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The Dragon Awakens

Dunno how this is going to go with Tumblr’s image compression and whatnot, but have some Siren Hanzo.

Who would have thought that Siren’s Gold (a so-far superb McHanzo pirates/sirens AU) would be the thing that finally gets me to do Overwatch fanart? Powerful mer-dragon Hanzo gave me all the design feels, man.

Sake-and-Whiskey, if you find this, you inspire me.

(All of the rock textures are from my own photo collection, in case you’re wondering.)


Gard3n Witch Giveaway Time!

*This giveaway is in no way affiliated with Tumblr.*

Alright, lovelies, this giveaway contains things useful for the green witch just beginning her journey, or the well-seasoned witch simply looking for some fun trinkets from the PNW! Everything shown in picture #2 has been collected from my own property up here in chilly Western Washington. Anyway, the contents of the giveaway are broken down below by picture. The winner gets everything here (plus any little surprises I feel like including)!

Picture #1:

  • 1 Greenhouse seed starter tray.
  • 5 Seed packets (lavender, eggplant, chamomile, mixed garden bean, a really cool geometric broccoli)
  • 3 Self contained seed starter kits (tomato, strawberry, watermelon).

Picture #2:

  • 2 dried roses with leaves (light pink & dark red).
  • 1 vile of apple blossoms from last years apple crop.
  • A bundle of baby pine cones from an Alder tree!
  • A bundle of dried sage & rosemary.
  • Pale green moss.
  • 1 Cockatiel feather.
  • A mix of dried herbs from my garden (English thyme, sweet marjoram, pineapple mint).
  • A dried, pressed periwinkle flower.
  • Small bundle of dried dill blooms.
  • 4 dried daisy buds.


  • 1 Small pouch of Mugwart.
  • 1 Small pouch of Kava Kava.
  • 1 Small vile of activated charcoal.

Picture #4:

  • 1 Lemon Lavender candle.
  • 1 Small white candle with rune of your choice carved into it (I have Raidho carved into the one shown, but if you win, you can pick whatever rune you like).
  • 2 Boxes of cone incense (Lavender & Patchouli).

Picture #5 & 6:

  • 1 Jar of a lovely floral/herb mix! This mix contains lavender, pink rose, hibiscus, marjoram, tulip petals, rose hips, and a bay leaf. It has not been infused with intent, so it can be used for whatever purpose you see fit.


- Must be 18+.

- Must be a resident of the U.S. (I cannot ship internationally, due to the nature of the items I am shipping).

- Obviously, you’re gonna have to fork up your address for shipping purposes if you win.

- You CAN NOT re-blog this to any giveaway blogs! If you do, you’ll be barred from the contest. This is for the witchy community only! :)


- Re-blog to enter for your chance to win! Just ‘likes’ will not count. It must be re-blogged. And hey…I might even pick a runner up to send a mystery surprise to!

- You must be following me @thegard3nwitch to be eligible.

- Only one entry per person! Re-blogging this a million times will not get you a million entries, it will still only get you one entry (I do this just so that people don’t end up spamming their followers, because that’s not very nice :P)

- The giveaway will end at midnight on April 30th! I will be using an automated random generator app to select the winner, so everyone has a fair shot. The winner will be announced within a week of the giveaway’s conclusion.

- The winner will have 24 hours to respond once notified.

Alright guys, have fun!

**None of the dried herbs included are meant for ingestion. Even if they are edible, they have not been cleaned & processed up to health code regulations. Don’t eat them! I am not liable for you stomach aches if you do! Stay safe!

[Hey everyone! Here is my masterlist! These fics can be found on AFF. Exclusively Kaisoo ^^]


Provocative [M. Smut, Pwp, Top!kai. 5.7k w]

When Kyungsoo accepts a reckless dare, he soon realizes, maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

Red and White [ PG-13. Angst. 9.9k w]

Jongin came into his life like a firework; bright, sparkly and loud, illuminating his darkened world in shades of red.

Acquiesce [M. Smut, Pwp, Top!soo. 3.5k w]

Kai is a stripper and Kyungsoo is a patron who frequently visits his strip club. Kyungsoo invites Kai over for a night of pleasure, leaving out a few details along the way.

Control [M. Smut, Pwp, Top!soo. 2.4k w]

Sequel to Acquiesce.

Imagine [M. Smut, Pwp, Top!kai. 2.7k w]

Kyungsoo is a phone sex operator, who gets a call from a provocative customer.

Delirium [M. Smut, Pwp, Top!kai. 4.4k w]

Sequel to Imagine.

Can I? [PG-13. Slight romance. 4.4k w]

Kyungsoo was ridiculed and wanted someone to defend him when he failed to do so himself. Jongin was a coward, who grew tired of always turning a blind eye.


The Woes Of The Heart [M. Angst, Slice of Life. 5 chapters. Completed]

Unrequited love is an infinite curse.

Impact [PG-13. Romance, Comedy. 8 Chapters. Ongoing]

Kyungsoo, the new guy in school, is smitten with the number one athlete and salutatorian, Kim Jongin. Due to his past, he simply wants to lead a quiet social life. But when he allows his infatuation to get the better of him, everything changes.

Susceptible to You [M. Angst, College!au, Top!soo. Prologue + 16 Chapters + 2 Epilogues. Completed]

Teacher-student relationships have always been prohibited, but Kyungsoo could care less. When the young, punk, sex-god is challenged to seduce his straitlaced professor, he may get more than what he bargained for along the way.

Yielding to Temptation [M. Angst, Smut, Top!kai. 7 chapters. Ongoing] 

Kyungsoo, the vice-captain of his high school basketball team, discovers a secret about the school’s most promising student, Kim Jongin. What he thought would be simple, initiates a game of deception, betrayal, and sabotage.

Follow My Lead [PG-13. Romance, Blind!soo. 1 Chapter. Ongoing]

After a dreadful accident, a talented young dancer is rendered blind. Years later, after listening to music and yearning to dance again, he searches for someone who would help him rekindle his passion.

Forsaken (Coauthor: McKenzie) [M. Action, Angst, Suspense, Mafia!au. 6 Chapters. Hiatus]

Two orphans, trying to find their way in a world that has abandoned them, are led into a life of crime. Caught between two feuding Mafia organizations, Do Kyungsoo and Kim Jongin must find some way to survive a life of betrayal, loneliness, and tough decisions.

Ominous (Coauthor: Bambi45) [M. Horror, Thriller, Suspense, Historical. 1 Chapter. Ongoing]

What happens when the bumps of the night aren’t just illusions? When nothing can be explained and the impossible is suddenly all too close to reality?


Infinite Worlds [Varied]

A Kaisoo oneshot/ drabble collection from my own prompts and prompts given by others.

Morning Wood (Coauthors: Bambi45 & Life_Not_Knife) [Smut, Pwp. Varied]

A Kaisoo smut drabble collaboration.

Limited Expressions (Timed Prompt Collection) [Varied]

A Kaisoo collection of short drabbles with limitations of time or word count.

Graphics credited to a cool author, Jas1922, Thank you love~

“I have always had tremendous affection for Fred. In a way you could say I loved him, but in the nicest, warmest friendliest way. I had the deepest respect for him professionally, and I think the years of our dancing and acting partnership were a divine blessing.” – Ginger Rogers

 "Ginger was brilliantly effective. She made everything work for her. Actually she made things very fine for both of us and she deserves most of the credit for our success.“ – Fred Astaire

Overdue, John Laurens x Reader

Prompt: “You’re overdue for this book and I really want it.” + John Laurens (Modern AU)

Words: 703

Author’s Note: First Laurens fic! Really hard finding a distinction between Laurens and Philip, but I tried my best! Also, another Lin fic was just requested and I’m about to jump on it so hard her is basically my muse??

Warnings: Cursing, shirtless Laurens.

Askbox | Masterlist | Prompt list

“Sorry, it’s still checked out.” The librarian’s assistant winced when you groaned. You had been trying to track this stupid book down for a week, hoping and praying the person who checked it out planned to return it as some point.

“Can you just give me a name?” You pleaded, even though she had failed to give it to you the past three times you came in, “I won’t stop coming until I find this book.”

That was definitely her tipping point. She typed away quickly, hoping this would mean you wouldn’t come in every other day to bug her about this book.

“Laurens. John Laurens.” You grumbled, shooting out of the door, knowing exactly where you were going.

You were an acquaintance for Alexander Hamilton, who you met on your first day of school. He was rather chatty and opinionated, but he meant well and was always rather polite to you.

You knew one of his closest friends, John Laurens, shared a dorm with him. Checking the time, you knew Alexander would be knee-deep in research and Red Bull cans, so you stalked to the building you knew his dorm resided in.

It took some careful navigating to find his room, you had to stop a few times and ask if they knew an Alexander Hamilton. Most people just grumbled and pointed you in the direction. He must not make friends easily.

Finally, you found your way to his door and immediately started pounding your first on the wood.

“Open the door Alexander!” You called, insistently knocking. You heard crashes and curses as someone scrambled to make the noise stop. You continued knocking until the door was yanked open.

Alexander stood there, confused and disheveled, papers were messily scattered across the floor.

“I’m going to murder you.” He sneered, gesturing for you to come in. He half-assed picking up the papers and shoving them onto a counter. He moved to the kitchen, pouring a rather tall mug of black coffee, “What do you want?”

“Your roommate. He’s overdue on a book I need for a paper. I’m here to murder him and take the book as my prize.” 

Alexander pushed himself away from the counter before dragging himself to his roommate’s door, banging loudly, “Be my guest.” He threw you a peace sign and left you to deal with his friend.

The door swung open to reveal a very tired and a very shirtless John Laurnes. He wiped the sleep from his eyes, giving a rather large yawn before realizing you were standing in front of him, “Who are you?”

“I am someone who is very pissed that you have an overdue book I am in desperate need of.”

“Cool name.” He smirked, shuffling back into his room and digging through his backpack, “I would have returned it eventually.” He commented, handing it over.

“I’m sure you would have.” You said back, checking the cover for the title.

“If you’re using it for the essay on abolitionists, it won’t help. Shitty arguments. Shitty evidence to back it up. Shitty author.” He moved to pick up a shirt off the floor, pulling it over his head before leaning against the door frame.

“It was the #1 recommended book on the suggested reading list.”

“Yeah, well. If you’re looking for one-dimensional claims and a C at best, go ahead and rely on this book.” He grinned, crossing his arms.

“What do you recommend, then?” He held up his finger and quickly began scanning the small bookshelf in his room. He came back with three books, trading you for them.

“These will get you an A, no doubt. And since I am being gracious enough to let you borrow from my very own personal collection, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind getting dinner with me.” His grin was downright shameful. It must have been a sin to look that nice shirtless and have that charming of a smile.

You eyed him suspiciously, before tucking the books underneath your arm.

“If I get an A, I will think about it.”

He worked around his busy school schedule times you could sit with him to work on the essay just to be certain you would get that A.

Something that relates to @marsinlibra ‘s amazing words about “Women all have different experiences”. 

One of the founding actions that feminists did that solidified their movement was “conscious raising”. It was basically women sharing their anecdotal experiences and realizing that the oppression women face is collective and it is not an individual experience. The whole point was to say “actually we DO all have the same/similar experiences.” That this one woman’s rape happened and it IS related to my rape, and it IS related to the domestic violence our friend experienced and it IS related to the women who are forced into porn and all our collective oppression regardless of race, class and sexuality is inter-related and effects us all. “I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own” - Audre Lorde. The collective Female experience CANNOT be written off.

I was a part of a Conscious raising action recently and it highlighted this so well. We all sat in a circle and there were 7 questions that were going to be asked to the group. If your answer to the question was “yes” then you would stand up, breath, and look at the other women who were also standing up. In our group there were all kinds of women, from all over the world and from all ages. No woman stood up alone to ANY question. Questions like “were you ever scared that you were pregnant when you didn’t want to be?” Almost every woman stood up. Or “Have you ever been sexually assaulted by a stranger, a family member or someone you know?” Almost every woman stood up. The female experience is real. Girlhood is real. And our collective shared oppression is real. Telling women that we cannot define female oppression or that all our experiences are so different that they do not relate is an attack on feminism. It separates us again. It makes it so that our neighbours abuse has nothing to do with our own or that the rape of a girl has nothing to do with anything and that it just *happened* and that’s the end of any conversation. All we are left with are isolated incidents that get shut away devoid of political analysis and understanding. We NEED political analysis and social consciousness to liberate women and to break down patriarchy, capitalism and white supremacy.


Do you guys remember your first succulent?
When I was a kid (~20 years ago) I got a Jellybean plant and I loved it more than anything. I learned a lot by watching it grow and propagate.
Only 2,5 years ago, my grandmother gave me 4 pots of cuttings from her own plants. This really kickstarted my obsession and my tiny collection grew.

Gotta remember to thank her when I see her this weekend!

anonymous asked:

I need help where can I get cheap skulls/crystals/plants/green witch supplies? I'm poor lol

Hi, I definitely know the struggle so I’ve compiled a list of everywhere that I’ve found cheap witch supplies.

Of course you don’t need any supplies to be a witch, but that doesn’t mean we won’t want them and you shouldn’t have to empty the bank to have nice thing. Some of these things are definitely harder to find then others though.


Bones are probably going to be the hardest thing to find on this list. In my opinion a lot or resellers have them listed for way to much.

The quality of the bones also are going to impact the price. Perfect bones are far more expensive. Most of my bones have defects (and I think that makes them even better).

The other thing that’s going to make finding cheap bones hard is whether or not you want cruelty free bones.

I’ve struggled with finding cheap cruelty free bones and the only places I’ve really found them is at a bone shop (can’t remember the name) at the KC RenFest, and bones that I’ve found on my own.

Collecting bones from outside (roadkill, natural death) isn’t for the faint of heart and can take a lot of prep time (this is how I got my rabbit bones and seahorse). It can also be problematic if you don’t own the land you find things on or if there are legal restriction on collecting.

Bones that come from sport are a lot easier to find (though quality may not be the best). You can find these at thrift shop, flea markets, or garage sales (especially if you live in a rural area). I got my buck skull from a flea market that also had a lot of really cheap furs. IMO it’s a little less cruel to get from flea markets because you are not directly supporting the hunter (most likely) but I understand why people would be against it either way.

In general if you want bones the best bet is just to save or spend a lot of time digging around.


If you want cheap crystals do not go to a metaphysical shop and do not go in without researching what you want before hand.

Meta shops always over price and if you don’t know the real price it’s easy to overspend.

You can also go to sights like eBay or amazon or craiglists but that always comes with a risk (quality, size, safety).

If you live in a decent sized metro area there will probably be gem shows where you can find decent prices.

Also check flea markets, thrift stores, and garage sales. I recently found a beautiful 5 in marble sphere for $7.

Also check stores like tjmax, marshals, home goods, and Ross. They will occasionally have some cool things pop up. My huge agate bookend was $19 and the other day I found a large 8 in+ obelisk of some stone (maybe marble) for $12. They also frequently have salt lamps for cheap as well.

🌿Plants and Herbs🌿

Walmart and dollar general will have plenty of cheap starters or seeds. Seed are a little hard to start though.

If you want dried herbs with great quality go to tjmaxx or marshalls. That have great selection with beautiful packaging. Great for an urban green witch who can’t grow their own.

You can also grow plants from scraps. There’s tons of advice on the internet on how to start plants from your food.

And you can also use food scraps to make plant food and rich soil. Use everything!

🔮General Witchy Things🔮

In general I love Tjmaxx and Marshals for random items. I got a marble mortar set there for $6. They have tons of glass decor and planters that are cheap. You can also find witchy clothes as well.

Always check thrift shops and garage sales (you’re surrounded by more witches selling stuff then you’d expect).

Craft your own stuff. Craft stores often have great coupons and sales. I recently got plenty of jars for over 50% off and I’ve stained and crafted most of my wood altar items.

You can also check to see who’s selling what on tumblr as well you’ll find good stuff!

I hope this helps and let me know if I missed anything.

The Worst Way to Die

Everyone has a way they’d absolutely not want to die.

I remember my mom telling me about when she almost drowned as a kid. Since then she’s been afraid of deep water and would rather walk through fire than drown. My kid brother’s terrified of getting cancer. He saw it take our dad. It was slow, painful, and we went through every moment of it with him.

I had a strange one. See, I’m scared of snakes. Always hated them. Especially pythons. Those fuckers can swallow a crocodile whole. I’m not the size of a crocodile. I would be lunch. I cried when my mom read Jonah and the Whale for the first time. Imagining being inside the belly of a beast gave me nightmares for weeks. So that’s how I wouldn’t want to die.

Being eaten alive.

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