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Smitten Kitten (Final!)

This is our last update, our happily ever after with these Alpha Shifters and their high maintenance little mate. And its like…disgustingly fluffy. So fucking fluffy I feel like I should apologize lol.

I hope you guys enjoyed this story, it was my first shifter fic so a little intimidating to write but I think it came through all right :)

Thanks so much for all the sweet comments and love for this fic, love my readers you guys are the best.

Catch all the other chapters HERE.

Enjoy :)


“If I watch this anymore I’m going to be sick.” Rhodey made a face, but didn’t even try to look away and Wanda rolled her eyes.

“You should be pleased, Colonel. Seeing your best friend so happy like this.”

“Yeah. No, I am happy for him.” Rhodey admitted. “But come on. This is…. this is… they do this every morning? Exactly like this?”

“Every. Single. Morning.” Natasha emphasized. She was the only one in the group not watching, studiously reading her magazine and ignoring the three mates in the kitchen.

“It’s the cutest thing in the world.” Clint interjected. “How long have we waited for each of those guys to be happy? And now they are happy together, what could be better than this?” He calmly lifted his phone and snapped a picture.

“Clint, what the fuck?”

“For science?” He offered with an embarrassed smile. “Maybe blackmail. But come on. It’s adorable.”

“I believe Hawkeye is correct.” Vision said smoothly. “To see our Captain, Sergeant Barnes and Anthony so happy after they have all been through so much… perhaps we can allow them this unorthodox display of affection.”

“Well I still think it’s gross.” Rhodey huffed and crossed his arms. “Really, it’s almost indecent. I can’t believe I’m actually still watching this.”

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léo’s 1k follower celebration. yaay. another celebration !! i just finished the last one omg. first off, it’s absolutely insane that there are 1k of you souls following me?? my mother is most definitely paying you fml instead of buying me friends she could be buying me food so i don’t starve buuut. on a more serious note (yes i’m capable thank you very much), i know that 1k (1,000 holy hell) doesn’t sound like much compared to some blogs, but to me that means that there are 1,000 people out there who think my blog is worth following. worth having on their dash every day. worth putting up with my shitposts for. and that… is really touching to me. it means a lot to me. siriusly. to those of you who i interact with often and those of you who i have never interacted with before, thank you for being on the journey of running this blog with me. from the bottom of my heart – sincerely – thank you. omh i’m getting sappy it’s time to move on. 

“so… 1k… léo, congrats and all, that’s great, but what are you going to do for us followers to celebrate it and show how much you appreciate us?” oh, i am so glad you asked. it involves confetti (ominous, right?). confetti? what does that mean? well… confetti, it’s obviously a… wedding ??  

as many of you know (or are very quickly about to learn), gregory goyle is the love of my life. the stars in my sky. the light of my universe. i love headcanons about him, i love aesthetics, i just love him. alright? alright. and i’d like to celebrate my (imaginary) wedding to gregory goyle with all of you followers! and also get to know you a bit better. so how am i sending out invitations to my wedding, you ask? well, through a birthday page, of course! name, birth month and day, and, of course, your guest (favorite harry potter character) are all i need to make the reservations !! so come on over and celebrate this joyous occasion with me !! let’s have fun with this, shall we ??

of course everyone is invited to the wedding, but the list of vips (friends) and special guests (link to blogroll) are below the read more!


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Can I have a Jack Barakat imagine where he comes home from the studio and you asleep but your laptop is on and its your old Tumblr and it's mostly porn and pictures of him and looks through if and when you wake up he teases you for it? Then smut..?

AN Omg my first smut I’m excited. Will I be bad will I be good the world may never know. If I am you should request more but if I’m not then tell me so I can stop or at least practice ._. Anyways, here goes my fatal attempt at being awesome. The question is shall I succeed? Oh BTW if that’s your URL, truly-lost-in-stereo then my apologies, I just made it up for the story. Oh and just to be clear, they are dating in real-time.

Warning: Smut

Jack’s POV

“Alright, guys I’ll see you later!” I called out to them. I had just finished recording our new album with them.

“See ya,” Alex called back. “Have fun with Y/N!”

“Oh, you bet I will.” I walked to my car, and drove home. Y/N told me she was gonna take a nap while I was gone. So she should be asleep. I thought I’d grab some Taco Bell on the way home. Though she doesn’t like to admit it, she loves it. I got home with our food and as she had told me, she was passed out on the couch. Her hair was in a messy bun and she was in a giant sweater. Only a giant sweater. I smiled to myself. Hot.

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