from my sketch book


Who knows Tolkien’s elvish (Sindarin mode) should understand what Oilell said (And I hope I didn’t screw it, cause I learned it so long ago omg).

4th panel: I love you

9th panel: (that) I love you, dumbass (spelled on “Dumb one”, since all elvish insults using adjectives seem to be built this way :v)

Oilell’s truly speechless lmao

And I think I fell in love with chibis *v*

tbh idk what I’m doing. And now as I look at it, this comic feels shitty. But whatever… xD

Draculaura - Little black dress - Process here -

Again using my obsession with giving her a nose ring cos it is so damn hot! I promise I will draw the other Ghouls soon I just like drawing Lala so much as she is adorable!!

Pulled from a sketch I did in my sketch book… Maybe I will include it side by side in a another post :) Alternating between old art and new art so next up will be from an old sketch :)

Considering doing commissions in this style. Inbox me if you are interested xx


Finished up that sketch from my work book;; Pidge the next on the ‘paladin’s with banners’ list.

I’ll have to re-do Shiro cause he didn’t get a banner. Lucky me <3<3

But yeah :O Im getting better at getting these darlings proper which is awesome <3


I hope you’re all doing well. If you ever need to talk I shall always be here to listen;; never a judgement to any and all. 

You are always valued, you are always loved. 


Watercolor pencil on paper.

…because I can’t believe I haven’t sketched this amazing kiss before. :-)

You can find this and other CS sketches from S2-4 in my new CS Art Book, an 8x11 hardcover photo book featuring CS scenes and iconic quotes. You can also buy prints, cards, etc. on my Redbubble page.

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So, an update: I’m trying to work on my style. Change it a bit. Right now I think it’s ok for sketching but I’m not at the level I want to be when I make Not For Malice so I’m gonna work as hard as I can to practice. Also, might start posting stuff from my sketch book cause I need to get better with traditional sketching too…

Drawing~Bts Jungkook Fluff

Bts Jungkook Imagine for @kukimunstur

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       It was the day Jungkook was to be coming home from his tour.Here I am drawing away on my sketch book, not paying attention to anything around me.  After months of not seeing my lovely boyfriend, I feel as if I am now desperate to see him. I miss his cuddles in the cold nights, or his small kisses when he found out I had a bad day at work. I missed everything about him. But most of all, the peaceful times when we draw together, just listening to soft music.

       It was hard to have those moments together, considering that both of our places are occupied most of the time; his with his members, mine with my family. And we couldn’t go out a lot do to his fans not knowing about us. But i was content. I was happy drawing with him when we got the chance to. He doesn’t really like  drawing around others so I feel somewhat special when he draws with me.

         It was around three o’clock in the afternoon when I got the call that jungkook wouldn’t be home until late. His flight had got delayed, so I would be stuck her alone for majority of the night. But I was ok with that, knowing that no matter how late it was I would be able to lay in his arms again soon. I had made it my mission to stay awake until he got home, so that’s what lead me to drawing.

         Usually I would be aware of what is going on around me, but today I wasn’t. There was no one here for me to be bothered by, no music to keep me occupied. Just my drawing. My family left this morning, knowing jungkook would be coming back, so they wanted to give us space for a while, knowing how hard it was for me when he wasn’t around. I was grateful for that. But also grateful for the quietness I could have while drawing.

           I would have heard the light knock on the door or the door opening and closing if it weren’t for my being so concentrated. It wasn’t until someone plopped down beside me on the cold, hardwood floor that I noticed their existence. When I looked up from my drawing, I smiled. “I missed you,” I said almost above a whisper, not wanting to the quietness to end just yet. “I missed you too” He whispered back before leaning in and placing a soft kiss on my lips. Oh did i miss him so much.

        As he pulled back he glanced down at my drawing before moving slightly so his back was against the couch and pulling me close to him. “I missed this,” he mumbles as he starts to draw on his paper. I smiled, enjoying the fact that he missed this just as much as I did. I cuddled into him, continuing to draw with him, for the first time without music. We didn’t need it, we had each other in this moment and that’s all we needed. We didn’t get much sleep the rest of the night, to busy drawing and exchanging I love you’s every now and then. Moments like this remind me of the reason I don’t fuss about him always being busy, because moments like this are the ones that count.

                                                      The End~

I hope you liked it~ This is my first time in a while writing an imagine so I might be kind of rusty! Please give me feedback and request are always open!