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New scenes from the Attack On Titan: Wings Of Freedom compilation movie

Annie teaching Eren

New Fnaf Movie teaser from Gil Kenan’s Twitter last night!

Now there is a lot of debate on whether this is an actual animatronic head that would be used in the movie.
1) because it’s so early
2) because most of Gil Kenan’s images on Twitter haven’t been 100% official fnaf images and mostly just inspiration for the movie.

What do you think? Is this an actual animatronic head for the fnaf movie to come out in 2017?

Can we also take a look at the wording used by Gil in his tweet? “Let’s Celebrate” is the phrase we see on the fnaf poster from the first game.

Also a lot of rumors are out there that Scott Cawthon has been behind all the tweets, helping Gil Kenan out with his teasers.

So what do you all think? THIS MOVIE WILL BRING SO MUCH HYPE. 2017 is too far away for me.

Ask is open.