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Miyavi in the July 2015 issue of +act. magazine.

i am REALLY feeling the hairy legs sticking out from underneath his patchwork oklahoma housewife dress in this. are you letting it all grow out because your husband has been away for so many months, hitching rides in the cabooses of trains and searching for work tilling the fields? do u get cold during the long oklahoma nights with the coyotes and the prairie dogs crying out in the distance? i am here chri55ybaby, just a romantic drifter who is a skeleton, here to sooth your aching loins with my banjo music and honeyed southern drawl

[TRANS] Snippet from Jay Park’s “FIGHT CLUB” interview from WKorea mag, March issue

Speaking of acknowledgement and attentions a CEO of a label a businessman.

Not referring to those who like me as a celebrity, but those who acknowledge my music, business and my lifestyle increased a great deal so it’s really nice. Besides evaluations I get, if i could change my surroundings I’ll be even more happy.
Words start spreading AOMG treats their artists well and other companies and their treatments get better… like so it’ll be great if it could catch on.

  • interviewer: Would you call the song a bisexual anthem?
  • brendon: I mean, that's a bold statement, but I'd be honored to call it a bisexual anthem - that's kind of awesome. I feel like (bisexuality) needs to be celebrated, because a lot of times I feel like people are ashamed and they hide it and they might be a little scared to open up about it. Being able to do that is a big step for me.