from her head to her toes

She was born with fierceness in her heart, a wildness that set her apart from others. When she loved, it was all-consuming and white-hot, spreading from the crown of her head to the tips of her toes like wildfire and when she lost, shadows swallowed her whole, plunging her into darkness. But every time she found her fire extinguished, she came back burning brighter than before. Her faith in herself reduced her fears to ashes.
—  The phoenix

The other contestants in the Miss Minnesota USA pageant wore revealing swimsuits.

She came out in a burkini — head-to-toe swimwear — and a hijab, the traditional Muslim head covering.

Halima Aden, a 19-year-old Muslim from St. Cloud, Minn., wanted to compete on her terms. She wasn’t sure how the pageant would react to her request to wear a burkini. “I prepared myself to hear ‘no,’ ” she says. “But I was hoping they’d say 'yes.’ So when they did allow me to wear a burkini, I was so thrilled.”

Aden’s family is originally from Somalia. She was born in the Kenyan refugee camp of Kakuma, where her parents had fled in the 1990s, and came to the U.S. when she was 6. She made it to the top 15 semifinals in the beauty pageant — and made history. No one in the Minnesota contest had competed in a burkini and a hijab.

Her pageant bid drew worldwide support — and criticism as well. We spoke with Aden about her decision to dress according to her Muslim values.

How did it feel to wear a burkini with all the other contestants dressed in revealing swimsuits?

I thought this was the perfect time to represent myself as a Muslim woman and encourage other girls to live their life with conviction and not to be scared. To represent a population where women do dress like that especially with all that’s happened [banning the burkini in towns in France] and so many girls feeling scared to wear their hijab.

What was the reaction when you walked onstage in your burkini?

I was literally blown away, when I had all the cheering. I was like, “Work it!” I felt so confident. I’ve never been that comfortable ever in my life.

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Dean is head over heels for his daughter. He follows the toddler around all day, having tea parties and letting her dress him up in tiaras and makeup. Claire has him wrapped around her tiny pinky. Cas often gets frustrated with him, when he comes home from a long day at the office to find their living room overrun by Hot Wheels and plastic high heels, but he can never stay mad for long because Claire will announce a fashion show and she’ll come strutting down the hallway in Dean’s steel-toe boots, a Cinderella dress, and a tool belt. Dean will follow wearing his flip flops, an AC/DC tshirt and a cape made out of a pink bedsheet.

Castiel’s heart aches for how much Dean loves their daughter, but it never hurts more than when Claire would rather have her papa than her daddy. He’s caught Dean in tears over Claire telling him that she likes it better when Cas reads Harry Potter, because he does a better Dumbledore. He sees the pain in Dean’s eyes when he has to tell Claire that she’s not allowed to watch TV until she cleans up her Thomas tracks, causing her to run for Castiel and screaming that she hates Daddy.

But Claire always reverts back to loving them both to the sun and back for infinity times after a few minutes, and a day never goes by where the men don’t wake up with their daughter snuggled between them in bed.

  • Chiron: The Hunters win! For the fifty-sixth time in a row.
  • Thalia: Perseus Jackson! *storms toward him, flickering blue sparks* What in the name of the gods were you THINKING?
  • Percy: *balls fists* I got the flag, Thalia! *shakes flag in her face* I saw a chance and I took it!
  • Thalia: *yelling* I WAS AT THEIR BASE! But the flag was gone. If you hadn't butted in, we would've won.
  • Percy: You had too many on you!
  • Thalia: Oh, so it's my fault?
  • Percy: I didn't say that.
  • Thalia: Argh! *pushes him, sending a shock through him that blows him ten feet backwards into the river*
  • Thalia: *pales* Sorry! I didn't mean to—
  • Percy: *ears roaring, angrily erupts a wave from river and blasts Thalia in the face, dousing her head to toe*
  • Percy: Yeah. *growls* I didn't mean to, either.
  • Chiron: Enough!
  • Thalia: *holds out spear* You want some, Seaweed Brain?
  • Percy: Bring it on, Pinecone Face!
  • Percy: *raises riptide*
  • Thalia: *yells, a blast of lightning comes down from the sky, hits her spear like a lightning rod, and slams into Percy's chest*
  • Percy: *is thrown back, clothes burning*
  • Chiron: Thalia! That is enough!
  • Percy: *stands up and wills entire creek to rise, swirling in a massive icy funnel cloud*
  • Chiron: Percy!
  • Percy: *prepares to hurl wave at Thalia, but sees the oracle emerging from the woods and the wave crashes back into the creek*

When she is 5, she hears the word for the first time.

She’s still young, a child with two sisters who are playing in her mother’s fields.

“Love is all Aphrodite talks about.” Artemis says, mouth scrunched into a frown. “Such a nonsensical concept.” Athena says stretching beside her, “If I could be tempted to it, it would be for someone whose mind challenges my own, a storm in wit and in battles of war.”

Persephone tilts her head back, letting the sun brush gently down from her face to her toes.

“I’d do it for someone who has a hint of light in a mile of dark. Someone who is as cruel as he is just.”

Athena looks to Artemis and laughs lightly.

“Why you’ve described Death himself, gentle in his touch and cruel in his actions.”

Athena smiles and pats her head. “What a silly notion you have that death would fall in love with life.”

She’s 16, the first time she feels it. Love.

Hermes is lying beside her, long fingers that glide in circles at her shoulders. “You want so much.” He whispers. She nods. “I’m so hungry.” She leans in closer, “I could take bites out of the world, and I don’t think it would be enough.”

Hermes places light kisses down her neck. “You’ll have it. You’re going to have it all.”

She’s 20, the first time she notices his eyes on her. Love.

She doesn’t know why her gaze can’t be torn away from him. So odd. He seems as at home in the sun’s embrace as he does in the shadows he came from.

He beckons near her. Every step is power. Raw. Old. He’s seen the dawn and fall of many a world.

He can feel it, her lust for the smoke at his fingertips. Sweet little daisy crowned girl Goddess, they’ve underestimated you.

She’s two millennium old when she has it. Love.

“They’re going to write stories about us.” She says against his lips.

He laughs.

“Good. Let them know you weren’t just my wife. Let them know you were my Queen.”

L.H.Z // Maybe She wanted Darkness

And another lovely scene by @panda-capuccino for the lovely Reylux work “Codega”. 


Kylo Ren stopped in front of her and gave her a once-over from toes to head. She could not see his eyes, but she could feel them silently assessing her and her readiness. She barely stopped herself from fidgeting with her clothes under his gaze. She was wearing her black training leggings and long undershirt, but had topped the ensemble off with a sleeveless tunic made of what seemed to be the same material as Kylo’s robe; the material was thick and would stand up well against a number of different weapons. A leather belt rounded out the ensemble, on which her lightsaber was clipped. On the other side was clipped an expandable quarterstaff, and a thigh holster on her right leg held a blaster pistol. She hadn’t exactly been sure which weapons would be appropriate, and so had tracked Asha Ren down in the armory just under an hour ago. The quarterstaff and pistol had been the Knight’s idea, and Rey had to admit that she felt comfortable with their use. She had not practiced much with her lightsaber, but she trusted her Master to not leader her into any situation where she could not handle herself with one or the other of her weapons.

“Good, you are prepared adequately,” he stated after he had finished raking his eyes over her. Rey shivered with a mixture of pride and that feeling she got every time she saw him in his mask; she wasn’t sure she’d ever get used to hearing him speak through the blasted thing. “I have something for you,” he added after another moment. He motioned for her to follow him through the hangar doors, across the hangar, and up the ramp into his shuttle. Reaching down for something on one of the jump seats, he directed her to turn around with a twist of his fingers.

Rey felt him crowd behind her, towering over her form as he draped a fold of cloth across the front of her neck and over her shoulders. His gloved hands deftly adjusted the fabric and Rey heard the click of a pin locking in place on each of her shoulders. He gripped her by the shoulders once he was done, but didn’t make a move to turn her around. Rey was glad for the emptiness of the vessel, as she could feel her cheeks redden and her breaths were coming quicker. She could feel him behind her, even though there was likely a foot of space between their bodies, and she was overly aware of their only point of contact through her layers of clothes and his gloves.

Happy New Year

He was chewing on a peppermint and he had pine needles in his hair.

Lily Evans bit into her popcorn ball and chewed thoughtfully. As a general rule she liked to not stare at James Potter for too long, just incase he noticed and decided to do something about it. The last time he’d noticed her staring they’d made out for twenty minutes in a closet with a broom sticking into her back. They were both late to class.

Lily let her green eyes float from the messy black hair atop James’ head all the way down to his feet, which were bare. He was digging his toes into the thick burgundy carpet while he talked with his friends. Remus Lupin and Sirius Black were making fun of him. Lily knew only because his ears were red and he was laughing awkwardly. Lily watched his toes dig into the rug more as he cackled. Lily wondered what made him go barefoot in the drafty castle like it was the middle of summer, instead of the day before the Christmas holidays.

Everyone was going home tonight. James was likely saying goodbye to his mates for the holidays. They were all going home apparently, even Sirius Black was going home with James and he never left Hogwarts. Lily had chosen to stay at Hogwarts for the Holidays. Home wasn’t a place she had wanted to be and Hogwarts at least had her friends (and James).

Currently, Lily was alone in the back corner of the Gryffindor common room. Her position isolated was something that had clearly escaped James’ notice. If he had noticed, she most certainly wouldn’t be alone. Lily didn’t mind the peace and quiet; it gave her time to watch him. She learned a lot of things by watching James the past few months.

For example, she learned James favored leaning on his right leg and when he got mad he waved his arms around like a lunatic. Lily knew he liked sugar in his coffee and milk in his tea. She had inkling he was afraid of snakes and preferred warm weather to cold. She had learned all of this by watching him. Lily’s green eyes focused on the bit of the pine in his black hair. Sirius had brown leaves clinging to the back of his sweater.

Suddenly hazel eyes met green eyes and she was no longer unnoticed.

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and thank you, too, this knucklehead heart, this pelican heart,
this gap-toothed heart flinging open its gaudy maw
to the sky, oh clumsy, oh bumblefucked,
oh giddy, oh dumbstruck,
oh rickshaw, oh goat twisting
its head at me from my peach tree’s highest branch,
balanced impossibly gobbling the last fruit, 
its tongue working like an engine,
a lone sweet drop tumbling by some miracle
into my mouth like the smell of someone I’ve loved;
heart like an elephant screaming 
at the bones of its dead;
heart like the lady on the bus
dressed head to toe in gold, the sun
shivering her shiny boots, singing
Erykah Badu to herself
leaning her head against the window
—  from “catalog of unabashed gratitude” by Ross Gay
Some Branch/Poppy Fluff

*film spoilers kinda*

This might be the first bit of fanfiction I’ve done in… years. Wow. I hope you guys enjoy it! Feel free to comment/critique/reblog/whatever. :)

If you prefer to red on A03, you can find the link here.

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anonymous asked:

You've written quite a lot about Shiro's flexibility - do you think he could do the splits? How would the other paladins react to this? <3

Man, they’d find that out almost immediately.

‘Cause Shiro is So Damn Serious about stretching before exercise.  He’s not going to let them hurt themselves at training because they didn’t properly prepare themselves.  If they try and skimp out, he will literally stand over them and watch until they’re stretched to his satisfaction.  Do not test him on this.

But that also means Shiro participates and gets himself warmed up too.  Since Shiro is already a pretty bendy guy, for him to get actually loose, and can get a bit… more.

The first time it became a Topic was when Shiro bent his leg back until his heel touched the back of his head.

“I didn’t know spines could move like that in real life,” Pidge noted, looking up from trying to touch her toes.  Her fingers were still hanging a stubborn inch above.  “I thought it was only in movies.”

Lance’s brows rose in interest.  “Can you teach me to do that?  Seems like a desirable trait, if you know what I mean.”

“I don’t want to know what you mean,” Keith replied flatly.

“We’re not gunna have to do that, right?” Hunk asked, eyes narrowed. “I know this is training, but it’s gunna take a lot more than a day’s practice to get me doing that.”

Shiro shrugged smoothly, as if he wasn’t folding his body nearly in half.  “No, no one has to learn to do this.  If you really want to, Lance, I can show you some stretches to help.  But this isn’t something I expect you to pick up in a week.”  He dropped his leg, then leaned backwards until his spine cracked.

Lance considered.  “Can you do a split?”

For a moment, Shiro tilted his head.  Then he moved his left leg forward and his right leg back, his arms folded at the small of his back.  He continued at a steady pace until his thighs were flush to the floor, still without so much as touching down with his hands for balance.  Then he shrugged.

“Yeah, definitely not doing that,” Hunk snorted.  “If I pushed you, would you fall over?”

Shiro stared back flatly.  “You’re welcome to try it.  I don’t recommend it.”

“Hmm, pass,” Hunk decided.

Pidge grinned and stepped forward.  “Can you get up without using your hands?”

Considering, Shiro nodded.  “I should be able to.  I could before.”  

“How about now?”  With that, Pidge wrapped an arm around his shoulders and clung to his back like a backpack.  For a moment, Shiro grasped at the air, struggling to regain his balance.  But then he caught himself, and with only a few moments of hesitation, managed to get on his toes and push himself up.

From her position four feet off the ground, Pidge whooped.  “Useful information.  If we ever need to, you can just carry me around.”

“How about no,” Shiro replied.  “You can use your own legs.  Down, now?”  When Pidge nodded, he bent at the knees so she could climb back off.

Keith snorted.  “Does that mean it’s time to start, if you’re done showing off?”

“Shiro’s not showing off!”  Lance defended loyally, scowling at Keith.  “He’s just-”  Then he paused, looking Shiro over.  “You were totally showing off, weren’t you?”

Shiro only grinned back.

She is not just a gust of wind that touched my soul. She is not just a scorching sun on the dark night. She is a tornado reeking into the depths of my emotions. She is a tornado with me at its centre.
She is not just a cute girl with her specs. She is not just an eye candy. She is beautiful inside out, from head to toe, from the eyes to the cheeks, to the lips, to her every curve, she is perfect.
She is the blue of the water, the white of the sky, the red of the heart. She is every color of my life. She is the rainbow of several colors intermingling amongst themselves. She makes every stroke of the paintbrush on the canvas of my life. She is an artist.
She is the quietness of the night, the mildness of the morning, the chatter of the day. She is the voice of a philanthropist, the words of a mother, the expression of a friend, the oration of a lover. She is my voice.
She is the light of the day, the moon in the night. She is the small light in a deep trench which leads the way out, she is the light bulb which flashes into your eyes. She is the girl with the halo around her head, walking in white with the light expressing her divinity. She is the light.
She is sometimes the girl next door, sometimes the girl of another nation. She is sometimes someone you know in and out. She is sometimes a mystery to you. She is sometimes the cultured backward girl, and sometimes a radical revolutionist.


He kept a handful of stars in his pockets and rays of sunshine in his smile, a hurricane in his eyes and whole galaxies in his mind. Sometimes, if he felt like it, he’d let her have a taste of moonlight, he’d let her reach for the stars, just to watch her fall back down to earth again like a comet, burning from head to toe,
falling for him. Her eyes were bloodshot and her knees skinned, but she was lost living in worlds that weren’t real, wrapping her fingers around someone who never chose to stay when she needed him to. One day, he’d shown her the sea, leading her in, breaking through wave after wave, until they were so far out she could no longer see the shore. He’d remove salt water from her lungs just to watch her
drown again for him, heavy as a stone, never learning, never changing. And she’d suspected it all along, known it down to her bones, that it wouldn’t be enough for a boy who had whole galaxies stretching out in his mind to show those galaxies and stars and suns and moons and hurricanes to just one girl and be done with it. But she stayed. She
stayed until she finally found that she was tired of reaching for stars she couldn’t hold on to, until she realised his touch left blisters on her skin, until she understood that she had galaxies of her own to get lost in and that she didn’t need him to show her anything.
—  Lost in space

netdep  asked:

The sirens awakened them out of a deep sleep and in the confusion they forgot their shoes, the ground painfully cold.

The sweat having just cooled from their skin as she had snuggled into him, his limbs draped around her, drifting slowly to sleep, only to be awoken by the chirps and flash of a fire alarm of her hotel room.  Shuffling to throw on clothes, they’d followed the other guests outside into uncharacteristically cool winter night.

The blaring of the fire alarms echoed behind them, the giant trucks of red and their flashing lights illuminating the displaced occupants of the hotel gathered out on the street.

She bounces from foot to foot, covering her chest with crossed arms, her curls bouncing with the movement.  He pulls her close against his chest, and she buries her head in his neck, shielding herself from the cold and the prying eyes sure to see them.  His hand comes to quickly move over her back in an attempt to warm her up, her toes coming to rest on top of his, keeping them from the concrete icing them below.

“How long do you think it’ll be?” She asks against him, having already spent a good twenty minutes huddled out here, her nose burrowing into him, her hoarse voice rattling against him.

“I told you we should’ve stayed at my place,” his teasing words flutter across her forehead.

“As I recall,” she says, picking her head up to peer up at him, her hands buried between them.  “You were all about just finding a room, any room.”

The image of her from the party, sparkled dress clinging to every curve causing a groan to escape him, and he pulls her closer, placing a kiss to her temple.

“What did you think was going to happen when you slipped your panties in my pocket, hmm?” He says with a sly smile, and an arch of his eyebrow.

“For a fire to start, obviously,” she says with an eye roll.

“Dirty,” he mouths at her, earning a smack to the chest from her hand.

The dinging of a phone sounds around them, and she feels its vibration against her leg, as she looks down to find it coming from Mike’s pants.

“You brought your phone?” She asks.

“Must have still been in the pocket when I took…or rather you flung them off,” he says with a smug grin, as he moves to see who’s texting him.

“MICHAEL LAWSON YOU HAVE SOME EXPLAINING TO DO,” screams at him in all caps from one Evelyn Sanders, as he scrolls down to find a picture attached of the two of them in the exact position they are now, a short blurb of an article outing them to the world.

He visibly cringes, thankful that Ginny had left her phone upstairs.  

“What?” She asks, his reaction to the text causing of myriad of emotions to flitter across his face, most of all concern.

“Good news travels fast,” he concedes, handing over the phone.  She grabs it with two hands, her mouth hanging agape.

“Fuck,” she whispers, her hand coming to worry a few stray curls, pulling lightly on them in a nervous habit he’d seen her do more than a few times.

“You okay?” He asks, moving to tilt her chin up to him, focusing her eyes on him.

“I want to know who the fuck took these photos?” She says, glancing around them, his hand continuing to cradle her head.

“Gin,” he says, calling her back to him.

She leans her head back, a deep sigh let out into the night.

“It was gonna happen eventually,” she reasons, trying to calm her breathing.  “I just wish it hadn’t been when I was wearing your boxers,” she huffs, her carefully concealed hurt, filed away for later.

He nods, a silent acceptance.

“Not my best move,” she reasons.

“I don’t know, I think you look pretty cute in them,” he says with a tweak of her nose, and she scrunches her face at him.  “I’m sorry,” he apologizes, and she knows the guilt is already wrapping its noose around him.

“Don’t be,” she says with a light tug of his beard. “This is good,” she reasons.  “No more secrets.  They know we’re together.”

“Together,” he repeats, linking their hands, waiting for the alarms to stop their warning, ready to face the aftermath together.

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Hey @alittleluckycharm I am happy to announce that I am your back up Secret Santa gifter from @mlsecretsanta. I am so sorry for the delay, but I hope you like this gift I have prepared for you ^_^ 

You wanted some family friendly love square fluff, preferably Ladynoir or Ladrien, so that is what I have attempted to provide. 

It gets super fluffy I promise ^_~ 

What was Always There

She had never understood how it was that Chat Noir always seemed to know when she had a particularly awful day. Maybe it was because he was her partner, maybe it was just sheer dumb luck, but somehow he had this crazy habit of being around whenever she was low, ready to cheer her up.

It hadn’t always been the case. In fact, she could pinpoint it back to about 4 months ago.

A particularly troublesome akuma had caused her to be a good three hours late to school, drenched from head to toe after having to get across town. Her transformation had worn off just moments after she had managed to escape the eager attentions of the press, ducking into an ally as the glowing pink morphed her back into her usual state. Just in time for the torrential downpour to start.  

Ms. Mendeleiev, who had never been one to be particularly lenient even on her best days, had wasted no time in scolding her in front of their class, glowering and prodding as Marinette had struggled to come up with any sort of reasonable excuse. Chloe and Sabrina had snickered through the entire affair, and most of the rest of the class had watched with varying degrees of apathy and pity. Worst of all Adrien, who usually was one of the most understanding of her friends when it came to terrible attendance records, had been staring at her as though he had never seen her before.

In his defense, she had rather looked like a drown rat.

The day had not gotten better from there- a pop quiz she had almost certainly failed, her parents grounding her for her unexplained absence which had been prolonged enough that they had been notified, and to top it all off, a deliberate snub as Chloe proceeded to invite everyone in the class- save Marinette and Alya- to attend a VIP party at the hotel.

As soon as her parents had gone to bed she had transformed and hurried off to burn off some of her anger.

She had not expected Chat Noir to show up.

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Scratches n’ Scribbles (2)

@theresnosafeharbor4myships and I created another one for you guys! This one was her wonderful idea! We were trying to get this out before The Cell aired but my laptop said “lol nah”.  Anyway, we could all use some fluffy and super sweet stuff right now so here we go!

Daryl had left four days ago, and throughout her shifts of cooking and care-taking, in the few precious moments alone granted her each day, while she lie awake at night wondering if he remained unscathed, and in the dreams she sometimes remembered, she imagined him rolling in through the gate on his bike, hair wind-whipped and eyes searching frantically until they alit softly on her, heatedly caressing her from head to toe. 

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To: Cutie

Pairing: Rosé x Reader

Genre: Fluff

REQUEST: Rosé + cute for @saki-chan- here you go darling ;) 

Originally posted by prkchaeyoung

It wasn´t always someone caught your attention in such way. You liked to notice people, what they wore, what expression graced their features. But just as soon as they caught your attention, you lost all interest in them. With her, it was different. 

You sat in your favorite coffee shop, with your favorite order, your favorite book in hands, relaxing. You sat in your usual place, in the corner of the whole place from where you could see everything. You saw everyone who came in, having plenty of time to examine everything about the person. From their head to their toes. You had a chance to find out what mood they were in, whether they were in a rush or if they simply liked to enjoy a cup of coffee with a smile on their face.

But when she walked it, you couldn´t tear your eyes away from her. From the way her hair was messy from the wind, the pink tint her cheeks had because of the harshness of the weather behind the glass all the way to her mismatched socks sticking out from her boots. She was breathtaking, there was no doubt. You were the living proof after all. She made her way towards the barista behind the counter, making you pay attention a little more. ´Chaeyoung, huh?´ you thought. It suited her, or so you thought.

Chaeyoung took her order from the barista with a quiet ´thank you´ and turned around to look for a place to sit. To her dismay, every table was occupied, well, almost. Chaeyoung´s eyes landed on you and the empty seat on the other side of your table. You quickly lowered your intense gaze towards your book, not wanting to seem like a creep. Trying hard not to look up, you managed to keep your attention on the words printed on paper long enough for her to approach you wearily.

“Is this seat taken?” Your eyes looked at the slim finger pointing at the empty chair, following it all the way to her rose gold hair wich covered her shoulders, finally landing on her face. You shook your head ´no´ taking in her every feature.

She sat down with a sigh, placing her coffee on the wooden surface and took of her scarf. There were a few minutes of silence wich fell between the two of you. You didn´t trust your voice enough to make the first move of introducing yourslef first and you were grateful that it was Chaeyoung who took matter into her own hands.  

“What´s your name?” 

“It´s Y/N.” You answered calmly, giving her a slight smile to show her she wasn´t bothering you. 

“Oh it´s really pretty. I´m -”

“Chaeyoung.” You whispered, making her eyes widen in shock. She seemed to be really taken aback at the fact that you knew her name, not really knowing whether she should run or stay and get an explanation. She chose the second option, opening her mouth to ask how you knew it, but you beat her to it.

“Your cup. It´s written on your cup.” You blurted out quickly, wanting to dissappear from the face of the earth. You silently thanked the gods for making the baristas write names on the cups, saving you from a bigger embarassment then it already was. 

“Oh yes, silly me. Do you always sit alone?” Chaeyoung asked, seeming quite interested in this to be honest. You once again shook your head ´no´ and closed your book, putting it away. You took a deep breath deciding to get over your irrational fear of talking to her. ´She´s just a person like the rest. Why am I like this all of a sudden?´ You thought, wanting to start a coversation before it got awkward.

“What a weather, huh?” Chaeyoung quickly looked up at you, nodding her head.

“It´s horrible. It was okay during the weekend but now this all of a sudden. Honestly the only reason I´m able to handle winter is Christmas. I love Christmas, what about you?”

“Me too. I´m also not really fond of winter but hey, what can we do right?” Chuckling a little, you were yet agai amazed by the girl in front of you. Her laugh was even more prettier than you imagined it to be. You didn´t realize you were staring until Chaeyoung pointed it out.

“Is there something on my face?” She asked, taking out her phone to look at her reflection.

“Oh no! There´s not, I apologise. It´s just…” You trailed off, realising that what you were about to say propably wasn´t the most okay thing to say to someone whom you just met.

“Just what? You can tell me.” She told you, making you sigh. 

“You´re really pretty.” This made her laugh really loudly, few people turning their heads to look at the two of you. Some elders even shaking their heads with dissapproval, muttering something about ´this generation´.

“Oh man. I don´t think I ever laughed so much a tear escaped.” She said, still laughing a little and wiped the small drop from the corner of her eye with her finger. “But I have to admit, you really made my day.”

 You smiled at the fact that her day was better thanks to you, for some strange reason feeling extremely proud of yourself.

“To be frank, I also have something to say.” You cocked your head to the side slightly, raising one of your brows in a questioning manner.

“You´re propably the cutest being I´ve seen so far.” This time it was you who laughed out loud, Chaeyoung soon joining in. The two of you didn´t even realized that you kept on talking for much longer than you expected. 

“You do realize that we´re the only ones left here. Well, if we ignore the baristas and the old lady that keeps giving us incredibly dirty looks.” Chaeyoung spoke up all of a sudden after a few minutes of comfortable silence between you. You looked up from you hands and were surprised that the café was infact mostly empty. A huge difference from a few hours ago when Chaeyoung had nowhere to sit thanks to it being so packed. 

“Well, I have to go now. Thank you for letting me sit here.” She said standing up, putting on her jacket and scarf again.

“No problem. Do you mind if we exchange numbers? I mean, it was lovely talking to you.” You were surprised at the confidence with which you asked the question and even more surprised when Chaeyoung agreed. The two of you bid your goodbyes´ and walked in separate ways after that. The whole time you kept on walking home, your mind was occupied with the thoughts of Chayeoung. You were wondering what happened to you. You´ve never been like this, what was so different about her that made you blush like crazy? What was so different that it made your heart beat ten times faster than usual? Whatever it was, you had to find out. And there was no other way to do it than meet up with her again someday. Taking out your phone, you were shaking a little as you typed the message, your thumb hovering above the small button ´send´.

To: Cutie

We should meet up again - café girl 

A/n: Hope you liked it! I had so much fun writing this and I hope I proved to you that I can, infact, work with just one word to base the whole scenario from :) Lots of love – G