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I just noticed now that Kate's wearing a shirt with "Eurydice" in it in the flashback... Is it a fictional band like Ex Oblivione?

I imagined it was more like the name of a clothing company, personally (like how Banana Republic puts their company name on their clothing and all)! But there are definitely a lot of fictional bands in the Human Game universe.


Commission for Dreamy of her Guild Wars 2 Asura character Kitti

She’s super adorable and damn this armor has so many details. I’ve to actually follow the guidelines for the human characters because the one for Asura’s engineers are all squished and not that greatly adapted to their body, so there was that. The hairsyle was altered by Dreamy  on her own work from the original from the game to fit her idea for her character, like her hair so much like this, it’s that’s 100% better than the original =)


Just a quick fic I wrote because THE END OF THAT EPISODE. (contains spoilers of course) 


The lights were dimmed and at last a quiet calm had settled over her and Fitz.

Jemma sighed, feeling Fitz’s warm chest beneath her cheek, his steady heart beat in her ear. She gripped his shirt, savouring how solid he was, how real.

She was so tired, but she needed this as much as sleep or food.

Her muscles uncoiled, tension trickling out of her as Fitz pulled her closer, kissed her forehead and the love surging through her, from him, from her own heart, could have moved any mountain.

“I recorded the game,” he told her softly.

“I may fall asleep,” she warned.

“This would be an ideal place to do that,” he teased and she smiled.

‘We’re so lucky,’ she thought. 

Even in jagged shreds of time, being together like this was more than she’d once even dreamed possible. Still she wanted more.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t make it,” she told him.

“Oh….” He was silent for a moment and she wondered with a jolt if he was more sore than he’d let on. “It’s OK,” he assured her genuinely. “You’re busy doing important things.” He kissed her hair, giving her a squeeze and she relaxed.

Definitely not upset. Not about that anyway.

“I do miss you,” she whispered, her breath sliding across the fabric of his shirt. She stroked her thumb over his heart. “And I was serious about a place to get away. I just wish…” She sighed. 

Was it so selfish for her to want one evening? One morning? An hour.

“I’ll make a meadow for you,” he promised.

She snorted. It wasn’t exactly approved use of the equipment.

“I’m serious,” he pressed.

“It’s against protocol.”

“Then I’ll lay down a lawn on the bloody roof,” he insisted stubbornly.


He groaned. “Not allowed.”

“Incredibly sweet,” she corrected, pushing herself up. She smiled down at him, drinking in the twinkle in his eyes before leaning towards him for a slow kiss.

He bumped her nose. “You deserve it.”

“We both do,” she pointed out fairly.

Again he looked uncomfortable and she didn’t understand why. It faded quickly, replaced by a glint of humour.

“We’ll have blue flowers and butterflies,” he decided.

She laughed, only half believing he was serious as she settled back against his chest.

“And some trees, and maybe a few mon-“

“If you say monkeys,” she warned playfully.

“- mon… arch butterflies,” he elaborated and she giggled. “We’ll have our meadow date Jemma,” he promised. “And the cottage, and a walk by the ocean. We can have our whole lives together if you want.”

‘We’d better,’ she thought fiercely. But that wasn’t a conversation she had the energy for tonight.

“It is,” she said purposefully. “I’m keeping you for the rest of my life.”

She couldn’t see his face but she felt his smile spread where his lips touched her hair.

“I know how you are when you set your mind to something,” he teased. He kissed her again and she closed her eyes, letting herself become a part of him, him a part of her.

He turned on the game and they stayed up a little later, cheering and bickering.

They were safe and they had each other. Whatever else, in her mind, that made her the luckiest person on the planet.

Gutter Gems

Peridot learns about the human sport of bowling and convinces Amethyst and Garnet to be on a team with her. But when it turns out Peridot is terrible at the game, she gets booted from her own team in favor of Pearl, who seems naturally gifted at bowling in spite of never playing before. The Crystal Gems crush their human competition at the Beach City Bowling League tournament until they reach the finals, only to find a revenge-fueled Peridot is now teaming with Lapis and Jasper.

Full Confession:

The concept of Eunice in RFF really bothers me for some reason. She’s sweet, adorable, and very pretty all on her own, but the game’s descriptions—“suffering from her father’s genes” before her diet and “now she can get the man of her dreams!” after—make it seem like her weight makes her entirely unappealing. It also bothers me that you raise her affection and tell her to lose weight by saying you like slim girls, and then can completely ignore her afterwards. It’s like she tries so hard to change how she looks for Raguna’s love only to be rejected by him.
It’s that kind of stuff that makes people insecure in the first place. She’s beautiful in all three stages and I wish the game would actually act like it. Not to mention she’s only slightly chubby, not necessarily obese, and it’s nice to see a character with a different body shape than ‘rake thin with a few curves’ that these games seem to think is the only attractive one.

Maya was directly referenced in Dual Destinies

In AJ Phoenix called her “a kid i used to know” or something like that and there were a few mentions of his “assistant” or “former assistant”

but in Dual Destinies he actually read the letter from her, her own words actually appeared in the game, a flashback of her was actually shown

there’s no way AA6 is going to happen without Maya in it

Meet Alkaline! the Eel-Squid Hybrid!

She loves playing turf wars, but sometimes messes up the pace of the game by spreading her harmful ink that carries a painful electrical current. So to prevent other inklings from getting hurt, she takes the game back by her own hand. 

Yep! Make all the jokes. Arrested for battery, she’s positive in negative situations, w/e. Just know if you see her with her Octobrush Nouveau, beware or else you’re in for a shock!