, Shane was out of his room to get something to drink with his pill. They were pretty pick and hard to swallow alone. He went to the kitchen and got a clean cup out, filling it with some juice.

Just as Shane felt his dad getting worse and worse in his mind, he sipped some of it then quickly popped the pill in his mouth, wincing and feeling it go down his throat.

"That should keep you quiet for awhile to let me think..” he muttered to himself.

However, he heard the kitchen door open and freaked out a bit.

He didn’t want to other with anyone in risk that he could hurt them. Even though he just took the pill, there still was a chance that Carl could come out at anytime.

Not to mention that the burn marks were still on Shane’s hands along with the worse cuts from it, that Nurse Sierra wasn’t too happy about when he told her about them when they got worse. She told him to leave the gloves off for them to heal and to constantly apply cold aloe to them.

He quickly went over to the refrigerator and hid his face, along with his hands and pills, by opening the door.

“Hey, hi. How are you? Nice morning, good morning. Gee, look at the time, guess I better be going. Bye!” he said in a quick manner, trying to make his way around the person in the room once he had them confused,