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hanging out with my best friend at the mall yesterday
  • me and noah: *hooked arms, singing screen by tøp*
  • me and noah: *walking by hot topic while singing "we're broken people"*
  • like 9 people inside hot topic: wE'Re bRokEN pEoPlEeEeEe
  • me, noah, and 9 people: yEAH
  • me and noah: *run inside hot topic*
  • whole store: *begins singing tøp together*
  • me: *looks at noah* noah if this isn't proof that music brings people together then idk what is
  • noah: lets go run around downtown and sing trapdoor and see who sings along
  • me: oh yes
  • me and noah: *run outside to the car*
  • all of hot topic as we're running away: nO COME BACK

Yuri!!! On Ice stuff from HotTopic. They had tons of different pins, actually! These were the “cannot resists” of the bunch. And then this lanyard, omg. I had seen it on their website and passed, but I found that I couldn’t really leave the store without it. It says “We’ll get married once he wins a gold medal” on the inside and IT’S SO PINK. 🎀💗💖. Good job so far, HotTopic but let’s try harder to offer more Yurio-centric stuff in the next round please… but still this is good

SamSie-Toy Train

((Wow! So I haven’t written in a while, but I have so many ideas from this blog and from the HotTopic Event from Wednesday))

So here is my newest fanfic for @ask-joeydrewstudios. On the blog it talked about Sammy having a Toy Train and I wanted to write this before I start writing two other fanfics for this blog. 

One of thoese two I could start working on now or tomorrow since I’m done with the big thing!

Anyways enjoy!


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A message for today <3
R2D2 bikini from @hottopic
#maytheforcebewithyou #maythe4thbewithyou #starwars #r2d2

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~ Young Viktor and his Mini me! My mom gave me this the day after I debuted my new young Viktor cosplay at Banzai and I couldn’t resist snapping a few pics of the first official young Viktor merchandise to go along with my new cosplay! Best gift/award I could ask for after putting in over a hundred hours of work on this cosplay! @ardawigs
~ popfigure exclusive from @hottopic
@funkopopvinyl @yurionlce