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(its 3am and I can't think straight but if it didn't send, basically) you and Kurt have twins, the cutest and sweetest little blueberries (just like their father) with blue skin the same elf like ears spade tipped tail and most adorable smiles, only with your eye color and 4 fingers instead, the twins are a boy and a girl, your son is the most polite little bookworm whereas your daughter prefers jokes and silly pranks, they don't understand & are confused not everyone speaks 2-3 languages either

Kurt also loves teaching his children different acrobat moves he preformed in the circus, both of them are very good at it too, though his son prefers books and flowers to it. Your daughter says she will be the next Amazing Nightcrawler! or Fantastic Nightpouncer, she hasn’t decided. One day while practicing with Kurt your daughter slips, falling from high above and Kurt quickly bamfs to catch her but she’s already poofed away before he got there!  she can bamf! and she spends the rest of the day giggleing and bamfing around everywhere showing off her newfound talent. one of her first orders of business was poofing around to find Jean’s daughter and kissing her on the cheek before disappearing in a cloud of smoke. also, your little boy loves picking flowers and shyly handing them to Warren’s boy, a fuschia like tint to his cheeks before racing off to hide behind a tree and grinning widely to himself.  Kurt’s so happy to find his twins out in the garden one day, his little girl trying to teach her brother how to teleport, even though he hasn’t gotten the hang of any of that yet. and think of a few years later, Warren’s sun soaring through the air (not high up and with Warren watching) and Kurt’s son bamfing around him as he flies and playing tag together.

i’m fuckin g crying this is so adorable i’m about to explode


Torendi Kitchen (Restaurant)

Download .7z

From high above the Fashion District Torendi Kitchen serves up the finest experimental cuisine in San Myshuno.

A restaurant for The Sims 4. Four bathrooms, a bar, two chef stations, indoor and outdoor seating, a kareoke machine, two bubble machines, a dancefloor, and a pool. Lot traits: chef’s kitchen, party place, romantic aura. §156590 on a 40x30 lot.

CC free. Contains resized objects and objects placed with the moveobjects cheat.

Requires the following packs or expansions:
Outdoor Retreat | Get To Work | Perfect Patio Stuff | Spa Day | Cool Kitchen Stuff | Get Together | Movie Hangout Stuff | Romantic Garden Stuff | Dine Out | Kids Room Stuff | Backyard Stuff | City Living


Summary: Lena has a thing for Kara in glasses. Kara notices.

Kara doesn’t need to wear her glasses at home.

She knows this. In the comfort and safety of the apartment, there was no need for her to conceal her identity, and from this high above the city, the buzz of the streets below were rarely enough to bother her even without the lead-lined spectacles.

Yet, sometimes she still did.

Maybe it was because they brought her some small comfort, gave her fidgeting fingers something to adjust whenever her anxiety got the better of her.

Maybe it was because wearing them meant being able to relax a bit, not having to stay alert for robberies or shootings or fires from midair as she often did.

Or maybe, just maybe, it was because she’d noticed Lena’s…affinity for them.

It wasn’t spoken, per se. It was conveyed in the way Lena would find ways to be in near-constant contact with her, the way her heart fluttered slightly when she first noticed that Kara was wearing them. It was barely-there lip bites and the soft, not-quite-innocent press of lips against her jaw. It was neck massages that weren’t asked for (but still readily accepted) and heated glances and the way that Lena would ultimately find herself straddling Kara’s lap before too long.

To be honest, Lena’s “thing” for her glasses had become borderline pavlovian. Almost consistently, the days on which Kara would slip the frames on in the morning would end with both women spent and slightly sweaty, curled up together in the sheets of their bed.

Today was one such day. It’d been a long week for both of them. Lena had had back-to-back meetings, conference calls, and press conferences almost every day, her feet not crossing the apartment floor until well after midnight each night. Kara, too, had her fair share of irritations over the past few days; between Snapper’s harsh comments and several grueling brawls as Supergirl - the most recent of which nearly caused her to blow out her powers - the stress of the week had eaten away at her sunny disposition, dimming her typically radiant light.

But not today. Lena had taken the weekend off and Alex had insisted that Kara take the weekend off to recuperate, so by the time that Lena strolled out of their bedroom around eleven in heather grey Calvin Kleins and an off-white sweater, she found the Kryptonian curled up in a chair by the long panel windows, a campy scifi novel in hand and glasses perched upon the bridge of her nose.

Lena didn’t want to distract her, for now. She just allowed herself a minute or two of comfortable silence while gazing upon her girlfriend, a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth contentedly. Sitting there, in boyshorts an oversized L-Corp tee from one of Lena’s marketing events a few weeks prior, her legs tucked up text to her in the comfort of the plush recliner, she looked so…Kara.

She emerged from the kitchen a short while later, feather-light pancakes piled high on a large, white plate for Kara and coffee, more cream than anything, in a heavy blue ceramic mug for herself. The clatter of the plate against the coffee table startled Kara, who jumped slightly in her seat, causing Lena to chuckle softly. After gathering herself, Kara smiled warmly at Lena and moved to sit on the large black couch beside her. As Kara ate, glasses still on, her girlfriend - her fiancé, after last night’s dinner - snuggled in beside her, leg pressed against hers and one hand resting innocently on Kara’s bare thigh.

The Kryptonian smiled to herself, knowing where this would lead. Adjusting her glasses, she forked the last of the pancakes, moaning softly as the taste of maple hit her tongue once again.

“Baby, those were delicious,” she said, turning to smile at the CEO tucked securely against her side. Kara smirked, almost imperceptibly, as a plan hatched in her mind.

Swiping her fingertip across the final few droplets of the sweet, sticky syrup, she grinned innocently at the woman beside her, her eyes poorly disguising the desire that threatened to blow her pupils wide. “Here,” she said, bringing her finger to Lena’s lips. “Try some.”

Lena’s gaze was heavy and hot as it locked with Kara’s own, eyes unmoving as the finger slipped between plush lips, the CEO’s tongue swirling around the hero’s fingertip softly. She released the finger gently as green eyes fluttered closed before meeting bright blue ones once again, her token smirk playing on her lips.


A whimper snuck its way out of Kara’s mouth, feeding the growing hunger behind Lena’s eyes. Using her arms as support, she pulled herself up off the couch before settling in the Kryptonian’s lap, one leg on either side of strong thighs.

It wasn’t new to them, this sense of intimacy, but the glint of the rings on their fingers certainly was. Kara thought back to the night before, to the rooftop picnic and soft love songs; to kissing and dancing; to that moment, under the stars, when they looked at each other and felt the world stop spinning; the the one right after when both of them dropped to one knee because of course, of course they would try to propose on the same night, and she smiles.

So when Lena’s fingers carded through her honey-colored hair with a whispered “may I kiss you,” it was all Kara could do to sigh out an “always” before their lips meet.

But a second later, she was giggling against Lena’s mouth. She couldn’t help it, Lena’s fingers had traced the sides of her glasses and confirmed Kara’s budding suspicions about the CEO.

“What’s got you in such a good mood?” Lena asked, her eyebrow cocking up in the way she knew made Kara’s heart skip a beat.

“I’m starting to think you have a thing for me in glasses, Miss Luthor,” the hero teased, trapping her lower lip playfully between her teeth.

“Hey, that’ll be Mrs. Danvers to you soon.” Lena smiled at the thought, caught up in the lovingly playful aura that seemed to surround her beloved. “And besides, what if I do?”

Kara’s hand reached up to cup Lena’s face, thumb brushing softly against her cheek. “I don’t mind, you know. I just don’t understand.” That slightly puzzled, tilt-headed look overtook the blonde, who somehow managed to now look even more like a puppy.

Relaxing her posture a bit, Lena brought her arms to rest upon Kara’s shoulders softly, her head falling to nuzzle into the junction of the honey-haired girl’s neck and shoulder, laying a soft kiss on the skin there.

“I don’t have to share you like this.”

“What do you mean?” Kara asked, brow furrowed. Lena pulled back and pressed a chaste kiss to her lips, one hand moving to gently run through the girl’s hair.

“Without them, when you’re out there as Supergirl, I have to share you with National City, with everyone who relies on you. And I love that, I do. Your heart, your selflessness, is one of the main reasons that I fell for you.

"But when you’re here, away from it all, with those adorable glasses on even though I know you don’t need them…” Lena added, her hand tightening in golden hair and tugging just so, lips pressing hot, open-mouthed kisses to the tan skin of Kara’s neck. “When you’re here, I don’t have to share you.”

She smirks devilishly against the girl’s increasingly warm skin before moving up slightly, nipping at Kara’s ear and whispering. “When you’re here, you’re all mine.”

Kara’s hands flew to Lena’s body, one to her hip and the other on her neck, guiding her towards Kara’s eager lips. When they kissed, it was a clash of lips and teeth and tongues and emotion, a promise and a prayer and a thank you. Warm hands skimmed the hem of Lena’s sweater and tugged lightly before she nodded her permission, their lips separating just enough to allow the garment to slipover Lena’s head and onto the floor.

More skin was revealed as Kara, too, shed her top, leaving the two both very shirtless and increasingly turned on, a tenderness cloaked in heat as lips, teeth, and hands wandered and explored bodies that each knew by heart. Kara kissed and nipped her way down Lena’s neck, her collarbone, her chest until she finally, finally reached her breasts, dipping to capture a pebbled nipple between pillowy lips as the dark haired woman writhed and moaned above her, hands buried deep in Kara’s hair.

“Bed. Now,” Lena managed, and Kara, despite Alex’s orders not to over exert herself, wrapped Lena’s legs around her as she stood and all but ran to the bedroom, her girlfriend’s hot center pressed against ever-rippling abs through the fabric of her underwear.

Kara settled between Lena’s legs after setting her down on the bed, head propped up on a large pillow for more comfort (an unnecessary but tender gesture that hinted at the golden heart that lay within the blonde’s chest, making Lena’s heart flutter even still). Hooking her thumbs under the band of the CEO’s Calvins, Kara looked to Lena with a question in her eyes, one answered by hands in her hair and a half-whimpered plea of “please, Kara.” A second later, the underwear were pulled down ivory legs and discarded somewhere across the room, and Lena felt warm, full lips press a soft, slow kiss to the skin just below her navel.

Warm hands ran gently across Lena’s sides, her stomach, her thighs, her skin heated and flushed as she arched, breathing heavily, black hair splayed across the white satin of the pillowcase. She could feel the tender press of Kara’s lips on her inner thighs, the dulled dig of the corner of her girlfriend’s glasses on the flesh of her leg, before blue eyes peeked out from behind false lenses to meet green, and the press was gone.


Lena nodded quickly, desperately. “Good.” She whined as Kara ran her fingertips dangerously close to her center, seemingly absentmindedly “Please, baby.”

Kara chuckled softly before ducking down and capturing Lena’s now-swollen clit in a soft, languid kiss, and a moan tore its way from the back of the raven-haired girl’s throat. Smiling against Lena’s hot center, slick with her arousal, and Kara gazed up at her fiancé, eyes locking as she set a leisurely pace with her tongue.

The moans creeping out from Lena’s throat increased in pitch and volume as she watched the girl between her legs, glasses still on, drag her skilled tongue up the length of her. Lena’s eyes fluttered shut and she arched, head thrown back against the goose down pillow, as Kara’s name passed her lips amongst a string of expletives.

From the quickening of the CEO’s heart, Kara could tell that she was close, even without Lena’s plea for “oh god, more, Kara, please.”  She threaded her fingers through those of Lena’s free hand - the one not currently tangled in long, blonde hair - and brought the others down just below her mouth.

Lena wasn’t expecting the two fingers that slid into her, and they were met by a strangled cry, her grip tightening in Kara’s hair and where their fingers intertwined, pressed against the mattress at her side. “Kara, oh fuck…”

The Kryptonian’s pace, both of her tongue and hand, picked up, fingers curling just so to brush the spot she knew made Lena fall apart. She hummed low when her actions were met with piercing moans from the woman beneath her, the vibration sending an extra shockwave through Lena’s core that was just enough to push her over the edge with cries of Kara’s name amidst praises and, on occasion, an “I love you.”

So maybe Lena returned the favor by letting a still-bespectacled Kara ride her face shortly thereafter.

And maybe Lena has a thing for Kara in her glasses.

But Kara certainly doesn’t mind.

The Tennis Messiah has returned
And He’s got a message for us:
Once again you buried me too soon
And once again I resurrected.
I may not walk on water like I used to,
But I can still pull a miracle or two.
Multiply the winners,
And turn water into Gatorade.

Stanislas Judas Wawrinka tried his best of five to betray me,
But God Laver was watching
from high above in the stands.
We poor souls had lost faith in him
And had started worshipping other idols -
A sad Scot,
And a skinny Serb.
But after two weeks in the desert,
Our wandering hearts found their way home.
And the God Laver Arena
Was not big enough to show our devotion.

It sure has been a bumpy road,
And the medical time-out between the 4th and the 5th set
Brought back the old doubts.
But, seemingly unconcerned by the pain,
He allayed our fears.
And we all rose to acclaim our hero.
And here we are, in the year 35 A.R….
After Roger!
One step away from fulfilling the prophecy
Of Peter the Apostle Sampras :
The eighteenth Slam you will win
And alone you will stand in glory.

The Self-Appointed Commissioner of Tennis
has a confession to make:
There has been a time where I lost faith.
I thought the baseline slugging festival that tennis had become
Would condemn Roger to the meanders of the Top 20.
But he came to me in my sleep 
‘Be not afraid, for I see the light.
The balls are quicker.
The court is quicker.
And when there is speed, there is hope!’

Now, repeat after me -
Roger is good!
Roger is great!
Roger is GOOD!
Roger is GREAT!

—  John McEnroe on Roger Federer x

Seeing the Dothraki pass through your city wasn’t something unusual. They got what they wanted and stayed a few days before leaving again. This year was a bit different. You had lived here your whole life and those two weren’t something you saw every day.

Long blonde hair and nice clothes, no slaves to be sure but no Dothraki either.T hey looked out of place and you couldn’t help but stare.

On your way home that afternoon you saw the guy from earlier, looking out over the city from high above. He looked interesting and you thought, why not give it a try. Maybe he spoke your language after all.

“Where are you from?” You ask as you walk up beside him and eye him curiously. He gives you a look all over, pondering if it would be worth his time to even talk to you.

“The seven kingdoms.” He finally says after being silent for a while but since you didn’t leave he answered in the end, “What’s beyond these mountains.” He points in the distance and you follow his fingers.

“I don’t know.” You answer truthfully, “I’ve been standing here my whole life, everything I’ve seen twice…but I hardly ever leave this city.” It was true but saying it out loud made you realize how much you longed for a different life, one outside these city walls.

“What’s your name?” He turns towards you for the first time and stares right at you with an intensity that almost makes you shrink back.

“Y/N…” You mumble and look down to the ground.

“Hmm…Y/N.” His fingers move under your chin, forcing you to look up at him, “Would you like to come with me? I’m sure I could find some kind of use for you.”

Your face is heating up at his words, your mouth falling open slightly as you think about his offer. You finally nod and he removes his hand, letting go of your chin.

“We’re leaving at sunrise tomorrow.” He tells you before turning around and walking away.

“How did the night ever get like this?” You ask in awe. You were a few hours away from the city and had stopped to make camp, you could see so many stars out here. Inside you hardly saw any.

You hear Viserys laughing beside you, “You really didn’t leave the city at all, huh?”

“No…I think my heart’s beating faster.”

“Is that so?” He comes over to were you’re standing, his hand lightly brushing your cheek. You bit your lip and look over to him, the blush from earlier appearing again only this time it’s dark and he thankfully can’t see it, “I know a good way to make it beat even faster.”

The Animal Within

Colonel William Stryker looked down from the watch room high above the isolated room below. The man who he could not even describe as fully man roared out and slammed into the twelve foot thick concrete wall. His metal claws slashing at the wall. Looking up he saw as the man stared at him with his lips pulled back into a snarl. “How does he know we are up here, the glass is double sided.” One of the other members of the research base said as he stood beside Stryker. “He doesn’t have to see us he can sense us. Smell us. Hear us… Isn’t that right Wolverine?” He said and smirked when the mutant growled. “We haven’t been able to get him to cooperate. If he doesn’t calm down we will not be able to control him.” Not taking his eyes off of the man Stryker raised his chin, “Then we find him a weakness.”

The small woman screamed and thrashed as the two men dragged her towards the large metal door. “NO! NO! LET ME GO!” She whimpered, but they did nothing to help her. Coming to a stop they held her tightly as another came forward to open the door in front of them. Once the door was opened the two men quickly threw her inside before slamming the door shut behind her. Groaning the female pulled herself up to look around the room she had been thrown in. It was dark and cold. From what she could tell the floor and walls were both made of concrete. Going to stand she heard a low growl and halted her movements. Taking a deep breath she let out a whimper when the strong smell of an alpha male filled her. Looking into the far corner she saw as a figure stepped forward and couldn’t help from letting out a whimper.

Sniffing the air the wolverine gave a growl and moved closer to the Omega female in his cage. She was small, normal for her breed but he could tell she had not had a decent meal in a while, the same as himself. She was dressed in nothing but a hospital gown that ended just above her knees. The thing that got the wolverine’s attention the most was the strong smell of her heat. Holding a low growl he stalked closer to her. He could tell she was trembling and moved to sit in front of her.

Y/n never took her eyes from the nude male, she could easily tell was an alpha and knew better than to test him. She stayed completely still as he moved to sit in front of her. When his hand moved forward she flinched before feeling him run his fingertips across her cheek. Giving a whimper when a wave of her heat came at his touch she lowered her head. Hearing the sound from her the wolverine gripped her chin and forced her to look at him. Meeting his brown eyes she felt tears roll down her cheek.  "No.“ He said in a rough voice. Not sure what he meant her eyes drifted away from his for a second before snapping back when he pulled her to him. 

Grabbing her arms he easily lifted her into his lap. He could feel her shaking with fear. Moving to sniff at her neck she again let out a whimper. She soon stopped when she heard the deep purr in his chest. Smirking he kept purring while he studied her. He could smell the clean scent on her skin telling him she had been bathed recently. Trailing his hands up her arms to her shoulders he went to remove her gown. When she went to push him away he pulled back his lips into a snarl. Gripping the material in his hands he ripped it down the middle and removed it from her body.

Y/n now sat in his lap bare along with him. She felt as more tears fell from her eyes at the embarrassment. "No.” Wolverine said as he saw her crying again. Pulling her close he nuzzled into her neck and licked the skin making her gasp. Humming he ran his nose up to her jaw before placing light kisses on the skin. Holding her chin he made sure she couldn’t pull away from him again. Glancing at her eyes he pushed his lips to her own roughly. It took him no time at all to shove his tongue into her mouth and taste her. She whined into his mouth and felt as he moved his hand from her jaw to the back of her head and neck, holding her to him. Placing her hands on his chest she heard him give a warning growl, to not push him. When she did nothing but rub her hands down to his abdomen he hummed, telling her that was okay. Breaking from her mouth he heard her breath in and moved to lick back down to her neck. Licking and nipping at the thin skin with his sharp teeth. Grabbing handfulls of her ass he carried her over to the matress of the floor in the far corner. Pushing her to lie on her back he followed to hover above her. Animal or not Wolverine was careful not to place much of his heavy form on her. Running his hands up her arms he felt something around her right wrist and snapped his head up to look at it. Seeing a metal chain around her wrist he snarled. Unsheathing one of his claws he saw her try to yet again move away from him.

Her eyes looked back and forth between the metal claw and his eyes. He saw fear in her eyes, more fear than before. Wolverine was an alpha male he wanted his female to fear him enough to obey him but not so much that she feared for her life. Purring to her he slowly moved the claw to her arm holding the limb still when she tried to pull it away. Carefull sliding the blade in between her skin and the chain he looked at her eyes before flicking his wrist upwards. Y/n smiled when the chain fell from her body. Seeing her smile he let out an amused huff and let the claw slide back into his knuckle. He watched as she timidly moved her shaking hand to his hand. Lacing her fingers with his own she rubbed the area where she had seen the claw disappear at. 

Pushing her hand back down to the bed he looked down to make sure she was truely bare beneath him. Seeing nothing but her pale skin he hummed and moved to settle himself between her legs. Y/n could feel his overly large member resting against her stomach and shudered at just how much it was going to hurt when he claimed her. Her thoughts were soon forgoten when she felt him start to lick down her body. “Ahh.” She gasped when he suckled at her nipple biting it a little before doing the same to the other. 

The wolverine continued to explore his new territory. Observing the way she would react to different touches he made. Trailing his fingers between her legs he ran one of the digits over her pink lips. When she flinched away he gave another growl and smacked the side of her thigh. Hearing her cry out he glanced at her face before continuing. Running the finger up and down her slit a few times before pushing forward to feel her wetness cover his fingers. Smiling at how responsive she was to him he placed the tip of his finger at her entrance.

Y/n felt as if her body was on fire, the heat raging now. When he placed his finger at her hot entrance she couldn’t help from whimpering as the need to mate filled her. She was surprised when he removed his finger and kneeled between her thighs. “What is he doing he was supposed to be mating her!” She asked herself. Looking into his eyes she saw amusement. Furrowing her brows she gave a small growl of her own before kicking on his chest making him fall backwards. 

Wolverine clinched his jaw and growled out as he fell to the floor. Glaring back at her he saw her swallow hard as she realized what she had done. Shrinking inward she yelped out when he grabbed her ankle and snatched her to him. Throwing her over his lap he smacked her bare ass cheek making her cry out. This went on for four more times until he threw her back down onto the bed, this time on her stomach. 

Holding down her wrists in one hand he growled into her neck. Moving his free hand down between her legs he spread her slick around and rubbed some on his cock. Placing the tip of his cock at her entrance he held her hip with one hand and her hands with the other. “Beg.” He growled and heard as she whimpered. “BEG!” He command and felt as she let out a shaky breath. “Please…” She whispered “please what?!” He said in a deep voice wanting more “please… claim me.. as yours.” Hearing a purr she felt him lick the side of her cheek. “Mine.” He said before thrusting his hips forward. 

Y/n screamed out as he entered her and tried anything to go away from him. Feeling her try and escape wolverine was quick to bite down into the nape of her neck. His sharp teeth braking the skin he locked his jaw, she wasn’t going anywhere. Feeling his claim over her she whimpered and layed her face flat on the bed, fully submitting to him, her alpha.

The wolverine smiled around her flesh, purring at her acceptance. Pushing in to the hilt he allowed her the time to adjust. When he thought she was ready he pulled out of her before slamming back in making her whimper. Keeping a hard yet slow pace he felt as her body was jolted forward with every thrust of his hips. 

Y/n cried out when he moved his hand from her hip to rub her clit. She screamed and moaned as her body was forced into climax. When the wolverine felt her muscles convulse around his cock he groaned but held his own orgasm off. Letting go of her neck he pulled back to look at her, seeing the blood rolling down her throat from where he had bit her. Pulling out of her he heard as she whined and smirked. Flipping her onto her back he looked at her face to see her eyes lidded. Spreading her legs he looked down at her slightly swollen pussy. Seeing the glistening wetness he growled in arousal. Rubbing his thumb over the swollen bundle of nerves she flinched away and whimpered. Giving her a warning glare he settled himself to lay down. Throwing both of her legs over his shoulders he licked up her slit with the flat of his tongue. “Ahhh.” She cried out. This time when his tongue licked up her slit he slipped it inside of her lips and flicked the tip of his tongue over her clit. He held her to his face while he lapped up the sweet juice coming from her. When her hips would buck away from him he would dig his fingertips into her skin as a warning. Soon she was screaming in another orgasm and spasming. When her legs became limp he looked up to see her eyes fluttering.

With a predatory growl he crawled back up her body. Grabbing her chin he forced her to look at him as he entered her, to make her see who truly owned her. Wolverine smirked as her back arched off the bed and gasp out something incoherent, this is how he wanted her. To be so high on sex that she was lost for words. That all she could think about was her alpha’s cock fucking her. “Mmmm.” He growled when he entered her fully. Pulling his hips back he kept his eyes on her when he snapped back into her. She cried out with every move he made now her pussy so sensitive from the constant attention. She could feel the burning sensation on her inner thighs were his beard had rubbed her raw. When he bit down on the mound of her breast she went to cry out only for her voice to be hoarse. 

Unlatching from her breast he smiled when he felt her licking at his neck and chest, whining for his knot. It turned him on to know that her omega nature was taking over, that she didn’t want but needed to be claimed, to be knotted by him. He knew she was a virgin before him and knew not what her body craved but he was going to teach her. Pushing his lips to hers he forced her to taste herself on his mouth and heard as she gave a feral whine. This whine wasn’t like the ones before this one screamed for him to take her. Feeling the base of his cock grow he thrusted into her as much as possible, forcing the thick bulge into her core. When he felt it lock behind her pelvic bone she screamed out in another orgasm and forced him into his own climax. The wolverine roared out as he filled her with his seed. Rocking his hips into her pelvic bone at a slow pace, working his cum into her womb. When he felt her body finally go limp under him he knew he had completely claimed her, that her body now belonged to him. When he was done he licked up the small amount of blood still leaking from her neck and rolled them over to their sides. He heard as she whimpered out in her sleep and was careful not to pull on her anymore than he had to. The animal in him was satisfied now, he knew he had complete control over her, his female. Feeling her nuzzle into his chest he gave a small smile and layed his head down to sleep.

Above them in the watch tower Stryker smiled. His plan had worked he had given the wolverine a weakness. Now they would begin the experiment…

“ this is so cool!” Gray said as he and his brother watched a group of velocirapters in their exhibit from high above.“Right Zach?” He asked his older brother, who was too busy drooling over a blonde girl taking selfies.

Gray sighed and leaned over the railing a bit more to see a closer look at the dinosaurs, and then.

He slipped.

He let out a scream as he fell over the railing and landed with a thud on the ground. the raptors instantly turned toward him and slowly began to circle the young boy who was shaking in fear. too scared to get up and run, for he had nowhere to go in an enclosed exhibit. he slowly scooted until his back hit a wall.

now he really had nowhere to go

“GRAY!” Zach shouted as he ran down the stairs.

the gates slowly opened as Christian , Owen’s partner was about to get the boy when a young voice shouted.

“ I got it christian!” A girl shouted as she jogged into the enclosure then slowly walked toward Gray and the raptors.

As she did she put her fingers in her mouth and let out a loud whistle. the raptors attention turned to her and no longer on Gray.

“easy guys, this kid isn’t a snack.” she said slowly as she held up her hands to she she meant no harm.This girl was Y/n Grady, Owen grady’s niece, she had come to live with him at a young age due to her parents inability to properly raise a child. he took her in with open arms.

Not only were her and her uncle alike in the fact there both total smart-asses, but also the fact that they both have amazing bonds with the veliciraptors at Jurassic world were she’s a trainee at.

Delta snapped his jaws and she snapped her fingers repeatedly in front of him.

“hey!hey!hey! eyes on me, jaws closed. you know the rules.” she sassed, and oddly enough. the velociraptor behaved, as did the others.

“alright, kid. you’re gonna slowly scooch your way to the open gate to your left, okay?” she spoke calmly, her eyes never leaving the animals in front of her.

Gray swallowed and nodded, slowly scooting along the wall until he reached the gate and christian grabbed his arm and yanked him out.

“ close it now!” she shouted and ran in between the gate doors right before they slammed shut behind her.

she turned to gray and held out her hands and tilted her head to the side. her eyes showing care and worry. “Are you okay kid?” She asked and he nodded as she took his hands and helped him up.

“I’m Y/n .” she said with a smile, “ and you are.”

“Oh, well i’m”

“-GRAY!” Zach shouted as he nearly tackled his brother with a bone crushing hug. “ oh thank God your okay, please don’t tell mom or aunt Claire about this or ill be grounded for life.” he said then heard a giggle and looked up and blushed at the girl in front of them.

she wore a Jurassic world muscle-t , showing off her toned and tanned arms. A simple pair of board shorts her uncle got her, her h/c hair tied up in a pony tail. she had a small smile and beautiful e/c eyes.

“hi, im y/n.” she said, holding out her hand to Zach. which he took in his own and shook her hand.

“I-I’m Zach, and this is.”

“Gray.” his younger brother said, absolutely in awe of the girl and her skill with the raptors. “ thank you for saving me.” he said and she chuckled and ruffled his hair.

“No problem, i couldn’t let such a cute kid like you get eaten now could i?” she said with a smile, causing the little boy to go red.

“ Y/n!” Christian called out. “ i need some help carrying the food over here!” he shouted as he carried the raptors next meal. he really didn’t need help carrying it. he just knew if Owen knew what was going on, he’d blow a fuse.

“ im coming!” she shouted back then turned to the boys. “well i gotta get back to work, but how about later we meet up and hang out? maybe grab a bit to eat? the food here is awesome.” she said and they both blushed and nodded quickly.

“great,” she giggled and grabbed Zach’s arm and began to write down her number, causing him to blush even more.

“call me in like an hour, Kay? see ya later guys!” she called out and walked off. leaving the two brothers in shock of what just happened.

“i’m so breaking up with Brooke.” Zach said, referring to his super clingy girlfriend. Gray looked up at him and scoffed.

“ like you have a chance with her.”


“Get in the car now!” Owen shouted at the two boys to avoid the pterodactyls that were attacking everyone.

“Wait what about that girl!!” Gray said as they buckled up. though they had just met for a little bit, he was worried about her.

“ what girl?” Claire asked as they drove through the crowd as fast as possible.

“ The really hot girl!” Zach said. “ The cute one with freckles who trains dinosaurs!” He said as they both tried to remember her name.

“What a minute, Y/N!!?!?!” Owen shouted, causing them both to nod. “NO.nononononononono.NO.NO.” He said angrily as he glared at them in the rear view mirror. “You stay away from my niece!” He growled as they continued to drive.

“ You have a niece?” Claire asked.

“Long story for another time.” Owen said calmly then slammed on the brakes as a pterodactyl dive bombed the car.

Right as it was about to come in contact with the glass of the car numerous bullets pierced it body and it dropped onto the roof of the car dead.

they all sat in the car, completely shocked to see the savior.

There stood Y/n in front of the car, her eyes wide, hair messy, cloths ripped, with a dangerous looking gun in her hand. her eyes went to the people in the car and saw Owen sitting in the front seat.

“DAD!” she shouted in relief and joy, tears of happiness threatening to leave her eye.  and he ran out of the car and engulfed her in a giant hug.

“Oh thank God you’re okay!” He sighed then grabbed her by her cheeks and pulled her away as he inspected her.

“Are you okay? are you hurt? were you bit? do you need to go to the-”

“I’m fine.” she said seriously.“ i just want to get out of here.” he said and he nodded, pushing her into the car before getting in himself and speeding off.

“ oh good you guys are okay!” she said happily as she pulled both gray and zach into a big hug. both of the boys going bright red at the contact.

But Owen didn’t stop it, he was to busy thinking to himself. not because of the dinosaurs no that wasn’t it. it was because y/n had just called him dad.

He was always like a father to her, but he didn’t think she saw him truly as a father. but now he knew, he couldn’t help the smile that grew on his face as he continued to drive through the crowd.

“Hey black hair keep your hands to yourself and away from my n-daughter.” he growled into the mirror. hey, even though he was in a chaotic situation where they could all potentially die, doesn’t mean he’d be okay with some guy getting all cozy with his darling little y/n.

blood thirsty dinosaurs or not. y/n was his little girl.

Okay so i have been wanting to post this imagine for a long time ive just been really lazy but now i did! and im sorry there are no gifs or pics with it i just really wanted to get this up. 

so please go request any imagines you want and yeah. if my ask isnt working, which i dont know how to fix please help me with that. but if you can ask just reblog something of mine and comment with your request and i will find it. :) i belive thats all for now so byee!!!
fell down from the atmosphere (so i could whisper in your ear, so long) - chapter 5 - tinyvariations - Supergirl (TV 2015) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

In a National City plagued by rising hostilities and random acts of violence, Supergirl does what she always does - she saves the day. But this time the price is too high. Her body slack, lifeless, she plummets to the ground as the horrified citizenry looks on. Lena Luthor witnesses the fall from her office high above downtown.

Only it’s much, much worse for her. Why, you ask?

Because she’s dating Kara Danvers, and she’s only just realized what all that entails.

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Our thighs could crush bones.
We have abs of stone
And calves of steel.
Our arms can lift 80 pound hay bales
And we could knock someone out with a kick.
We fall 7ft to the ground.
We jump towering objects
On animals that weigh 10x more than we do with minds of their own.
We slide, spin, pirouette, run, jump, and reach the sky from high above the ground.
We ride through storms with a smile on our face and rain in our boots.
Our ambition is fierce
Our competition is long
Our hearts belong to half ton beasts.
Our souls are tied to whinnies and hoofbeats on pavement.
Our shirts smell like horse sweat.
We’ve got hay in strange places
And dirt on our faces.
Our teammates can’t speak our language
So we know how to listen to words that can’t be spoken.
We get kicked and bitten.
We get thrown from the air.
We’ve flown and we’ve fallen
We’ve won and we’ve lost.
Our best teachers have hooves
And our classrooms have dust.
We risk our lives every day
When we sit atop the animals that are our best friends.
Our mentors.
Or co-workers
Our families.
Life is about horse hair on our clothes and peppermints in our pockets.
Failure comes daily
But we learn from it all.
Because we know we are equestrians
And we

Alphabet Game

tagged by @butteredonions and @rangergirl3 so I guess I should do it, haha.

A - age: 33. The age both Jesus and Alexander the Great died. But I’m doing fine!

b - either centipedes or failure: I’m okay with centipedes. I’m the girl who can kill spiders with a flip-flop while all the other girls are yelling and running. One time a spider fell on the open Bible in my lap in church (from the high, high ceiling above, no idea how it got there), and I just brushed off on the floor. If it had landed on one of the girls on either side of me there would have been screaming in the middle of the sermon.

c - current time: 8:13 pm.

d - drink I last had: Orange Zevia

e - every day starts with: Open my eyes, check my email for comments on AO3. Yes, I am pathetic.

f - favorite song: uhhhhh. It changes often. Don’t really have one right now. Most recent favorite song that I listened to over and over and over was Glitter and Gold by Barns Courtney.

g - ghosts. Are they real?: I believe in the spirit and the soul. Don’t necessarily believe that they hang around on Earth.

h - hometown: Small town in Amish country.

i - in love with: Lance “Sharpshooter” Blue Lion. Yes, that’s his full name.

j - jealous of: Nothing, really. My life is good. Maybe lottery winners. I would just stay home and write all day.

k - killed someone: Do spiders count? Not a person, but I’ve definitely caused death in the animal kingdom.

l - last time I cried: From something that wasn’t a TV show, movie, or fic? Someone sent me a very sincere, heartfelt message about how the Boom Crash series encouraged them to fight their depression and get the therapy they needed. That is just…beyond amazing. I’m so blessed to be able to have that effect on people.

m - middle name: Beth. Same middle name as my mom and maternal grandma. Right now it doesn’t look like kids are in the cards for me, though, so the tradition is probably gonna stop here.

n - number of siblings: Seven, all younger! I love ‘em to death.

o - one wish: For people to listen to each other and escape the daily propaganda.

p - person you last called/texted: My younger brother, asking him to pick up sugar-free chocolate bars for me at Trader Joe’s. There’s no Trader Joe’s in my city, but there is one where he lives, so I asked him to stop for me next time he came home to visit. He’s home now. :)

q - questions you’re always asked: It’s surprising how often people ask me how much weight I’ve lost.


s - song last sang: I usually come in the door singing whatever was on the radio on my drive home. I forget what it was this time.

t - time I woke up: It’s Saturday, so nine-ish.

u - underwear color: Gray today.

v - vacation destination: Can’t think of one. I like to stay at home and play around. I want to go back to Washington DC though and visit all the Smithsonians, since the one time I went I only time for the Air and Space Musuem. (Which was amazing, btw, highly recommend. I spent a lot of time thinking about Shiro though.)

w - worst habit: I’m thirty-three and I still bite my fingernails.

x - x-rays you’ve had: When I was a teenager I started having a sharp pain in my ribcage that we thought might be a gallbladder problem, since several relatives had theirs out. I did the thing where I drank a solution to let them trace things in my body and they took an x-ray. It was a bruised rib from my brother throwing an apple at me.

y - your favorite food: I love love LOVE stuffing jalapenos with cream cheese, cheddar and a little hot sauce, then putting a par-cooked piece of bacon on top and baking them in the oven. Low carb jalapeno poppers without breading or deep frying. I have some jalapenos in the fridge right now. I make it at least once a week.

z - zodiac sign: Cancer.

Not tagging anyone, but feel free if you want to!

Hairspray Lyric Meme
  • "Woke up today feeling the way I always do."
  • "The rhythm of town starts calling me down."
  • "It's like a message from high above."
  • "Every night is a fantasy."
  • "Someone invite me before I drop dead."
  • "My ma tells me no, but my feet tell me go."
  • "Don't make me wait one more moment for my life to start."
  • "You'll never see them frown cause they're the nicest kids in town."
  • "You better come on down and meet the nicest kids in town."
  • "Stop telling me what to do."
  • "Don't treat me like a child of two."
  • "I'm a big girl now."
  • "Once upon a time, I used to play with toys. Now I'd rather play around with teenage boys."
  • "If I get a hickey, please don't have a cow."
  • "Let me hit that stage, I wanna take my bow."
  • "Once upon a time, I used to dress up Ken. Now that I'm a woman, I like bigger men."
  • "You always taught me what was right from wrong. Now I just wanna give it a try."
  • "Someday I will meet a man you won't condemn."
  • "Let me be a star before I take that vow."
  • "Can'tcha hear my heartbeat keeping perfect time?"
  • "I can hear the bells. My head is spinning."
  • "Everybody says that a girl who looks like me can't win his love."
  • "I can't contain my joy cause I finally found the boy I've been missing."
  • "Much to your surprise, this heavyweight champion takes the prize."
  • "Everybody says that a guy who's such a gem won't look my way."
  • "I can hear the bells. My head is reeling."
  • "Everybody wars that he won't like what he'll see but I know that he'll look inside of me."
  • "The girls either blind or completely deranged."
  • "First impressions can be tough."
  • "If your size wasn't enough, your last answer just blew it!"
  • "They say it's a man's world. Well, that cannot be denied."
  • "What goods a man's world without a woman by his side?"
  • "It takes two, baby."
  • "A king ain't a king without the power behind the throne."
  • "A prince is a pauper without a chick to call his own."
  • "I don't wanna ride alone."
  • "I'm you're King and you're my Queen."
  • "I dream of a lover to say the things I long to hear."
  • "Tell me you're my girl and I'm you're boy."
  • "I'll be the groom if you'll be the bride."
  • "I know something's in you that you wanna set free."
  • "Let go of the past now."
  • "Say hello to the love in your heart."
  • "You gotta get yourself a brand new start."
  • "It's been years since someone asked me to dance."
  • "Say hello to the light in your eyes."
  • "You gotta run the race to win the prize."
  • "Welcome to the rhythm of a brand new day."
  • "Take your old-fashioned fears and just throw them away."
  • "It's time for a star who looks just like you."
  • "Don'tcha let nobody try to steal your fun."
  • "A little touch of lipstick never hurt no one."
  • "The futures got a million roads for you to choose."
  • "Where is there a team that's half as fabulous?"
  • "I can't see why people look at me and only see the color of my face."
  • "The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice."
  • "The darker the chocolate, the richer the taste."
  • "Now run and tell that."
  • "I can't see why people disagree each time I tell them what I know is true."
  • "If you come and see the world I'm from I bet your heart is gonna feel it too."
  • "I'm tired of covering up all my pride."
  • "We got a spirit money just can't buy."
  • "The time is now."
  • "All things are equal when it comes to love."
  • "You gotta love yourself from inside out."
  • "I offer big love with no apology."
  • "How can I deny the world the most of me?"
  • "I am not afraid to throw my weight around."
  • "I'm big, blonde, and beautiful."
  • "There is nothing about me that's unsuitable."
  • "No one wants a meal that only offers the least."
  • "I need a man who bring a man-sized....appetite."
  • "I will join the fight if I can keep up this pace."
  • "Tomorrow, side by side, we'll show the world what's right."
  • "Can't ya hear that rumbling? That's our hunger to be free."
  • "How'd I get in this slammer?"
  • "Think of me as a mother. One who eats her young."
  • "Lady justice, where have you gone?"
  • "My heart has grown but it's broken too."
  • "You are timeless to me."
  • "Time cannot take what comes free."
  • "When I need a lift, time brings a gift. Another day with you."
  • "We can toast the fact we ain't dead yet."
  • "It's plain to see that you're stuck with me until the bitter end."
  • "You made me the man I am today."
  • "I'm in love with you no matter what you weigh."
  • "Without love, life is like the seasons with no summer."
  • "Without love, life is rock 'n roll without a drummer."
  • "Stardom came to me but I was still a nobody."
  • "I'll be yours forever cause I never wanna be without love."
  • "Without love, life is like a beat that you can't follow."
  • "There's a light in the darkness."
  • "I pray the answers up ahead cause I know where I've been."
  • "There's a road we've been travelling, lost so many on the way."
  • "The riches will be plenty worth the price we had to pay."
  • "There's pride in my heart cause I know where I'm going and I know where I've been."
  • "Use that pride in our hearts to lift us up to tomorrow."
  • "Just to sit still would be a sin."
  • "What gives a girl power and punch?"
  • "The only thing better than hairspray? That's me."
  • "With her help, they may destroy the human race."
  • "She's got cooties."
  • "You can't stop an avalanche as it races down the hill."
  • "My hearts keeping time to the speed of sound."
  • "I was lost til I heard the drums, then I found my way."
  • "You can try and stop the hand of time, but you know it just can't be."
  • "They can try to stop the paradise we're dreaming of."
  • "You can't stop my happiness cause I like the way I am."
  • "If you don't like the way I look, well I just don't give a damn."
  • "Step aside, Miss Buttercup, it's time to wrap this mutha up."
  • "You can't stop today as it comes speeding down the tracks."
  • "Yesterday is history and it's never coming back."
Swamp Encounter

When you’re waist-deep in brackish water it’s hard to be interested in anything.

  1. A tree slowly tips over.
  2. Large bubbles erupt from the surface of the water.
  3. Small apes pursue you from the treetops high above.
  4. Yellow smoke hangs over the water.
  5. Splashing can be heard from some distance away.
  6. Some small crocodilians float nearby, but seem disinterested.
  7. A large antlered animal is grazing knee deep in water.
  8. Gnats are moving around in great clouds
  9. A big cloud of dragonflies are wheeling about, chasing one other.
  10. A giant water beetle bites someone on the foot.
  11. Fog creeps up from the water’s surface.
  12. A screech owl screams somewhere high above.

“I found that the real life of NYC can best be captured by pointing the lens straight down from high above. From above, you feel the energy and flow of the city—he constant stream of yellow taxis lining the avenues, the waves of pedestrians hurriedly crossing at the change of traffic signals, little figures disappearing into the subway stations, the chorus of honking horns and sirens. The feeling of a city from above completely changes from daytime through twilight and into darkness.

Photograph by Navid Baraty, National Geographic Your Shot



Prince Nuada.

He was an imposing force to be reckoned with, that was for certain the longer he had VACATIONED here in Asgard. Odin had recruited Nuada as a ally to spark intimidation or FEAR into the hearts of accumulating enemies. The man had REDEEMING qualities, impressive as they were admirable. All troops, including Thor, had spoken to the unearthly man who spent the good majority of his time here training or conversing with the lingering civilians.

Loki had tried to put his finger on what creature the prince had reminded him off, but no man, or otherwise had fit the description of the snow white skin, slight blemishes of imperfections, nothing too noticeable or attention-grabbing worthy. Most had been mended from a fleeting healing spell, he assumed. Silken, golden mane that had fallen almost to the small of his backside, eyes matching the same color with OMNIOUS stares and gleams.

                For once, the sorcerer felt he was in TIE with his Jotun form.

He continued watching Nuada from his place high above a tree branch, one, long leg dangling gracefully as the Princes’ training movements had sliced through the air with its deadly appeal.

“Make sure to look behind you.” He commented casually, inclining his lithe form back against his branch, a grin cresting slim lips. “It would be a TRAGEDY for you to leave as fast as you have arrived here.”

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Gif by Mod Yuki


A Visit to the European Southern Observatory (26 photos)

High in northern Chile’s Atacama Desert, the European Southern Observatory (ESO) has built several collections of telescopes and observatories on remote, arid mountaintops. The locations are ideal for ground-based astronomy – far from city lights, high above sea level, with more than 350 cloudless days a year. The ESO is an intergovernmental research organization with 15 member states, founded in 1962. It has been making observations from the southern hemisphere since 1966, and continues to expand its facilities to this day. The sites are La Silla, which hosts the New Technology Telescope (NTT); Paranal, home to the Very Large Telescope (VLT); and Llano de Chajnantor, which hosts the APEX submillimeter telescope and the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA). Construction on the newest project in Chile’s desert—the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT), a 40-meter-class telescope—began in 2014. The E-ELT is scheduled to come online in  2024. Here are some recent images of the ESO’s observatories, the surrounding landscape, and a few of the astronomical images they’ve taken.

External image
The entire arc of the Milky Way, full of gas, dust, star clusters and emission nebulae, makes a luminous background for the ESO-operated Very Large Telescope (VLT). The VLT is based at the Cerro Paranal site in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile, and it houses four 8.2-meter Unit Telescopes known as Antu, Kueyen, Melipal and Yepun, shown here lined up in front of a stunning starry backdrop. (Miguel Claro / ESO)
External image

Do not go to the Ironwood tree,

To the graves of gods of old,

Eat not the fruit of the Ironwood tree,

Whose leaves run red with blood.

Do not linger at the Ironwood tree,

For its shade holds only sorrow,

Wolves prowl ‘round the Ironwood tree,

And their eyes are hollow.

The moon once loved the Ironwood tree,

Watched from high above,

But the moon has lost the Ironwood tree

Whose leaves run red with blood.

Shadows grow long at the Ironwood tree,

Deep in the Eastern gloom,

Branches like jaws ring the Ironwood tree,

And slaver at the moon.

Take what you must from the Ironwood tree,

Carve your hate from living wood,

Kill with the might of the Ironwood tree,

Whose leaves run red with blood.

For the Ironwood tree loves glory,

But in turn it demands death,

And under the boughs of the Ironwood tree,

The dead are kept from rest.

Nine lords stole from the Ironwood tree,

Nine vows they swore in blood,

Nine wolves now prowl ‘neath the Ironwood tree,

Whose leaves run red with blood.

- “The Ironwood Tree” // Anonymous