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40 w/ Theo💕

As you wish, babe!!

“Is this supposed to be the part where we kiss?” // still accepting

You may not be his biggest fan, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve a second chance, especially after going through hell — literally.  Right now you two need each other, relying on each other to keep the other safe while you fight off the Ghost Riders.  A grunt falls from your mouth when one of them hits you in the stomach – hard and you bend forward before you flick your wrist to send him flying away from you and into another tree.  You pant, trying to fill your lungs with air after you got the wind knocked out of you, looking over to see Theo fighting off two Ghost Riders.  A small smile pulls at your lips, seeing him win against them then you flinch when you hear the sound of a horse thundering towards the two of you.

Your eyes widen, noting that Theo is too distracted by the other Riders to notice that the horse and its Rider are coming right for him.  “Theo!!”  You leap forward, tackling him to the ground as the whip cracks above your head loudly.  Your head is buried in his shoulder when Theo wraps his arms around your waist to roll the two of you to the side, barely missing the horse’s front hooves as they come crashing down into the grass you two previously just occupied.

Your arms shoot up, lightning crackling from your fingertips as you electrocute the two Riders making their way closer to the two of you.  They fall to the floor and the horse races off and finally, you two can breathe.  Your hands come down to rest against his back, eyes locking with his as a wide smile pulls at your lips.  “We did it!”  You wrap your arms around his shoulders, giving him a tight hug as he laughs lightly, bringing the two of you into a seated position, your legs on either side of his hips.

Pulling away you realize how close your two really are, noses almost brushing and your two just stare at each other.  “I - I uh – ”

“Is this supposed to be the part where we kiss?”

Your face flushes a deep red at his words and you clear your throat, heart pounding in your chest because ever since Theo came back from hell, he’s been different and you can’t help your growing feelings for him.  A shuttering breath passes your lips, head instinctively moving closer to his but you don’t make any other moves.  “I’m not sure…I’m not so sure about anything when it comes to you anymore.”

  • Winter: God, my back is so sore. I really shouldn't have-
  • Ironwood: Been fooling around with Qrow at work? No kidding.
  • Winter:, I shouldn't have been carrying all those crates without assistance. I haven't even seen Qrow all day. Even if I did, I would... escort him off the premises rather than indulge him in any manner
  • Ironwood: Really? You haven't seen him?
  • Winter: No.
  • Ironwood: ...Then why did I hear him grunting from inside your office?
  • Winter: Wait, what did the grunts sound like?
  • Ironwood: Like he was in excruciating pain.
  • Winter: Oh, thank god. Don't worry, that's just my ringtone.
Infatuation (epilogue)

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“Six months ago if someone had asked me if I liked Kim Taehyung, I would have scoffed in their face and brushed them away, not giving the fuckboy another thought. But today…”

Genre: Fluff | Angst
Members: Taehyung x Reader
Word count: 4427

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Grunting coming from Cas’s room makes Dean stop in his tracks. He turns on his heel and creeps on his tiptoes to the door. It’s open wide, presenting its brightly lit inside, Cas sitting alone on the bed. Fully clothed and all, thank fuck.

Actually, he’s more than fully clothed. Much, much more. Dean slips into the doorway, arms crossed, no longer worried the guy will notice him. He’s too busy trying to force what must be the fifth or sixth sock on his left foot.

There are black hems of trousers coming out of his jeans and at least two different colors of plaid collars peaking out from beneath three layers of wool and Dean doesn’t doubt there is a number of invisible to him layers in there as well.

Cas grunts again as he gives the sock a strong yank, but instead of giving in, the fabric slips out from between his fingers and the force sends his palms plunging right into his own jaw. A mixture of a growl and whine escapes his mouth.

Dean bites down a chuckle. “Last time I checked the heating was working.”

Cas doesn’t take eyes off the sock sadly hanging off his toes. “Inside—yes,” he says, resuming his mission. “Outside it’s still frigid.”

“Yeah, that’s why we haven’t gone out in over a week,” Dean agrees. “So what exactly is it you’re planning?”

“I’m going out,” he replies, to which Dean rolls his eyes. “To a store.”

He finally manages to pull the sock on, he swings his legs back and forth in a tiny, triumphant dance.

Dean’s eyebrows snap together. “We’re stocked up on everything.”

Cas jumps off the bed and grabs his coat.

“We’re out of tea,” he informs Dean as he passes by him and into the corridor.

“Just this morning I saw at least twenty boxes in the cupboard,” Dean says, following him to the stairs. “They can’t all be empty.”

“They’re not, but the pear and honey one is all gone.”

Dean lifts his eyebrows. “You sure pear and honey is worth walking out into that snow hell outside? What happened to the low temperature intolerance?”

“It’s worth it,” Cas replies with confidence.

“If you say so.” Dean shrugs. “Or I could just make hot chocolate.”

“No, thank you,” Cas says, reaching out for his boots at the bottom of the stairs.

“Okay. Tell me, though, where are you gonna get boots this size?” Dean smirks, pointing to the thick wrapping on his feet.

Cas glances to his feet then back to the boot in his palm, distress blooming on his face.

He ends up peeling off two pairs of socks before he manages to squeeze his feet into the boots, but, at last, he succeeds and starts climbing the stairs, slowly, movements restricted by all of the layers.

“Good luck!” Dean bellows after him before the door shuts close.

Dean shakes his head and sinks in the chair. Gotta admire the bravery, Dean isn’t peaking a tip of his nose outside until the world chills with the whole The Day After Tomorrow gig.

He leans back and opens a book but before he can get through the first page, the door swings open and closes with a thump. At the top of the stairs appears a figure that looks more like a snowman than Cas.

“That was quick, Frosty” Dean teases, as Cas tries to shake off the snow covering nearly every inch of his body.

Cas blurts out some words through the chatter of his teeth, but all Dean gets is, “Honey?”

Dean can’t hold back a small smile. “What did you say, uh—sugar?”

Cas narrows eyes at him from over the railing. “I asked if hot chocolate tastes good with honey.”

Hot blush creeps up Dean’s cheeks. He tries to cover the embarrassment with a chuckle.

“Probably,” he says, getting up. “Let’s find out. Catch me in the kitchen.” He begins to walk out but then he turns and jerks his fingers at descending Cas, black coat turned all white, hair wet from thawing snow, a few inches of soon-to-be pulp and puddles. “No snow allowed,” he barks and leaves Cas to it.

There’s a sound of defeated stomping of Cas’s boots carrying behind him, then grunting as the guy wrestles the boots off.

A long, distraught wail makes Dean pause.

“Dude, you alright?” he calls over his shoulder.

“I wet my socks,” Cas whines. “All of them!”

Accidentally inspired by this comic

[More winter drabbles]

There were a number of things I wanted to draw for a speedpaint, so this week I drew Sucy from Little Witch Academia wearing the Team Skull Grunt outfit from Pokemon Sun&Moon :D

OK tbh I was streaming while doing this so I forgot to record when I started, and then I forgot to record the ending portions of the drawing. But idk I did record pretty much the main part which is Sucy lol. The only thing that’s not shown are the colouring of the lineart and the background uou

[ Please don’t use my art without permission or credit while of course adding credit ]


Stiles x Reader

Requested By Anon

“Guys come on take it seriously.” Lydia sighed and Scott and Kira came out of the cupboard and she sent Allison and Isaac in next.


“How can we take it seriously when furball over here’s growling the whole seven minutes.” Stiles chuckled and Kira slapped his arm as they sat down next to him.


“Ok while they’re in there (Y/N) pick out a name from the tin.” Lydia wiggled the tin and held it out for you.

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headcanon time part ???

Time to make some fun headcanons for the latest team.


  • Started out with a Bewear, now his pride and joy. They go out and make bad sand drawings on the beach while blasting Weezer albums on their boombox.
  • Really (formerly????) gay for Kukui. Often draws graphic sand drawings on his lawn. Kukui uses a water hose to spray it away because there are kids around. He’s touched, though.
  • Likes spaghetti. Also dubbed as a Cutthroat Kitchen cooker. Will add soy sauce and pineapples on his spaghetti.
  • Once won a contest by drinking a twelve-pack by puncturing all the cans with his teeth. He’s pretty cool.
  • Bowls on Wednesdays with the grunts. Pretty approachable, even if it doesn’t appear so at first.


  • Really strong. Often uses pokemon help for weight training.
  • Started out with a Popplio, and she keeps it unevolved. Sometimes they go for bike rides and Popplio makes small honking noises.
  • Likes thrifting. Encourages her grunt friends to spruce up + buy their uniforms at local thrift stores. They don’t have the kind of funds like Team Flare.
  • Currently investing in cruelty-free makeup that’s not made by some asshole. Her white eyeliner makeup is proof of that.
  • Likes long cartwheels on the beach.
  • Wants forty Flabebe after seeing a Kalosian commercial.


  • Considering making a radical rollerderby team with Plumeria as the leader. Guzma can manage.
  • Bowls on Wednesdays
  • Really just trying to have a good time.
Imagine Getting Dean to Apologize to Cas After a Fight


Warning: heated makeout session, some groping I guess. 

Based off of the preview for tomorrow night’s episode!


Cas sighed as he sat next to you in the backseat before finally speaking. “What do you want to know?”

“Oh look, he speaks,” Dean spoke sarcastically from the front, earning a glare from Cas.

“Dean, stop being an ass. Just apologize,” you said, standing up for your Angel.


You sighed before turning to Cas, lifting your hand and gently pulling his face toward yours. You smiled at seeing his features instantly soften as he looked into your eyes.

“Follow my lead and don’t stop until Dean apologizes, ok?” you whispered, leaning in at Cas’ confused nod and kissing him deeply. 

His soft lips moved easily against yours as your tongue slid against his, and a quiet grunt erupted from Cas’ throat.

“Hey!” Dean shouted as he glanced in his rearview mirror at the two of you making out. “No making out in Baby!”

You and Cas promptly ignored him, your kisses turning into a full on heated makeout session as Cas gripped your hips and began to lower you down onto the seat.

Sam cleared his throat uncomfortably and looked out the window in an attempt to ignore you and Cas, but Dean’s anger only grew, his hands gripping his steering wheel until his knuckles were white. 

“Don’t make me turn this damn car around!” 

Cas pulled his lips off of yours only to attach himself to your neck, making you groan. 

“Not until you apologize,” you gasped out, your eyes closing as Cas attacked your sweet spot. 

Dean’s jaw clenched in irritation as he stared down the road, wanting to be stubborn. But your loud groan as Cas squeezed your breast was the last straw.

“ALRIGHT, I’m sorry!” he shouted in defeat. “Now would you please keep your fucking hands to yourselves?”

Cas finally pulled away from you, a smirk on his face as he kept his eyes on yours. “Apology accepted.”

And with that, Cas flew you back to the bunker, ready to finish what the two of you started in the backseat.

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