from high above

You are messy hair and shy smiles,
deep voice and drunk nights alone,
silenced thoughts and rushed words,
blurry lines and my new favourite song.

You are a satellite image of a city from high up above,
vast, but oh so beautiful.

You are made of starry winter skies and warm jumpers,
homemade candles and fairy lights,
unfinished art projects and splattered paint.

You are false hope, envy, blissful ignorance,
her love and not mine.
You are warmth and sunlight in a dark room,
laughter and butterflies in the pit of my stomach.

I think I’m in love with you.
Hope that’s okay.

—  carlinrose 

Guarding the sky is a three-woman job. 

Date a demonic entity who hides in the shadows, his glowing cat like eyes the only way to know he is there watching you. He keeps watch from high above on roof tops or in your very shadow to ensure you’re safe when you go anywhere alone. Date the demon whom even when revealing his true form to you, feels loved and un-feared.


Volcanic Autumn.
Photography by © (Alex Noriega). Washington’s 14,411-foot Mount Rainier, seen from high above Tipsoo Lake during a foggy autumn sunrise.
One in Every 137 Teenagers Would Identify as Transgender, Report Says
A study based on state and federal data estimates that nearly 150,000 American teenagers from 13 to 17 would say they were transgender if asked.
By Niraj Chokshi

The New York Times reports that 1 in every 137 teenagers would identify as transgender, data gathered by the respected Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law.

[access the NYT article linked for specifics into how the Williams Institute arrived at this estimation]

Think of it this way: in the densest jungle, only 1% of sunlight ever reaches the forest floor.
The forest floor is home to some of the most beloved animals in the world, from tigers to elephants to gorillas and more. Along the base of a tree, a fern’s fronds elongate toward the small trickle of light, dripping with fresh dew. Army ants – the world’s most dangerous – cross the expanses with hungry voracity. Mushrooms recycle nutrients from the rich soil. High above, birds of paradise sing.

With 1% of sunlight, the forest floor has created one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world.

1 in 137 young people is a significant number.

And if you’re trans and feel alone, know you are not. Our LGBTQ community spans across the entirety of the world we share.

A Trade

The stars were starting to peek above the treetops as you ran. That was your mistake. 1.) running, and 2.) running at night. Especially tonight. Rings warned you against going out after dark, and yet, here you are. You don’t disobey Rings, no matter how strange her advice may sound. She Knows things. The Gentry were especially active under the inky black of a moonless night for whatever reason, and you are ultimately screwed. Something is moving just behind you, shifting in the shadows and slithering along rooftops, always in the corner of your eye, always out of sight. You feel for the washer at your neck, the one you got your first day at Elsewhere U, and it’s gone. No cold, hard, iron to protect you. How foolish. The Gentry will find you an especially pleasing snack; no pesky protections to thwart. But you keep running, trying to stay ahead of the living shadow on your heels. Needless to say, you’re too slow. A tall, lanky creature steps across your path, wrapping long, cold fingers around your jaw. A twitch of a muscle, and your feet no longer rest on the ground, held aloft by the ice cold grip around much of your neck and head. A smile gleams from high above you, teeth shining too bright to be reflecting starlight. You didn’t run fast enough.

And yet…. there’s something else. Something more than just a fool and the Gentry who caught a snack, something else hiding in the shadows. It feels… stronger, more powerful, than any fairfolk you’ve ever seen. A chill runs up your spine at the thought. What could it be? 

He steps out from a little alcove in the side of the science wing building. 

The faint light from the stars plays through his hair, which looks more like down feathers than actual hair. His face is a galaxy of freckles and scars, and amidst the chaos, two glowing golden orbs where his eyes should be. Pointy ears poke out from his not-hair, and a handmade, pink and red striped turtleneck bunches around his neck. You’ve seen this boy before, on campus. He never gives a name, just lets others choose what to call him. You’ve heard him called Stripes, Specks, and Goldie, but the general name most have given him is Sparrow. Somehow, it suits his bird - like features.


A simple address, and yet, the Fae that still holds you up in the air keeps adjusting its fingers, almost like a naughty student squirming under the gaze of an angry teacher. 

“I see you’ve found a little trinket?”

The Fae hisses something at Sparrow in its tounge. He smiles.

“You wont get much meat from that one. You’ve scared them too much.”

The Fae grumbles. Or, the Fae equivalent of a grumble echoes into your bones.

“Take me instead.“ Not an offer, a command.  

"I could teach you things.”

At this, the fingers curled around your throat suddenly pulse with an intense heat. It almost purrs in response, a wary, yet eager sound.

“Put the mortal down, then we can negotiate.”

The fingers around your neck loosen, and the ground flies up to kiss your cheek. 

“I meant set them on the ground, not drop them. They can be damaged, you know.”

Another grumble.

“So, what do you say?” Even in the dim light, I could see the not-quite-human smile of the not-quite-human boy shining as if it were midday. A slight movement, an offering of a deal.

The Gentry swooped forward, extending its too-long fingers eagerly to grab the boy’s outstretched hand.

“Just you? Okay then, I assume we’ll be discussing details…..elsewhere…” another smile, this one at his own shitty pun.

He looks over at you, and motions with his other hand to carry on, as this no longer concerns you. The gold in his eyes swirls and throbs with a power you’ve never seen, nor want to see ever again. A vow is given in those eyes, one of silence, and protection.

The last thing you remember before waking up in your bed the next morning is an explosion of color and sound as a pair of massive, tawny sparrow’s wings enveloped both the boy and the Fae in a flurry of feathers and pure light, and a carefree, not-quite human laugh ringing through the courtyard.

You haven’t seen the not-boy recently, but you now wear a gold washer emblazoned with a feather around your neck. You don’t know how it got there, but the Gentry seem to respect that more than they ever respected your iron washer.

I guess you know why he’s called Sparrow, now.

((This is my first ever writing submission to anything, so I hope you enjoy the read! I used a character of mine that I just thought would fit really well into this universe, and also using a pre-imagined character makes writing a little easier, so I kinda used that as a crutch? Idk, this was fun, and I am now all the more sleep deprived for it!))


Something more than smut, smut. S/C

I don’t know what this is. I wrote it last night after listening to some mellow tunes & a sipping a little alcohol, (who am I kidding. A lot). I don’t know if it’s a fic, or I pulled up a lawn chair and parked my ass in Heughan’s brain, jotting down his thoughts in my little composition book.

It will be posted on AO3 as well,( ) as soon as I get around to eating breakfast first (stupid clock change).

Just a Thought 

It’s like an out of body experience, making love to Caitriona. The way her eyes squeeze shut when I enter her. Or the low arch of her back, as her body begs for more, but can hardly handle the heightened sensations she’s already feeling. The barely-there sweat that dampens her brow or the crease that taints her forehead in concentration.

I live for all these little moments. They somehow seem to stop time, carry on forever, and yet, when they’re over, it’s like they never existed. A dream, that quickly fades in the morning light.

She awoke first this morning, or her body did, needing its fix. Consciousness be damned. I stirred as I felt a hip fall across my waist, then wet heat against my groin, grinding shallowly, as if intoxicated. We use each other’s’ bodies shamelessly and without question. Each granted unequivocal access. I lay still, allowing her to do as she pleases. As her body needs.

Caitriona finds completion against me, with barely an audible sound, and nothing more than a tightened grip to my side to expose her dirty little secret. That is, until I feel the wetness grow, my wiry hair no longer damp, but drenched in her sex. The smell fills the room, and intoxicates my senses.

I’m not here and not there, but somewhere in between, as my body lulls me to complete the necessary, filthy deed of self-indulgence. A necessary execution, if you’re to believe what human nature has taught us. I turn over, yielding to instinct, and acquiesce to my body’s demand.

I float outside my body when I enter her. Her slippery heat, tight as a vice. But still, it pulls me in, envelops me, welcomes me with wet kisses that sheath my manhood. I feel as though I’m in another world, watching myself make love to her. Like I’m in heaven, reliving the most beautiful moments of my life. She’s in them all.

I can feel each sensation, as I watch us from high above. The grip of her thighs around my waist as she pulls her legs up tighter around me. I can see the marks that traverse from my shoulder blades to my buttocks, as she scrapes her nails along my body.

I feel her womb with each thrust, longing to bury my whole being inside her. Curl up inside and never leave. I am a part of her and she of me.

Her head pulls back against the pillow, exposing her naked neck. I want to sink my teeth into her flesh. Drink her down. I want her to be a part of every part of me. I settle for a gentle lapping of her silky skin. The salty sweat tickles my tongue and my lips begin to suck. I pull her skin taught, sucking hard, and in some far-off land, I can hear her soft whimpers, they break my heart, but make me harder.

I’m like steel inside her. Nothing could bend or break me. I want to plant my seed inside her. I want to see her grow with our child. I want her death-grip on my hand as she gives life to our union. To the perfect blend of her and me. And then I want to do it all over again. I want to feed from her. I want her warm milk to flood my mouth the way I flood hers when she takes me between her lips.

I want to protect her and hold her close. I want to demand she never leave and do only as I wish. Make soft sweet love to her, while cooing with endearments, and then fuck her into oblivion. Make her accept every repulsive thought that has ever hitch-hiked through my mind. I want to command total and utter obedience.

I want her to hold me close to her breast, as I weep of fears, uncertainty, and sorrow. I want her to beat my chest in anger and drag me to my knees, begging her forgiveness. I want to feel her butterfly kisses speckle across my cheeks and eyelids and I want her to squeeze my testicles in possession, showing the world to whom I belong.

My body is on fire next to hers. We ignite a flame that never fizzles, only burns to a slow ember after completion, before bursting, like roman candles, full of fire and light, inside us once more.

The sweat of exertion pools around my lower back. I can feel her fingers dip into it on her path to my rounded cheeks, clawing at my skin. I struggle to keep my eyes open, my own pleasure taking hold. To watch her, would be almost too much to bear. To see her face in the throes of passion is an aphrodisiac all on its own.

I can feel my testicles, full and heavy against her skin, tighten. It’s an electric pleasure, as sparks shoot through my lower body. She meets my thrusts with a rise of her ass, slapping skin on skin. Skin in skin.

Her body is an amusement park. Each ride more thrilling than the last. A roller-coaster of screaming pleasure and fun. Her body is like a temple, to be kept secret. Worship and praise in silence, while you commit your body and soul to her.

My hands caress her body, folding under her ass to bring her closer. I take a nipple between my teeth, biting sharply, biting softly. I pull as much of her breast as I can, into my mouth. The swell of it, too much to take in completely. But they are mine. No other man will have them. No other man will have her. No other woman could touch me. No other woman dare blemish my body with theirs. I am hers. She is mine.

I feel the erotic pain rise within my body, from my toes to my fingertips, and every bit in between. I arch myself, my pelvic bone grating across her most delicious of buttons to push, eager to be swept into the abyss together.

Her fingers dig possessively into my buttocks as her legs tighten around me. She is close, she is with me. I let the flood-gates open, willing the tidal wave to rush forth and carry off into her body. I hang on tight, desperate to not float away. She hangs on tight, desperate to not fall away. We disappear into oblivion as one. One body. One mind. One thought.

All I can feel is wet. My skin. Hers. Our connected bodies. I sink back down into my body and feel my weight heavy against her form. I shift, but not enough to break free.  I cannot bear to part so soon. It’s always too soon. But lives to lead. Work to attend. Money to earn and bathroom breaks in between.

When we finally do part, nature proving its dominance over us once more, there’s a brief mournful moment. That small sliver of time, like a raindrop into a day-old puddle, distorting the peace, shakes you up. Up, until you can curl yourself into her body once more.

She always caresses me afterward. I never do. It’s a Caitriona thing, and I love her more for it. Her hand gently passes over my cheek and jaw. She mourns my loss too, I know. Mourns the fullness I give her, the hollowness of her body like an echo in a cavernous room. Vacant.

I let her stroke me and I hold on. That’s my thing. Holding on. Onto her. Desperate for her heat to warm my cooling body. Desperate for the love I know she gives unsolicited. I feel an intake of breath below my ear and I await the soft sound of her voice, eager to hear her words, but averse to breaking the silence.

“Do you know what you do to me?”

I say not but a word. For my eyes are her mirror. I see all of her, and all of me within her.

Yes. I know. For you do the same to me.

The Perfect Partner | Jimin

Pairing: Jimin x Reader 

Word Count: 1715

Summary: You needed a dance partner. Kim Taehyung knew the right guy for you. And that guy was Park Jimin.

Originally posted by btsgifdump

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In the category of ‘things I forgot I had’: pictures of me in Nightwish’s old recording studio, holding the mic used for the vocals of Once.

(conversation leading up to this moment:
P: Here, do you want to hold it?
Me: Oh my god no, I’m going to break it
P: *handing it to me* You’re not going to break it, it’s already broken
Me: Nonono, I’m going to break it more
P: …Just take it)

Starry, starry night

Kuroo Tetsurou X Reader

If y'all don’t know me well, you should know that I’m slightly biased when it comes to the love of my life, Kuroo Tetsurou. So here’s a fluffy reader-insert fic for him. I had a lot of fun writing this and I had so many emotions surging through me, I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and felt that something was just missing? Maybe your stuffed bunny fell on the floor or maybe your blanket wasn’t covering your legs like how you want it to, whatever it was, it was how Kuroo was feeling. When he tried to pull you closer to him, it dawned on him that you weren’t there. He longed for your presence and your warmth, and he knew where you just were.

On a cold night during winter, when the snowflakes fell gently on the balcony of your shared house, The Captain wrapped his comforter around him and climbed up to the rooftop, bracing the cold weather. The coldness embraced him almost instantly, he breathed out, a white fog followed with it. His fingers felt stiff and his lips started to dry up, but it all disappeared when he saw you.

“Hey sleepyhead,” you greeted softly, aware of the loud bangs Kuroo made whenever he climbed up to keep you accompanied. A warm smiled spread across your face, remembering the first time he climbed up without you noticing, and how loud you screamed when you thought it was a burglar. Turns out it was just him, and now, you grew accustomed to it. Kuroo chuckled and huddled beside you.

You had a comforter cuddled around you and a cup of tea that had gone a little too cold by now. Kuroo shared his comforter with you, making sure you were all warm and cozy.

There was something about nights like these where the both of you don’t talk and just enjoy each other’s company. Like today, and many others, not much words was exchanged either. “You cold?” Kuroo asked, worried. You shook your head and smiled at him. He snaked an arm around your waist and pull you closer towards him, both of you emitting warmth for each to share.

It was 4 am, yet the two of you weren’t asleep like the majority was. Kuroo looked up into the sky, and the stars shined before him, as though as to keep the two of you accompanied too. It was unusually clear this night, unlike before, it was just a bunch of fat clouds clogging up the view, but this night, the stars were sprinkled generously across, and how they shined for you.

You were obviously in awe of the view, taking in everything that was laid out for you. But Kuroo, he was admiring you instead, the art that he was blessed with. He remembers the first time he saw you in this state, so captivated by the beauty of nature and on that day, Kuroo knew that he had truly fallen in love with you.

It could’ve been anything and everything that caught his heart, and he wasn’t going to argue with it. Kuroo always brushed off love like some type of lame joke and had always laughed at everyone that had gotten their heart broken before, till he experienced it himself, with the help of you.  It was your absolute kindness that had him all over you, always so giving and never asking for anything in return, and that’s what made him love you, so much.

He let out a breathy sigh, the snow melted on the comforter that covered the both of you, but you didn’t mind it. Instead, you so intrigued by the sky you haven’t realized that throughout this whole time, while you were embracing nature, Kuroo had been admiring you. That is until you turned and looked at him. You yelped, not prepared for the close proximity of his face to yours and he smiled a Cheshire cat’s smile.

You giggled, “stop it,” as you gently pushed him away. But Kuroo was the stubborn type, he always was, and he stayed at where he was, with your faces only inches apart from each other. You laughed and pushed him again, but he resisted. Given up, you decided to let him be.

“You know,” Kuroo began, “I really love you.” You had an unimpressed look on your face, “Yeah, I know that” you turned to look at him this time, “It’s old news,” you finished off. Kuroo acted hurt, he placed a hand on his chest and looked shocked, earning another giggle from you.

You looked up high above you, into the sky and smiled, snow falling on your face as it melted into water. Your eyes were closed and you were leaning against your boyfriend. This, was everything you wanted, to be happy. And everything moved ever so slowly, like a movie, when the main character finally realizes that, he’s deeply in love with the other protagonist, and he runs and runs and catches up with her, and they kiss. It felt just like that when everything you had once fought for was truly over.

You felt a kiss on your temple and looked at your bed-hair ridden boyfriend, “I love you,” you whispered. “Yeah, I think I know,” he teased, “Old news.” You jokingly swatted his arm lightly,“Don’t mock me!” Kuroo laughed and kissed your temple again, lovingly.

Out here in the cold winter night, you had fallen in love. And so did Kuroo. And so did the both of you, day by day, over and over. Kuroo had never felt more comfortable in a relationship, and he never felt any happier. There were thousands of emotions and thought running through his mind and he couldn’t find one to talk about of and he settled with just one.

“I love you,” he said, it was heartfelt, raw and just pure. It was love. “I love you too,” you said and kissed him. And on one winter’s night, you’ve found your soulmate.

Better with you

Regulus Black x Reader - imagine

Request/Summary: Anonymous requested - Can you do a imagine with Regulus Black where he and Lily’s younger sister are dating for some time in secret and one day when Snape or some other slytherin says something to her, instead of Lily or some of the marauders, he defends her before he could stop himself and then he kinda realizes he is in love with her?

Word Count: 2220

Warnings: Fluff :) 

Originally posted by lovershub

The cool breeze swirled in the air, spiralling out of control in tangled shapes all around as the hot summer sun blazed from high above. You laid down on the grass, hair tumbling out behind you as you kept your eyes closed and relaxed with a contented smile placed firmly on your dainty mouth as you allowed the warmth to soak into every inch of skin.

Vaguely, you could hear the chatter of your friends from around you; Lily’s voice piercing through the deeper tones of your male friends. You had been so jealous when Lily’s letter had arrived, some many years ago now. Not having been able to understand Petunia’s disgust with what their sister was, you kept in close correspondence with your sister throughout her time at Hogwarts in her first year, never allowing even a week to pass without a letter being sent.

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