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Another Tag Game

I was tagged by @brieflymaximumprincess thanks so much, partner! :D Second in one day lol:)

1. Relationship status: Again, single, but pretty content with my lot

2. fave color: I have several favorites, red, black, blue, green, even purple…I think my top two would be blue and green, so I’ll choose teal/turquoise. Cause I do adore it.

3. pets: I have no pets at the moment, unfortunately.

4. Last song I listened to: Some German piece I can’t remember the name of, from my German Diction class.

5. fave tv shows: (more than 3, yay!) Again, Supernatural, Yuri on Ice, Star Trek, Criminal Minds, NCIS…I could go on.

6. first fandom: Hmm…if you count first work of fiction I ever got absolutely obsessed with, then Lord of the Rings all the way. Hell, I even wrote fanfic for it as a middle and high schooler…I actually dreamed of publishing my sequel someday. Ah, adolescent hubris…I never posted it anywhere, I didn’t really know about or AO3. 

7. hobbies: reading, writing (after long last), listening to music and dancing absolutely horribly, my fave shows and movies.

8. books I’m currently reading: I literally just finished Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor days ago. IT IS AMAZING. I’ve been sorta moving from my parent’s house back to where I live for college and getting ready for the spring semester last couple days, so I haven’t had much of a chance to read lately.

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square-enix said straight out that stella nox fleuret is no longer a character in ffxv

welp, there go my hopes that there might be more than three named women in this entire game