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can you do a 4/4 ((or just a smut for one of them)) about going clubbing with them and grinding on them and making them horny then having rough sex and ugh love your blog btw.. and u

I’m gonna do this one for Calum because no one gives him enough lovin’ :( oh, and there’s smut so move on if you’re younger than my brother

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Read My Mind

Can you do a story where Castiel accidentally reads the reader’s mind and hears that she’s thinking (or talking) about someone she likes. He feels sad because he likes her and thinks it’s one of the brothers but it’s really him she’s thinking about.

You drummed your fingers against the kitchen counter as you flipped through your magazine, you glanced up at as Sam and Dean entered the kitchen talking about an upcoming hunt. 

“Hey Y/N.” Sam said with a small smile. 

“Hey guys so, a new hunt finally.” You asked glancing at them. 

“Maybe Dean thinks it’s nothing though, so I might check it out on my own.” Sam said grabbing a water bottle from the fridge. 

“It just doesn’t stand out.” Dean chimed as he began preparing lunch. 

“Oh.” you replied simply. 

“What’s wrong? Why are you so quiet?” Sam asked sitting down across from you opening up his laptop. 

“She misses her boyfriend.” Dean chuckled smiling at you.You glared at him as heat rose to your cheeks.

“Her boyfriend?"Sam asked looking at you. 

"He’s not my boyfriend.” You grumbled trying to focus on your magazine. “Cas man, she has the hots for Cas.” Dean stated grinning at you. 

“What you do?” Sam half laughed looking up at you.

“I’m allowed to like whoever I want.” You half shouted. With that statement the room filled with the familiar flutter of wings, as Cas appeared before you in the kitchen. 

“Speak of the angel.” Dean chuckled flipping the burgers over in the skillet. You mustered a small hi, as Cas smiled at you taking a seat at the galley table as he began speaking of what was happening in heaven. 

“Why does he have to be so cute.” you thought to yourself stealing a glance at the blue eyed angel. 

“I mean he’s so sweet and funny, and smart, and ugh I need to stop staring at him, but his voice is so dreamy.” you mentally sighed to yourself. 

You looked up stealing another glance at Cas, when your eyes locked you quickly shifted your gaze to Sam trying to focus on something other than the angel that was seated your right. 

“Ugh, he must think I’m weird he just caught me staring at him.” you pouted mentally. 

“Lunch is served.” Dean said smiling setting a plate of burgers and fries on the table for the three of you. “You okay buddy you seem quiet.” Dean said looking over at the angel, whose demeanor had shifted from  informative  to now quiet he had a sad look in those blue orbs.

“Nothing I just heard some news, now if you’ll excuse me.” Cas said standing up heading for the library. You finished your burger and excused yourself and made your way to the library, you saw Cas sitting down at table staring down at a book brows furrowed. 

“Cas what’s wrong?” You asked sitting down next to him. 

“Oh hi y/n, I didn’t hear you come in.” Cas said looking over at you.

“Are you okay, you seem quiet did something happen in heaven?” You asked. 

“No, I am-sad.” Cas replied looking at you. 

“What’s wrong?” you asked placing a hand on his. 

“I understand why you’re attracted to Sam you both are humans, you both enjoy reading. Though Dean would also make a good companion you two have a lot in common as well.” Cas continued his eyes on his shoes avoiding your gaze. 

“What-No-no I do not like Sam or Dean romantically if anything they’re like annoying older brothers.” You replied. “Why would you even think that I would want to date them?” You asked brows knitted together. 

“I may have read your mind, it was not intentional.” Cas said after a moment of silence. 

“I - was gosh- this is so embarrassing I was thinking about you.” You confessed, as you toyed with the hem of your shirt.

“Me? But I know I heard-” Cas started for you to only silence him with a kiss. 

“I’m positive, I’m crazy about you Castiel.” you smiled up at him. 

Woah.--Steve Rogers x Reader

Description: Steve and the Reader start off as close friends on the Avengers team, but when a night alone together changes that, they struggle to hide their secret relationship from the rest of the group.

Warnings: Swearing. This story is fluff for the most part. It may be slightly saucy. 

Reader’s powers: Fire manipulation, Spontaneous combustion, Fire creation (Creation? Idk what to call it.)

                                 PART ONE– HOW IT HAPPENED

It was around 3 A.M. when you woke up, dripping with sweat. Taking a minute to calm yourself down, you swing your legs over the side of your bed. You rested your head in your hands and let out a shaky sigh. Moments later, your bare feet pitter-patter down the halls of the Avengers Facility, who’s normal bright lit halls had been brought to a dim. To guide yourself, you strike up a bit of warm organic light, just at the tip of your index finger. Quietly, you tiptoe down to the kitchen. With a gasp, you jump at the sight of a shadow just feet of away from the fridge in which you stood beside.

“Just me.” You hear in a friendly voice. Flipping the light switch, you find Steve standing before you in loose pajama bottoms and a S.H.I.E.L.D tee. He munches on a full bowl of Froot Loops.

“Almost gave me a heart attack there, Cap’.” You say, pulling open the fridge.

“Yeah, I could tell. Nice pj’s.” He scooped more cereal into his mouth. You glance down at your button up flannel, which was paired with some black lace panties and knee high socks. “Very classy.”

“Hey, I live here. I should be able to wear what I want in my own home.” You extract the milk from the fridge as you speak.

“I said they were nice pj’s!” 

“I can recognize sarcasm, Steve, I basically invented it.” You roll your eyes, grabbing a bowl from the cupboard as well as a box of Lucky Charms.

“They’re great pajamas. Really grunge.” He went on.

“Okay, the only reason I haven’t scorched off your eyebrows yet, is you used some of the 90′s vocabulary I taught you, so high five.” He taps his hand on yours. You pour your cereal into the bowl and add milk, grabbing a spoon from the drawer. “So what was yours about tonight?” You change the subject.

“Bucky.” He answered.

“Again?” You raise your brows.

“Yes, this time it was just a replayed image of him falling off of a train to his death. It lasted so long, that when I finally woke, I nearly catapulted out of bed.” Cap’ kept his eyes on his food. “What about you?” 

“Mine was about my mom and dad. Same old, same old. Just them being held at gunpoint. Your standard nightmare. Yours sounded worse.” You stretch an arm behind his back to give him a comforting side hug.

You and Steve shared the fact that both of you had consistent night terrors. It was something the two of you strangely bonded over early in your friendship. This gave both of you someone to confide in when times got really rough. Usually, you’d meet up in the others bedroom, or the entertainment center in the early hours of the morning to just have each other’s company. But, on the occasion that one of you was sound asleep after the other had just had a terrible dream, it was mutually agreed that you were both allowed to sneak into the room and snuggle up beside one another. This of course prompted rumors to float around your team, suspicions that the two of you were down to more than just cuddling. But in the end, their rumors were all fun and games, and they knew you both truly depended on each other. After all, while you and Cap kick major ass on a daily basis, everyone, even Avengers have a weakness.

“Have you gotten a chance to see him yet?” You ask.

“Yeah, briefly. Sam let me talk to him. It was… weird.” He answered. “I don’t really want to talk about it.”

“Alright. Would you rather, take your mind off of it?” 

“Definitely. What do you suggest?”

“Fight me, shitlord.” You mutter.


“I said, fight me!” You pinch his arm.

“Ow, what the hell?” He rubs where you attacked him.

“I just hurt you, aren’t you mad? We should fight!” You smile.

“No, (Y/N), I refuse to beat you up.” He said cockily.

“Oh really, beat me up? Just for that, I’m not even gonna go easy on you.” You slug him on the opposite arm to get the ball rolling.

He chuckles. “Was that supposed to hurt?”

“I was just seeing how much you could handle, Blondie.”

“Alright, that’s it.” Steve pushes himself up from leaning on the counter, and quickly you whirl around dashing to the main living area. Cap charges after you, ending up in the room before you could enter. As you turn to run in the other direction, you find that he’d already began running at you again. Out of the blue, he grabs you at the waist, carrying you in front of him and plopping you down on the couch while you squeal in protest. “Shhh, you’re gonna wake somebody up!” He struggles not to laugh. Sitting up straight, you reach for his hand, attempting to pull him down to the couch as well. He stood still and unphased as you tugged him downwards. “What the hell are you doing?” 

“You don’t know it yet, but I’m killing you slowly.” Finally you grab hold of his shirt, heaving him down next to you. 

“I think this is the weakest fight I’ve ever been in.” Steve says, draped over the couch.

“It’s fucking 3 A.M., Steve, I’m not gonna be at my Earth’s Mightiest Heroes best at 3 in the morning.” You say with a yawn. “Fight me again at like, 10:30. … Shitlord.”

“You suck at trash talk.”

“What? No I don’t! Say something like that to me again, Rogers, and I’ll fucking roast your ass like a pork tenderloin. I am not afraid to burn a motherfucker, Captain Stars and Stripes. Come at me, I dare you.” Steve couldn’t control his laughter. He put a hand on his chest, throwing his head back. “What are you laughing about, Steve? Go fuck yourself. You won’t be laughing when your skin starts melting off.” You stand, looking down at him. He stood as well, showing his dominance with his increased height over your own. “Okay, just because you’re tall, doesn’t mean I can’t scorch you.”

“I believe you. I totally and fully believe that you are willing to set me on fire.” He grinned.

“Good, because, y’know… I will.” You respond. “I would fuckin’, put a fireball straight through your goddamn chest if I had to. Or, burn your face off or something. Don’t test me Steve-” Your words are caught between his and your own. Your eyes expand, then shut as you lean in, your forehead relaxing, but your cheeks flaming up. As Steve’s lips leave yours, your face tingles and you stare at him, almost in a daze. “Woah.” You mutter. Instantly, your body woke completely. You could probably go without sleep for another 24 hours.

He backs away, a hand nervously scratching the back of his neck. “I uh, don’t know why I did that, I’m so, so sorry. God, what the hell did I just do?”

“Steve?” You say quietly.

“I probably just ruined everything. I crossed your boundaries and I should have given you a warning at least, but now our friendship,- its-”


“Its not going to be the same anymore because I did that and-”

“For fucks sake, Steve.” You pull his face back down, gliding your lips over his, somewhat sloppily. Pulling away, you leave him just as shocked as you were. “Now we’re even.” 

He sighs, laughing nervously. “What the hell just happened?”

“I don’t even know!” You giggle, smiling at the ground. As you look back up, Cap’s eyes meet yours. His face was so close, your noses brushed. “I should probably get to bed soon.” You whisper.

His eyebrow raised jokingly. “How soon?” 

“Don’t start with me, Rogers.” A smirk rises on your face.

His eyes twinkled. “I don’t know what I’m doing right now.”

“Maybe it’s because you’re tired.”

“Yeah, maybe.” While it was mutually agreed that the logical thing to do was head to sleep, both of you failed to move a muscle. You keep your eyes locked on his blue orbs. “Or maybe I just, want to be here with you.”

“That’s another possibility. So do you have any other plans, besides standing here?” Before you can stop yourself, you sneak your hands up to grab him by the collar.

“I think a few ideas just came into mind.” Steve closes the space between you suddenly. 

“This is weird.” You sigh between rough kisses.

“Bad weird?”

“No- no, very, very good weird.” You answer. He sends you a reassuring smile, beginning to kiss your jawline, leading down to your neck, and you let out a small gasp. 

He giggles into the crook of your neck, sending chills through your body. “What was that?” 

“What do you mean? That was a fairly normal noise for the activities going on currently.” You give a small laugh, somewhat from your comment, mostly from the surprise of him sliding his hands down to your bottom.

“You sure you’re alright, (Y/N)?” He removes his hands, instead putting them on your hips.

“I’m good, I promise. I may or may not be extremely nervous.” That last part wasn’t meant to be said aloud. Unfortunately for you, a lot of times, people say the most embarrassing thing they can think of under pressure.

“You’re nervous?” He repeats, leaving a kiss on your collar bone.


“I’m not.”

“Thanks Cap, you really know how to make a girl feel comfortable.” You say sarcastically.

“Don’t be nervous. Just because I’m your really good friend and I’m making out with you, potentially ruining our friendship, doesn’t mean you have to make it weird.” He gets closer to kiss you, searching for a nod or ‘uh-huh’ before pressing his lips on yours.

“I liked our friendship. It’s too bad I can ever speak to you again after this.” You grin. “We can never tell anyone on the team that this ever happened.”

“You don’t think I know that? Wait, but what about Wanda?”

“Shit. Just, never, ever think about this.” You struggle with an answer.

“Yeah, I don’t think I can do that.” Steve looks at you with a charming smile.

“What do you mean you can’t do that? Just forget about it!”

“(Y/N), that’s not even possible!” He laughs.

“Goddamn it, Steve! Why do you have to make everything so hard?” You step away from him, whining. “Okay, how about this? Wanda would only look at what you’re thinking about if you were giving her a reason to. So, be nice to Wanda, but not too nice. Act normal. Can you act normal, Steve?”

“I-I think so!” He shrugs.

“Good, because frankly, I don’t really want to stop making out with you.” You throw your arms back around his neck, smashing your lips onto his with no hesitation. His arms wrapped around your back, holding you tightly, even somewhat lifting you off of the ground.

After a lot more sloppily exchanged lip-locks, and some very giggly neck kisses, things continue to escalate to the point that the two of you only pull away because of lack of air. “I think I’m about to make a very, very, stupid decision.” Steve tells you.

“And what might that be, Cap?” 

“This one.” Swiftly, he works his hands down to pick you up bridal style. His eyes go to yours to check in.

“I think we both deserve a dumb decision right now.” You whisper.


That was, what you recall as, the point everything went downhill. 

Your eyes popped open the next morning, the events that occurred previously ringing in your brain. “Motherfucker!” You exclaim, having felt an arm go onto your waist over the blanket.

“What? What’s wrong?” Steve’s head rose from the pillow. He was obviously half asleep, not even recognizing the situation. “Wait, what are, what are we doing? Wait. Wait.” He rubbed his eyes. “…Motherfucker.” He said softly.

“Steve?” You say from under the blanket.


“I don’t want you to be alarmed.”


“Neither of us have any clothes on.”


“I’m gonna find our clothes, but I’m gonna need you to bury your face in a pillow for now.” You say cautiously.

“Okay, I’ll be doing that.” He turns to lay his face on the pillow, and you slide out of your bed. Silently, you pick up your undergarments and flannel shirt, and pull them on as quickly as possible. You toss Steve’s boxers, pajama pants and t-shirt at him.

“You can get dressed now.” You inform him, facing the wall with your hands on your hips. You hear him get out of bed, and he calls out once you are safe to turn back around. For a moment, you just look at each other awkwardly. “God, I can’t even look you in the eye!”

Steve chuckles. “What do people normally do after one night stands? Because, this is terrible.”

You smile. “It usually is.” You sigh. “But, in attempt to make it not awkward, the one who doesn’t live at the place the one night stand occurred, grabs their stuff as quick as possible, kisses their date on the cheek, and says, ‘I’ll call you tomorrow.’”

“I guess, since those are the rules,” He steps near you, pressing a gentle kiss on your cheek. “I’ll call you tomorrow.” His eyes connect to yours, drawing you in, but before you could make another mistake, he headed for the door. As it closes, you shake the chills out of your body.

“Goddamn Captain America.” You shake your head.

3 weeks later

You hadn’t really sat down and had a conversation was Steve at all since The Incident. The only times you really ever spoke were in the early hours in the morning, because as awkward as it might have been, you did really need each other. Like tonight, when you’d left your room at the cost of another nightmare, you found him sat at the kitchen table with his head in his hands, foot tapping rapidly.

You pull out the chair next to him and take a seat. “Steve, you alright?”

His head shoots up, the area around his eyes red and splotchy. “What, yeah, no, I’m fine.” He pushed his hair out of his face.

“Are you sure you’re good?”

“Mmmhmm, yeah, I was just gonna head back up to bed, though.” He rose. “What about you, are you okay?”

You bit down on your lip. “Yeah, I’m okay.”

“Okay, good.”

“Steve?” You stand.

“Yeah, (Y/N)?”

Instead of responding, you hug him tightly, hearing him release a breath that it sounded like he’d been holding since before he went in the ice. He tightens his hold on you as well. You rock side to side rubbing circles on his back. “Get some sleep, alright?” You say into his shoulder.

“Yeah, okay.”

“Just because we haven’t talked in a while doesn’t mean I don’t care about you.” Looking up, you kiss him on the cheek. 

“(Y/N),…would you mind, if,… maybe I-”

“Sure thing, Stevie.” You send him a smirk. You place your hand in his, leading him back to your bedroom. You climb under the blanket, getting comfortable, before noticing that Cap was still stood in the doorway.  “Well, are you just gonna stand there, or what?” You joke. Steve hesitantly lays down beside you. You face his back as he faces the wall, placing one of your arms at his waist. 

The Next Day

Your eyes opened the next morning after feeling the space next to you cleared, and you look up to find Steve reaching for the doorknob.

“’Morning, Cap.” You say to grab his attention. 

He looks back at you. “Oh, I didn’t know you were awake. Morning.” 

You send him a warm smile. “Feel better?”

“Yep.” Steve assures you.



“Do you feel better?” 

“Yes. I feel better.” He sighed.

“I don’t believe you.” You cross your arms. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“No, I’m good! I’m great! I’m awesome. I promise. Okay?” He rolls his eyes.

“I still think you need another hug. Come on, get over here.”

“Ughhh.” Steve wined, walking towards you anyways.

You push you self up to stand on the bed. He stands next to the bed facing you. Without a moments notice, you slide one arm around his neck and the other around his back. You squeeze him hard. At first, his hands sit on your back as well, before he brings them down to your hips to pull away from the hug. 

He looks up at you. “I’m fine.”

You kiss him on cheek, and not wanting the moment to end, pecking the other as well. While your hands rest onto his shoulders, you stare down at him, struggling to avoid letting your eyes trail down to his lips.

“(Y/N),” He whispered.


“I think I’m gonna kiss you.”

“Oh well, another stupid decision we’ll deal with later.” You smirk. Hands traveling to his neck, you lock your lips with his.

 FUCK this is super long. Part two coming soon! Hope you loved it! Feedback appreciated. I LOVE YOU. BYE.


I thought I was feeling better but then F told me I accidentally put the carton of milk in the pantry instead of the fridge and I’m now banned from pouring my own drinks also i’m back to being monitored to make sure I stay in bed.

No respect in my own house. Hmph