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Onision’s Track Record: Underage Girls

In light of recent events, here is a post detailing Greg’s relationships with underage girls. Getting in trouble with the legal age of consent is nothing new to Greg and something he has a lot of experience defending himself for. I hope this sheds some light to the current situation with his forums and exploiting his underage fans.


Shiloh explicitly states that Greg violated the Mann Act, which is essentially a federal law claiming that it is illegal to transport women/girls across state lines for sexual acts. People are still prosecuted to this date for violating this law, a pastor was recently convicted in 2012 for transporting a minor to a state with a lower age of consent to have sex with her. Which is the exact same thing Greg had done multiple times with Shiloh.

In this screenshot, Shiloh recounts her abusive relationship with Greg again but with more details into his warped sexual fantasies. Near the end Shiloh mentions how young she was when she was taken advantage of and announces her fear that Taylor could experience the same abuse. She makes a point to mention her age being the same as Taylor’s when they began their relationship with Greg.


Greg knowingly entered a relationship with Taylor while she was underage and attending high school. Greg met with lawyers frequently to confirm the legality of their relationship, while Taylor’s father objected that it was illegal in his opinion. The age of consent in New Mexico being 17. Greg and Taylor met only 10 days making contact online and had sex the first day they met in person. Greg obviously does not take issue with having sexual relationships with minors. Greg also married Taylor secretly from her parents only a month after turning 18! Which doesn’t seem totally underhanded and sketchy at all! /s

Side Note:

Billie joined their relationship in the end of 2015/early 2016 when she was 18 years old. Age of consent in Billie’s home state, Virginia, is 18. I find it curious that Greg seems to carefully check the laws before pursuing anything. He’s aware he is doing something morally wrong and knows he can get into some legal shit if he isn’t careful.

Also here is a screenshot of Taylor patronizing Billie for her age even though she was even younger when she got with Greg.

Greg like to harp on to the fact that a lot of his criticizers seem to point out the fact that he’s been in multiple questionable relationships with minors, and still feels like he hasn’t done anything wrong. The fact that this has happened not once, but twice shows his true intentions when it comes to children. Greg likes to forget the fact that teenagers are still children.

His Audience in General

OnisionDrama made a great post outlining Greg’s target demographic and why YouTube analytics aren’t exactly a valid reference when trying to determine the average age of an Onision fan. I know personally I lied about my age online from the time I was 12-17, which is the exact age range of Greg’s followers. Here we have multiple polls from 2012-2016 showing the majority of fans are indeed minors. Which is why most of the girls featured in his “body positivity” videos are underage.

Here is a poll from Taylor as well, showing most of their shared demographic being under 16 years old.


Sarah is a friend of Taylor’s. They began talking when she was 14. After her sixteenth birthday, Greg and Taylor started housing her officially. She moved in with them around Halloween 2016 and has been there since. The age of consent is 16 in Washington. Notice how once again, Greg calculated the perfect time to move her in after she became legal.

Miscellaneous  Notes

It’s been speculated that Greg privately emailed Robert Casio to defend his actions and offered verbal support. Robert Casio being a convicted sex criminal after impregnating a 13 year-old child. Casio uploaded this video thanking Greg for his kind words of encouragement, but only referred to him by his first name and not his online persona as to prevent public backlash.

AntiSouthernMovement being a well-known second alias of Greg, left this comment showing his support of a convicted sex felon. SG also did a video calling Greg out which has more details of the situation.

What I feel to be pretty damning against Onision’s case of “dindu nuffin wrong” was the email scandal that happened in 2013. Someone sent Greg an email claiming to be a model/actress that would like to collaborate sometime, she mentioned being 17 years old, and attached a topless photo. Greg then pursued and asked for her facebook for more pictures and to communicate further. After this came out to the public, Greg began the process of covering his own ass at first by saying “I didn’t see her age!” then later changing it to “I never opened the attachment!”.

Another piece of damning evidence is how much Greg has announced that he isn’t a therapist. He has no desire to help his followers. 

He never wanted to offer guidance to his audience. He dismissed and out right ignored any fans emailing him for help/advice. But now he has changed his tune since it’s more convenient for him to act like his videos are therapy for those who need it, rather than admitting he was asking for pictures of minors’ bodies.

It’s also important to note context. Greg says the photos are harmless and nothing you wouldn’t see in a public swimming pool. The context of underwear though is that is IS private. Swimwear serves an obvious purpose for being comfortable clothing specially to swim in. Underwear’s purpose is to protect your genitals, it is meant for privacy, to be worn underneath clothing. The hard difference between the two is obvious, swimwear is public, while underwear is private.

So understand that photos of underage girls alone in their room, posing in bra and panties, will always been seen in a sexual context. 

So what we can gather from all of the above is:

  1. Greg has no issues being in sexual relationships with minors. As long as it’s barely within the legal limits, he has no moral opposition to dating children.
  2. Greg invites minors into his life and supports relationships with minors even as young as 13.
  3. Greg is aware of his demographic’s age and takes advantage of their naivety for sexually themed photographs of minors.
  4. Greg never intended his “body positivity” videos to be helpful. Greg never had any intentions on helping his fans.
  5. Greg is not qualified to comment on the health of developing girls’ bodies. Greg has no medical certifications nor any experience in the medical field. This includes therapy.
  6. Greg somehow doesn’t understand that you legally can’t make money from minors’ images without parental consent. Minors cannot legally consent without their parents permission.
  7. No matter how many excuses Greg comes up with, there’s no way he can talk himself out of being a hebephile piece of trash.



Music and fashion collide in the best of the Fall 2017 collections.

By Carine Roitfeld and Interview by: Brooke Mazurek; Photographs by: Brigitte Lacombe; Creative Direction by The Style Council, Lacombe,  Aug 3, 2017

The Weeknd hates giving interviews. In the past, they’ve required the 27-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter to make himself available backstage or at his condo, only to have his body language scrutinized and his hairstyle woven into elaborately clumsy metaphors.

Before releasing Starboy, the hugely successful 2016 album that established the Weeknd as one of the biggest pop stars on the planet, he chopped off his famous dreadlocks and stashed them in his manager’s safe. But his new, softer coif, which plateaus ever so slightly above his forehead, still attracts annoying questions that he would prefer not to answer. Instead he offers a glimpse into his psyche by way of e-mail.

Ask the press-shy cinephile about his favorite movies, for instance, and he’ll opine about his favorite villains. “The last one I was really infatuated with was Heath Ledger’s Joker,” he writes. “David from the new Alien saga who has no remorse for human life” also piques the Weeknd’s interest. He adds that when he was 10, Nas and Puff Daddy were his style gods for their “haircuts and baggy clothes,” and that until a few years ago he loathed wearing suits.

He’s gotten good at it lately, though. In May, when he and girlfriend Selena Gomez made their debut as a couple at the Met Gala, it was his bespoke Valentino tuxedo, accessorized with a diamond-and-sapphire Cartier woman’s brooch, that landed him on nearly every best-dressed list.

On the rare occasion that outsiders make their way into the Weeknd’s orbit, what they often discover is a man more earnest and kind than the one whose lyrics can seem ripped from the pages of a Bret Easton Ellis novel. While his music is rooted in experience, he offers up a simple explanation for the disparity between his lyrical and real-life personas: “I’m not in a rush to let people know everything about me. Mystery is always great.”

But by “great,” maybe he means important. Because before the Weeknd became the Weeknd, he was mystery incarnate. Born Abel Tesfaye in Toronto to Ethiopian-immigrant parents who fled the country in the late 1980s to escape a civil war, he was raised by his mother and grandmother in the suburb of Scarborough. At 17, he dropped out of high school and moved into a one-bedroom apartment in downtown Toronto with his best friends, La Mar Taylor and Hyghly Alleyne. Rent was paid mostly with welfare checks, food was sometimes shoplifted, and copious substances were consumed, all while the future star crafted what would become his 2011 avant-R&B trifecta of online mix tapes: “House of Balloons,” “Thursday,” and “Echoes of Silence.” Even before the Weeknd’s highly explicit and intimate music received an endorsement from fellow Canadian Drake, his decision to upload his work to YouTube under his stage name helped him amass a cyber following that had no clue what he looked like.

If his ascent to superstardom seems somewhat effortless, it’s by design: The Weeknd’s approach to his music’s sonic complexities is a closely guarded secret. “Abel is always going to be that guy, the one not giving away too much information,” says Taylor, now his creative director, who collaborated with the stage designer Es Devlin on the shape-shifting light sculpture that floats above the stage on the Weeknd’s current world tour. “Abel worked on the set design as I imagine he works on the music—composing every nuance in scrupulous detail,” Devlin says, adding that the Weeknd has synesthesia, which allows him to “see specific colors in the music. Certain chords are a precise shade of blue; others are blinding white.”

Having achieved A-list status, the Weeknd is grappling with the notion of being both known and unknown in a world where fans expect more access than ever. So how will he preserve his mystique?

“Luckily, the only thing the world demands of me is music,” he says. “I don’t have to give them anything else for the rest of my life.”

Still, he engages with his 14 million Instagram followers and even responds to interview questions. Perhaps the key for him will be to do so only up to a point. Asked if he would ever tinker with his public persona for his next album, he expresses interest. “Kind of like pulling a Ziggy Stardust. Maybe I’ll retire from being the Weeknd,” he says before backtracking. “Or maybe I’ll just give him a break.”

This article originally appears in the September 2017 issue of Harper’s BAZAAR, available on newsstands August 22.

What Goes Unsaid

Originally posted by violet624

Author: locke-writes

Title: What Goes Unsaid

Synopsis: It’s a surprise. I just had some lines of dialogue floating around in my head for months and I talked with Hannah who said something that sparked this idea and I needed to write it immediately

Rating: K/T (There’s some angsty fluff)

Word Count: 2,164

Tagging: @thatgirlwhosalwayssinging @hopevlong @writing-journeyx-personal @suspectsim

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92 maybe y/n saying that to harry but you do what ever you want😚

“You’re so clingy, I love it.”

 word count: 1.2k+

A/N: pregnant fluff, some mild language, hope this fits what you imagined! Holy shit this got long. Sorry Anon!

You woke up to the sun filtering in through the blinds. It was a rare day when you and Harry could have a lie in. His arms wrapped firmly and protectively around your waist, his hands resting on your suddenly present baby bump. His breath puffed gently on your neck and you smiled to yourself taking a moment to absorb the memory. You pulled from Harry’s embrace and stood to get ready for the day. Harry subconsciously noticing your absence rouses from his sleep and watches you head to the bathroom. You squeeze some toothpaste onto your toothbrush and begin brushing. Harry is right behind you his arms around your waist resting on your baby bump.

“This just showed up overnight, eh?” he comments in his gravely morning voice.

“I know, now the family will actually believe I’m pregnant,” you reply. Your mother had given you a hard time because at 20 weeks you still weren’t showing. She of course, did actually believe you were pregnant. She just liked giving you a hard time over the bump you so badly wanted, not having shown up yet.

“Good thing the weather’s still chilly,” you said after rinsing your mouth. “It’ll be sweaters and jackets from now til delivery day.”

Harry rested his chin on your shoulder looking at your eyes in the mirror. A frown had etched itself on his features and a crease had formed between his brows.

“Babe, don’t hafta cover the bump,” he said grumpily. He traced his thumbs up and down over the newly formed geography of your stomach.

“Mmm, I do if we want the paparazzi to mind their own business,” you replied with a hint of snark. He buried his face in your neck and let out a frustrated groan.

“You’re meh wife, who cares if you’re pregnant?!” he mumbled into your skin. “S’posed to be happen’ innit?”

“Sure, but it’s your baby,” you replied. “It’s novel. Can’t say I blame them really. This baby is gonna be fucking adorable with your genes.” He let out a laugh before looking back into the mirror.

You spent a few more beats wrapped in his embrace as he stared contemplatively at your bump in the mirror.

“A’right, ‘ave an idea,” he announced to which you groaned.

“Hey now!” he chided, only mildly miffed that you thought his idea was probably crap.

“We’ll release the news. Control the discussion right?” He looked to you for confirmation. You raised an eyebrow indicating you were skeptical.

“Post a picture on instagram or twitter,” he continued. “We control what they know, when they know it and maybe it’ll keep them off our backs.”

You nodded, knowing this wouldn’t keep people from talking but it could at least allow you to control the conversation. You knew any news could spark rumors of all types, you didn’t want anything nasty printed about him any more than you wanted them to print nasty “news” about you. You weren’t a graphic designer but between you and Harry you concocted a cute and “very Harry” announcement. The whole process involved you goofing around on your laptop while Harry insisted on sitting behind you on the couch, arms once again wrapped around your waist, hands resting on your bump. You took a picture of the moment and decided that would be the one to share with the world later. His hair was a mess, glasses perched on his nose and he was only in shorts. You were wearing his “Lover” t-shirt and had your hair piled up in a messy bun.

You decided on a simple graphic that announced the due date. Not specifically but generally. You knew people would clamor for a shot of your belly and you’d give that to them eventually. But starting the conversation this way, meant you told the world instead of the world constantly speculating.

You laid back against his chest and he uploaded the graphic to his twitter and instagram.

“S’pose we should make breakfast,” he sighed, neither of you wanting to stand up. But you eventually did.

You set about making pancakes. Harry worked the hashbrowns. Every now and then he’d stop what he was doing to give you a peck, request a peck or casually stroke the bump. Your phones started buzzing and beeping with notifications. You picked yours up to see mostly congratulatory tweets. A reply came in from Niall with a picture of a tiny guitar he’d found on Amazon and was apparently shipping to your house. Harry being the drama queen he is decided to add a little more fuel to the fire by tweeting, “Y/N and I would like to ask for a little normalcy over the next few months. We’ll share some with you, no worries. All the love, H xx”

You rolled your eyes and looked over at him as he flipped the hashbrowns with one hand and scrolled through twitter with the other.

“Think that’ll work?” he asked, you quirked an eyebrow. He plated up the hashbrowns and moved to wrap his arms around you once again.

“So, now that the world knows…” he trailed off.

“Yes?” you prompted.

“Can we buy all those cute Gucci outfits we found online?” he asked, virtually begging. His hand slipped under the edge of his/your shirt and rubbed sweetly across your bump.

“You’re so clingy, I love it,” you replied. “Sure, let’s eat breakfast and get dressed.” You turned slightly to peck him on the nose before plating up the pancakes. The great thing about Gucci’s baby line was that it was pretty gender neutral. You’d decided not to find out the gender- much to your mother’s chagrin- but Harry had really wanted it to be a surprise.

Getting ready was a battle. Harry would not leave you or your bump alone plus you now had to decide what to wear. Should you wear something revealing or something baggy? You finally opted for something comfortable- a baggy sweater and leggings. You were probably going to be photographed buying baby Gucci today anyway.

Sure enough upon returning to your flat, arms full of Gucci bags, you received a text from your mother linking you to a gossip article.

The article was titled “Harry Styles and Wife seen shopping Gucci Baby after announcement”. There were several photos of him gleefully holding up various outfits. There were photos of him leaning his chin on your shoulder, arm slung around your waist as you perused a rack. There was even a sneaky shot of him kissing you when you’d agreed the baby probably needed metallic boots to match its father’s. While the article made some outrageous claims about names, you didn’t even know the gender let alone its name, it was kindly worded and the comments section was full of well-wishers.

Harry was once again behind you, chin on your shoulder arms around your waist, reading the article.

“Went better than I’d hoped,” he said.

“Yeah, now if my husband could leave me alone for a hot second, it would be great,” you joked. He made a mock offended expression but refused to let you go.

You giggled as he responded, “You love it!”

“I do and I love you,” you said as he gave you another peck.

GOT7: Seeing another member kiss their S/O (Mark)

a/n: I wrote these scenarios longer than I had intended them to be (lol what a surprise) so I will be uploading each member seperately.

Mark had really been looking forward to this day. He always invited you to his group’s photoshoots because seeing your smiling, encouraging face never failed to give him that extra energy he needed to get him through the long day of shooting. Due to your busy schedule, you could rarely make it, much to his dismay. Today, however, was your free day and you couldn’t think of anything you would rather do than hang out with your boyfriend on a photoshoot set. The other members were just as excited to see you there, teasing Mark as they engulfed you in a big group hug as he just stood watching in silence. “You guys may have her attention now but Y/N came for me,” he said, parting the group and going in to hug you.

The photoshoot started and you started joking with the boys, all the while making intense eye contact with your boyfriend as his pictures were being taken. During lunch the photographer found out that a female model they needed for the rest of the shoot had gotten sick and dropped out last minute. “Where are we going to get someone to fill their place so soon?” the photographer cried out in despair. That was when Jaebum spoke up. “Y/N can take their place!” Jaebum said, encouraging the other members to agree with him. “Yeah, Y/N’s beauty outshines that of any model’s!” Mark exclaimed, putting an arm aroung you, looking at you lovingly. You started to protest but you were quickly silenced as Jackson led you to the makeup artists.

Soon after, you were in front of the camera with Youngjae, feeling your cheeks grow hot as all eyes were on you. Mark stared at you in awe as the lights made you look even more like an angel than you already were. You were told to stand on top of a small box, making you slightly taller than Youngjae as he wrapped one hand around your waist while the other cupped your cheek. You saw the lights of the camera flashing as you stared into Youngjae’s eyes. You heard Jackson snicker at Mark’s look of jealousy at the way Youngjae was holding you, which caught you off guard and made you lose your balance. You fell face forward as Youngjae caught you, your lips colliding into each other. You pulled away in shock as Youngjae looked at you wide-eyed, his cheeks turning red as he started to laugh in embarrassment. Yugyeom and BamBam started laughing too as they stared at the screen, the photographer having caught your kiss, looking more like a passionate kiss between lovers than an accidental collision.

Mark stormed away in anger, not knowing that the kiss had been unintentional. You ran after him, calling out his name but he ignored you, picking up his speed as he turned a corner, wanting to be alone. “Mark stop running away from me!” you screamed, grabbing onto his shirtsleeve, making him halt in his tracks. “What do you want?” he asked, not turning around. “Shouldn’t you be with your lover Youngjae?” he threw the question into the empty hallway, his voice cracking in the end. “Babe, what are you talking about? I don’t love Youngjae,” you said, grabbing his arm, confused by his behavior.

He turned around and you saw a tear run down his cheek. “I just saw you kiss Youngjae! You! My girlfriend! Kissed another member! In front of me!” he exclaimed as he threw his hands up in frustration. “I lost my balance! I fell! He caught me! That kiss was accidental!” you screamed at him, shocked that he would even think about you cheating on him. “W-what?” he asked quietly.

“We accidentally kissed each other,” you said, placing a hand on his cheek as he looked down, ashamed of how he just acted. “I would never cheat on you Baby,” you whispered to him, pulling him closer to you as you planted a small peck on his lips. He wrapped his arms around your waist as he rested his forehead on yours, staring deep into your eyes. “I’m sorry my love, I should have known that. I just got so jealous when I saw you in someone else’s arms,” he confessed. You smiled warmly at him, silently telling him that you accept his apology.

“Ummm, if you two lovebirds are finished with your little crisis, we have a photoshoot to finish,” you heard Jinyoung call from the end of the hallway. The two of you laughed as you made your way back to the group, fingers intertwined.

Mark   Jaebum   Jinyoung   Jackson   Youngjae   BamBam   Yugyeom


Hello, guys! 

I realized that most of my followers don’t really know me, so I want to introduce myself now as I have reached more than 37,000 followers. 

My name is Thea, I am 19 years old and I live in Norway. I started this blog June 2013, which means I’ve had my blog for four years now. 

I dedicate my blog to all the amazing, flawless and spectacular nature and landscape photographs from all over the world. A while after I started my blog, I found out how fun it is to photograp the things you want to remember. So I started uploading some of my own photos, you can find them here or here.

And you guys have been extremely supportive! I have to thank every single one of you, for following me, reblogging and liking my photos. I appreciate it so, so much. I’m deeply thankful. 

Remember that you can always submit your own photographs to me - I will post them as long as they fit my blog. [Submit here].

If you have any questions about me, my blog, or anything else, you can always send me a message or an ask

I hope you all are doing good and that you all have a nice day or night. Stay hydrated and enjoy the little things in life! :)

- Thea

Anyways, as most of you are already aware of by now, last weekend, after nearly 5 months of planning and stressing over every little detail about, a group of us from Australia (@boothseeleybooth, @seeleybooths, @boothseeley + three of our other friends on twitter: @ohhelloarianna, @iamlladoc, @bianca_proudman and I) had the amazing opportunity to spend an entire weekend at Supanova Melbourne with David Boreanaz, a weekend that we liked to call the ‘David weekend’. And as I’m writing this, it’s been exactly one week since the last time we saw him face-to-face, and we’ve all pretty much spent the whole of last week reminiscing over every little thing that happened during those 3 days, which I’ve tried my best to recap about under the cut below:

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“What do you mean you aren’t coming?” Joe asked, phone to his ear.

“I’m sorry, mate. This cold—” Oli broke off to cough a few times, and Joe winced at the rough sound. “It came out of no where. Can we reschedule?”

“Yeah, I suppose.” Joe sighed, pushing his hair back.

“I promise we’ll get some pictures soon.”

“It’s fine. Feel better.”

“Thanks.” Oli replied before the call ended.

“Dammit.” Joe muttered, closing out of the phone call, checking his phone as it vibrated. “Now what am I going to do?”

He had been looking forward to getting some pictures done by Oli, because Joe felt as if he hadn’t posted on Instagram for a while and he wanted to upload some nice ones. Except for the fact that Oli had decided to go and get sick the night before they were meant to shoot, which now left Joe with no pictures, and nothing to do.

Pulling up his messages, he checked the names of who was trying to get in touch with him, pausing on one in particular. Jack.

I’m bored. Tell me you’re bored. Can we be bored together?

Joe felt a smile tug on his lips as he read the message, thumbs already moving across the letters to type a response.

Come on over. My plans got messed up because Oli’s sick.

And when the three dots appeared, indicating Jack was replying, Joe felt his heart flutter a little, but he did his best to ignore it. For some reason, that had been happening with Jack recently. Joe didn’t understand why, so he just shrugged it off. Instead reading the message that had just come through his phone, laughing as he did so.

Oh good, because I’m already on my way. :)

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“Home remedies” - h.s. Part 7

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6



“Life, if anything, is nothing more than a series of moments captured frame for frame as our eyes take in those around us and impact us monumentally,” Harry said, attempting to not sound like he was reading from a card but you knew he totally hadn’t memorized the whole speech completely. You couldn’t help but smirk as you leaned back in your seat and just let it happen.

He’d been keeping the speech a secret from you for weeks. You knew he was presenting and you’d come to terms with that, but you had been nervous for whatever flowery declaration of love he may attempt to pepper into the whole thing. But he was doing a pretty good job, and so far you weren’t as embarrassed as you thought you’d be. 

“That’s why photography is so important though, right?” Harry continued, “Because we have so many moments during the day that cause so many different emotions, that we oftentimes look over the most important ones. I know, that with two kids, the little moments can sometimes go unnoticed. But that’s what photography does for us - it allows us to ponder and remember on those little moments that may have passed up by, that make us feel something we didn’t know we possessed, and to help us give thanks for the moments we’ve cherished with others.”

Okay, so maybe now you were crying a little bit, but you weren’t going to let the small tears show as you continued to slouch slightly in your chair, your arms crossed lazily over your stomach as you attempted to act as cool as a cucumber. 

Internally though, you were freaking out.

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the relationship meme with harry please! im dying for some of my goblin bae

  • Their ringtones for each other

You have Money Ain’t a Thang – Jay-Z ft. T-Pain for him, because you’re clearly hilarious. (You also have Ms Parker by Young Money as Gwen’s ringtone, and honestly, how do you even have friends?)

He changes it pretty regularly, as you’re quite fickle with your music tastes, and he always ends up liking the songs you play in the apartment, dragging him to his feet to dance as you twirl around the living room with a glass of wine in your hand. Right now it’s Sidekick by Walk The Moon.

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Dating Blues (Bias x Reader) Pt.1

Name’s Hadya. Twenty years old. I enjoy listening to music in almost every language. I practice yoga. I work as a fashion photographer and having a good fashion sense is very important.

You cringe as you read your mini biography aloud. Your friends had talked you into creating a profile on a dating website believing you were simply wasting your youthful days away. You hadn’t dated in nearly three years and work was so hectic that you found no need to. Why was it necessary to have a person in your life? You were doing quite fine on your own.

You read over the paragraph once more which resulted in a loud face palm.

“You practice yoga? Really?” But it was true. You did practice yoga of some kind. Except it involved more body movements that could have a man on his knees in pain and bleeding in a matter of seconds.

You also lied about your occupation. You chose a fashion photographer because, well, you liked photography. Also your real job would have you single forever if any man found out.

You also lied about your name, for various reasons.

You didn’t bother to think it through. You saved the information and patiently waited for a response.

That wait lasted for a week. You faithfully checked up to the third day until you grew tired of this pettiness and forgot about it. Your friends blamed you for not uploading a photo to let people know what you looked like. You thought they were insane for suggesting. Didn’t they know better? 

On the seventh day you receive a notification on your phone signifying someone had not only checked out your page, but had sent you a message.
You decided to view his profile first. 

You skimmed over his biography, sneaking glances at his profile picture. It was a full body photo which wouldn’t let you zoom in to see his face. He was from South Korea but was doing business in Italy for a few months. He was in Italy, of all the places for you to visit at the moment. Too ironic.

“Gil,” You speak into your phone. Gil was your closest friend/co-worker. She was the best person to run a background check, as she was one of the best hackers in this part of the world. She was also the one who talked you into doing this.

“I’m already on it.” she says without you requesting anything.

You take this time to read his biography. 

He enjoyed traveling. He was a book publisher. He enjoyed the simple things in life and was looking for one that was interested in the same.

You roll your eyes. So basic. You move to the message instead.

Dear Ms. Hadya. My name is Jae, as it says in the far corner above my picture,” you smile at the subtle humor. “I would like to get to know you better, since you have no picture for me to see. I also think your biography is great. Blunt and no beating around the bush. By the way, I happen to have a great fashion sense, so don’t worry.” 

“Anything on him yet?” you ask Gil. 

“He’s clean, except for violating his parking meter.” 

You never hit the reply button so fast, “Let’s do this.” you say to yourself. 

You reply saying that you’re up for it. 

A few hours later he responds with, “Good. I’ll meet you at the SpearMint Cafe at 2:00pm in three days. I’ll be the man with the royal blue scarf freezing to death.” 

Your eyes bulge at his forwardness. He was serious about this. You briefly gave him your physical description and that you’d be wearing a light blue coat that you couldn’t miss. 

So this was it. You were finally going on a date after how long. But you couldn’t believe it. Internet dating, were you insane? Apparently so. 

Three days later you were dressed in a pair of dark blue jeans, gray loafers, a white turtle neck sweater with a long baby blue coat that blocked out majority of the cold. 

You stepped into the SpearMint Cafe and took in the interior. It was a large cafe that also had a second floor. It had charcoal walls, almost like a chalkboard where the menu was written in chalk. It also happened to be a Japanese cafe. They had a line of sushi, sandwiches, and other foods settled behind a glass window. A bar was set up but it was mildly crowded. 

You scanned the cafe searching for a man with a blue scarf but to no avail. You check the time on your phone. 1:50pm. You weren’t all that punctual, but you made an effort today. You take a seat by the window, casually glancing at each face. But there was no one with a royal blue scarf. 

Thoughts entered your mind. Were you being stood up? Were you too easy about this? You practically agreed the first time he asked without having a full conversation? He’d never even seen your face, why was he interested? What if you’re being catfished? Oh he better not. What if -

You’re in the midst of battling with yourself when you see someone stand in front of you. You glance up to see a man dressed in all black with a royal blue scarf tucked around his neck. His ears and the tip of his nose is red. He removes his hands from his coat pocket, “Are you Hadya?” 

“Yes,” you say standing. 

You find that he towers over you by almost a foot. I should’ve worn heels. You thought to yourself. 

He removes his leather gloves from his slender hands and extends one to you. He smiles and so do his eyes, “I’m Jae. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” 

His hand is still holding onto yours and your gaze is still fixated on his brown eyes, “I think we should sit,” you say with a laugh. 

He nods in agreement. “Would you like coffee?” he asks. 

“No.” You shake your head. Your emotions are tying your stomach in knots. You need something solid and heavy to combat your nervousness. “I’d rather eat something.” 

He raises his eyebrows a fraction of an inch, “A woman with an appetite. Now I feel stingy for wanting coffee,” 

The waiter comes to your little table asking if you’d like anything. He sees Jae and automatically starts to converse in Japanese. Jae is unfazed. Your Korean is better than your Japanese, but it’s enough to get you by.

Jae turns to you, ready to translate, but you help yourself, “I’ll have the Philadelphia roll, please. And instead of asparagus, could you add in cucumbers?”

The waiters eyes widen in surprise and he smiles with a bow of his head, before saying “Yes,” 

Jae has a small smile on his face, “You’re good. But don’t you think that’s going to be too spicy?” 

“What do you mean?” 

“You asked instead of asparagus, to add extra spicy sauce,”

You gasp standing up, “No, I meant to say cucumbers,” 

Jae laughs and calls out to the waiter, yelling something in Japanese as to what you take to mean ‘cucumber’. He nods, and proceeds to making the sushi roll. 

You guys continue to talk as he sips his coffee and soon your sushi is in front of you. You offer him some and to your disappointment he accepts. There’s nine pieces in total and he leaves the last two for you. Just to be sure, you ask if he wants one more, but he declines.

The date is going smoothly. The uneasiness has left you which made you aware of its absence causing you to observe your surroundings even more. You’re deep in conversation when something catches your eye in the reflection of Jae’s sunglasses that was hooked on the front of his shirt. You don’t dare turn around. Instead you feign discomfort, claiming an eyelash is in your eye.

You open your small make-up mirror from your coat pocket and use it to catch the images of the people behind you. Scattered around the tables and bar are men dressed in black, some dressed in winter casuals. To others this is completely normal. If it wasn’t for how each of them were seated, not entirely conversing with one another. Right at that moment one of them sneaks a glance at you and you stared back for a full second before snapping your mirror closed. 

“Everything alright?” Jae asks, pulling you back to the matter at hand. 

“I feel restless. Can we go for a walk, work off this sushi?” 

He looks confused for a moment before complying, “Sure. But it’s freezing outside.”

He pays the bill, despite your protest of wanting to pay for your sushi since he only ordered coffee. You stand up with him and loop your arm through his when he surprisingly offers it to you, “Paying on a date shouldn’t be a big deal,”

You both walk through the door and you find that the men also get up a few at a time behind you. Not subtle at all. 

Your date is completely unaware of what’s happening behind him. You walk down the street with the crowd hoping you’ll blend. But you know you won’t. Why did you choose to wear a light blue coat today, of all days? 

“Why are we walking so fast?” Jae asks. You slow down but only for a moment. His long strides should outpace yours. You steal a glance over your shoulder to find that the men are more obvious now. They’re bumping into people, trying not to lose you. 

Jae glances behind him, “What in the world…? We should move out of the way before they run us over,” he takes your arm guiding you into an alley. The stone walls reveal doors to different shops and restaurants. 

You move the latch of one door and the both of you move inside before the first of your pursuers can spot you. You release a breath you didn’t know you held in. You find that you’re in a kitchen that smells of baked bread. You stand on a box looking out a mini window at the street outside. 

“As much as I’m up for adventures, I’d really like to know what’s going on here? Why were you rushing like that? Are those men after you?” he asks behind you.

You press on the tip of your toes to get a better view, “No. I just can’t really stay in one place for too long." 

He chuckles, "Believe me, I’ve noticed." 

At this you freeze. How would he have noticed that if we just met? You jump back off of the box and turn to face him, but to your unpleasant surprise, you find Jae, your blind Internet date, rolling a silencer onto his gun.

This is only part one, if you guys are feeling this story, I’ll add more ^-^

“If everyone in LOGH were on tumblr” headcanons collection

(based on a LINE conversation I had with @gasexplosionatthescalpelfactory

Should you visit the tumblr of LOGH characters, here’s what you may find there.

Bittenfeld :
Pro wrestling gifs. Schwarz Lanzenreiter fleet (spamming a lot with it), pictures of tiger (yes, including cute baby tigers, with #awww as tag).Daily spamming about how he hates a certain person we don’t even need to name. Taking selfies on the bridge of the Konigstiger, or on special occasions (#me and muller at mein Kaiser’s wedding #he was so godly omg #also Oberstein You d*** )

Annerose :
Cooking recipes and glorious food porn pictures (occasionnally reblogged by Reinhard, implying that’s what he wants his big sis to make this one dish in particular). Kircheis liking every post. Frederica reblogging the recipes. Occasionnally sending asks to Annerose for cooking tips. Annerose answers with videos « So today I’m answering a question from…Frederica…Again !^_^’ ) ».

Eva :
She’s not on tumblr but on pinterest.

Eisenach :
Created a tumblr and made a slew of one text post, the last being « checkmate ». Then abandons his blog.

Mittermeyer :
Reblogs social issue stuff. Reblogs recipes from Annerose when he thinks it might interest Eva. Later on, baby products reviews and tips. Some selfies with Reuenthal, who isn’t really paying attention and stands in the background looking good.

Reuenthal :
Posting fancy alcohol and photography. Occasionnally female models, or reblogging the selfies he took with Mittermeyer. Vagueposting.

Women, ladies, models, reblogging/answering the longest quarell thread with Schenkopp. Reblogging/answering the longest quarell thread with Dusty (who ends up ignoring him). Reblogs wishes his followers address him on Treizember 36th.

Linz :
Holds a blog for the activity of the Rosenritter. Pics from the training sessions or equipment. Also posting doodles he makes and portraits of the people around him.

Reinhard :
Alternating intense blogging and total inactivity. Uploading some pics of the Brunhilde. Reblogging the recipes from his sister only to tag it with #want #heavy breathing.  Vagueblogging and/or complaining about things like « Yet another party I don’t want to go » « I hate my hair today, I hate Flegel’s everyday » « Fraülein got a cold and I got to read all this fanmail on my own…One looks like Bitten’s handwriting. I guess that’s just my imagination » « Hair looks shitty again today. I don’t even bother to go out. Will pretend I have fever. Yeah. Let’s do it. ». « No battle today. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORED ». Reblogs a vaguepost from Reuenthal and gets paranoid about it : « IT WAS ABOUT ME WASN’T IT ». Reuen makes it worse : « idk maybe ». Mittermeyer browses his dashboard and sees Reuenthal flaming. Screws his tablet’s screen in rage. Aside of the fight is a massive angry vagueposting on mein Kaiser’s blog.

Benemunde :
Hateblog against Annerose. Tons of aristocrats following/reblogging her stuff. Reinhard finds out. Vaguepost diarrhea on mein Kaiser’s blog, flourished of creative insult against the Annerose hatedom members. Benemunde replies by screenshoting Reinhard’s post and mocking it. Flegel reblogs « LMAO, IT’S THE BLOND BRAT »

Meanwhile on Kircheis’s blog :
« my dad grew a new orchidea specie » [with a picture of said flower]. Annerose reblogs.  Animal Crossing related stuff. The quiet life of Siegfried Kircheis.

Oberstein :
Opens a blog, puts a dalmatian as the avatar and a black and white theme. Not a single post in it.

Mecklinger :
Poems, art reproductions, his own creations. Rare but existing : posts of men with creative moustaches.

Julian :
Posts pictures of his cat being fat and lazy. Tries to chose the angle so he doesn’t photograph all the stuff Wenli hasn’t cleaned in the flat.

Yang :

Imagines he could make a blog full with interesting history content, pictures, commentaries. But is to lazy to even make the blog.

Mashengo :

Would have a blog with deep contents, sometimes hard to understand.

Hilda :

Has a secret blog no one seems to knows about. She is A HUGE ANIME FAN. Especially a Versailles no Bara Fan. Used to have sleepovers at Baroness Westphalen’s and binge watched the episodes. Posts proud pictures or shelves weighed down under a ton of manga and dvds. Reblogging artworks, fan art, gifs, ANYTHING. May have a crush on Reinhard because he looks like Oscar.
One days face a dilemna : « I just found out my crush watches Berubara when pretending to work – I knew this hairstyle change was too suspicious OMG SHOULD I TELL HIM I LIKE THE SERIES TOO. ».

Meanwhile on Reinhard’s blog : « OH NO SHE KNOWS NOW. »


Have a LOGH character tumblr headcanon ? Share it too :D

Lindsay Lohan's Last Fan's Last Post

Lindsay Lohan’s Last Fan


            “So….what’s new with Lindsay?”

             I looked directly at Allen, my best friend for maybe nine years, and realized that he had run out of things to talk about with me. I responded with a neutral head nod. 

            “A new nip slip? Rehab? Comeback? Freaky Friday sequel named Strange Saturday? So Daniel…?”

            I took another sip of my iced-chai and then replied in a monotone voice. “She’s going to star in a David Mamet play in London or something, right now she is wasting away on a yacht in Ibiza surrounded by handsome dudes who wear Rolexes.”


            I don’t know when I became this assumed scholar in all things Lindsay Lohan for all of my friends and family. Almost once a week, someone references Lindsay Lohan to me, either through interweaving a Mean Girls quote in a casual conversationor explicitly asking me for the latest update on the fallen starlet.

Nearly three years ago, on a random Freshman year night in a crowded dorm room, I told my pop culture savvy friend Monica about some half-baked conceptual Tumblr idea I had. Lindsay Lohan’s Last Fan creates the fan blog to end all fan blogs: an aggressively pink aesthetic with bright yellow Arial font, content strictly consisting of photos and memes of Lindsay Lohan that would be interspersed with purposefully misspelled ramblings fearlessly defending the star. A few moments later, Monica pushed aside the cluttered mess of empty 40s bottles on her desk and whipped out her MacBook. The first photo uploaded was of a naked Lindsay clutching an acoustic guitar on a sandy beach, captioned with “If I coood be ther with her, if I coood touch her AURA.” Lindsay Lohan’s Last Fan the character was officially created.

            When I started the blog in the fall of 2011, there was an odd sense of hope for Lindsay Lohan and her career. She was showing up to court-mandated community service. She had landed the cover of Playboy. Even the most scathing of gossip columnists were noting how “happy” and “healthy” she looked in recent photographs. In the early stages of this persona, a typical Tumblr session for me would consist of messaging other Lindsay Lohan fan blogs asking if they wanted to join forces, reblogging every image under the #LindsayLohan or #LiLo Tumblr tag and going on manically apologetic rants defending her latest misbehavior: “nooooo she’s $tumbling out of B00000tsy Belllows cuz of THE PRESSURE of the #FAME not cuz $HE WAS drunk”. I was the L’enfant terrible of the Lindsay Lohan fan community; overeager, overzealous and typing with a sense of entitlement that I and only I, Linday Lohan’s Last and only true Fan, truly understood the star. A series of questions from other “genuine” Lohan fan blogs started piling up in my Tumblr inbox: “Why are you so creepy? Why do you misspell everything? Why are you so OBSESSED with Lindsay Lohan? Who are you? Are you a boy or a girl?

            At first I was adamantly opposed to answering any of these questions, thinking that this persona of Lindsay Lohan’s Last Fan, being so warped up in her obsession, wouldn’t feel any desire to assert any sense of selfhood. I randomly replied to a few questions with the 2007 “not my cocaine” in her pocket era Lindsay Lohan mug shot or a Freaky Friday GIF; my glossy pink mystique remained in tact. When I showed my friends the blog, they either would tell me it was funny, reply with a shrug or question if perhaps my liberal arts college had made me go manic: Daniel, do you even like Lindsay Lohan? Are you okay? The project was admittedly aimless; the same joke of an anonymous Lindsay Lohan jihadist repeated over and over again. In January 2012, I was about to quit and get a new hobby.

Then Lana Del Rey’s SNL performance happened.

 I was fascinated by her self-pitying lyrics, the permanent sadness in her eyes and her shameless embrace of being society’s victim. I spontaneously copied and pasted the chorus of “Video Games” to a photograph of a 2010 “I’m going to Cannes Film Festival to party on yachts” Lindsay gracelessly falling on her face: Heaven is a place on Earth with you. The Tumblr response was ecstatic: HAHAHA, GURL wtf is this! I transitioned to creating memes with my own cheesy musings of what Lindsay Lohan’s Last Fan thought about her emotionally abusive parents, loneliness and her painful obscurity. Lindsay Lohan had alcohol and cocaine to escape the “painful misery of daddy and reality”. Lindsay Lohan’s Last Fan had well, Lindsay Lohan. I stopped obnoxiously misspelling words and reblogging generic Lindsay Lohan GIFs and photos and embraced a new direction. I put on the guise of a crying teen girl in her bedroom, using this Tumblr persona to express some inner-darkness that could only be articulated through hyperbole: We both hate daddy, we both have fake friends and we both are on the edge of the abyss, forever isolated, forever shackled to this life! Over time, Lindsay Lohan’s Last Fan became less about the idea of obsession and more about the idea of what it means to truly connect with a specific celebrity. Lindsay Lohan’s last truly culturally relevant movie was Herbie Fully Loaded. For years now her actual Blockbuster, enticing body of work was her fragile existence. Her life, filled with arrests, rehab visits and lesbian romances, was ripe and ready to be part of a grander tragic meta-narrative. There was nothing more to her than her latest fuck up; everything snowballing into the inevitable TMZ headline: Lindsay Lohan DEAD followed by the inevitable Dina Lohan or/and Michael Lohan “up close and PERSONAL” account of their daughter’s life. Nothing about Lindsay Lohan and the cult of her celebrity is necessarily unique. If anything, her life has become a self-actualization of a Valley of the Dolls-level of triteness.

As my Tumblr popularity increased, I noticed that the other blogs reblogging my memes had been sandwiching my content in between photos of the late Anna Nicole Smith dressed as a clown, Paris Hilton mug shots, Britney Spears scarfing down Taco Bell and a crack head Amy Winehouse. I was being embraced by the #Camp #2005 niche sub-culture of Tumblr, with blogs that had a flashier and glitterier design praising my work and calling me “BB”.  It was all too silly. I had to go back to the drawing board; I tapped deeper into the depths of this inner sad girl. I made Lindsay Lohan’s Last Fan question her own obsession and write epic poems about the increasing sense of alienation she felt between herself and the star: When Lindsay cries, it’s BREAKING NEWS, when I cry, Daddy just laughs and suggests waterproof mascara. The more invested I got, the more Lindsay Lohan’s Last Fan became about how one individual amongst a sea of internet trolls, journalists, gossip magazine readers and fans, had found a unique connection with someone who invoked such ubiquitous disdain. Dr. Drew Pinsky using Lindsay Lohan as an example of the dangers of alcoholism was no different than when Lindsay Lohan’s Last Fan related the critically panned Liz and Dick to her own personal experience of stuttering during a Bat Mitzvah speech. She didn’t need the TMZ obituary; Lindsay Lohan had been up for grabs for a while now.

In the fall of 2012, I woke up from a nap to a Facebook message: “OMFG. Check BuzzFeed…”

A handful of my memes that I uploaded during my “Live-Meme viewing session” of Liz and Dick had been incorporated into a list of “21 People Who Genuinely Loved Liz and Dick”. My images were interspersed between Tweets from unassuming, “genuine” Lindsay Lohan fans that actually liked her critically panned Elizabeth Taylor Lifetime bio-epic. Immediately after the BuzzFeed post, my viewer stats hit records high, got a ton of new Tumblr followers and hundreds of more reblogs. If any of my friends and family didn’t know that I had this second Internet persona, they now knew and they now could count on me as their handy-dandy Lindsay Lohan expert. A few days after experiencing a manic rush from achieving a minor-level of notoriety, I revisited the BuzzFeed article. I had a painful epiphany: my blog was fucking evil.  

This persona I created of someone being whole-heartedly sincere had come under attack by a snarky blog, being lumped in with actual fans who were deemed naïve and stupid. The character was given exposure not on her terms, but on the fucked up power dynamics of irony and mockery perpetuated by some presumptuous arbiter of good taste. This project had become a monster. Lindsay Lohan’s Last Fan had also started becoming all consuming: My MacBook Desktop was now completely covered in memes and photographs of Lindsay Lohan, I woke up everyday Googling Lindsay Lohan, Facebook had started trying to sell me Amazon discount DVDs starring none other than…. Lindsay Lohan.

After the BuzzFeed existential crisis, I started making darker, more tragic memes. I thought that there was no real point in ending the blog because Lindsay Lohan’s life had yet to reach a true moment of catharsis. Perhaps the #comeback was going to actually happen in two, three months or a year and what a fucking shame if Lindsay Lohan’s Last Fan missed it. And so I continued. I even started making deeply disturbing Youtube videos in which I paired distorted recordings of the persona’s obsessive thoughts with glitched out, pixelated images of Lindsay: I woke up and thought about Lindsay Lohan, Lindsay Lohan also woke up and thought about Lindsay Lohan.

            I had come to discover that maybe the concept of “performance art” is rendered meaningless on the Internet. I was creating a specific artifice for myself, this crazed, manic-depressive fan and was being engaged directly on the aesthetic of my work. Without the confines of a gallery space, there was nothing to potentially differentiate this performance project from the other fans on the next “21 People Who Actually Like Lindsay Lohan” list. It didn’t matter when I submitted it to a Dis Magazine contest or when “Tumblr Teen Girl” artist/expert Kate Durbin reblogged my work for her Womans as Objects project. It never and still doesn’t matter because Lindsay Lohan’s Last Fan the Tumblr page is out there waiting for people to stumble upon it and not even question it’s alleged inauthenticity: What’s wrong with you? Are you okay? Looking back at old memes, it’s hard to say whether the “I am so lonely” was real at the moment or not; the well-worn cliché of method acting is admittedly a lived experience for me. At this point, I want Lindsay Lohan to win an Oscar, I want Lindsay Lohan to get married, I want Lindsay Lohan to start her inevitable Long Island nuclear- family and finally be clean and sober for good. Not necessarily because I care about her as a person, but more because I want her to do anything that could liberate her from the creepy and firm grasp of Lindsay Lohan’s Last Fan. She has now reached a point of nicotine-induced malaise, wasting away on a yacht in Ibiza surrounded by handsome dudes who wear Rolexes. Analogously, Lindsay Lohan’s Last Fan floats along, feeling neither a sense of closure or the same captivating connection of yesteryear. Thousands of memes later, the superstar and fan have both reached a period of indefinite mediocrity.  It’s time for the blog to end.

 If I learned anything from this project, it’s honestly just the objective truths about Lindsay Lohan that can be verified by court records, IMDB, Wikipedia and photographs.  Yes, I am a Lindsay Lohan expert. And so, this January, I will teach a run-of-the-mill introductory course on Lindsay Lohan for my college’s experimental learning week. I won’t bring up Warhol or Koons, Baudrillard or Adorno. No, this will be a cut and dry course covering the facts of Lindsay Lohan’s life: She did star in The Parent Trap in 1998, she did date Wilmer Valderrama in 2005, she did get two DUIs in 2007. After the class, I will tell the students to discuss the content and collectively decide what to make of my boring PowerPoint presentation: What’s the narrative here, if there really is one? Then and only then, will Lindsay Lohan’s Last Fan would be allowed to finally die.  

            It’s you, it’s all for you, everything I do, I tell you all the time, heaven is a place on Earth with you

the wolfstar au no one asked for but obviously everyone needs: instagrammer!sirius + columnist!remus
- so it all starts one faithful day when james makes adoptive brother sirius his best man
- and since most of james’ family lives in india, what better place could there be for the wedding?
- now, sirius has few expectations from this trip: free alcohol, beautiful pictures and lots of applause for his heartwarming best man speech
- because you see, if there’s anything he’s truly proud of it’s his eye for the aesthetic, which his instagram account (45k followers, not like he’s counting) stands witness for
- and it comes in handy that their buddy pete is a photographer who’s volunteered to take pictures of the wedding
- so in any free minute, sirius drags him outside and makes peter photograph him leaning against temples and draped over tree trunks
- naturally, sirius is euphoric. nothing could bring him down now
- not even when this gorgeous guy pulls a derisive face all throughout sirius’ speech
- a little bit when he runs into the guy later on the dancefloor and spills his drink on him
- a lot when the guy starts yelling at him and sirius starts shoving him and they both start quarreling until suddenly the guy’s mouth is pressed against his and he’s threading his hands through sirius’ hair and pulling him outside
- his euphoria reaches new highs in a small hotel room that night
- the next morning, the guy is gone without a trace and james yells at sirius at the breakfast bar because, “i can’t BELIEVE you hooked up with lily’s awful rude friend remus! i can’t stand that guy! he called my grandma a camel!” - “dude, to be fair, her face does have similarities to a camel, in contrast to this guy remus, who looked even hotter when he was angry -” - “SIRIUS!!”
- unbeknownst to them, lily is having a rather similar conversation with her rude friend meanwhile: “i can’t BELIEVE you got into a fight with james’ best man! at my wedding!! james already doesn’t understand why I’m friends with you without you beating up his adoptive brother!” - “ah lils, don’t worry about it, we made up afterwards.” - “THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MAKING UP AND MAKING OUT, Y'KNOW”
- but sirius has a few more days to spend in india with james until the newly weds leave for their honeymoon so they postpone the discussion about sirius’ hook up habits and sirius gets to take pictures of beach sunsets and himself skylines and himself and exotic plants
- and whilst the images gain like after like he swears that this time nothing can destroy his mood
- except for finding his aesthetic photographs on a Top Ten Things I Hate list on a columnist’s website who claims that “beauty isn’t everything” and suggests where people like “padfoot” can stick their selfie sticks next time
- naturally, sirius is enraged. who is this rude guy “moony” - and why do some of his blog posts get more likes than sirius’ insta selfies?
- obviously he must be following him, otherwise he wouldn’t have used those pics as an example of “self-centered, arrogant, vain instagrammers”
- so sirius uploads a picture of himself kissing his middle finger (with an intricate black and white pattern on his nails) (and a ring) (or two) and indirectly drags him “instagram is for sharing beautiful things that you find, and i find myself beautiful, so this is for all the haters: f*ck you”
- and he gets a reaction
- a selfie posted from an account named “moony_lp” with the simple caption “fuck*”
- the picture shows a grim looking guy with a golden tan and messy tawny curls and a face that would be considered conventionally attractive if it weren’t for the two fine scars from hairline to upper lip
- although if sirius is honest, those scars are what make his face interesting
- other than the fact that he knows this face
- because he’s seen this guy before
- because he’s hooked up with this guy a mere week ago at his best mate’s wedding
- the caption is accurate
- because “fuck” is really all sirius can think in this moment
- until he gets a private message
- “@ me next time, you bastard. also. call me” followed by a number

Viktuuri coffee shop AU part 4

- the next morning Yuuri and Viktor meet up at a park

- they have a very very cute first date (Viktor doesn’t know that Yuuri doesn’t know that it is a date though) and Viktor buys the both of them hot drinks (he insists) 

- Yuuri falls in love with Makkachin at first sight (Viktor doesn’t think he can find anything beautiful anymore after he saw Yuuri play with his dog, like nope, this is it, can’t get any better [but he thinks that a lot with Yuuri tbh])

- Viktor finds out that Yuuri had a dog as well when he was younger

- the dogs name was Vicchan and Viktor wants to hug Yuuri when he tells him that the puppy passed away last summer

- after two hours both of them have to leave because work

- also, their feet and fingers are frozen but they don’t want to admit it because they don’t want the walk to end

- Viktor promises to drop by at the coffee shop later

- they stand in front of each other awkwardly because they want to hug, but how???

- Yuuri turns to leave right then but Viktor catches his hand and pulls him back and into the warmest hug Yuuri’s ever had

- ‘I had fun today’

- Yuuri is questioning his reality because how can Viktor speak when they’re so close that Yuuri can’t even think

- Just as Viktor starts to pull back, Yuuri comes back to his senses and is like, oh right, hUG! And quickly returns it

- it’s just the warmest and fuzziest thing ever and they’re so comfortable that they could stay like that for a while (or forever)

- but Makkachin wants attention too and almost throws Viktor and Yuuri to the ground in his attempt to get them to notice him

- they laugh and blush and say good bye after that and do that cliché thing where they walk away from each other but look back over their shoulders to steal glances at the other

- despite the cold they’re both really warm when they get home

- a few hours later they meet again at the coffee shop and Yuuri makes Viktor that special version of a coffee he’s been working on and tries to make a picture of a puppy on top of the foam

- Viktor almost dies when he sees it because can this man be any cuter???

- they chat comfortably and when Viktor gets up to leave Yuuri asks him if it’s okay to accompany him and Makkachin the next morning too

- Viktors eyes become big and sparkly and he reaches out to grab both of Yuuris hands in his like ‘Of course!’ while nodding fervently

- Viktor is really giddy the rest of the day because Yuuri basically asked him out!!1!11

- Yuri hates it because what the fuck happened with his work obsessed brother what happened that made him so god damn annoying?

- And maybe there’s just this tiny part in him that’s glad because Viktor seems genuinly happy now, and that just wasn’t the case before at all. That part however, gets even smaller when Viktor show him pictures of the puppy coffee Yuuri made earlier while he won’t fucking stop talking about him

- Yuuri and Viktor walking Makkachin every morning becomes a thing now

- Phichit is very delighted when he finds out, because he started being worried a little (is something wrong with the coffee shop?? Don’t they have enough employees anymore and Yuuri has to work like 12 hours everyday? - but no, he’s just been on dates with the hot Viktor guy each morning ‘I’m impressed Yuuri, I didn’t know you had it in you!’) and makes some instagram posts about Yuuri being in love (he even posts pictures of Yuuris blushing face that little shit)

- Viktor and Yuuri start to warm up to each other pretty quick and Yuuri finds out that Viktor works a lot and likes art and Yuuri tells him about his writings and paintings and photographs in return

- Viktor likes Yuuri more and more with every little thing the man is willing to share with him and wow, Yuuri is just so amazing at so many things???

- Viktor has become more handsy since they hugged and sometimes they walk so close that their hands brush 

- Viktor kinda wants to intertwine them but also wants Yuuri to do it because he isn’t sure if he’s allowed to do it

- Yuuri still isn’t used to have so much physical contact with another person and sometimes it overwhelms him a little, but he also really likes Viktor and doesn’t mind his touches

- Viktor finds out a lot about Yuuris body on those days; like the fact that his hair is actually as soft as it looks when he touches it one day when they hug goodbye, or the way Yuuris body feels so soft against his own that makes Viktor want to bury himself in the smaller man, and Yuuris scent that reminds him of hazelnut and cozy nights in front of fireplaces and Yuuri himself

- their relationship developes into a pretty stable friendship first because they’re both so oblivious about the others attraction??? 

- and they start to visit each other like once a week to cook dinner together and Yuri hates it because Viktor won’t stop showing him pictures and sigh dreamly and it’s just so fucking disgusting like get together already!!! Phichit loves it a lot because food nights mean he gets to upload cute pictures on instagram and he and his followers are lowkey (or highkey) shipping Viktor and Yuuri (they call it Viktuuri and Yuuri is so very embarresed about everything because Viktor started following Phichit on instagram so could he please stop posting pictures of Yuuri blushing with writing things like ‘Guess who we’re talking about #viktuuri #friendsnight #iwillgodownwiththisship’ as their caption because Viktor could see [Viktor does and he loves every bit of it])

- they’re pretty much a steady presence to each other now, and when Viktor asks Yuuri to accompany him to this fancy dinner (ball) of his work Yuuri doesn’t think much about it as he accepts

- he starts to worry however, when Viktor shows up at his appartment door a week before the event to go suit shopping with him 

- and he freaks out a little when Viktor takes him not to a common suit shop, but to an actual tailor

- Viktor ignores Yuuris protests about ‘No this must be so expensive I can’t let you buy this for me, we can just go to another place to get something cheaper!’ and at the end of the week Yuuri looks at himself in the mirror, just that he doesn’t look like himself at all but more like a movie star or something

- when Viktor comes to pick Yuuri up the evening of the dinner (ball) and sees him standing in the small messy appartment looking like everything Viktor could ever want (Yuuri always does, but suits still alter realities in all the best ways) he isn’t so sure whether he wants to go out anymore

- he wants to kiss Yuuri. He wants to hug Yuuri. He wants to hold Yuuris hand. He wants Yuuri to like him as much as Viktor likes him.

- he doesn’t know, but Yuuri feels exactly the same in that moment

- they get to the dinner (ball) eventually and Yuuri is blown away because there’s so much good food!!! (He also starts binge eating because this doesn’t seem like a ‘We’re here as friends like so many others’ but more of a ‘It’s a date and we should totally slow dance while cuddling’ kind of setting and Yuuri’s becoming really nervous)

- Viktor is busy glaring at the women that talk to Yuuri, trying to ask him for a dance while he has to talk with business partners and his father

- he feels better when Yuri comes over to keep Yuuri company (or more nag at him about how fucking boring this evening is why does he even have to be here it’s not like he can do anything in the company yet after all)

- after a while though Yuri decides to have some fun tonight, so he hands Yuuri some glasses of various alcoholic drinks to see if he can make him drunk

- it works and Viktor is glad that he finished talking to all the important guests when Yuuri comes over and asks him for a dance, obviously drunk with the way he’s slurring his words

- Viktor knows he should call it a night before Yuuri does something he regrets later, but he just asked him for a dance, and as a gentleman he has to oblige his dates wishes, right?

- Yuuri is an adoringly cute drunk Viktor observes that evening. But he is not only cute, he notes later as Yuuri starts to cling to him in a way that sends shivers all over his body. He’s a confident drunk and that makes itself clear in the way Yuuri is leading the dance, swirling Viktor around like it’s nothing and Viktor isn’t completely sure whether Yuuri is actually drunk or not, because drunk people don’t usually move with the grace of a ballet dancer??? 

- the evening ends when Yuuri starts to unbutton his shirt and Viktor decides that he doesn’t want anyone else but him to see what follows. He drags Yuuri away while managing to let it look like they’re both just tired and leaving for tonight.

- Yuuri thanks him the next day when he wakes up to a glass of water, a painkiller and a note that says ‘Dinner at my apartment, 7pm. Hope your head doesn’t hurt too much. - Viktor P.S.: You’re cute when you’re tired~’

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Today’s Concept

Summary: It’s a lazy day and you and Taehyung spend it on the BTS’ Fancafe
Type: Fluff One-Shot
Length: 1185 Words
Members: V x Reader

- Admin Au(drey)

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Today’s concept: it’s raining outside, the angel’s tears are being reincarnating as frost in the silver linings of stormclouds. You are in the arms of someone you love and you don’t need to be anywhere except here. It’s a time to breathe, to accept, to close your eyes.

But this concept is not being lived completely.

You look up at Taehyung who is staring at the computer screen in front of him with disinterest. His eyes are filled with exhaustion but he can’t fall asleep anymore, doing his best to stick to a regular sleeping schedule (as regular as it can get). You raise your hand to his cheek and frame his familiar face, and ask softly, “You okay?” He nods, but he looks so tired.

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You pause the video and open up the BTS fan-cafe website, typing it in swiftly as you say, “Let’s go look at some of the posts ARMYs have made!” He groans a little but relents and leans forward onto your back, adjusting the position of his arms around you. You click the mouse to the forums and scroll down, intrigued by some of the titles of the posts his fans have made and randomly click on the more interesting ones.

“From timefortaetime, ‘Taehyung-oppa! You’re the best Bangtan Boy Scout I’ve ever seen, I hope one day we can be like Alice and the White Rabbit and have teatime together. Sending lots of love and good vibes to my favorite!’” You lift your head to look up at him but he still looks dead to the world, eyes glancing at the words with no emotion. You had thought that him seeing the support of fans over the world would trigger something inside of him, as if it were a key turning the gears that activated the happiness you always fell in love with, the silliness that had infected you, a certain light that only radiated from him. But today’s concept is not ringing through him. 

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“Taehyung!” you say suddenly, knowing what would excite him. “Let’s write a fancafe update together!”

He moves sluggishly, pulling away for a moment at your idea. You notice that there is a little more life in him, his eyes lighting up at all of the thoughts inside of him that he’d like to release in the form of text on the screen, a blinking cursor that speaks doubt and worries. He waves his pointer finger at you, smiling now. “Okay,” he says, a little more bounce in his voice. “What should we write about?”

“About … about …” you say, not knowing what he’d want to elaborate on in front of the fans. “Your - your ideal day!”

“Ahh, but then I’d have to write, ‘Anything with (Y/N),’ and then the headlines will say something like, ‘ARMYs want (Y/N) dead!’ That’s no good, that’s no good,” he says, shaking his head as he hugs you tightly, a silly grin painted on his face and you know he’s in a better mood now. “I’ll write about what we do together and just take your name out, how about that?” he says. You agree and open up a new document to type in.

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“Oh - but I need to post pictures along with this,” he says in the middle of sentences explaining his perfect day - next to a treasured friend who is willing to stay by his side for all of eternity, listening to him until his voice becomes both the essence of the most beautiful song heard and the sounds of hell rising into the atmosphere, mixing with the rain’s pitter-patter, soft breathing breaking through the silence, comfortable company. “Let’s take pictures together, (Y/N)!”

“We can’t post them, though,” you remind him. The public was not aware of your existence, especially not of the relationship you had with him. “But let’s take pictures anyways!” He nods and pulls out your phone, suddenly pulling you back into his arms as he brings up the camera and giggles at your yelp. He holds it out and counts down from three to one, a few seconds wasted (spent) on capturing memories that seem insignificant now, but will be treasured later.

“Ah, delete this one!” you say, pointing at the one he took just then. “I blinked, I blinked!” 

“You look pretty in all of them, (Y/N),” he says, kissing you gently on the forehead as he swipes through the gallery, laughing at something in each one. “Ahh, I wish I could post these! But I’ll have to take some by myself.” He moves the pictures to a folder labelled (Y/N) that is filled with photographs of you and himself, a collection, a hoard, of aspects of a most beautiful kind of love.

Originally posted by jeonsshi

“I’ll upload some selcas then post it,” he declares, holding the phone out again for some individual pictures of himself. Just as he clicks the button, you extend your arm and hold up some bunny ears behind his head, a cute addition to an already cute individual. He laughs and continues to click at rapid speed as you change the amount of fingers you hold up, adding your other hand to create antlers.

“I’ll email them to you!” you say, taking the phone eagerly and looking through the ten, fifteen pictures he just took. “Ahh, cute,” you murmur to yourself and he grins as he re-reads his post, searching for errors. You quickly send the best of his pictures to him (you wish you could have sent all of them, for he is beautiful in every single one) and open up the camera again with sly intentions. You turn the camera on the front of the phone on, extending your arm out and taking some selcas of your own - cute face, pouting face, finger dragging down the skin underneath your eye, sticking out your tongue. You grin to yourself as you edit some words into each one, things like, “I love you,” “When you find this, tell me you love me!” “Treat me to ice-cream someday,” and such.

But as you look at them again, you feel embarrassed and you move to delete them when you feel his arms wrap around your waist. “What are you doing?” he asks, nestling his head in the crook of your shoulder and neck. He starts to laugh at one of your selcas, reaching to take ahold of the phone to see more but you move it out of his reach as you protest, saying you’re going to delete them.

He turns you towards him and kisses you on the lips, murmuring softly that you were beautiful in any picture, in any form, in any way you were and wanted to be. “Don’t you delete any of those photos!” he warns teasingly, grinning against your lips. “They’ll get me through the day!” 

Today’s concept: it’s raining outside, the angel’s tears are being reincarnating as frost in the silver linings of stormclouds. You are in the arms of someone you love and you don’t need to be anywhere except here. It’s a time to breathe, to accept, to close your eyes.

Motion Sick

Josh Dun Imagine 

Title: Motion Sick

Warnings: It’s too cute. Read this laying down.

Word Count: 1,623

Okay, I realize this isn’t a request, but I get bad motion sickness and I thought it’d comfort anyone in the same boat (get it… because it moves… sea sick).

Laughter filled the bus as a small group of people climbed up the stairs. It was midday, the band had just finished a set of songs at a festival.

You fell onto the couch, flipping through the photographs on your camera. A gentle smile played on your lips. You had positioned yourself behind Josh’s drum set during Ride, right when the lighting technicians flipped the switch, Sparks flew from either side of the stage at the peek of the song and created magnificent lighting. It was perfect.

It wasn’t your first time filling in as a photographer on one of Twenty One Pilot’s tours. A year had passed since you started working for Reel Bear Media, fresh out of college and more than eager to start working. Though you had majored in business and minored in photography, taking photos was your passion. Initially, you had thought you’d never be able to make a living off of it, so business was your wildcard. Over the course of a few years you had uploaded the photos you took as a hobby onto a website. Then, a few months after graduation your website blew up after some magazine covered the site. Not too long after you had been contacted by some weird guy named Mark and the rest was history. 

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A little bit of fansite tea.

I would like to share these bits and pieces of information that I know about some fansites from some twitter conversations among kfans in the past. These kfans translated fansites info into english in order to warn people of the activities of some fansites (which are very important, esp when it involves payment and sasaeng activities).

These accounts reveal enough for fansites to threaten them by suing. 

These information go way back, and I think it’s not widely known from people who didn’t follow fansite gossip closely or chance upon it. I would just like to share, not saying this is the ultimate truth or what else. You are responsible for what you make of it, though I tried my best to remain objective, and I’m definitely not claiming to be an insider or anything of the sort. These are just information that fans overlook a lot lately,  

Also, lots of censoring for the sake of it. 

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Trophy (BTS Fanfic/Smut)

Description: A fluff but smut fan fiction about a Polyamorous relationship with every guy in Bangtan. Some like to have a daddy kink with you.

Chapter 2

The sun beamed through the curtains hitting your delicate eyelashes and closed eyes. You rolled over trying your best to avoid the sun but instead you opened your eyes to realize all that happened last night was real. You’re living with BTS now. They consider you family. You are their photographer. You began to wake up more and you could hear a few boys up and moving. Not sure weather to get up or not, you stretched to hear your stiff bones crack. Once your feet hit the cold hard wooded floor, you really jolted awake. You walked over to the mirror to make sure it was really okay to appear around the guys without looking like a slob. Your hair actually didn’t look too bad for once. Your pjs consisted of a grey long sleeve shirt and navy blue sweat pants. Suddenly the door opened and revealed Jin.

“Oh! Oppa.. Good morning.”

He smiled and gave a small laugh.

“More like good afternoon? It’s 12.”

You ran your hand through your hair a little puzzled and looked at your phone to see he was right.

“Oh… Sorry. What’s up?”

He smiled, walked over to your bed, and sat down.

“Well actually the guys sent me to wake you up. They figured you’d want lunch. I made it.”

You blinked a few times feeling embarrassed for sleeping in so much.

“What did you make?”

He stood up now as if he didn’t intend to stay long so he wasn’t bothering you.

“Just sandwiches. Come down when you’re ready.”

He walked towards the door. Guilt kept washing over you. You felt so rude for sleeping so long.

“Jin!… S-sorry for sleeping in today. I’ll do my best not to do it again…”

He stopped in his tracks, eyes wide open.

“You don’t have to apologize for sleeping. Some people need more sleep than others. Jungkook and Suga are still sleeping so.. You’re fine. We just figured you’d be hungry.”

You took a deep breath now as he reassured you.

“Right.. Still, I’m sorry.”

He smiled and shook his head as he walked out the door. You took a peak into the room where you saw two sleeping boys at peace. The door made a small squeak as you walked in and stood beside Suga who was so peaceful looking in his sleep. You moved a piece of hair away from his head but he began to smile. Slowly, his body moved and his eyes opened causing you to move back in surprise.

“I-i was just checking on you guys..”

He began to sit up, yawning and messing with his messy mint hair.

“It’s okay. I actually thought you were here to wake me up.”

He patted the spot next to him for you to sit down. Your eyes wondered a bit to see Jungkook sleeping like a baby. In fact he reminded you of a baby. He was the baby of the group anyway.

“Well they have sandwiches downstairs if you want one.. Jin made them.”

His tired eyes looked over at yours.

“I’ll pass. I don’t really eat when I wake up. I prefer sleep over food any day really.”

Your lips creased upwards to form a small, shy smile.

“I can agree with that..”

He blinked a few times when looking at you.

“You know.. You’re pretty.”

Your face burnt up and you could feel you’re heart race but he began to laugh and pinched your cheek.

“Don’t be so bashful. It’s a compliment.”

You rubbed your cheek after he let go. Suga got up and got clothing out to get dressed with. Without warning his shirt came off revealing a well toned Min Yoongi. You’re eyes widened and moved to the floor quickly.

“Umm… I’m gonna go now.”

You quickly left, almost bumping into the doorway causing a small laugh to come from Suga. Once you reached the bottom of the steps you saw Namjoon, Taehyung, J-Hope, and Jin sitting around the table.

“Where’s Jimin?”

You didn’t care who answered.

“The studio to dance.”

All of them answered together perfectly. Your eyebrows raised but Jin’s eyes motioned you towards a seat to sit and eat. Namjoon ate quietly and once you took a bite out of the delicious mysterious sandwich, you could feel Taehyungs eyes on you but not in the creepy way.

“Good afternoon Taehyung Oppa.”

Your greeting caught him by surprise a little but he smiled softly.

“You too!”

He said in this cute tone that made you want to nuzzle him like a newborn kitten.

“Are you excited to go to Chicago in two days?”

His mouth was full with bread but it didn’t bother you.

“Honestly yes. Even though I’m use to America.. I’ve never been to Chicago.”

They didn’t seem too surprised since they know how big the country is and how expensive it is to travel. Once finished lunch, you all just basically sat around talking until Suga joined you all. He didn’t eat but he just sat quietly listening to the conversation. J-Hope and Suga both smiled at you weirdly causing you to feel flustered. You removed yourself from the table and went upstairs to get dressed. You were about to remove your shirt when Suga opened the door. Angry, you were about to yell at him but then realized how sensitive he looked.

“I’m not going to yell at you but there’s this method called knocking. Please try it sometime.”

He blushed and looked at the floor a little distraught.


You relaxed your tense muscles.

“What’s wrong that you followed me up here?”

He looked up at you now.

“Sorry for startling you earlier with taking my shirt off. You just give off that chill, comfortable in any situation feeling so I kind of forgot you were even there.”

Still pink in the face, he couldn’t seem to look you in the eyes as if he felt guilty.

“It’s okay. Not like it’s illegal. Just.. Not use to seeing really fit guys who take off their shirts in front of me is all…”

He smiled and rubbed the back of his neck.

“You think I’m fit? Heh.. I’ve been working out more recently so thanks.”

Now your eyes rolled at him but you giggled anyway because it was cute to see him so flustered and all.

“Anything else you came to ask or tell me.”

He nodded.

“Yeah. Be ready in 20 minuets. That’s when we’re all leaving to go to the studio. We’re gonna upload some photos and do some sending to company’s to print out photo cards, posters, shirts, and stuff like that. Then we’ll post every where about our new wonderful photographer and give you credit for work.”

You seriously nodded and pushed at him to get out so you could get changed. Once he left you did just that.

- 20 Minuets Later -

You came down the steps, hair and teeth brushed, nice outfit on, and camera with you just in case. Of course all the guys were leaning against the couch with arms folded waiting for you. This time you counted six boys. Jungkook was finally awake and ready.

“Did I take too long.”

Jungkook unfolded his arms and gently walked towards you.

“Nope. Just picking on you like usual Noona.”

Now you were being called Noona.. It made you feel old but you were a year older so that’s how it had to go.

“Well let’s go then.”

Suga held the door open for you which made your eyebrows slightly come together in curiosity. Once you all got to the building, you walked in to see Jimin working hard which put a smile on his hyungs faces. Since he came in early, he was allowed to take a break while the other guys got to work. Jimin would smile and wink at you from across the room which made you giggle because you found him to be a ridiculous flirt. When he walked over to you, you could feel your body tense up since you weren’t too use to him.

“Enjoying the stay at our place?”

He whipped the sweat from his head with a towel.

“Yes I am, thank you. It’s really nice of you guys to open your home to me.”

He smiled at you sweetly then walked over to continue his practice, but this time with the guys and not alone. As usual you watched in amazement as their fluid movements matched each other. Once they all could actually catch a break, Jin walked over to you and nudged your arm cutely.

“You okay?”

His eyes actually showed some concern for you.

“Yeah. Why wouldn’t I be?”

Before he answered, he took a drink from his water.

“You have looked so confused here lately.”

You wondered why he was so worried about you but it kind of made you feel happy.

“That’s how I always look. I’ve been confused my whole life.”

You both shared a sweet laugh.

“You ready to work?”

You had forgotten all about the pictures but you got your camera out and smiled. Namjoon went to get up to help you but Jin motioned that you and him would be fine. In the room, he really did help you but his closeness made you tense up. You didn’t mind too much but at times it was hard to focus. Sometimes his collarbones would show or his hand would rub at his abs. You noticed some dirt on the corner of his mouth.


The way you softly spoke his name caused him to suddenly look into your eyes. His stare pulling you in. Your thumb wiped at the corner of his lips which felt softer than your skin. You didn’t notice but you both were coming closer and closer to each other’s lips. His hand stopped yours and he gave a small smile.

“You’re beautiful…”

Your eyes widened and you broke away from the closeness.

“N-Nonono… Stop that.”

He laughed at your burning cheeks.

“It’s true. I can see why the guys go crazy over you, and it’s easy to tell you’ve never really been in a serious relationship with the way you always get so easily flustered.”

You tried to ignore him and face the computer screen. You hit the send button and finished up what you had to do. Quickly you stood up but bumped into Jin after feeling like you were going to fall over. His arms holding you up made you want to fall even more. At this point, all you wanted to do was hug the floor or melt like lava.

“I should probably get some air..”

He looked concerned again but didn’t question you.

“Okay.. Feel better.”

When you rapidly walked through the practice area and out the doors, all the guys gave a curious look to each other. J-Hope got up and followed you out but didn’t make himself known that he was outside with you right away. He watched you for a few seconds to make sure you were okay. Your hand was on your forehead as if you were frustrated.

“Angry about something? Did Jin do anything?”

You turned around, a bit startled again.

“What’s up with you guys popping up everywhere?!”

He began to laugh a little.

“I guess it’s just something we’re known for.”

His smile was contagious so you couldn’t help but to crack a small smile yourself.

“No… He didn’t really do anything I just needed air. It was a bit hot in there and I’m heat sensitive.”

He nodded his head very understandingly.

“Guess I better stay away from you if you’re heat sensitive cause I’m hotter than the sun.”

You smiled and shook your head at him.

“Nice try.. The sun is some million degrees.”

He laughed at your smart comment.

“Good at your job, sarcastic, and beautiful..”

Your eyes slightly widened and your hand went back to your forehead as you became frustrated again.


You quickly looked up at him who was worried now.

“Look.. I’m sorry.. I’ve never really been close to guys like this and you all are showering me with the beautiful comment.. So I’m sorry if I’m acting weird. I just need time to get accustom.”

His face relaxed now.

“It’s okay. We haven’t really had a girl working with us like this in a while either other than our makeup artists. We didn’t really like he last girl who worked with us.. She was always so mean. You however are different and I guess we are just really appreciative.”

He opened his arms, gesturing for a hug. You gave a sweet smile and gratefully hugged him in return of his offer. The hug was warm and sweet and you began to notice how cold it was outside.

“Let’s go in before we get colds out here.”

He nodded his head in agreement. When you went back in the guys stopped what they were doing. Jin had joined them again but he was afraid to look at you now as if he hurt you not meaning to.

“Everything okay Y/N?”

Jungkook had a concerning look to his eyes.

“Just still getting comfortable and use to things around here. I’ll be fine. Don’t worry about me.”

The boys relaxed and J-Hope patted you on the back reassuringly.

“Let’s get ready for CHICAGOOOO!”

Namjoon shouted cheerfully as the guys eventually joined him.

-The Next Day -

Everyone spent most of the day packing and talking about things to do in Chicago. Luckily the guys got out of working for a day just to prepare for the trip. You heard Jungkook and J-Hope fooling around since they didn’t normally pack much to begin with. After you finished you passed through the hall to see Namjoon on his phone and not really packing as if he was last minuet or already prepared. He looked up from his phone to see you and smiled.

“Hey. Done already?”

You nodded and moved on. The next room revealed a stressed Jin who was struggling to pack some stuff. You slowly moved towards his room with your eye in the crack of his door. You accidentally moved your hand causing the door to slightly creek open, revealing yourself to him.


You felt guilty for leaving him so suddenly and awkwardly yesterday.

“Need a little help? I’m great with packing.”

He studied the suitcase and then looked up at you, delayed in the moment.

“Uh sure. I’m just not so sure about what I’ll need. Is it hot in Chicago?”

You chuckled and moved towards his overstuffed suitcase and removed a long sleeved shirt that seemed to be confusingly placed there.

“Not right now. It’s spring there. The weather said it wouldn’t be too warm but it will be a bit rainy. Pack a sweater or two. Quarter sleeve or short sleeved shirts will work. Jeans. No flip flops or sandals.”

Jin blinked a few times trying to take in all of that information and nodded.

“Got it..”

He removed some of the stuff and added a few things. 2 minuets passed and he was finally done.


He still wouldn’t really look you in the eye.

“I’m sorry about yesterday.”

Those words poured  out of him like a waterfall.

“Why are you apologizing?”

He played with the zipper in his case.

“I felt maybe I crowded you too much yesterday causing you to get scared.. And I feel like I may have said more than I should have..”

You stopped him before he could continue.

“What I said yesterday about not being use to all this was true. It was just that. I’m slowly getting there. You’re fine.”

You smiled sweetly and he took a deep breath. Namjoon came into the room abruptly.

“There’s some news. Quick meeting in the kitchen..”

Jin and you looked at each other with a worried expression. As you ran down the stairs you could already hear some conversation until you both came into the kitchen. Namjoon looked up and made sure everyone was in the room.

“We’re leaving early. No questions asked. We just have to.”

Jimin seemed a little more concerned than others.

“Is it problems with our safety? Can you at least tell us that?”

Namjoon shook his head which caused a slight relief to fill the room. Afterwards you all went upstairs and grabbed your luggage and headed out to the airport. The ride there felt like it took forever and you could just imagine how miserable the flight might be. Once you all arrived there, you aimlessly wandered around for a few minuets with Jin and Jimin until Jungkook told you the flight would be called in five minuets or less. You and Jin wanted to get a quick bite to eat before hand so he took you with him and you just got a drink. When you came back to the gate, everyone was gone. You quickly went over to the lady at the desk and asked. The flight had already taken off…

- To Be Continued -

oh, how the tables have turned

Summary:  You bet Marinette’s going to seize the chance to make Adrien blush. 

The late upload is because of crappy internet + my computer crashing down, but I hope you all still like it anyway! 

Day #11 of Adrinette April, and the topic for the day is making each other blush! (You can check out on @krazy-ky-sta-hatter‘s posthere!You can also find other amazing works for Adrinette April on @miraculous-months-of-love!)

AO3 link here!

“Sorry we’re late!”

The rest of the class turned to see a breathless Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste, both sweating and holding onto each other tightly, as if breaking apart from one another would cause in them falling to the ground.

It would have made for a pretty cute scene, especially since the two had only started dating, but considering that the class was in a hurry and Adrien and Marinette were doing nothing to fix that, they were met with annoyed glares as Alya and Nino dragged the two apart from each other.

“As much as I love that you and Adrien have got together, Marinette, we have a deadline, and as costume designer, producer, and one of the lead roles, we really need you. You can’t just disappear like that.” Alya reprimanded her best friend, handing her the costume she was supposed to wear.

“I’m sorry, really.” Marinette murmured. She would have come up with an excuse, but people like Alya didn’t deserve lies - and she couldn’t really tell her the truth, either.

“Just swear that it’ll never happen again?” Alya asked.

“I’ll certainly try.” Marinette stated, giving her best friend a small smile. Alya shook her head, placing one hand on Marinette’s back as they walked out of the room to find Marinette a place to change.

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