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Here he is! At long last I finally made a ref sheet for Iblis. He’s undergone a few changes since I first made him but for the most part he’s still the same :3

 “He turned his head to get a better look at his host. He had tall horns that twisted back and up from his head, pale lavender skin, long black hair decorated with small gold beads, large shimmering black wings curved around his shoulders and formed a heart shape down his back. He wore a skirt of blue fabric wrapped simply around his waist, and his long legs bent back a little under the knee, terminating in black cat-like paws.”


I can’t have characters without making them sad and cry. Now, this is pretty much fully related to a thing I wrote, but I don’t feel comfortable sharing it yet. Maybe later.

Day 10. cuddling on a cold day

Alrighty but Kirie’s such a huge cuddly cat even when it’s not cold, can you imagine how she gets when it IS?
She just loves to curl around people for warmth (or to get them warm tbh, she’s really fluffy like a huge birb/furry kitty) and Bucky’s the closest target, he doesn’t complain about it though, his doppelganger girlfriend IS comfortable to lay on when it’s freezing outside

let go.


chronicles of bakugou-sensei pt.2


@shacklefunk ‘s gem oc coffinite (left) inspired me to make my own morbid/dark gem character bc im out of fresh ideas at this point, so here she is meeting onyx (right)! after i designed onyx the other day i realized how similar their designs r to each other so i made a joke out of it lmao, but i in no way meant to rip off coffinites design, so blease dont sue me

Prompt # 146

“Don’t look at me like that! Say something, please!”

“I just found out my best friend and love of my life isn’t human and you’re criticizing me for being shocked?! What do you want me to say; ‘That’s nice honey, what do you want for dinner, pizza or tacos?”

 [The Apprentice’s Fear] He is not really a Tranquil, that’s just a bad dream.

Monach is the last of my Dragon Age kids, an over sensitive mage apprentice, scared of… everything. He’s been raised in a circle but would probably set himself on fire if he tried to light a candle with magic…

That kid is a walking bomb, ‘could turn into an abomination any time. The Harrowing wasn’t even an option, he had to be made Tranquil. Well. He turned to blood magic in a desperate attempt to run away. (It worked. But the demons keep harassing him in his dreams)