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The Signs Loving Somebody
  • *Check Sun and Moon Sign*
  • Aries: excitement, restlessness, caring, delicate, a truthful kind of love
  • Taurus: communicative, smiley, wants to connect, so thoughtful, a sweet kind of love
  • Gemini: forward, honest, endearing, can be quite nervous, intuitive, a unspoken kind of love
  • Cancer: emotional, affectionate, kind, hilarious, always has heart eyes, a once in a life time kind of love
  • Leo: passionate, supportive, sometimes mixed signals, positive, a lasting kind of love
  • Virgo: sincere, hesitant, soft, often goofy, an "I'm here for all of you" kind of love
  • Libra: affectionate, pure, harmonizing, proud, 'a meant to be' kind of love
  • Scorpio: beautiful, emotional, deep, sometimes tense, wild, an unforgettable kind of love
  • Sagittarius: full speed, committed, generous, unstoppable, an intense kind of love
  • Capricorn: stubborn, faithful, intimate, slow, a forever kind of love
  • Aquarius: sexy, earnest, confident, clingy, a daydream kind of love
  • Pisces: heart stopping, romantic, shy, devoted, a soulmate kind of love
Songs for the Winter Daze

Grab a cup of coffee and get cozy:

Phillip Glass - Opening
Coldplay - I Bloom Blaum
Damien Rice - Colour Me In
The 1975 - Fallingforyou
RY X - Berlin
Band of Horses - Part One
Odessa - I Will Be There
Alex Turner - Hiding Tonight
Tom Odell - Heal
Simon & Garfunkel - Bookends
Devendra Banhart - Something French
From Indian Lakes - Runner
Sigur Ros - Godan daginn
Lorde - Buzzcut Season
Andrew Bird - Weather Systems
Alt-J - Warm Foothills
Perfume Genius - Normal Song
Ben Howard - Promise
Landon Pigg - If I’m Saying Nothing
Local Natives - Colombia 
The New Basement Tapes - When I Get My Hands On You
Boy & Bear - A Moment’s Grace
Michael Dulin - Clair De Lune


I’m going to be that guy and make one of these posts because I’m tired of the stupid people I follow. If you’re into any of these bands and aren’t an ignorant social justice blogger, like this post and I’ll follow you #sweg

- Artifex Pereo
- Closure in Moscow
- Conditions
- Copeland
- Dance Gavin Dance
- Emarosa
- Envy on the Coast
- The Fall of Troy
- From Indian Lakes
- Hail the Sun
- I The Mighty
- Kurt Travis
- A Lot Like Birds
- The Morning Of
- Night Verses
- Pianos Become the Teeth
- Secret Band
- Sianvar
- Stolas
- Tides of Man
- Tilian
- The Venetia Fair
Fall Playlist vol. 4, a playlist by crispfallnight on Spotify

Fall Playlist vol 4. is now here! Check it out!