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Witch song from Fantastic Beasts

My momma, your momma, gonna catch a witch
My momma, your momma, flying on a switch
My momma, your momma, witches never cry
My momma, your momma, witches gonna die!
Witch number one, drown in a river!
Witch number two, gotta noose to give her!
Witch number three, gonna watch her burn
Witch number four, flogging take a turn.


Oops my hand slipped

Last night I filled a page with drawings of Fresh from my Momma CQ fanfic, The Sleepless Wake. I’m so happy with how they turned out~

While these don’t really depict specific moments, they could be considered a little spoilerish, but I figure it’s not bad enough to hide under a cut or anything? I’m worried because I hate spoilers—I’d especially hate to spoil one of my own stories for someone who hasn’t read it yet but wants to.

Regarding my progress on the next chapter:

I’ve written some of it, but I got stuck after deciding one scene just didn’t feel right. I finally got around to reworking it, but I’m not entirely sure how this next part will go, so… Sorry, it’ll probably be quite a while before I finish.

For now, I hope you enjoy these drawings!

@alainaprana in case you want to see. :D


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do my ears fucking deceive or did sam just call mary 


“Get a kiss…ON THE CHEEK…from my pretty momma for a pretty rock, gem, or shell! All offers will be judged harshly by me though!”

Gazebo really doesn’t understand Valentine’s day, since it’s not something heavily celebrated in Arkwood, but she does know how she could profit from it. Of course, Pavillion couldn’t be prouder because her baby is learning how to profit and haggle.

I'm Adopted
  • Me: I'm secretly adopted
  • Parents: What? No, you're not.
  • Me: My real mom is Gerard Way.
  • Me: My real dad is Frank Iero.
  • Me: They decided that they didn't want their newborn child going on tour with them cause it wasn't a healthy lifestyle. So they gave me to you too humans.
  • Parents: ?!
  • Me: They later got divorced from their secret marriage and my mom, Gerard became a lesbian. So, she married a girl.
  • Me: My uncle is Mikey and my aunt is Ray.
  • Me: My godparents are actually Brendon and Ryan.
  • Me: And my grandparents are Billie Joe and Mike.
  • Parents: Wtf.
  • Me: Oh, and my cousins are Pete and Patrick.
  • Me: I have a half sister from my momma Gerard.
  • Me: And my husband is actually Andy Biersack.
  • Parents: What?
  • Me: What?

You guys today was such a good day despite not having a “valentine” in the traditional sense. Like yes, there is no cute boy in my life for me to cuddle (and him with me) but like, I woke up to open my Bible and spend time with God who constantly pursues my heart. Then I read my sweet note from my momma, worked out at OrangeTheory (self love y'all!), got replied to on insta by my FAVE BLOGGER, worked by the pool, got my Valentine’s present to myself (colourpop what else?), did more work at the cutest coffee shop here in town, loved on my roomies with some gifts, ate my fave foods, and bought myself tickets to see Newsies (my 2nd fave musical to Les Mis) in theaters this weekend! Like, come on today was PERFECT.

And while yes, I did kind of yearn for that kind of love that comes in a relationship, I am perfectly content with where I am right now. If God so opens my eyes and my heart for a relationship, then by all means yes, but like, y'all. It was so good to just rest in my identity as a daughter of Christ and in the love of my family and sweet friends.

Join Momma Hale and The Teen Wolf AU Members

Hey guys so the amazing @heyitssilverwolf had made the Rebuilt Hale house from my series Momma Hale and is currently working on the AU universe buildings.

This means if you have Sims4 you can add them to your own worlds by searching and downloading them through the game :D

The link to the post is HERE

Don’t forget to say thank you to her if you use them!