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I don’t think I can say you gave up on me when you didn’t even care about me in the first place.
—  excerpt from a book I will never write #71

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if the showrunners decide to take book approach and will constantly shove to our faces how special cla*y and *ace with their white saviours trope, how it's only their mission to stop Val and that they are allowed to keep secrets and backgrounding other characters-excuse me i'm outta here, after that sneak peak i'm pissed, Luke and Magnus have to know that someone has the power to wipe out downworlders, it's their battle too but noo, special snowflakes (i don't hate these two i hate the approach)

See, that’s what I mean. Like, I never was Clary’s biggest fan in season 1 but I actually didn’t hate her also. And especially the way how Dom portrayed Jace…. I really cared for him and I liked him. More than Clary but whatever.

So seeing now that apparently they go full on book!Clace is just so annoying and I hate this so so much. Yeah, great, you wanna please the book stans, I get it. But can you at least try to not shove this stupid savior behavior from especially Clary that much in our faces? There are still the fans who tuned in because of the show and not because of the books. Jeez…

Like the way she talked to Luke? Like…c’mon girl….you can’t be fucking serious. (Round of applause for Luke … because YESSSS!!!) How long is she a “shadowhunter” now? 3 weeks? Stop acting like you know it all and Luke and Magnus and the whole downworld, hell even Izzy and Alec for that matter, don’t know nothing when in fact they know more about it than you do. Stop it. Ugh!

I mean, I will still watch that show. And like I said, just give me at least a little glimpse of hope and I will happily go back to cheer for you again. Until then…. sorry, I am being suspicious from now on.

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How would Kylo as part of the trio even work? It would be like saying the Harry Potter trio was really Harry, Hermione and Voldemort.

It wouldn’t work at all. Like…I’m actually pretty annoyed with people claiming we’re “belittling” Kylo by not considering him part of the trio? Darth Vader is a villain; is it belittling Vader to say Han belongs in the trio but Vader doesn’t? 

Like guys, even if Kylo gets this sympathetic backstory and a redemption arc and all that, it doesn’t mean he’s in the main trio. It means he’s our tragic villain who got a redemption arc. That’s his role. It’s not me hating or bashing him to say that, it’s just the way the parts were written. Lucasfilm has been pushing Rey/Finn/Poe as the Golden Trio™ ever since marketing for TFA started up. It doesn’t matter if Poe was meant to be killed off originally or whatever, because Abrams changed his mind, and instead they’re going to expand on Poe’s role moving forward. What matters is that now Poe is in the main trio despite what the original plan was. That’s what matters.