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Rules: List the first line of your last 20 stories. See if there are an patterns. Then tag your favorite authors!

1)  It was in the headlines of every paper on the morning of her twenty second birthday. - The Royal Librarian Sirius/Hermione/Remus

2) “You are by far the worst patient I have ever had.” - HP Prompts

3) A warm breezed washed over her, rousing Sara from a strange dream. - Captain Canary’s Fractured Fairy tales

4)  “Sir, you have a visitor.” - Conviction Hermione/Draco

5)  “Dude, what is wrong with me? I’m like a strong independent woman and shit.” - Texts From Hogwarts

6)  Sara, goddess of war, was a vision of true beauty in blood caked armor. - Prompt Jar_DC

7)  “This was an excellent idea.” Natasha muttered around the neck of her beer bottle. - Prompt Jar_Darcyland

8)  “He left a hand print on my ass. He called it a five star review.” - Texts from The SuperLegendsFlarrow Verse

9)  “She’s scaring the scientists.” - Haven Darcy/Coulson

10)  “I mean, they just come in here and take over, like we haven’t been working this from the beginning. Oh the big bad FBI coming in here to save us puny cops from our incompetence.” - Captain Canary and the Multiverse

11) “Take that blood traitor!” - The Good, The Bad and The Marauders Sirius/Hermione

12)  Sara hadn’t been feeling well for awhile now. - Baby Makes Three Sara/Leonard

13)  “…and then you fell through the lawn chair.” - Texts From Avengers Tower

14)  “Are you going to go see Leonard?” - Our Hearts are Bigger Than The Distance In Between Us Sara/Leonard

15)  Darcy stared down at the tiny creature staring right back up at her, confusion playing on both of their faces.- What the Hell is That? Darcy/Brock

16)  Sara was fuming, pacing back and forth like a caged animal. - Unpredictability in A Complex System Sara/Leonard

17)  They’d been dancing around each other since that first blow to the head knocked his memories loose. - Shuffle Prompts: Flarrow Verse

18)  They had all gone their separate way, after all was said and done, savage was defeated the timeline restored and the time masters rebuilt. - Under Sara/Leonard

19)  “Awe don’t pout, red looks good on you.” - The Captain, The Canary and The Flash

20)  Sara was avoiding him. - Not Strong Enough Sara/Leonard

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One morning Sirius Black saunters into the Great Hall with his hair in a bun and tie loose as can be. And he plonks himself down at the table and everyone just stares. 

Because his neck is covered in hickeys. 

And he’s all grins and showing them off like nobodies business.

And all the girls in the Hall are eyeing each other up like ‘Which one of you bitches got to do that? Fuck you why wasn’t it me…’

McGoangall just stares for second before averting her eyes. She can’t think of any rules he’s broken but Jesus Christ should that be allowed?

And James walks in, hand combing through his hair before he see. And he just raises he eyebrow and smiles.

‘Merlin Remus, get a bit carried away did we?’

And Remus is just siting there, red as tomato, wanting to die because it’s so embarrassing and someone is laughing oh no.. 

But secretly he is really fucking pleased with himself. Like, damn. I did that.

I don’t know man.. Wolfstar with hickeys just makes me happy.

okay but imagine harry making a group chat for his friends from hogwarts just because and draco is there too but he literally never talks because he’s all like “that’s a muggle thing phew” but really he didn’t know how to use that

AND the first time that draco actually talks in the group chat is to send a video of harry who stubbed his toe on a table and is lying on the floor curled up into a ball screaming “I DIDN’T KILL VOLDEMORT FOR THIS

and then the camera switches to draco’s bored face and with the most monotone voice ever he says “the boy who lived twice” and he’s holding a clock that shows 4:27am

  • Gryffindor: Remember we leave for our Hogsmeade trip at 9 tomorrow. So you should probably get up around 8 to shower and eat first.
  • Ravenclaw: I have three alarms set
  • Ravenclaw: 7:43, 7:52 and, 8:08
  • Gryffindor: Why did you have to pick the three most random times?
  • Ravenclaw: They aren't random. I simply made the hour the sum of the two minutes. So 4 plus 3 is 7 which is why I chose 7:43.
  • Gryffindor: Of course you did.
Ravenclaw Headcanon

Sometimes after a Ravenclaw has spent a lot of time alone, typically while trying to work on a project, they get some energy built up making it hard to continue to work. They can start to feel themselves become annoyed with their own jokes yet they can’t stop because their focus on the project has failed them and they need to get the creative energy out somehow. Even if it is just through memes and juvenile humor.


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