from his little brother

when you accidentally pb&j

So this maybe got sort of wildly away from me. This is entirely the result of watching back-to-back-to-back episodes of Property Brothers in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep. 

It was really only meant to be the first paragraph, which was the au idea, but then thoughts and feelings exploded everywhere and I ended up with nearly 2k words of 2am ramblings? And, well, I figured they were written, so I might as well share them as is, because the chances of them being polished into proper fic is pretty remote. 

Okay but where is the AU where, after Jack and Kent are back on good terms and Bitty’s gotten over his grudge, Kent Parson buys a house next to the Property Brothers house and Bitty finds out and DMs him and is like “!!!! I’m camping out in your upstairs living room for reasons.”

The upstairs living, of course, looks right over the neighbors’ pool.

So eye candy.  But also, also. Ulterior motives.

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a mother can be a monster when she has needles for teeth and cuts your face open when she kisses your cheeks and then sews you back together, over again, because she braids your hair so tight it rips your skull like teddy bear flesh, (all soft from the lipstick skinned child love from your little brother, smelling of his baby spit and dust bunnies) but like I said you rip open.

you leak stuffing, and she spits her sour wine spit into your hair for not being able to keep yourself together,

when she tells you to bring your brother some milk for his nightmares and when you walk into his room he screams at your face. reverberating into a film noir, horror flick that teen hearts race to, secrete fluid to, you are the monster. you are the creature feature angry, wild eye boys overstep their bounds to at the drive in. you are the acre of corn maze kids are getting lost in on Halloween night, you are the yelp when the lights go out and he puts his tongue in. the fake blood is gushing, the twins are asking if you want to play. no one can tell the ingenue’s scream from some slut in a broken down truck.

your googly teddy bear eye is popping out by a rusted spring. you look like the black and white Frankenstein your brother cried to with your fathers hand keeping his twisting neck still. to make him a man. for the greater good, that loves the ready made microwaveable skin of young boys. and you big sister, taller than the tree he climbs, you let him fall now, your winter branches weak from the arthritic rain falling from crying stars with daggers in their white knuckles. heaven is poisoning us tonight.

who is protected? who is just lost? I’m asking because I see his pubescent emotions weigh on you like the Christmas lights flickering out beneath the heavy snow. our tree is naked and shivering, it’s leaves like impulsively cut hair falling across the cold mud flesh, and freezer burnt feet. you let him fall. you gave him scars. everybody always says you’ve got your mothers eyes, and you’re a monster

so why don’t you just dig in?

—  1. tales from your house at midnight
12-6 Sunahama Translation

Pitiful “devil”. Puts on an air of excessive self-importance, but even the most trivial of things will cause it to break.

“God” is the only one that matters to him. Nothing else. After his fall, he’s all he lives for.

Wants to forget everything unpleasant to live a life of ease, but that’s not going to happen since she’s the Devil Queen.

“I won’t allow it! I don’t want to see your face anymore!” If you make her cry, it’ll be TROUBLESOME.

Gets treated like an old man one way or the other. Yet, his essence… he’s a devil, but his nature’s a little different. He’s a little traumatized from being stabbed by his younger brother a long time ago.

Not a devil, but he “has the face of one”. That’s the reason he was admitted into the Devil Club. Has a Super Cool power when with his younger sibling. Seems like he once opposed them, though…

I’m going to lose followers but I don’t give a flying fuck.

I’m sorry you didn’t get your fanwank kiss- whichever kiss it was you wanted.  This show is not about that.  It’s about family- it’s always been about family.  It’s been about Mycroft and Sherlock as much as it has about John and Sherlock from day one when Mycroft started keeping an eye on his little brother’s new friend because he was worried.  It’s about family, and it’s about friends who are as much family as blood.  It’s about two best friends putting their trust and love in each other through thick and thin- a love that is beyond sticking a dick in each other. 

This show is Steven and Mark’s baby.  It was their fanfic, and THEY got to choose how it went, just how you get to choose how yours go.  And they chose a hell of a way for it to go.  They made a smart, complicated, brilliant show even sharper, more thought-provoking, and more heart-rending than they ever did before.  There was nowhere for it to go but here: if it was another season of tricky mystery after tricky mystery we would have bitched that it was boring and the same old thing over and over again.  There’s no pleasing everyone, and they’re smart enough to know that, so they made themselves happy.  Good for them.

I loved this episode.  I loved the complications and the depth and the HUMANITY.  I gasped out loud several times, and jumped up and yelled NO FUCKING WAY several times.  I don’t want it to end, but I can see how it would be difficult to come back. 

I’m happy.  Am I the only one who’s happy?  It’s a bittersweet happy, but it’s there.    Bravo, Sherlock. Bravo.

Sometimes I forget this but Todomatsu is actually so fluent in English that he put it on his resume as a skill, basically saying he was bilingual by putting it at the same rank as his Japanese? Like maybe I misread that part, but I feel like it just raises the question: Did Karamatsu learn all of his English words/phrases from his dear little brother?

@lexanationuniverse asked for my opinion on the kids’ music tastes

Rose listens to classical music sometimes, and also alternative rock, mostly like what they had in the 90s/early 2000s. She likes Simple Plan, and Green Day. 

John says he doesn’t like pop, but isn’t aware that a lot of what he listens to is totally pop. He pulls a lot of his music collection from movie soundtracks, the really good shrek soundtracks being some of his favorites. 

Jade likes that weird kind of cheery music like The Front Bottoms and Noah and the Whale, that are definitely rock music, but a bit off from the normal stuff.

Dave listens to a lot of hiphop, rap, and electric sounding music, but as he gets older, it moves a little away from what his brother liked, and he starts to make softer songs than he had previously. They’re quite nice. 

Jane likes pop music, primarily. She liked early 2000s stuff, and what recent stuff played on the radio. Additionally, she likes a lot of soft pop, like Norah Jones and Natalie Merchant. It’s good to bake to. 

Roxy likes a lot of pop from different decades. She loves Madonna, Spears, Fergie, and ABBA. Also, she and Jane share a lot of music tastes, since she would take recs from Jane.  

Jake likes acoustic music, as it reminds him of his grandmother, who would play songs for him on her guitar. 

Dirk likes boopy stuff and rap. He also listened a lot to the soundtracks from his brother’s movies. 

12x08 LOTUS coda

He could see it in his brother’s eyes, Sam was scared. Not that he blamed him, he himself was terrified.

They’ve dealt with all sorts of supernatural shit, but this was different. Exorcism wouldn’t work on bad guards, a devils trap wasn’t going to stop a gang of bullies from beating them into a pulp…or worse.

And Sam, his sweet little brother with his scared eyes and delicate soul… As tough as he was, Dean hated knowing Sam was heading straight into danger.

They were spending their last minutes, maybe seconds together before they’d be under the constant supervision by the agents and then prison guards.

“Dean, what’re we gonna…I mean how do we…?” Sam asked in a small, desperate voice.

“It’s gonna be okay, Sammy, I promise,” Dean said. It was an automatic response to Sam’s distress.

“How? Nothing about this is okay!” Sam exclaimed.

“C’mere,” Dean sighed.

“I can’t,” Sam frowned. “We’re handcuffed real good in case you haven’t noticed.”

Dean rolled his eyes. It wouldn’t be Sam if he wasn’t at least a little insufferable. “Just move closer.”

Sam leaned in and Dean did the only thing he could think of. He pressed his lips against Sam’s, both to shut him up and to calm him down. To reassure him. Hell, to reassure himself that they were going to make it, they still had each other and it was going to be okay. It had to be.

He didn’t pull away, until he heard the door open as the driver and the other agent got it.

“It’s going to be okay,” he offered Sam his best smile. It probably wasn’t much.

Sam didn’t say anything, just nodded.

Dean closed his eyes and tried to focus on the memory of their last kiss. It would be all he had to hold onto for a while.

That bit of Verkwan backstory at Star Show 360 sounds so much like your classic BL manga where the two main characters meet when they’re young and one of them is taller/older than the other so he treats him like his little brother or some ‘I will protect you from this dark world’ kind of thing but as the time goes by the Cute one actually grows taller and bigger and with a big fascination/crush on the other while the other ends up still smol and cute and doesn’t know how to handle the new settling between them. It also kinda explains why Vernon seems to have lost any chill he had pulling shit like “my boo” and spanking him in front of the world like’s trying to show Seungkwan he ain’t a baby nor puppy no more. He’s a big boy. A man. And if Seungkwan gives him a chance, he could be his man. Seventeen never ends to surprise me please kept it going.


What if …

Because they are soulmates, Dean’s soul tried to save Sam’s from being entirely tainted by YED’s blood. 

Now both of them have some kind of supernatural capacities : Sam has nightmares/visions and Dean’s eyes blacken when he’s upset.

Most of the time, he can hide it from his father, Bobby or Pastor Jim. 

His little brother is the only one to know, because they share everything.

But when Sammy’s in danger, Dean’s sight darken with rage.   


Big bro problem
  • Itachi: *awakes mangekyou Sharingan*
  • Sasuke: *awakes mangekyou Sharingan*
  • -
  • Itachi: *tries his best to protect Konoha from the Uchiwas*
  • Sasuke: *tries his best to protect Konoha from Kaguya*
  • -
  • Itachi: *Saves the world by stoping the Edo Tensei*
  • Sasuke: *Saves the world by annihilating Kaguya*
  • -
  • Itachi: *Does the forehead poke*
  • Sasuke: *Does the forehead poke*
  • -
  • Itachi: *Goes away from Konoha in order to protect his little brother*
  • Sasuke: *Goes away from Konoha in order to protect his daughter*
  • -
  • Itachi: ...
  • Itachi: ...
  • Itachi: For the love of god Sasuke, stop copying me.
  • Sakura: *Does the forehead poke*
  • Itachi: Not you too.
So sort of a story time

It was the middle of the day and Red had been up with his little bro all day and Paps was finally in bed for a nap. Therefore Red just passed out on the couch. He doesn’t have the energy to chase after paps so much,

Tiny little Pap woke up from his nap to find his brother asleep, nothin unusual he’ll just wait for him to wake up.

5 minutes passed then 15 then 30 until one hour had passed. 

Pap was REALLY bored so he decided he wanted to play doctor. He grabbed his little bag and went to wake up his brother.

“Sans I want to doctor you!” 

His brother groans and rolls over,”I’m just sleepin Pap. I don’t need a doctor, so go play outside.” 

Pap does what he is told and goes outside.

Grabs a stick.

Walks back inside.



Determination is written on the younger skeletons face as he looks his bro in the sockets and asks

“Do you need a doctor now?”

That’s probably how Boss was on a daily basis as a babybones.