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So, what now?

Well, the show is over! So, what’s next for this blog?
First of all to everyone probably done checking this blog now, I want to say thank you for supporting PLLCloset over the past nearly 4 years. Goodbye!
I of course will continue to search for things from the finale and Season 7 until I run out of searches.
I still have about half of Season 3 to post and some of Season 1, and I have them in drafts so I will be setting up a queue with all of them.
I plan on making a post with my favourite outfits from the season and from the series as a whole for each liar.
I plan to leave this blog behind after everything is up that I want to be up, though. So there will be no more cast outfits being posted, and from this point on it will be only outfits from the show.
I’ll probably be here for about another month posting stuff, and after that this blog will be an archive of outfits. I plan on it being having everything that can be found on here, and in the future you can just refer to this blog if you’re wondering where something is from.
So I’m not gone just yet, but basically this is the beginning of the end.


ok guys so this info is from Facebook but here ya go

So, I’m not sure if anyone has been keeping up-to-date with the Yuri!!! On Stage announcements, but here’s a very quick recap of some /interesting/ canon things that went down!

- Yuuri & Viktor played a stripping game and Yuuri lost and woke up with Viktor’s underwear on his head
- at some point Yuuri vomits and I’m not sure if it’s the morning after or during some “fun” with Viktor lol
- Yurio yelling a lot and Seung-Gil tells Yuuri to put some clothes on
- “OVERCOME CHIHOKO” is written in Russian on Yuuri’s back
- *flashback to the night before drunk as heck* Viktor and Chris flirting hard
- Viktor called Yurio ‘kitten’
- Chris flirting with Yuuri saying “do you want to…drink my…sake?” and Yuuri replies with “it’s our sake” lol
- Leo and Guang-Hong say “adults are gross”
- Chris is SAVAGE and tells them “drink from your mother’s breast and go to beddy bye” LOL
- Yuuri getting jealous that Viktor isn’t paying attention to him:
Yuuri: Viktorrrrrr, stop looking at Chris and look at meeee
Viktor: I am looking at you!
Yuuri: You’re not looking enough!!
- Queue to what seems to be a questionable conversation but turns out to not be what they are insinuating lol:
Yuuri: Viktor…do it with me
Viktor: Do what?
Yuuri: That thing we do, when we drink…do that…with me.
- At some point Yurio calls Yuuri ‘Katsuki shit Yuuri!’
- Yurio got mad at Yuuri for 'hiding Viktor’ because Viktor disappeared to god knows where and everyone was blaming it on Yurio lol
- Otabek and Yurio arguing over possible show names for Yurio, where Otabek came up with the majority of them:
俺vs時代(me vs generation)
- At some point Viktor and Yuuri get into the topic of flexibility and Yuuri claims 'Chihoko is more flexible than you’ to which Viktor thinks Yuuri is on about an ex and gets HELLA JEALOUS
- Queue this conversation after Viktor hearing Chinhoko:
Yuuri (hella drunk): are youuuu madddd
Viktor: No
Yuuri: Yes you areeeeee
Viktor’s internal monologue: Oh…I was so mad
- Viktor then having a crisis thinking he knew everything about Yuuri…BUT WHO IS THIS CHIHOKO?
- Viktor is now BUTT NAKED on top of the ninja castle: IS THIS BETTER THAN CHIHOKO?
Yuuri: WHO THE HELL IS THAT? I could search the whole world, nobody is better than you!
- Turns out that 'Chihoko’ is a mispronunciation from Yuuri in his drunken state and what he meant to say was 'Sachihoko’ which is a fish statue which sits on top of the ninja castle
- Viktor, while butt naked atop the ninja castle, tries to stretch to look like the sachihoko fish statue lol
- Viktor then invitied Yuuri to strip and join him on the roof because “the view is better when we’re naked” LOL
- Viktor also shouted from atop the ninja castle “they were Yuuri’s past, but I am his NOW!”
- Seung-gil is apparently an affectionate drunk and kissed Nishigori lol

A couple of minor other tid-bits:
- Yurio brought the piroshki to Yuuri to cheer him up as Viktor wasn’t there/worried about Makkachin
- When Yurio was in Hasetsu and said they were going to find Viktor for ramen, it just ended up being Yuuri and Yurio going for ramen together

Also probably the biggest announcement (which I have already seen posted) is WE’RE GETTING A MOVIE! The movie isn’t going to be a recap of anything and is going to be completely new material! I’ve heard that it could possibly be about the time in between in Hasetsu and everywhere else that we didn’t see and showing how Yuuri and Viktor got to be as close as they are!

SO all-in-all we have learnt that Viktor and Yuuri can never keep their clothes on while drunk and both get extremely jealous, and BASICALLY EVERYONE IS EXTRA AS HECK.

(Info taken from fb)

(All of these updates for the story Were gathered from twitter user @/denkimouse so if you want to look for yourself in case I missed anything else, there ya go! lol)


Yesterday and Today style photos of the Beatles and Liverpool by photographer, Keith Jones. 

‘Ask anybody from New York to Nepal, Auckland to the Arctic, to name someone or something from Liverpool and I imagine John, Paul, George and Ringo would be right out in front.

'I feel our city should be proud and thankful for their music, their impact and their message, and blending their image back into the modern day scenes makes me smile and also wish I had been around to be in that queue for a lunchtime show at The Cavern Club!’

I went back as close to the same vantage point to 'rephotograph’ the same view, to compare the scenes.

'It struck me that I found it equally fascinating whether the scene was unchanged in one hundred years, completely different or now a mixture of modern and historic elements.

'I’m lucky to live and work here in that the City of Liverpool has an amazing history, with everything from incredibly grand architecture from the most prosperous times in the 19th Century, to the most modern designs, quite often already placed side by side.

'When I get the chance to 'change the timeline’ by blending in people from different eras to a modern day scene, it fascinates me to imagine how life was for city residents in decades gone by.’  
[Keith Jones, Daily Mail, 7th Nov 2016]

Pics: Keith Jones /

anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on people who like zen but hate jumin?

First of all, everyone has a right to their own opinion. But obviously, there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed. I think that we should respect everyone’s likes and dislikes. If you wanna talk about why you don’t like a character, you can do so respectfully.

Another thing: No one character is more special than the other. Hell I don’t even think that Zen is more special than the others. I make all these theories about how he’s probably the canon end but they’re JUST THEORIES at the end of the day.

I think none of us should act entitled in any way just because we think that the character we like is better. Kind of off topic from what this question is asking but it really has to be said because most conflict that happens in the fandom is caused by a fan thinking that THIS character is the best and that THIS character is perfect in every way compared to this OTHER character who’s flawed and bad. News flash. None of them are perfect.

Now moving on to Jumin in particular.

I see a handful of people talking about how he’s abusive. I personally thought that Jumin was such a sweetheart. He made me uncomfortable at first, not gonna lie, but it was obvious that he just really didn’t know how to properly respond to the situation. He made it known that his intentions were pure. Plus, he told MC stay at his penthouse for her own safety. Watching his character develop over his route was… an adventure, I guess? He’s an unconventional, complex character. Let’s leave it at that.

Maybe I’m just not reading enough posts that claim that he’s abusive (because I don’t agree) but I really don’t see it, and I can see why so many of the MysMe blogs I follow love him so much (lol you know who you are).

I don’t know what to think about people who like Zen but hate Jumin because I really like the both of them. Overall I think the whole fandom should just respect one another’s opinions. It’s okay to dislike a character. It’s okay to like a particular character over other characters. In fact, it’s okay to think your favourite character is better than other characters!


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Gentle reminder that not everyone HAS blacklist, including anyone on mobile. I was happy for you too until the fifteenth post about your damn ring made me sick of it. Try warning people *before* posting dozens of "ZOMG CONGRATS" posts all over their dashes. A little restraint keeps happiness from becoming obnoxious. And publicly posting complaints so your followers attack them is childish. Happiness is not an excuse for dick moves.

ok thats nice. look i got engaged and I am excited and someone shitting on my fiance when they reblog it from here isn’t gonna fly with me, because I’m a human being and I love him, and people were already going after this person for their nasty comment way before I addressed it, so it’s not like I personally stood at my tower window shrieking about how I was gonna unleash the flying monkeys 

also, YET AGAIN, I’ve been queueing anon asks for over an hour and privately replying to like 75% of non-anon asks, IN ADDITION TO tagging everything i DO post for blacklisting. The asks are actually dying down like right now as I type this there’s only like 2 in my inbox including this one instead of the 100+ before

again. if you’re upset you’re more than welcome to unfollow whenever you like. It’s not like this is going to happen every day of my life so I think people can maybe suck it up and deal with excited asks about someone else getting engaged for a few hours here on tumblr dot com in between drunk texts from tony stark and steve rogers

in honor of being back from hiatus...

hello everyone!! i wasn’t gone long (about a week i think?) and my queue was running the whole time so i doubt anyone missed me lol but i wanted to do a quick lil celebration!! and also bc im 100 away from 4k!! thank u!!!

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How to copy your main character HUD / Keybind / Shortcuts / macros to another character

My lasts 5 guides :

Crafting : Crafting website > FFXIV Crafting
Crafting : Leveling from 50 to 60
Gathering : About GP Regen
Gameplay : Copying your UI from a character to another
Crafting : The Lucis Rotation

> Click here for more ! <

So ! Today I logged in on I’silmë who is one of my alt, only to discover that everything had been reset :

As I had to fix it and I believe it might be annoying for anybody who has to face this sort of problem or just want to have the same interface on their alt and on their main, here is a little tutorial.

STEP 1 : Backup everything.

  • Click on “config’ on the launcher.
  • Click on “Back Up” .
  • Select again “Backup” and save your file with the date.

STEP 2 : Track your main character folder.

It could seem easy at first as you might think that 1 character = 1 folder, but NOPE. It seems that there are several folders for each of your characters and every time you create a character, even if you delete it 5mn after, the game creates its folder to never delete it.
So here is my FFXIV folder :D

Well, time to stop to panic and to actually find Ilwe’ran’s folder in the middle of that mess.

  • Open the game configuration folder : Documents\My Games\FINAL FANTASY XIV - A Realm Reborn
  • Scream 5mn.
  • On top right of your folder, open the research and click on “Last modified” then select “Earlier this week”
  • Right click on any .log file then select “Open file location”.

If you didn’t play with many character you should have found your main character’s folder. On my side it wasn’t that hard as I don’t play so many character and there were 457 log files in the folder. No way that I have that many with any other of my characters XD .

STEP 3 : Make sure that this folder is your main character’s one.

Easy step there : Select ANY other folder and place them in a new backup folder. I named mine = FFXIV-CHR = .

You don’t need to restart the game here, simply log off your character then log in again :

  • If your interface is still the same : CONGRATULATION ! You found your main character folder.
  • If your interface isn’t the same : NO PANIC ! You should now have a new folder with your character’s ID, you only have to fetch the folder with the same ID in the folder you dropped all the other character’s folder and simply drop it back in your FFXIV folder.

In any case : WRITE SOMEWHERE THAT THIS FOLDER IS YOUR MAIN CHARACTER ONE. Who knows, that might be useful at time !

STEP 4 : Sharing your main character’s interface, Macros, Keybind, etc. With another.

Now that you know which folder is the one interesting you, you can easily use it as a base to copy your informations everywhere.

  • Do NOT drop back your character’s folders in FFXIV’s folder. Instead, log in with the character you want to have the same interface as your main character. If you have a queue to log in, drop the queue right away : The character’s folder is already created !
  • Copy from your main character’s folder every single file aside the log folder, then paste everything on the brand new folder.
  • Select yes when Windows will ask you if you want to replace the old files by the new ones.

TADAAAAAA~ ! It’s now similar to your main character’s interface and all !

STEP 5 : Fixing the gears sets !

Because yes, the problems with this method is EVERYTHING is copied from your main character to your alt. Gear sets included which will might make you scream for a minute or two. But ! There is a solution ;) !

  • Once again, log off your character.
  • Find the folder which ID’s is the same as your alt in between the old folders stored in  = FFXIV-CHR = .
  • Inside the folder, find the file : GEARSET.DAT , copy it and past in in your new folder.
  • If this didn’t work, quit the game, repeat the copy / paste, this should fix the problem.


Be happy and don’t forget to reblog this ! It might be useful to someone else some day !!!


He wasn’t sure when, but at some point going to the Inquisitor’s room, to Elden’s room, at the end of the day had just become habit. Dorian didn’t even think about it, didn’t even realize, until he reached the top of the stairs and found himself standing in the dark room and staring at the empty bed. There wasn’t even a fire going but Dorian wasn’t certain the involuntary shiver that ran through him was from the chill alone. It was ridiculous. He knew the Inquisitor was only away on a mission, he would return by the end of the week, but having him gone like this for so long–

It was aggravating. Every time his thoughts strayed they always went back to Elden. He wasn’t alone, he would be safe, and yet Dorian couldn’t help but worry. If he let his thoughts wander long enough he always managed to come up with ever worse fates Elden could meet and there was nothing Dorian could do to help him.

He stared at the empty bed for a long time, unable to pull his gaze away. It just seemed so wrong. Usually Elden would still be up waiting for him, book in hand and candle lit on the bedside table. Now it was all dark and It was unsettling not even seeing a lump under the blankets where he usually slept. Truth be told Dorian had been avoiding this room since Elden had left. Sure, it was depressing returning to his tiny barely-used quarters near the library, but it was better than seeing this room so empty and without life.

He thought about leaving and returning to his own room as usual, but Dorian was gripped with such an overwhelming sense of longing that he couldn’t bring himself to go. He missed Elden so much it hurt more than Dorian thought possible. He sat on Elden’s side of the bed, lighting the fireplace with flick of his wrist. He touched the pillow, not really sure what he was doing. He shivered again and climbed under the blankets, pulling them tightly around himself.

It smelled like home and comfort and safety. It smelled like Elden. Dorian hurried and buried his face in the pillow, feeling so foolish and wondering how he had fallen so badly when he’d told himself time and time again how unwise this all was. And yet here he was, sleeping in another man’s empty bed and longing for him to return, counting down the days until he could finally touch Elden again, hold him tightly and feel his warmth, kiss him until they both ran out of air. He couldn’t help but wonder if Elden felt the same.

Doubtful. Dorian was never that lucky.

He hadn’t meant to fall asleep here. He’d intended to return to his own quarters but he just couldn’t bring himself to leave, not when he was engulfed here by the memories of Elden.

Dorian woke to the feel of someone running their fingers through his hair. His first thought was of Elden, but of course he was gone. Annoyed, he readied a spell just in case as he cracked open an eye to see who had disturbed him in such an intimate way, but froze. It really was Elden. He was sitting on the edge of the bed leaning over him, covered in dust, sweaty and with his hair sticking out at odd angles. Helmet hair, Dorian thought. He wondered if Elden had come looking for him straight away but of course he remembered he was in Elden’s room, not his own.

Well. This was awkward. Sure, he had spent more nights here than not as of late, but this still felt intrusive. A half-formed protest or an explanation, he wasn’t really sure which, was about to come tumbling out but Elden spoke before he could get his mouth working.

“I’ve been looking everywhere for you,” he said and Dorian felt light-headed and stunned in disbelief. “You weren’t in your room or the library; I was beginning to get worried.”

“You’ve– been looking?” Dorian repeated, his mind having trouble keeping up, sluggish from sleep as well as surprise. “What are you even doing here? I thought you weren’t due back ‘til the end of the week.”

“We may have rushed a bit,” Elden said sheepishly, an adorable blush creeping into his cheeks and Dorian berated himself for being distracted by it. “I missed you.”

And then Dorian was kissing him. He didn’t even think about it. He just pulled Elden close, overwhelmed with affection and relief and so much more that he’d rather not think about right at this moment. All that mattered was that Elden was here and that Dorian had been missed. Perhaps as much as Dorian had missed him. He feared it all might be a dream, too good to be true.

Suddenly Elden was pulling back and Dorian tried to mask his disappointment.

“Sorry,” Elden said, chuckling a bit. “I am covered in dirt. Probably some blood too. Not my own, don’t worry. Just give me a second to get cleaned up.”

“Ugh, yes, you really are a mess,” Dorian said although truth be told he didn’t particularly care at the moment.

“Don’t go anywhere,” Elden said as he quickly removed his armor and headed for the wash room. “I’ll be right back.”

Dorian watched him go, feeling a swell of affection as Elden tripped over himself slightly in his haste. This was really happening. This man was his and Dorian could hardly believe how happy he was. He reminded himself that there was still a war going on and no doubt this would all end in tragedy, but perhaps for the moment he could put that aside.

He just wanted to focus on this moment, on Elden and everything he had with this man. Dorian had been told his entire life that he would never have this, this closeness and affection, someone like Elden, and yet here he was. And Dorian still found himself constantly fearing for the worst. But then Elden would smile at him, like he was now as he returned from the other room, and his expression said more than words ever could and Dorian knew the depths of everything he felt for him. It was overwhelming and terrifying and perfect and all Dorian could do was pull him close and kiss him, hoping Elden knew that he felt the same.

I’m trying to sleep but I can’t because I can’t figure out how the fuck they made Buckbeak enter 12 Grimmauld Place without anyone noticing. And now I just can’t stop laughing as I imagine Sirius and Lupin trying to push him inside with Dumbledore supervising everything from the inside but not doing anything to help (obviously), then making him go up the stairs to go in Sirius’s bedroom -yet, another door to pass- (and of course he probably made everything fall and break on his way in the hallway) with the portrait of Sirius’s mother screaming at them.

Chamber of Secrets - Part 3

Originally posted by illgif4you

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (eventually)

Summary: After the Avenger’s falling out, you were put in charge of putting Bucky together. Under King T’Challa’s orders, you were given a month’s time to create a new arm while simultaneously figure out how to get the triggering memories of his past out of his mind. As the time goes by, you found yourself confiding in him, despite his frozen state.

A/N: I’m so excited that a lot of you are loving his series, it gives me so much joy I swear I’ve been smiling non-stop these past few days. An anon suggested that I should make a masterlist for this, maybe I will, once I figure out how to do that lol. Oh and this is going to be one of those slow burn series, so bear with me :)


Previous Part


“Thanks for doing this, I really appreciate it.” Steve said quietly as he made his way into Sharon’s New York apartment. Ever since she was placed in the Joint Terrorism Taskforce, although she was officially stationed in Germany, she had been going back and forth between The States and Germany, so she thought it would make sense to have a place of her own.

“It’s no trouble, it’s Barnes, you know I’m all in.” She gave him a genuine smile.

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Thank you - one week left!

Back when I first read SNK in 2011, a possible anime adaptation seemed so far away… but here we are, it’s 2017 and Season 2 of the anime is upon us! Everyone, thank you for keeping this fandom alive for so long during the good and bad times. 

So, to all the veterans of the fandom: Congratulations, we’ve made it this far! To everyone coming back: Welcome back, we’re in for a hell of a ride - the SNK tumblr madness is gonna be on a whole ‘nother scale. And to all the new fans: Welcome, enjoy your stay and be sure to keep away from spoilers or catch up with the manga ASAP (; 

2017 is going to be incredible and I’m looking forward to make great new memories with you all.

And now, a message to Rivamika fans after the read more: 

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code of kin


Summary: “You’re not thinking of tying your blankets together and climbing down your window, are you? Because I can save you some time and tell you now that that’s not gonna work.”

At the sound of Chloe’s voice, Adrien finally turned around. “It looked cool in the movies.” He shrugged, grinning like normal, like he hadn’t gone missing for more than 25 hours and had only been found less than an hour ago. “You’re supposed to be in school.”

And you were supposed to stay at home and not run away but we all do things we shouldn’t, don’t we?

(in which a mother is lost and a promise is made)

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Okay, Piggies! 

I’ve got the queue loaded up with all things Fuckpig and there’s a nice little tag dropdown to help you navigate things as they collect. 

I have the queue at just a trickle for now but the *incredible* @silver9mm is going to be my roadie and LOAD THIS BUS THE FUCK UP with posts! Then we’ll crank it up a bit!  Eventually I’ll build a tag page, a faq, and a fic index page too.

For now we’re just going to chronicle and collect everything from all of the Coven’s individual blogs and go from there. It’s a ‘GREATEST HITS’ for now and we’ll be sure to crosspost all the new stuff going forward. 

From fic to inspo to art and aesthetics it’s a one stop Fuckpig stop. Our ask box is open as are submissions! Please be patient with us as we figure this out.