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I saw you had a steven universe playlist and I got so excited because I thought you put your favourite SU songs into one playlist ;_;

Haha if they were available on Spotify, I totally would include them in my monthly playlists! But nope, if you read the description on that playlist, they’re all songs that are inspired by characters from the show! And YES, I need to add more songs based off of the new characters and the citizens of Beach City! I have slacked on that haha!


FT Superhero AU | sketches: First meeting

Working on the rest and I will colour them later, but I wanted to give a better preview and my personal take on stuff in the AU. Hope that is cool yaushie.

Lucy works at a fashion magazine for Heart Kreuz while working on a personal journalism blog for the city of Fiore and its smaller districts, publishing all her stories and photo’s of humans with supernatural abilities. Her favourite article is on a scarfed and hooded ‘hero’ who saved a  university from a mass shooting but he caused a lot of damage to the campus.

Natsu who calls himself the Salamander is just misunderstood as he goes all out and forgets to control his powers at times which causes more damage then he intends to.

One day Lucy was in the back alley at night behind the Heart Kreuz building and a co-worker was not backing down on them going out for drinks when Natsu, buts in telling the dude off. It goes a bit too far and he knocks the guy out hard. Lucy, being thankful but knew she could have handled herself, recognizes the man’s scarf and puts two and two together and pegs him for the ‘Salamander.’

⊰ introduction ⊱

hello! my names wendy! i’m new to the studyblr community and have been putting off making this post, and reblogging other things, for quite a while now, but i’m so in love with the studyblr community that i really wanted to join, so here i am! 

⊰ general ⊱

i’m currently in my first year of college, i’m doing a bachelor of arts, majoring in english and psychology. once i get my degree, my plan is to go to film school to fulfill my dream of becoming a producer/director! (i also have an interest in screen writing!) i have a long way to go, hopefully the studyblr community will help me get there!

more about me: 

- 19 and a libra

- a ravenclaw and thunderbird

- infp

⊰ interests ⊱

- i love a lot of television shows, a few of them are: game of thrones (hence the url), the walking dead, greys anatomy, the office u.s, the fosters, brooklyn 99, the oa, stranger things,i could go on…

- my favourite movies are: anything studio ghibli, harry potter, E.T (my all time favourite), lotr+the hobbit, lighthouse of the orcas and okja! 

- i like all types of music! my favourite groups/singers/composers are: the maccabees, bts, khalid, karpe diem, the 1975, foster the people, post malone, cezinado, yo yo ma, portugal the man, gorillaz, etc.

- i love reading!! my favourite book is to kill a mockingbird! i love classic novels, though i haven’t read that many, and also YA! if you have any book suggestions please let me know! i have a to-read list longer than my leg, but that’s ok hehe

- my hobbies include: video editing/filming (i have a youtube channel, but nothing posted… yet anyway;) most of the videos i make i keep for myself!), drawing, photography, binging my favourite shows.

-i also love sports! mostly soccer (my favourite teams are bayern munich and the germany national team) and hockey! (i don’t have a preference for hockey teams, aside from the local one for my city, i like watching all games!) and figure skating

- languages! my native language is english, but currently i am learning french! in the past, i have studied norwegian, german, korean and ASL. unfortunately i don’t have time to keep them up and my abilities have become pretty restricted :( i hope to be able to pick them back up again soon!

⊰ academics ⊱

this semester i am taking 5 classes, they are mostly introductory classes that are mandatory:

- critical reading and writing

- psychology 1

- linguistics 1

- french 1

- political science 1 

⊰ inspirations ⊱

here are a few blogs that i admire and that have inspired me to create my own!

@zeestudies @studybab @studytune @rhubarbstudies @potterstudy @intellectys  ♥★

if you’ve read all of this.. props!! also, if we have any common interests or similarities in anyway, shoot me a message! i’d love to chat!

my favourite episode of teen titans (original series) is E62 “Go!”….. it’s a great prequel… it shows starfire in this particularly brutal, savage, and overpowered state where it takes all 5 titans to calm her down, has all the characters reflecting on the events that led them to Jump City which obviously tie in with the main DC universe in a way the show never did before… beast boy is chipper but lonely, robin is bitter about his daddy issues, cyborg feels alienated from society, starfire’s from a world with the flowey mentality, raven feels she doesnt deserve any friends..

as for the gordanians, theyre obviously toned down compared to their DC counterparts and are overall “meh” villains (their greatest similarity with the source)… it’s funny though because after seeing how OP starfire and cyborg are with the launching-buses-at-each-other, the gordanian chief survives their assault, only to immediately get oneshot by Raven who blows up the entire ship. Raven is quite obviously the most overpowered character in the Teen Titans series, and possibly in the DC universe depending on how she scales against Superman. every time she gets her butt kicked in the show is a direct nerf. same for starfire 9 times out of 10.

i watched this episode after seeing the starfire-meets-teen-titans clip from the Judas Contract movie. she is waaaay less powerful here, and doesn’t land a single attack! it’s just… far less impressive an intro. yeah it was condensed in a couple of minutes, i do think that the main comics are really boring with the teen titans though and the recent films reflect that.

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Marvel or DC? DC 

Favourite of the silver trio (Neville, Luna, Ginny)? neville bc that’s my cat’s name

Favourite of the fantastic quartet? idk if this means fantastic beasts or fantastic four but idk anything about either 

OTP? see my about me for an extensive list, but right now the ones destroying me are foxxay and nikki/helen

NOTP? all ships that make a gay character in a straight relationship 😡😡😡
also i really hate captainswan and adlock/sherlolly

BROTP? grace and robert, grace and sol (from grace and frankie) and jac and fletch (holby city)

Hinny or Linny? linny

Patil or Weasley twins? weasley

Favourite HP book? prizoner of azkaban because no one bloody died!

Favourite HP movie? ehhh

Favourite musicals? the lion king because i danced in it once (not professionally obvs)

Favourite band/artist? i’ll say halestorm, i’ve loved them for a long time

Favourite book series? …i genuinely read nothing but fanfic… but my fave fanfic series is foundations by saras_girl (drarry)

Favourite stand alone book? it’s gonna be fanfic again but cold noses, warm hearts (berena)

Favourite YouTuber? dan and phil

Celebrity crush? my top absolute number one favourite is sarah paulson

Fictional death you’re not over?  i will never get over misty day

Favourite TV show? probably bad girls, though i love a lot of shows 

Book you loved as a child? famous five (though george was clearly trans and the misgendering pisses me off)

Cats or dogs? cats but i love both, i’m just more experienced with cats 

imma tag some new followers bc i low-key want them to talk to me: @rabexxpaulson @purified-through-flames​ @theevilraulsonshipper​ @mypooorgayheart​ @this-lesbian-next-door​ @cordeliasgreenhouse

don’t feel like you have to do this, and let me know if you’d rather i never tagged you in anything ever again!! (don’t wanna be annoyyingggggg)
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Welcome to Storybrooke #2

a/n: For cs au week day three — beloved tropes. Emma moves from New York to Storybrooke and straight into a prank war between her new neighbours.

I never really got to know my neighbours in this house and now we’re moving so there’s not much point. But by far my favourite story about them is the time I called the city to report the f***ing rooster in my neighbour’s backyard.

           Noise had been a constant thing in the city, the hum and buzz, voices raised in anger and joy all clearly audible through the thin walls of her New York City apartment. Emma had thought that moving from the big city to the definition of small town America — a sleepy, seaside town in Maine — would bring with it a blanket of silence. Cicadas, maybe. The occasional clunk from an ancient car making its way down Main Street.

           She did not expect a rooster.

           Grabbing her phone from the floor to check the time, Emma pushes up from the air mattress with a groan. Henry’s still asleep, of course. Her son could probably sleep through the apocalypse. Emma on the other hand… as if it’s not enough that her kid was kicking her for half the night, now she gets woken up by a goddamn rooster.

           Their house isn’t in the country for fuck’s sake. The grey Victorian that Henry chose for them is right in the middle of town. Is it so unreasonable for her to not expect a rooster crowing to wake her up at five in the morning their very first day in town?

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Ten Best Animated Shows of the Last Decade

As we all know, we’re in a golden age of TV and there’s no denying that the sheer amount of content is an embarrassment of riches. Yet, there’s one specific area that appears to be flourishing, and that’s in animation.

Animated shows have always had good and bad, but recently it feels like there have been more and more shows that have gone above and beyond than any that have come before. These shows are deeper, more diverse and more original and of the great TV revolution, they represent the most startlingly original and inclusive content on any platform.

This is my list of the ten best-animated shows released in the last decade

10. Attack on Titan

Originally posted by ninjadetective

Of all the animes available to western audiences, Attack on Titan has dominated the market in recent years. Like Game of Thrones in sheer scale, it rose in popularity with the release of the single season on Netflix a couple of years ago and audiences have been waiting fervently for the next ever since.
Set in a world where giant humanoid creatures have decimated humanity, Attack on Titan is a genuinely exhilarating, quite scary, deceptively layered show that is one of the most audacious anime properties of the 21st century.

9. Gravity Falls

Originally posted by mistersalazar

Twin Peaks meets Eerie Indiana meets Disney, Gravity Falls is the story of twins Dipper and Mabel who stay with their Grunkle Stan in the strange and mysterious Gravity Falls over the summer. What could have been a simple, quaint show with a weekly Scooby-Doo style mystery, develops into something a tad deeper over the course of its ample run.
Mixing quirky humour, likeable characters and enough mystery to keep you guessing, Gravity Falls knows its genre roots and successfully adapts its darker elements for the family friendly audience.

8. Rick and Morty

Originally posted by docot

From the twisted minds of Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s comes Rick and Morty, a show that asks what if Doc and Marty from Back to the Future were a drunk and a horny adolescent respectively. The inspiration behind this was clearly a mix of Doc Brown meets Doctor Who, yet it’s got the vulgarity of Family Guy and the silly humour of Futurama, which is a pretty perfect mix.
It’s very silly and can sometimes become too self-indulgent, but when it hits it hits hard, and any fan of Sci-Fi will appreciate the homages and imagination that it packs into every episode.

7. Bobs Burgers

Originally posted by jemzzy

Like every great animated sitcom, (The Simpsons, Family Guy) Bob’s Burgers is about your average American family and the misadventures they get into. With some of the most recognisable voices in animation, H. Jon Benjamin (Archer himself) and Kristen Schaal to name but a few, Bob’s Burgers is on the more family friendly side of the spectrum and gets its jokes from the strange dynamics of a nuclear family.

It’s simple, humble and has funny bones yet never tries to be something it’s not, whilst the natural charisma of its cast can make any line funny.

6. Over the Garden Wall

Originally posted by thegirlwholived119

A delectable beautifully stylised mini-series about two brothers lost in a mysterious forest, who come across a variety of strange people and monsters in an effort to get home. Like something out of a Grimms Brothers story, it has all the trappings of a fairytale and is often genuinely scary.
Created by Patrick McHale, it stars Elijah Wood as the elder brother and is one of the most perfectly compact series you’re likely to come across in this genre. It’s got a great atmosphere, beautifully detailed animation and a really rich folky soundtrack to back it up.

5. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Originally posted by juhzou

FA:B is essentially one big story stretching across 64 episodes, which can seem daunting when it feels like they’re just bleeding into one another, yet once you get into it, you’ll want to devour as many as you can.
It’s a grand, sweeping, epic show about the battle between good and evil, set in a world of war, evil creatures and Alchemy.
It’s a bit more complicated than that, but I strongly recommend you check it out. From its beautiful music to gorgeous animation and impeccable voice work, there’s barely a foot been put wrong and the story is enthralling once you get into it.

4. Adventure Time

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The more well-known entry on this list in the UK, Adventure Time is sort of the starter animated shows to get into before you have a crack at all the others. If you can’t get into the delightfully weird and wonderful world of Finn and Jake, then I don’t know how well you’ll adjust to the others.
Despite that, the Land of Ooo is rich in imagination and nuanced in storytelling, with many entertaining characters revealing hidden, deeper layers. Without it, we maybe wouldn’t have Steven Universe or Over the Garden Wall, as the creators of those shows came from here, but there’s no doubt that Adventure Time has helped to lead the charge in this animated revolution.

3. Legend of Korra

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If Avatar had begun in the last ten years, I’d be tempted to put it on this list too, but in the end, I think Korra is arguably the superior series, if not the brilliant successor. Set 70 years after The Last Airbender, new Avatar Korra must continue to fight against evil in a world she barely understands, whilst growing into maturity and adulthood.
Since the release of its final episodes a couple of years ago, LOK has been unanimously praised for it’s excellent diverse and feminist qualities, as well as its approach to mature and complex themes. Yet at its heart, it’s an adventure romp with wonderfully memorable characters and a universe that feels tangible and real, something it explores over the course of its four seasons.

2. Bojack Horseman

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Like Rick and Morty, Bojack Horseman is one of the more Adult entries on this list. Yet, unlike other adult animated comedies, Bojack leads the pack because it’s so much more than its zany concept. More than a few times, Bojack Horseman is the darkest show on TV. Having a main character smoke, drink and take drugs was never going to be a playground but once you get past the first few episodes you really begin to witness the downward spiral of a depressed sitcom has-been.
More like Breaking Bad than Rick and Morty, despite the anthropomorphic animal characters, the show always deals with very potent social themes, up to and including, abortion, sexism and the general quicksand that is Hollywoo. The people behind it know how to write complex, diverse characters, and in the case of season three’s ‘Fish Out of Water’, they can create something unexpectedly beautifully.
Check it out, you won’t get anything quite like this anywhere else.

1. Steven Universe

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Steven Universe is a hook you straight away sort of show, with its warm, rich characters, wonderfully realised universe and delightful humour. It’s a show that has become one of the most respected and beloved animations online, primarily due to its excellent depictions of LGBTQ characters and 100 episodes in, can still surprise you.
The show focuses on Steven, half-gem half-human, he’s the youngest member of a group of Crystal Gems who fight to save the world from evil, all from their home in the quaint little town of Beach City. With beautiful animation, complex writing, diverse characters, an engaging over-arching story and some of the finest music on TV, Steven Universe is a remarkable show, that only grows better with age.

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I’ve tried to be as concise as possible in my description and mini-review of each show, but some of them deserve so much more attention than two simple paragraphs that I just simply ask you seek them out to enjoy. These are, of course, my personal favourites, and there are many more shows out there that were around before 2006. I also believe that TV is gonna probably do even better in the future and I can’t wait to find out.

Let me know what your favourite animated shows are :)


a collection of my personal favourite tunes 

1hr & 18 min. // 18 songs => LISTEN HERE 

each one of these songs hold a story behind them that tug at my heart. they mean a lot to me, and one day, may mean a lot to you too. 

[8tracks sucks for not letting me put down more than 2 “high quality” songs from an artist.]

migraine (live room) - twenty one pilots // the take over, the break’s over (cuts off at end?) - fall out boy // up all night - owl city // sunset, 1989 - swimming with dolphins // paper tigers - owl city // moth’s wings - passion pit // a love like war - all time low (ft. vic fuentes) // suicide saturday - hippo campus // i’m not okay (i promise) - my chemical romance // sophomore slump or comeback of the year - fall out boy // pumped up kicks (tribute) - foster the people //  fast car - swimming with dolphins // captains of the sky - sky sailing // jesus christ - brand new // sex - the 1975 // ruby - twenty one pilots // flaws - bastille // can’t help falling in love - tyler joseph (ft. skeleton clique)

bealithia  asked:

Also, I know I just noted (that's what I'm calling it cause I can't think of a better word) on one of your posts about your Servan clan [I seriously hope I spelled that right ] and I just saw that you mentioned destiny and NEED to know what class you play and anything else you are willing to share about your OC'S from it. And you're freaking awesome by the way and I look forward to continuing to read from ya!!😃

<3 <3 gosh, thank you!!!

Clan Severan are like, probably one of my favourite creations tbh. You can read all about them [here]! I went overboard with their design, probably, but god, totes worth it.

As for my Destiny crew, they’re fairly new, but I’m having a blast with them. My main is an awoken Titan, named Matu. He’s a bit of a reckless bastard, but he means well, and especially in defense of the City. I also have my awoken Hunter, Tero, and he’s just… a gay disaster with a six-shooter pistol. He and Matu have been together for as long as they can really remember (they have sketchy memories due to resurrections and, in Matu’s case, a Vex encounter) so they’re both bittersweet (i.e Matu remembers things that Tero can’t, and vice versa) and… ridiculously adorable.

There’s also Orion! He’s my human Warlock. Haven’t really fleshed him out much yet, but he’s a ridiculously over the top kind of personality and I adore it, because Ikora is just ???? fascinated by how fucking Extra he is, because how the hell does he stop talking long enough to study?

Chapter 2 - Survivors Tribe

Words: 4.6k

Warning: this part does contain smut, but there are breaks so if you wish to skip I have marked them.

Summary: Y/N and Michael are getting all packed up from college to go back to there home for spring break. 

Masterlist Chap one

*Y/N’s POV*

“Hey four eyes!” I heard Amber screech down the corridor, her nasally voice hurting my ears. I carried on walking re-adjusting my glasses with a huff, hating how I always had to keep sliding the back up my nose. I held my books close to my chest and walked towards my dorm hoping that I had escaped the confrontation I have most days with Amber.

“Oi!” She spat pushing me up against the wall harshly. My books dropped out my hand and onto the floor all of my notes floating down the corridor. I went to pick them up but Amber slammed arm against my chest, pinning me back to the wall.

“You know it’s rude to ignore someone four eyes. I know you’re blind but I didn’t think you were deaf.“ Amber flicked her luminous pink fake nails against the lenses of my glasses.

“Well if it’s you, I’m gladly going to ignore your incapability to be polite.” I said, pushing her off me. Amber was a short tempered Chihuahua at most, she always had a attitude and picked on the people who had physical flaws that made them less pretty. She was tall, skinny and too pretty for her own good. All the boys (and some girls) would have to wipe the drool off their chins and pinch themselves to come back down to earth.

She had long bright ginger hair - ironic right?- that flowed over her boobs, her eyes were the type of brown that had no emotion or character and she had the type of body with more ass and thighs than waist and boobs. Amber was the ruler of this college and everyone either feared her or wanted her. Apart from me and that’s why she hated me so much.

She likes to think she scares me but in all honesty the way she treats people as if they were the shit on your shoes and the little, preschool remarks that came out of her mouth made me laugh. How does she think that bullying people will get her somewhere in life? Does she seriously think that rolling up to a job interview with nothing more than the reputation of an abuser, will get her the job. Can you just imagine? ‘In college I was the head bully who made everyone’s life a living hell - especially those who weren’t pretty enough or different from me.’ I shit you not she has got nothing going for her life if she honestly thinks this.

“Aw, look how you’re trying to stick up for yourself.” Amber sniggered but her eyes flashed with uncertainty of what I could do.

“Yeah? You got a problem with that honey?” I snapped, pushing her off me with all the power I had, sending her stumbling back. She looked shocked before lunging at me and snatching my glasses. I growled before squeezing my eyes shut and rubbing my temples in frustration.

“What are you going to do without these?” She teased, her voice annoying every fibre in my body. I opened my eyes seeing the ginger blur, twirling round my glasses and standing closer to me. I leant back against the wall and rubbed my eyes in defeat, sliding down the smooth wall.

“And I’ll be having those ginge.” I heard my best friend say, and I smiled hearing his voice and briefly seeing the outline of his body. I heard Amber sig.h a girlish sigh making Michael scoff and laugh. I felt my glasses being slid back onto my face and I smiled up at Mikey, standing up to my feet with his hands tugging on my arms.

I blinked my eyes a couple of times before letting out a deep breath. Amber was walking down the hallway embarrassingly swaying her hips, in hopes Michael would look but all he did was bend back down and pick the rest of my books and notes up.

“Here we go nerd.” He said, holding them out to me whilst he leant against his dorm-room door, which was next to mine since we were practically joint at the hip.

Oh, yes! Michael Gordon Clifford. My beautiful best friend of 15 years, through thick and thin and today was the last day of college. We were finally breaking up for spring break and we couldn’t of been more excited as we finally get to forget about all the exams and relax. I honestly don’t know what I would do without him. He’s been my rock and my sunshine for nearly my whole life and spending one hour without seeing him gets me freaked out.

I giggled and took my books from him before he could hold them out of my reach. However, I did a double take after seeing what he was proudly wearing with his plump lips pulled up into a smirk. Michael was wearing his most  tightest pair of skinny jeans -they were that tight his bulge was bigger than ever and they looked to be painted on- with a leather jacket and one of my favourite shirt he owns. It was had a black base with deep red stripes along it, with hole around the collar revealing his porcelain collarbones.

“You checking me out, Peaches?” He winked before crossing his arms over his chest, his leather jacket constricting against his amazing biceps.

“I always do Rocket.” I smirked at him, leaning back against my door with a raised eyebrow.

“I’ll see you in 5 babe.” He mumbled, licking his lips. He turned around to walk into his dorm room but got his feet caught up together and fell backwards, groaning at the pain. I laughed at him before walking into my room, not bothering to help him up. I plugged my iPhone 6 on charge and connected it with the speaker, ‘Needed Me’ instantly flowing through the speakers.

My roommate had already left for spring break which left my room looking very empty and lonely, but I didn’t mind as I would finally get some peace. I grabbed my red suitcase from under my bed and dropped it onto my bed, unzipping it and opening it. Spring break was only for a couple of weeks and Michael and I have to drive two hours to get to our hometown, Berkley. I didn’t mind the two hour journey from San Francisco - we were students at the School of Arts and Design- as I absolutely adored road trips and so did Michael; we both took our gap year yearly and went on this huge road trip all across America, New York City being our most favourite destination.   It took us at least four months but we loved it and we promised we would do it again after college, but this time we would be going to Australia and Europe.

Walking over to my wardrobe I opened it up, picking up my three pairs of black jeans and threw them in the suitcase, not bothering how messy I was being. I grabbed a pair of ‘MOM’ jeans and threw them ontop of my black jeans, then grabbing my pile of t-shirt’s varying from vintage band tees to floral and dress up shirts. As I went to shut the wardrobe I caught a glimpse of all the flannels I had hidden on the top shelf and I smiled knowing I put them up there so Michael wouldn’t take them back. I basically stole his shirts and flannels and he didn’t care, always telling me he liked the way I was in his clothes.

Michael and I were both single but sometimes we were mistaken for being a couple -most people at the college were convinced we were a couple, and so did the teachers. But Michael and I were just best friends - we are extremely close as we had spent nearly everyday together for the last 15 years. To be honest there was never a time we had a need to be in a relationship but their was this one girl in the fourth grade who followed Michael everywhere. He got so freaked out that in the end he would run and hide behind me, thinking the girl wouldn’t see him.

Even when we got to high school I never looked at anyone with the thoughts of ‘I must be in a relationship with you’ - I was happy with it being just Michael and I. We were so happy with it just being us two that we lost out virginities to each other straight after our senior prom. _

“Oh my god that was amazing! I actually felt like a princess Mikey!” I giggled running up his stair case, my blue prom dress trailing behind me. Michael laughed following behind slowly, trying to keep steady. When we got to the top of the staircase I looked up at Michael with my left eyebrow raised and my arms crossed over my chest, making my boobs pop out of my dress even more.

“I f-felt like.. a princess too,” Michael sarcastically said, hollowing his cheeks and doing the duck pout. I knew Michael was trying not to look down at my boobs by the way he stuttered and embarrassed himself on purpose.  I laughed walking into his room, grabbing his hand and pulling him behind me.

“Help me un-do it.” I sighed walking us over to the mirror. He nodded and stroked over my shoulders, kissing one of them before licking it playfully. I squealed at the wet feeling and brushed him off as we looked at each other through the mirror, his eyebrows raising then wiggling them. I giggled and rolled my eyes, stroking down my body my hands feeling the soft material of my dress.

It was a subtle arctic blue colour, matching my eyes and complementing my skin colour; I think that’s why Michael liked it too as it gave my deep caramel skin a slight glow. It was strapless and had a loose, flowing bottom half with a delicate white strap around my waist. My hair was straightened and curled slightly at the bottom which made it seem a lot longer, with a small white flower placed behind my ear. I was wearing my favourite piece of jewellery which was a wolf’s tooth on a silver chain that dipped between my boobs, resting perfectly on top of them. It was my first kill when my Papa took me into woods near Christmas time.  

I heard the zipper being pulled down at the back, the cold metal running down my spine. I cupped my breasts as Michael pulled the dress down from my hips, his fingertips touching the bare skin of my thighs. He tapped my hips making me step out of the dress pooled around my feet, the sound of my heels echoing around the room.

“Well this is a beautiful view,” He smirked at me after hanging up my dress on a coat hanger. His hair was messy and his moss green eyes were bright under the moon.

“Mikey!” I whined until he passed me one of his tops that I slid on. I walked over to him and pulled on his tie whilst winking at him, but I stopped when I struggled to undo it but I cheered and fist pumped the air when i got it off his neck. He laughed at me and pushed off his blazer, putting it on the chair next to his desk. I jumped onto his bed as he undid his shirt, rest my head in my hand and staring at him.

“I can’t believe high school is finally over.” I mumbled before sitting back up and grabbing the makeup wipes I keep at Michaels. I took my fake eyelashes off and started to wipe away all the products from my face, Michael watching me silently with fascination lighting up his face.

“And yet, still we’re both virgins.” He laughed half heartedly but I ignored him as he said it rather quietly - as if he didn’t want me to hear. He pulled off his shirt revealing his pale tummy and the illegal tattoo he got done only a couple of months ago when we had way to much to drink at a house party.

I turned to the side after taking my makeup off and grabbed my contact box, taking them out and placing them in the box with the antibacterial liquid they soak in.  I took my 'indie’ glasses out of their case and put them on, adjusting them so they sat comfortably on my nose and grabbed my dog-eared book.

Michael was finally left in his grey 'Calvin Klein’ boxers so he climbed on the queen sized bed, his brown fringe messy and sweeping across his forehead as he fell onto his back, his head hitting the plush pillows. I opened up my book and leant back, Michael quickly moving over to me and resting his head on my boobs as he looked at the book. Michael and I didn’t live together but my Papa and brothers were out of town this weekend so I stayed with Mikey not even bothering to ask as I was at his most of the time anyway.

“What you reading now Peach?” He hummed, burying his face in my boobs and laughing.

“The fault in our stars,” I chuckled at him and nudged him out of my boobs, “The movie comes out soon and I have to read the book before I watch the movie.“

"Does that mean you’re dragging my ass to the movie?” Michael was finally settled, his head still resting on my boobs but his arm thrown across my waist, his fingers running along the top of my panties.

“Of course I am.” I laughed, using one hand to keep the book open and the other to play with Michaels hair, wrapping the curls at the nape of his neck around my fingers. After that I felt like I had read enough and Peter Van Houten was doing your head in with how rude he was to Hazel, I placed the book down on the side and looked down at Michael. He was staring off into space and now pulling at the lace material of my panties.

“What are you thinking about?” I asked softly as he sat up, his muscly back facing me and his hair curlier than usual.

“Nothing babe.” He smiled looking back at me. I gave him the 'who do you think you’re talking to’ look and he sighed, looking away from be and back to the window.

“I’m so tired of being a virgin and all my friends not,” He mumbled running his hands through his hair.

“Michael you shouldn’t be pressured into loosing it because your friends are, you have to loose it when you’re ready,” I moved closer to Michael, my legs spreading around him and I wrapped my arms around his torso, kissing in between his shoulder blades.

“That’s the thing Y/N, I am ready.” He whined, lolling his head back onto my shoulder. “Maybe girls don’t want to fuck me because ’m ugly and-”

“Michael Clifford, stop right there!” I said moving out of my position behind him to straddling his lap and holding his face in my hands, looking at him straight in his eyes. “In no way are you ugly! You’re my beautiful best friend and I wouldn’t have you any other way! Girls may not fall at your feet at the moment but fuck me, they will when they realise just how attractive and loving you are! Girls are still experimenting with jocks who fuck them anywhere they want! They do not understand about love and compassion yet!” I spoke with so much passion that I hoped he would believe me because it was all true. He was a masterpiece and he couldn’t see it.  

“Also, I’ve seen your dick and there is nothing to be ashamed of, girls are just shy you know.” I mumbled, realising that I was sat on his crotch. I heard him gulp as we both looked down at how close we were, our attention more on his dick beneath my lace covered core.

“What a-about you?” Michael quickly asked, playing with his fingers nervously.

“My virginty?” I questioned, he nodded and finally placed his hands on my hips. “I don’t know, I feel like if I met the right person I’d definitely be ready.” I smiled, wiping my thumbs under Michaels eyes. I placed my forehead against his and closed my eyes, listening to our breathing patterns and focusing on the feeing of Michael rubbing my hips, his thumbs dipping under the lace material.

“What if-” He started, pulling our chests even closer. "What if“

"Had sex?” I finished. It’s not like I hadn’t thought about it because I have; I love Michael, I don’t trust anyone as much as I do him. I rested my nose on his giving him a eskimo kiss then kissing it with my lips.

“So do you want to?” He questioned worriedly.

“I’d like that,” I smiled “But no kisses.”

“Ok, so should we like get a towel or like something because you might bleed?”

“I think thats a myth Mike” I laughed, pushing his shoulder. He flipped us over and laid above me, as I ran my hands up his tummy and rested them on his shoulders. I folded my knees for Michael’s body to slide in-between as he kissed my jaw softly.

“I have no idea what I’m doing..” He laughed giving up on kissing my neck, his hot breath fanning against my skin.

“Just grind” I moaned, already feeling his frustratingly hard dick against the place a needed him most. Michael obliged and started rocking against me, the friction making me gasp and throw my arms over his shoulders. He sucked onto my neck, licking and nibbling gently on the skin, knowing it would leave a mark.

Michael started to grind down harshly and I felt his hard bulge push against my clit which sent tingles up my body. The feeling was so strange as I’ve never felt such an intense pleasure in that area. Michael let out a whimper, his teeth sinking softly into my shoulder as his hands crept up under his band tee to my boobs.

“May I?” He said looking at me. I nodded quickly and sat up so Michael could pull my shirt off, and throw it to the floor. Michaels eyes widened at the sight of my boobs, a smirk making its way across my face as I silently thanked my genes for giving me big, perky boobs.

“Can I touch them?” He whispered, his tongue darting out and swiping across his lips. I ran my fingers over my boobs and tweaked my nipple watching Michael’s eyes watch my every move. I don’t know why I was being so confident since I’d never done this before but the look in Michael’s eyes told me to carry on. I grabbed a hold of Michael’s tiny hand and placed it on my boob. It was when I felt Michael’s dick twitch above my pussy and his hand squeeze my breast, I realised that I was sat straddling him, my wet panties pressed against his hard dick.

“Shit Y/N..” he moaned. I placed my hand onto his and I ran his thumb against my nipple tweaking it. Michael shut his eyes and his mouth dropped open as he pressed and swiped over my nipple. I groaned and threw my head back then fluttering my eyes closed the feeling of Michaels soft lips press against the skin near my nipple, one of his hands wrapping gently around my throat.

I placed my hands on his shoulders and started to rock our hips together, the hand that was wrapped around my throat was now on my back and pushing us closer. Our moans were mixing together beautifully as the pieces of clothing separating us were getting wetter by the second, Michaels dick twitching uncontrollably and the feeling of the veins on his dick made my mouth water.

“P-peaches, wait..” His breathing was laboured so I stopped grinding and he took his hand off my boob. “I feel like I’m going to cum if we keep doing this.” I covered my mouth laughing and sat back on his thighs, giving us some personal space. I stroked down Michael’s hip and fit my hand under the waistband of his boxers, tugging on them for him to take them off. When they were off and his deep pink dick was flushed against his pale skin, the thick tip leaking out pre-cum I reached my hand towards it and when my fingers brushed against it, Michael hissed and screwed up the blankets in his fists.

“Unless you actually want to loose your viginity I suggest you don’t touch it..” He growled, staring right at me with darkened eyes. I just ran my finger over the tip collecting the pre-cum, I looked at it on my finger and poked my tongue out licking it. It was a salty texture and I could feel the saltiness in the back of my cheeks making my mouth dry out slightly. Michael looked at me worriedly but I smiled at him still sucking on my finger.

“Taste nice?”

“Surprisingly alright.” I winked and licked my lips. I tucked my fingers under my panties and sat back pulling them off my legs, Michael swallowing thickly and grabbing my knees. He stroked down separating my legs and bit his lip once he saw my pussy, furrowing his eyebrows when I tired to clamp my legs shut again but he quickly slid his naked body between them.

I opened his bedside table drawer taking out a condom, it was a blue one and it was one his dad gave him as a joke when he opened his birthday card. I felt one of Michael’s fingers run over my folds and I gasped clutching the foil packet before tearing it open with my teeth. I threw the wrapper in the bin and threw the the latex condom at Michael, getting impatient with the wait.

“How do I put this on?” he questioned.

“You don’t remember the condom on the banana lesson?” I asked suspiciously - how can he not? He hit on the teacher the whole way through. Michael pinched the tip of the latex and put it on his cock rolling it down his length, then moved forward so his tip was poking my entrance hole.

“It’s going to hurt you right?”

“Keep talking dirty to me Mike..” I chuckled. He sniggered, stroking my thighs and looking into my eyes, his green eyes shimmering down at me. I grabbed a hold of his hand as his other hand gripped his cock as he pushed into me. I let out a hiss, shutting my eyes and digging my nails into Michael’s hand as he pushed his tip in. He stopped but before he could say or do anything I spoke up.

“Go all the way Clifford.” I whined. Michael pushed in and I ran my spare hand through my hair, my jaw clenching together and my teeth gritted. Michael squeezed my hand, rubbing circles with his thumb as he kissed my cheeks softly. I could feel his dick stretch and the condom rub against my walls which gave me quite a tingly, full feeling.

“This feels so fucking good you have no idea..” He groaned in my ear.

“I really don’t.” I breathed out, just wanting to feel something good.

“Does it still hurt?”

“A little.”

“Should I start moving?”

“Please!” I whimpered. Michael sat back up grabbing my waist. He pulled his cock out until the tip was shown. He pushed back in and kept at a slow pace. I bit my lip, feeling him move inside me. The pain slowly faded but the condom was causing friction on my pussy lips. I awkwardly shuffled up and bent my legs, Michael moved with me pounding his dick into me at the angle. He nibbled on my jaw, both of us giggling at the slightly awkward angel but that was forgotten when Michael moaned loudly into my neck.  I bit down onto his shoulder as my fingernails ran down his back, definitely leaving marks.

“I don’t think I’m going to last.” He huffed out as I pulled on his hair, loving the feeling of his lips against my neck. I moved my hips into his, there was a sound of squeaking and I looked down. The condom was smothered in my wetness and was squeaking against my pussy, causing Michael to groan and I to laugh softly. He pushed up my legs and I watched his cock thrust into me, the twitching of his dick telling me that he was ready to come.

“Mikey, babe just cum for me..”

“I can’t cum without you!”

“Just cum Mikey!” I whined. Michael shut his eyes pushing into me and came, his mouth wide open and his bunny teeth on show. His tongue swiped across his lip and I felt him fill up the condom. He stilled inside me and rested his head on the top of mine.

“Best. Feeling Ever.” He slyly smiled, pulling out his cock slowly. He rolled off the condom, careful not to spill anything and tied it up then throwing it in the bin.

“You didn’t cum?” He looked at me with worry.

“It’s quite normal apparently Mikey.” I smiled, pulling him down into a hug.

“Let me make you cum Peaches..” He whined, stroking his hand down my belly.

“Honestly Mikey, it’s okay.” I reassured him and nuzzled into his chest.

“Ok but I promise you I’ll make you cum whenever you want!” He whispered and bit my cheek playfully as I giggled. Even though I didn’t cum and get the feeling most girls talked about, I still felt like a fucking princess.

My thought train was interrupted when their was a loud knock on my door.

“Who is it?” I shouted over the music, 'Controlla’ coming to an end.

“Pizza man, duh.” I rolled my eyes and walked over to the door, smiling when I saw Michael standing in front of me.

“Oh but I didn’t order pizza, sorry wrong dorm” I smiled sarcastically, shutting the door on his face. I heard him gasp and push down the handle walking into my room as I went into the small bathroom, which was literally just a toilet a sink and a mirror. There were showers down the hall, but they thought they put toilets in peoples actual dorms for some reason.

“You’re not ready?” Mikey screeched, looking around the messy room in a panic.

“Nearly, just getting toothbrush and make-up!” I grabbed my bathroom bag and placed all my make-up into it. I zipped up the bag walking into the bedroom where Michael was putting my white blanket I kept under my pillow into my suitcase.

“Even after all these years you keep it on you?” Michael laughed but started to fold everything neatly in a mad rush.

“Of course, its my blanket!” I pouted like a child. He shook his head at me putting it at the top of the piled clothes, grabbing my toiletry bag and slipping it in as well.

“Is that everything?”

“Yup!” I said popping the 'p’ and tying my wild curls up in a bun. Michael shut the lid and tried zipping it, his grunts and swear words showing his difficulty.

“Can you put your fat ass onto it so it will shut?” He smirked but I punched his shoulder as hard as I could and jumped on the suitcase, closing it shut.

“So violent, Peaches” He moaned, rubbing his arm then zipping up the suitcase. I jumped off the case and turned all the lights off, looking around the room and sighing as Michael pulled down my suitcase.

“C'mon Y/N, we have to head off so we’re home by seven.”

My name is Jay and this is a long, and yet still incomplete story of my life (kinda). If you have any questions, just ask.

Right now, my life is pretty good. I’m in university, in my dream city. My job is to perform and teach poetry in schools, theatres, festivals, and anywhere else people want me to. I’ve published a book of my work, won awards, and, most importantly, found amazing supportive people to be my family.

But my life hasn’t always been this good. As a child I grew up as a young carer to my disabled mother, trying to do everything that needed to be done, and failing miserably. My father was rarely there because he worked stupid hours, and when he did come home he immediately left again for the pub. My parents always drank a little too much, it got worse in the last few years and I won’t go into it, but suffice to say, I’m teetotal. 

My home was never really a supportive atmosphere, and because of that I had a lot of issues at school, I acted out, got into fights, got suspended, and bullied, and generally fucked up a lot. As I got older though I decided to try and fix my shit, I stopped fighting, and with the support of a great English teacher, and some great online friends, I started writing poetry again.

Apparently, I was quite good, because within a few years I was getting paid gigs across the country, at arts centres, and theaters, and music festivals, and though my birth parents never appeared at a single one of my gigs (and even occasionally mocked my line of work) it seemed to be going ok.

Then, about a year ago now, I came out as Transgender to my birth parents.

They did not take it well. The only reason they didn’t throw me out was because if they did people would ask questions and they’d have to admit I was transgender, which was not a thing they were prepared to do.

But I had very supportive friends, and a lot of people reached out to be parental figures to me, and, oddly enough, I never realised just what parental figures really were, until those guys showed up. Some of the more notable figures were:

 Kate, who besides being my online mother for years, (seriously, it’s been forever) also gave me an amazing little brother in the form of her son, who I’m slowly introducing to Firefly via skype. She has been my rock for so long I can’t imagine a life without her. I know for a fact I would not be alive and typing this if she hadn’t been there through some of my toughest times.

And, famously (in Tumblrs eyes) Tony and Sarah. These guys were amazing, Sarah is an animal behaviourist and often takes abandoned animals in, so when she found out how much of a pair of dicks my parents were she immediately decided that she would do the same with me (within the limited parameters of me having to stay in my home city and finish my exams) and that her and Tony would be my parental figures from now on. Though they are both insanely busy they always find time for coffee, or a family day out, or a fancy meal, or an evening out somewhere, or even, as once happened, a day of farm maintenance. If I ever need anywhere to go, when I was still at home and under the toxic thumb of my parents, or even now that I’ve got out, I know that I can go to their home or farm and just be at peace in the countryside. And I know they are both a message or call away, Sarah is always there for me, sending me advice and congratulations, and always, always, saying just the right thing (she’s crazy perceptive like that), and Tony is less reliable at answering, but more hilarious and his advice is generally full of dad jokes, puns and swear words, which you sometimes need. It’s lovely.

My birth parents ignored me on my eighteenth birthday. They did not say a single word to me, it was as if I didn’t exist. But Tony and Sarah sent me a cute card with penguins on it, a present of awesome DVD’s (and Sharknado) and a tonne of love. In return, on their birthdays I did the same - kind of - Tony got shit DVD’s but Sarah got a poem that made her cry. From the moment Sarah found out about that she told me that if I wanted to, I was to describe them as my parents, because they could not understand how my birth parents could be so shit. That gesture, those few words, meant more to me than anything else in the world. The next time I saw them they spent the whole day introducing me to people as their son, something I never thought I would hear, as I knew my birth parents would never introduce me as their son. But Tony and Sarah did.

Because Tony is a reasonably well known actor, when interest in my book was big enough for it to be published, I asked him to write the foreword, and he happily obliged. It’s dedicated to Kate and Sarah, because I felt that my three favourite people, the three people who supported me, and made me believe in myself enough for this insanely awesome thing to happen, deserved to have their names on my greatest achievement forever.

Then I graduated high school. Kate stayed up all night, ignoring timezones so she could be there for me when I got my results, and I got good results. I got out. Though I had to leave my dog behind, I escaped to Bristol, the city I have wanted to live in for some time, and I left my birth parents shittiness behind. I’ve not heard from them since. I’ve heard from all of my surrogate parents though. Tony and Sarah still parent me like no tomorrow, and their daughters got in on the act too. It’s like I’ve just fallen into this pool of love and support and family, and if you had told me this a year and a half ago, I’d have said it would never happen.

Recently, I won a national award for my poetry. The night before the slam (a poetry competition) I went to see Tony in a play in London, his daugher Em was there too, afterwards we went out and I was showered with so much luck it was as if I could drown in it. It must have done something because I came back home to Bristol with a winners trophy. I messaged Tony the night after the slam with a photo of the statue and the words “Your good luck wishes must have done something.” a few days later he finally checked his messages, and he FREAKED OUT. He posted the photo on his facebook and twitter pages, raving about my success, I got a phone call full of excited rambling and congratulations, and I was amazed. Because here was that thing I had never had, but always wanted, a proud Father. And he wasn’t my father by blood, but by choice, and that made it all the more special for me.

You see, I came from a fucked up, nearly expelled, often starving, kid, who lived in a filthy house with no food and parents who didn’t give a shit, and often put alcohol before everything else. And now I’m a university student, with an amazing extensive surrogate family, a published book, that has sold in twelve countries, a national award for my spoken word, and a feeling of hope for the future.

My name is Jay, and I may have come from nothing, but I will go on to greatness, with the support of my many, many parents. Because life gets better, it really does, and sometimes, when you least expect it, it gets amazing.

So if you are considering giving in, giving up, stopping pursuing your dreams, or just stopping living, think on this: So did I. But I pushed on, and now I’m happier than I could have ever envisaged. And yes I may still have depression, and night terrors, and a constant fear that I will never be good enough. But I am loved, and I am free, and I am doing what I love. You can have this too. Be brave. Be you. Live.

finding new music is fun so I made a thing for you all as we have similar taste so hopefully you can find something brand new!

Bastille: Bastille from England make all sorts of music which ranges from indie to cinematic to pop. I think everybody can find something they like within Bastille’s debut album. I will recommend Pompeii, Things We Lost in the Fire, Laura Palmer, Of The Night and Bad Blood for new listeners.

Imagine Dragons: Las Vegas indie rock band who’s lyrics have powerful meaning and the music is often uplifting. I will recommend Radioactive, Demons, It’s Time and Bleeding Out for new listeners. 

Two Door Cinema Club: Two Door Cinema Club make alternative music which has a very original ‘theme’ (I guess) carried throughout the two albums. Recommendations will be What You Know, Something Good Can Work, Sun and Undercover Martyn.

Arctic Monkeys: Indie Rock from England, Arctic Monkeys make incredibly popular songs. Try out Do I Wanna Know, Mardy Bum, I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor, R U Mine and Fluorescent Adolescent. 

The 1975: From Manchester, indie pop/alternative rock couples well with Bastille. Lyrics about sex, smoking, drugs, love and fear with fun tunes. Recommended: Chocolate, Girls, Heart Out and Robbers.

Vampire Weekend: Indie Rock from NYC. Really fun and bouncy music which you will enjoy if you like Two Door Cinema Club, The 1975 or American Authors I think. I’d recommend Unbelievers, Diane Young, A-Punk and Holiday to start you off.

American Authors: More NYC Indie Rock/Pop. Very similar to Imagine Dragons to me and their songs are very uplifting. Relatively new. Try out Believer, Best Day of my Life, Ghost and Hit It.

Alt-J: Alternative. Their name is alt-j because if you press alt j on a mac you get a funky triangle see ∆. I recommend Breezeblocks, Tesselate and Something Good. It’s kinda strange music I suppose.

The xx: The xx and Alt-J are very similar to me. The xx have very good instrumentals. I kinda think alt j and the xx are kind of love it or hate it kind of bands. Their best songs are Intro which is completely instrumental, Angels which you may be familiar with if you like Bastille and Crystalised which is such a mysterious song I love it.

Kasabian: Kasabian headlined Glastonbury last year yet still nobody I talk to has ever heard of them. booooo. Indie/electronic/rock genre. Try Fire, Underdog, LSF, Acid Turkish Bath (Shelter from the Storm), Days Are Forgotten, Stevie and Eez-eh. Their best album is west ryder pauper lunatic asylum in my opinion.

Ed Sheeran: pop, folk and hip hop according to spotify. This music is mega popular in England and my favourites are Don’t, Sing, You Need Me I Don’t Need You (I can do the rap yeeeeee) , The City and I See Fire.

i may make this longer if i want to yo

enjoy all the music

anonymous asked:

you talked about moon lovers being similar to inuyasha, but do you know of any drama that is similar to the storyline of ml? like sth very intense and where the spectator cannot help but get emotionally involved if you see what i mean haha

“Do you know any Drama where the male lead is as in love as the male lead in Moon lovers… A male lead who will do anything for the female lead? But please the female should not be stupid! It can by any drama!” - Anon

I received two similar questions, so I’ll be answering both in one post considering the answer would be the same:

Healer (my all-time favourite kdrama, it will probably end up sharing the first place with ML, addiction level=ML; if I should pick just one I would recommend this one)

Empress Ki


Jang Ok Jung ‘Live in Love’

My Love from Another Star (my second all-time favourite)

Sound of the Desert (not a kdrama, by written by Tong Hua as well, I prefer this to the cdrama BBJX, epic male lead, again the female leads falls in love with a different man first)

Them maybe City Hunter, but after episode 14, the romance kind of gets out of focus and turns disappointing.

Basically all of these shows belong to my TOP15 kdrama list and I love them all together with the OTPs.

i want to be driven around the city late hours of the night and rest my head along the window in the backseat gazing up at the big bright lights and the shining stars, i want the music to be blasting so loud and i can hang out from the car and scream my favourite lyrics from the top of my lungs and feel the wind power through my hair, i want to feel this high feeling of being careless and free.. but most of all i just want to feel alive.
—  them late night feels

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Is there a reason you have 3 copies of the bone season? (Not that that's not ok just interested)


Once upon a time (around August/September 2014) there was a little buzz flying around the booklr community about this first book in a new series called The Bone Season by sshannonauthor. It was available on Kindle for $0.99 and some people were yelling about buying it because it was so good! So I figured, what the hell? It’s urban fantasy/supernatural and sounds pretty awesome, might as well jump on board! 

So I buy a copy on Kindle, but I don’t read it yet, just kind of hoard it there. 

A few months later (November 2014) the second book in the series, The Mime Order, pops up on NetGalley for review. That’s awesome! But I haven’t read the first book yet. I can take my time. Maybe I won’t request it for review and just wait for the release.

A couple days go by and I’m walking through K-Mart, checking out the book section because that’s just what I do, and I see the small format paperback of The Bone Season, sitting on the shelf, minding its own business, for $9. Keep in mind this small paperback retails at $19.99, so this is a bargain!

Now, I’m a person who loves my Kindle, but I read faster with physical copies. And who can pass it up at such a great price? So I bought it! And now that I have a physical copy to read I can get through it faster and I can read the second book for review!

Fast forward a few days, and I’ve finished the book. I loved this book. It was all kinds of fantastic! So I speed through the sequel and it was even better than the first one!

Then I realise that I don’t want to wait forever for all of the books to come out in the small format paperbacks here, so I go in search of the original large print paperback to match the new ones coming out because it would only be the first book in the series that I had in the wrong size and that would destroy me on the inside. 

And then a miracle happens. I find a copy of the original large print paperback on Booktopia’s website for $6.50! I could never pass that up! It makes me delirious with joy because now all of the books in the series will be the same height!

A week or so after I get the original print paperback in the mail, some wonderful friends that I met here on Booklr wanted to meet up because they’re from different states and were visiting Sydney for a few days! Can’t pass up an opportunity to show fantastic friends around to all the great book stores we have here, so of course, myself and a few other Booklr friends who live here took them to Basement Books in the city! 

Basement Books is a wonderful place, you see, because it has some fantastic books at incredible prices! It’s one of my favourite places to be. 

So we’re all casually strolling the isles, and my dear friend points out this book that she knew I recently read and adored. And low and behold, there is a hard cover copy of The Bone Season sitting on the shelf. 

Now not only is this a beautiful hardcover. This is a signed hardcover of a book I really enjoyed. 

And not only is it hardcover, and signed. It was $5. FIVE DOLLARS. I couldn’t leave it sitting there! I just could not walk out without it. So I bought it, of course (and it cost less that the original format paperback I just bought, too!).

So dear anon, you see, I have four copies of The Bone Season, and in total it only cost me $21.50. Which is only $1.50 more than RRP. 

AND THAT is why I have three physical copies of such a fantastic book! 

I really need to collect some more messages for youtubers, that i can give to them at summer in the city… i would feel so bad giving someone just two messages, when i give the person next to them ten… I my ask box leave a message for your favourite youtubers that are attending summer in the city, I will either include your URL or you can even do it on anon… from a sentence to a page in length, all would be appreciated. I hope you can participate xxxx

Nephilim Week:

  • Favourite Scene | James Carstairs & Malec

“Ghosts are memories, and we carry them because those we love do not leave the world.
Yes, I just wish he were here to see this with us, just here with us one last time.
He is with us, Tessa. He can see us. I believe it. I feel it, the way I used to know sometimes if he was sad or angry or lonely or happy.” - James Carstairs & Tessa Gray.

“I’ve always told myself I was going to be open to new experiences, so when I started to–to harden–I was shocked. I thought I’d done everything right, not closed my heart off. And then I thought about what you said, and I realized why I was starting to die inside. If you never tell anyone the truth about yourself, eventually you start to forget. The love, the heartbreak, the joy, the despair, the things I did that were good, the things I did that were shameful–if I kept them all inside, my memories of them would start to disappear. And then I would disappear. I had a lot of time to think, after we broke up, and I wrote this. I wrote down my life.”- Magnus Bane.

Both James and Magnus are my two favourite characters, and I love them and everything they stand for. You can learn so much from them, and incorporate parts of their personality into your own.
I love James in City of Heavenly Fire, whilst he is talking to Tessa about Will. As well as I love when Magnus passes on his life-written down-to Alec.

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This is a tumblr hug(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ Send this to 10 of your favourite followers to show how much you love them as best buddies. Make sure you don’t break the chain. Happy tumblr hugs ~!

Cas: Well, I’M BACK from my 30-city tour of th’ off-Broadway production of CAS SIDE STORY.

Sam: Ur-rp!

Cas: Were you all right DEMON SITTING while I was gone, Sam?

Sam: Well, pretty much.

Cas: Was he naughty?

Sam: A little.  Pullin’ on my antlers, stealin’ my GUMMI BEARS, tryin’ to set off the APOCK-A-LIPS.  Stuff like that there.

Cas: Did you have to use the….

Sam: Yep, he looked like he needed a little TIME OUT.

Cas: All rightie, I’ll go get it off of him!

Dean: I do not like th’ CONE of SHAME.