from kissing and hugging her for scoring the winning goal

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Luna x Ginny for the headcanons thing please. *sending much love* 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 also so happy that you reached another one of your follower goals congrats

  • Luna goes to every single one of Ginny’s games because the excitement in the atmosphere attracts the rarest of spirits
  • also because seeing Ginny in her element is one of her favorite things, up there with painting in the summer sun and picking dirigible plums with her father
  • and she always wears the same green dress, same color as the Harpies uniform
  • Ginny wins another one, with rousing cheers and a magnificent series of goals scored by Weasley herself and then Ginny’s crash landing in the stands with a holler, tugging Luna in with an exuberant hug
  • “We won! We won!” Ginny laughs sweetly, before kissing Luna with an even more enthusiastic roar from the crowd around them - “hold on”
  • and Luna, still recovering from the passionate kiss that always threatens to bowl her over, stays still as Ginny wrestles with someone in the crowd for her bag, and then her arms are full of a soft, green sweater
  • “it’s fine now” Ginny says breathlessly, gesturing to the clear skies “because it’s not too cold yet but Luna, you can’t just wear that dress during all the games. go on, put it on”
  • ‘Weasley’ is emblazoned on said sweater, with Ginny’s number plastered boldly directly below and Luna shrugs it on, perching her glasses back onto her face as they’re knocked around a bit
  • Ginny looks extremely pleased once Luna does a twirl for her to see
  • “wonderful” she yells over the crowd
  • “this wouldn’t be because you’re jealous of that Healer, would it?”
  • because the last time Luna had gone to a match, the team Healer had paid more attention to chattering with Luna than recognizing one of the chasers getting busted in the head by a bludger
  • Ginny rolls her eyes, but the blush creeps down her neck. “oh shush. you look cute”
  • Luna tugs the sleeves over her hands, and hugs Ginny again, relishing the way red hair is falling out of originally neat braids, and she uses one to tickle Ginny’s face, “i suppose so”

Imagine #83 Just your house cleaner

PS: This is the end of the series, it’s not as good as I wanted it to be, but it is time to give an end to this story and write more different imagines. I hoe you liked the story and enjoyed reading it :)


When you woke up you noticed Neymar was not in bed anymore and you looked up your phone to see what the time was. It was already 10am so you knew Neymar probably went to practice. You noticed you got five new texts.

You looked at them, three of them were from your best friend, and the other two were from your friends, who were also from Brazil.


“Everyone is talking about it here!”

“Call me! Now!”

Those were all from your best friend, and the other two were asking about you dating Neymar. You remembered that Neymar posted a photo of you two on Instagram last night. You opened Instagram and looked at the photo, there were loads of likes and the comments were not as bad as you thought they would be.

Then you called your best friend, happy that you can finally tell her the entire story and don’t have to lie anymore.

“Finally!” was the first thing you heard from her as she pick up.

“Sorry, it was complicated so I couldn’t tell you what was going on”

“Tell me everything, don’t miss any detail,” she said so you started telling her the entire story between you and Neymar. You were feeling much better, because finally you could talk with someone about it. You couldn’t believe that you knew Neymar for already a month and so many things already changed.

“I’m so happy for you (y/n). You walked out of Brazil and found yourself one of the best footballers”

“I’m so lucky, he really is the best.” You smiled and after a while, you two finished talking.

You were still in bed and all that talking about Neymar made you miss him so you texted him,

“Morning! Enjoy training and do your best. Come home soon, miss your pretty face”

Then you walked out of bed and noticed a note on the kitchen table,

“I won’t be home today; I’m sleeping at my friend’s house. – Rafa <3”

You made yourself breakfast and thought about finally being alone with Neymar, now that Rafa won’t be home for the day. You cleaned around the house and went to watch TV and wait for Neymar to come back home.

“Olaaa!” you heard Neymar shout as he walked inside, you could tell that he was feeling good.

You jumped off the sofa and ran to him, then jumped placing your hands around his neck and he lifted your legs around his waist.

“You missed me this much?” Neymar smiled and kissed you as you just nodded your head, “where is Rafa?” he asked as he looked around, still holding you.

“She won’t be at home; she went to her friend’s house”

“I see, well we’ll have the house for ourselves then” he said and walked with you on him to the kitchen and put you on the kitchen counter so he could grab a snack.

“What could we do?” you asked watching him getting ice cream.

“I have an idea,” He said as he turned to you and placed some ice cream on your lips and slowly licked it away, which made you realize immediately what his idea was.

“I like this, but we can do this later” you said and jumped down away from him. “Let’s go out”

“Out where?” Neymar asked while eating his ice cream.

“I don’t now, but I am tired of being inside all the time, plus we are official now so we don’t need to hide”

“Wanna go play football with me?”

“Aren’t you tired of running around the entire morning?” you laughed at his question.

“I enjoy playing with the ball and it’s not like you will tire me” he winked teasing you.

“We’ll see about that” you said and punched him in the arm. He smiled and then pulled you closer and started putting ice cream all over your face laughing.

You two mess around for some time then both went to get dressed to go to the stadium. While driving Neymar had the music in his car so loud and he was constantly singing so you decided to film him and post in to Instagram.

“You have a private profile so no one can even see it so I don’t care”

“Well I can easily change that” you said and did as you said. People immediately started liking the video and Neymar was a little bit embarrassed, but he was used to putting his own videos.

When you two finally arrived, he decided the rules about the game.

“We play on just one goal. The one who first scores three goals wins and decides his prize”

“Okay, but don’t be too harsh, I don’t want to die yet” you said and placed the ball on the ground.

It didn’t take long before Neymar scored his first goal. Then somehow, you also scored, but after Neymar’s second goal you fell on the ground, because he pushed you a little bit too much.

“I’m sorry (y/n) you okay?” He got on the ground concerned and scared.

“It hurts so much” you played to distract Neymar and as he leaned closer to you, you got up and kicked the ball scoring your second goal.

“That’s not fair!” he laughed and then ran towards you and pushed you on the ground with him.

“Well if I can’t win with my skills I have to find another way,” You laughed as he got on top of you and started tickling you.

“God I love your eyes” he said as he started kissing your neck

“I love your body”

“I love you,” Neymar suddenly said and stopped kissing you, both of you were surprised.

“The game is not over yet” you said in panic and pretending nothing happened. You got up and Neymar followed and made his way to the goal and scored.

“I win!” Neymar shout and started running around, celebrating.

“What kind of a boyfriend doesn’t let her girlfriend win?” you said as he stopped and laughed at you.

“Oh c’mon” he walked to you and you pushed him away pretending to be upset knowing it would make him feel bad about it.

“Babeeeee” Neymar said and started hugging you from behind making you smile.

“What is the prize you want?” you asked.

“Hmm I want… a big slice of pizza”

“Okay, well let’s go then”

When you two went to a fast food to get a piece of pizza Neymar was soon recognized from his fans. He took some photos with them while you stood behind waiting to go. When he finished he looked at you and put his arm around your shoulder than walked with you to the car.

You couldn’t help but smile at his actions, because you were happy that he once again confirmed that the two of you really were dating.

After being at home for some time and you watched Neymar playing FIFA, you got up an paused his game.

“No, no, no why?”

“Did you really mean it?”


“What you said earlier” you rolled your eyes, because he didn’t understand.


“That you love me!” you kind of shout.

It took some time before he said anything, because he thought you forgot about that.

“I don’t know. What do you want me to say?”

“Neymar” you said quietly and walked closer to him since he was standing in front of the sofa. “The truth that is all I want”

“(y/n) I didn’t meant to say that” you looked at him upset feeling like your world just crashed, “but it just came out of my mounth, because that really is how I feel. I do love you”

A smile appeared on your face and you pushed in to a kiss, “I love you too Neymar, I love you so much”

“Don’t ever leave me okay?”

“Say it again”

“What? Those three words, I want you to repeat them”

“I love you, I love you, I love you…” Neymar laughed as he pulled you back in to another deep kiss.

You fell in love for the first time and you knew it would be the last time, because you knew he was the one for you, it was destiny that you two had to meet.