from lithuania

ID #29313

Name: Ugne
Age: 15
Country: Lithuania

Heyy there. I’m just a lost soul that is looking for someone to write letters to and share my life a little bit with. I am a chill person who likes to give out good vibes . I really like art (even though Im not really good at it), photography , music (I like to listen to Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Dodie, TØP, flatsound, Troye Sivan or any other artists that are like super chill and cool). I can play with couple of music instruments too. Aside from music and art, I like to read books and would love to find someone who would recommend some good books to read. I’ve been learning German for about 9 years now so I wouldn’t mind if someone would like to write letters in German. I would love to find someone that I could share my thoughts with and talk about the universe and stars or just about funny and irrelevant stuff. Just looking for some chill letter vibes really. If I’m going to look shy at first , sorry! I am just a smol bean that needs some time to get used to new people.

Preferences: I’d like to interact with people that are around 14-19 years old but its not a problem if you are younger/older than that. I don’t really care wthat is your religion/sexuality/gender or race as long as you are nice and respectful (I’m a weak soul you see)

ID #49206

Name: Kotryna
Age: 20
Country: Ireland/Lithuania

So obviously my name is Kotryna. I’ve been living in Ireland for most of my life but I’m Lithuanian originally, I can speak both Lithuanian and English. I am currently studying communications (basically a media/public relations degree), and working part-time in retail. I’d love to talk to someone who’s interested in working in the same area as me, or even a remotely similar one. I’m quite stuck at the moment so it would be nice to share some experiences and see where I want to go in life. To tell you a bit more about myself, I think I’m a realist, to me, the glass is always as full as it seems. I don’t eat meat, I’m always stressed out over something but also incredibly lazy sometimes, I love my dog, I’m not very artsy or creative but I love photography and I like to write when I’m feeling motivated enough. I hope that doesn’t sound too boring, I’d love to talk to someone overseas and send them cute souvenirs that have been picked especially for them, the idea of that really warms my heart.

Preferences: Definitely someone older than 18 please! Preferably a girl also :)

Rūta Meilutytė (b. 1997) is a professional swimmer from Lithuania. She is currently the world record holder in three events: 50-meter and 100-meter breaststroke (long course) and 100-meter breaststroke (short course).

She has set several national and European records, breaking even her own. By the age of 15 she had broken 11 Lithuanian records in women’s swimming. At the same age she won a gold medal in the 2012 London Olympics, becoming the youngest athlete from her country to do so.

ID #73765

Name: Monika
Age: 18
Country: Lithuania

Hi there!

I’m Monika (18) from Lithuania searching for some Internet buddies that are open-minded, funny and sincere (I don’t mind exchanging letters, too). I don’t mind any gender, country and similar stuff.

My hobbies are reading books, listening to music, chatting with foreigners, trying to learn some languages, travelling, doing makeup etc.

My dreams are to learn Spanish (and many other languages), travel around the world, volunteer with Europen Voluntary Service at least once, know myself and people better etc.

I’m probably the biggest fan of pizza..

I can’t stop singing and creating my own lyrics that don’t exist in any language…

My best experience of life was Erasmus+ project so far that let me meet so many crazy and lovely people.

Preferences: I prefer chatting with people not older than 25 years old.

So we all know Emma Goldman was a feminist, Anarchist writer, and activist, but she was also:
*A seamstress; she arrived in New York from Lithuania with one set of clothes and a sewing machine
*A polyglot; she spoke fluent English, German, Russian, and Yiddish
*A sexual assault survivor
*A queer activist; she was arguing for the rights of minority sexualities and gender identities in 1910. Which makes sense, because she was also
*Ace af

ID #24721

Name: Evelina
Age: 17
Country: Lithuania

If I had to choose one character trait that describes me the best, it would be simplicity. I see beauty in every single detail, from the first snow in the winter to the small things that make others smile. I consider myself to be quite a self-assured girl with a strong opinion and due to this, I don’t really like being around very shy or not that open-minded people. Deep, random and open conversations without any boundaries are my favorite so if you want to share your crazy stories about haunted houses, talk about galaxies or even that cute dog you saw yesterday, don’t be shy to contact me!I look for a really out-going, sociable and a good story telling person. My penpal should have an interesting personality and it’s OK if our hobbies don’t match, I love hearing about other people’s lives. I’m that person who has a lot of crazy stories to tell but also spreads a positivity if someone had a hard day. My penpal could live anywhere, the frequency of communication doesn’t really matter:)

Preferences: I would like to communicate with 17-19 year-old girls.

ID #38544

Name: Jasmine
Age: 18
Country: Lithuania

Hi, I won’t waste a lot of time and I’ll shortly describe myself.
I’m from a really small country Lithuania (it’s in Europe) so i’m fluent in my native language and english. I’m also taking baby steps to learning french it would be really great to find someone who can help me practise it.
I love reading and listening to music and taking interest in art. Basically i’m an artistic person. My table is always covered in paint and brushes, and my bed is covered by lots of records or books. I love Vincent Van Gogh, I love reading Herman Hesse and I love vague minds.
I like old-fashioned things so snail mail would be fantastic.

Preferences: 17+ and an open mind would be cool.