from fighting for songs to sharing them

part 2 of 3rd grade teacher nursey?? yes?? ok

(part one)

  • calls all of his kiddos “little bro” regardless of gender. the occasional “little dude” or “little man”
  • the first time he wears a short sleeve dress shirt to school all the kids are obsessed with his tattoo
    • “mr n has a forever drawing on his arm :000″
  • hes the ultimate kid whisperer. anything these kids throw at him? hes got it covered
    • kids are fighting about who gets the 64 pack of crayons. jeremy got them yesterday and now he wants them again?? theres like 4 other kids who want to use them jeremy dont be a dick
    • nursey’s like “can i give you guys a special project? i need a big drawing to put up on the wall. but you all have to help and you all need to use the crayons”
    • jeremy, immediately distributing the crayons and getting a big ass piece of paper: ok mr n!!!!!!

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Experiences I Share and Remember with Each Sign

Aries: Going to the mall just to eat in the food court, fighting monthly but making up quickly, talking on the phone for hours, Riding the subway from one end of the city to the other just for fun.

Taurus: Laughing so hard in restaurants and having the waiter overhear, buying matching friendship rings, walking in the empty mall after hours, watching a horror movie and getting paranoid on the subway home. 

Gemini: Listening to our favourite songs together. Walking them home after they got sick. Gossiping about anything and everything, missioning across the city for greek food.

Cancer: Getting breakfast before school, walking our dogs, playing soccer one on one, taking the bus late at night and walking each other home

Leo: Working the late shifts, helping them to spring clean their house, going for Saturday runs, swimming in the ocean far from the beach shore line and having to go back because I got scared.   

Virgo: Going horse back riding, singing our songs, going to the soccer stadium, practicing piano together.  

Libra: Talking all throughout class time and having to get separated, having roast wars, going to the gym to workout separately , fighting and then crying to each other after. 

Scorpio Trying fast food and getting sick after, convincing them that astrology is real, calling each other after one of us has a bad day, throwing them a surprise party. 

Sagittarius: Going to the pool just for them to swim for 5 minutes, Hitting up the cottage every summer. Going to my first concert with them. Binge watching our newest show in a weekend.

Capricorn: Walking 8 km just talking, getting coffee and catching up, having them show me their neighbourhood and the best restaurants in it. Reading tarot cards for them and vice versa. 

Aquarius: LISTENING TO MUSIC 24/7, roasting our law teacher in quiet, Having battles of who is the most stubborn, facetiming to work on projects we procrastinated until the last minute for.

Pisces: DRINKING COFFEE and staying up until 4am, sending each other new songs we discover that we liked. sitting in the park all day long, Going for walks late at night.

McDanno thoughts...

I don’t know if it’s just me wearing my McDanno shipper goggles, but IMHO throughout the whole episode everybody felt aware of how these relationships (Steve-Lynn, Danny-Melissa) are totally off and of how it would be best to just… switch up the teams.

I think Steve pointed out one of the biggest issues here when he said “Hide your true self from your girlfriend. I’m sure that’s gonna be great for your relationship” and then Danny involuntarily reinforced Steve’s point by saying “I am supposed to be romantic this weekend with her”. They both feel so unlike their true selves when they are with Lynn and Melissa, like they have to force themselves to play a part. It seems like they have to struggle to find the right words to say, the right thing to do. It’s awkward and uncomfortable to watch, I’m sorry, but that’s the way I feel.

We’ve got to know Steve and Danny through these years and we saw they love each other just the way they are, warts and all, they can really be themselves when they are with each other.

We saw that they never have any problems saying/showing to each other how they feel even if there are people around. True feelings are the discriminating factor here. I mean, if Steve’s presence affected Danny so much he couldn’t even talk, if the way Steve was touching him made him use their safe word, it has to mean something, right? As much as Danny finding the silliest reason to distract himself from the double date, as much as Steve following him because, well, he loses his balance when Danny is not there with him. As much as both of them telling Chin they could get back to work in no time… to work, together. The together part sounds always fine to them. Together with Lynn and Melissa around, not so much. I wonder why…

We saw how natural it is for them to say and do the most romantic things for each other. No effort at all, it all comes from their heart, in the most beautiful, simple, natural way.

- Steve booking three nights at the Kahala hotel for Danny and Grace.

- Danny buying a guitar for Steve so he could play the song he never got to play.

- Steve being there for Danny when Charlie was born and, later, when he found out he was his father, that he was robbed of three years with his son. 

- Steve showing up in court when Danny was fighting for Grace’s shared custody. Wearing his dress blues: “It’s for you. I wore it for you”.

- “Maybe you’re not as alone around here as you think, Danno”.

- “I’ll think about you the whole time”.

- “I just want you to be happy, Danny, that’s all“.

- Steve willing to die blown up by a bomb, risking everything to stay with Danny in episode 3x06 (one of the most wonderful things I’ve ever seen in my life of TV viewer).

- Danny literally giving a part of himself to Steve. 

- North Korea, Afghanistan, Colombia… They would go to the ends of the earth for each other.

- Steve making Hawaii Danny’s home. Danny giving Steve the family he craved for, being the one constant in his life, that one person who would never betray or leave him, unlike so many others, who always chose someone else or something else over him. 

And I could go on and on with the examples.

I think they are so right for each other, they fit together perfectly. I know, they’re two men and it’s not simple, it’s a challenge, it’s risky, but please, at least think about it. They’re so worth a chance.

cute weather/seasonal AUs for your OTP

when it rains 

  • who wears the designer raincoat/umbrella set and who is wearing oversized polkadot rainboots and a huge yellow duck raincoat 
  • going for a walk in the rain and splashing in puddles 
  • making a “SPLASH US!!” sign and standing on the side of the road waiting for cars to drive by 
  • person A is Very Enthusiastic about thunderstorms and person B is Very Afraid so A makes up elaborate fake explanations abt where the thunder comes from to make B laugh and forget they were scared 
  • We Were Going To Go On A Picnic But It Rained So We’re Picknicking Inside Anyway 
  • which one seduces the other into standing under a tree before shaking the branch and soaking them 
  • gOING SWIMMING IN THE RAIN and making out maybe 


  • which one gets Super Excited for fall and gets pumpkin everything while the other one shakes their head and can’t wait until mint everything 
  • who rakes the leaves; who jumps into the pile 
  • one carves the pumpkin, the other one stares horrified and whispers, ‘YOU DIDN’T TELL ME YOU WERE GONNA KILL IT’
  • which one buys ugly baggy sweaters and which one actually wears them 
  • one person wears fingerless gloves the other wears fluffy mittens 
  • who buys mulled cider, who buys hard cider 
  • who wears the really intense halloween costume, who wears a sheet with holes in it 
  • which person asks to do a seance in the graveyard halloween night, which one slaps them and says ‘have you ever SEEN a horror movie??”


  • BUILDING SNOWFAMILIES including their pets, house, dog, car,,,, 
  • Who builds the snowman, who eats the carrot nose bc they weren’t paying attention (”OH THATS what the carrot was for, my bad”) 
  • “Maybe Jack Frost isn’t nipping at your nose, but I can do that instead ;)” “Oh my god shut up”
  • who-can-find-the-tackiest-decorations contest that gets super intense and oh god did we really need a second tree and the plastic santa and the rainbow menorah and all of these garlands jesus christ 
  • who makes hot chocolate from scratch, who mixes it with a candy cane and calls it a day 
  • watching cartoon holiday movies together in a blanket cocoon and singing along to the songs bc lets be real everyone does it
  • snowball fights that end up forming barricades complete with les mis references and backup snowballs until person A is covered in snow and person B has to dig them out 
  • oh no we stayed out too long and need to warm up better share the shower/hot chocolate to conserve resources 
  • Who dumps snow down their partner’s neck and runs away laughing 
  • person A burying person B in snow and then kissing their forehead and walking away (”YOU MOTHERFUCKER YOU CANT LEAVE ME HERE” “I love you too I’ll be back!” “EXCUSE ME”) 
  • who wears the oversized scarf and hat, who wears a t shirt and skinny jeans no matter how cold it is (”DUDE ITS FUCKING -15″ “that’s WARM where I come from”) 
St. Patrick’s Day with the Lynch Brothers

Declan decides to reinstate the Lynch family tradition of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

o   Growing up this was Niall Lynch’s favorite holiday and the family went all out

o   Imagine young Ronan, Declan, and Matthew performing at local festivals

o   Kilts may or may not have been involved

o   Church was a must

Ronan takes Opal and Matthew up to Declan’s apartment in D.C.

o   They are so LOUD in the car

o   They fight and sing stupid songs and play car games

o   Ronan yells at them but he secretly loves it

Adam drives up from college. He’s never celebrated St. Patrick’s Day and he’s nervous/excited about the family reunion. Declan is intimidating af

o   But Declan’s totally cool and gives up his room for the “newlyweds” as he likes to call Ronan and Adam pretty much every chance he gets

o   Matthew and Opal camp out in the living room

o   Declan shares the guest room with his “housemate” (who turns out to be JIANG!! Ronan is shocked and keeps muttering to Adam about the “fucking plot twist”)

Family hijinks ensue

o   Seriously competitive Apples to Apples

o   Candy Land with Opal

o   A very late night game of poker after Opal goes to bed

o   Ronan and Declan are definitely pre-gaming; Adam and Jiang exchange mutual looks of resignation

St. Patrick’s Day arrives!!

o   Declan’s got this all planned out. First he gets them all to mass. Almost everyone sleeps through the majority of the service. Declan is very Annoyed

o   Irish Breakfast with Irish Breakfast Tea because ofc

o   Wardrobe: y’all know they were kitted out in all the green. Blue sent Ronan T-shirts for him and Adam to wear: Ronan’s says “Kiss Me I’m an Asshole” and Adam’s says “Pynch: Est. 2016”, both are in green, Ronan’s is a muscle tee; Adam is confused by his shirt. Declan further surprises everyone by wearing one of Niall’s kilts. Jiang says he looks very handsome and Declan Blushes so bad. Matthew is wearing green everything: pants, shirt, shoes, he even sprays temporary green color in his hair. Opal is wearing a super cute dress with an Irish flag pattern. Jiang is looking quite dapper with a white button-up and a green tie.

Next stop: the Parade. They stand outside forever and it’s cold so they’re just this huddle. Adam thoughtfully brought thermos of tea for them to share. Ronan brought a flask. Matthew brought pickle flavored Pringles. They are Good to Go

o   Somehow they get to the very front of the barricades lining the parade route. Ronan puts Opal on his shoulders anyways and she is delighted, having the time of her life. Adam takes a million pictures and sends them to Blue, Henry, and Gansey

Afterwards they go to one of the local Irish pubs and it is madness. They wait almost two hours for a table. Opal falls asleep on Ronan’s shoulder. Ronan’s flask is mysteriously not empty and he confesses that it’s a dream object and never runs dry. While they wait the boys tell Adam and Jiang about Niall and Aurora, about growing up at the Barns and some of the crazy legends their father would tell them about Ireland

The pub is well worth the wait. Everyone gets a different dish and they all end of sharing. Declan works some magic and gets them pitchers of Guinness (Matthew is not allowed to drink and he’s quite sulky about it)

There is live music and, after drinking a lot, Ronan gets it into his mind that he should join the group and play everyone a song?!!! Adam is dying of laughter and of course films the whole thing. Even sloshed Ronan is an impeccable musician and everyone wants him to keep playing so he does

Perhaps the most hilarious/unexpected moment is when Ronan and Declan join in the impromptu Riverdance dance off. Matthew can’t believe that these two drunken idiots are related to him. Jiang is deceased because Declan dancing in that kilt… Adam’s phone is running out of storage because Jesus Christ this has to be saved for posterity

Eventually they stagger back to the apartment. Ronan and Declan are singing The Rocky Road to Dublin at the top of their lungs the entire way; they keep making the song faster and faster until it’s just a bunch of loud, high-pitched slurring

Jiang helps Declan to bed, Adam gets Opal settled in for the night, Ronan finds his father’s guitar in Declan’s room and plays mournful Irish tunes until Adam makes him stop. Once they’re cuddled up in bed Ronan tells Adam more about Niall. They make plans to visit his hometown in Ireland

The next morning is Hangover Central but they all agree it was worth it

NCT 127 + Ten Reaction : “When you’re Drunk”

Hey guys! This is a NCT 127 All Members Reaction and Ten, to when you’re drunk! Requests are open - so send them in! Hope you enjoy it! <3

Warning - If you’re sensitive to drunken scenarios/behaviour please do not read on! 

*As always, I will state which gifs are mine! And, this is only my opinion and is in now way meant to offend anyone! <3* 


*gif by me*

“Jagi, you okay?” Taeyong asked taking your hand as you clung onto his waist a the bar. You giggled loudly, unable to stop the laugh from escaping your lips. You could feel your lips moving but struggled to even know what you were saying. Instead you watched as he swayed in your vision.

“Y/N? How many fingers am I holding up?”

“Oh my god! Your hands are huge!” you screeched taking them in your own, just as you were about to stumble backwards. His arm wrapped around your waist hugging you close to him as he grabbed you a glass of water and leading you outside. 

“Sip the water Y/N, don’t gulp it,” he instructed with a laugh as he sat you down, kneeling in front of you and smiling. “Drink that and then we’ll get some food and go home, okay?”

You nodded feeling the buzz of the alcohol hit you and the world spin in turn. “Okay. Why do you look after me all the time.” 

He didn’t answer, instead he planted a soft kiss on your lips. “Come on. Let’s get some food.” 


*gif by me*

Taeil had managed to get you home. He had practically carried you up the stairs, helped you change clothes and put you into bed with a kiss on your head. Little did he know you weren’t where he left you. Taeil had been sat alone in the living room when he smelt the burning.

“What the hell?” he hurried from the room, sprinting into the kitchen where smoke was thick in the air, billowing out from the toaster. “Y/N!?” he cried shaking his head at you sitting on the floor with a jar of chocolate spread in your hands and a spoon in your mouth.

“What?” you mumbled through a mouthful of spread that coated your teeth and tongue. “Taeil why are you trying to set the house on fire?!” 

He glared down at you swatting the air with a towel just so the fire alarm didn’t go off at three in the morning. The other members would be pretty annoyed at that. “Why aren’t you in bed!?” Taeil cried pushing open every window before kneeling in front of you.

You smiled widely at him tapping him on the nose with the spoon and leaving chocolate in its place. “I was hungry,” you slurred leaning towards him and kissing his nose sloppily. He held you there for a moment grinning to himself. “And it’s lonely in bed without you.”


Originally posted by withsuh

“Johnny! Look!” you cried looking back to him as you stood on a wall. You were balancing yourself crazily, barely staying upright. The alcohol slurred your words but you swore you felt fine.

“What are you doing?” he gasped grabbing your waist and lifting you down. “I swear I take my eyes off you for two seconds…”

You shut him by planting a kiss on his lips. He grinned against your mouth before whispering, “You’re unbelievable Y/N.”

“Will you carry me?” you asked quietly hugging his arm. He lifted you onto his back and carried you all the way home. 

Along the way he made silly jokes with you, he kept you relaxed, trying to forget the sick feeling that was rising in your stomach. He laughed at everything you said in a drunken slur until you fell asleep against his shoulder. “The things I do for you Y/N.”


*gif by me*

Yuta was just as drunk as you. The pair of you struggled to get into a cab, and then stumbled together through the front door of the dorm. “I’m starving!” Yuta grumbled heading straight for the kitchen. 

“Mmm this is so good!” was all you heard as you finally made it into the kitchen. You kicked off your shoes along the way and only just catching him as he scoffed your secret stash of crisps into his mouth.

“Yuta!” you cried running over and tackling him for the food. “Sharing is caring!”

He was off balance and crashed to the floor, taking you with him, knocking the bag from his hands. Crisps scattered everywhere. And with a pout on your face you rolled beside him punching him in the chest.

“Ugh I’m wounded!” he cried grabbing a handful of them and throwing it at you. The laughs between you were explosive as the food fight began. Until suddenly a voice came from nowhere. “What the hell Yuta?! You can clean this up!” Taeyong shrieked from the door. “Are you two drunk?”

“Nooooo,” you laughed in a sing song voice as Yuta grabbed you.

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Why would you leave? Pt.1 Richie Tozier X Reader

Summary: One Friday after-school you and everyone decides to go down to the cliff. They bring you along which causes some comments about you and Richie since he obviously has had a crush on you since the 4th grade and everyone knows it. Before Richie has the chance to ask you out you bring up the fact about leaving the town Derry because your parents think it is dangerous from all the missing kids. When two months later pass from that scene and Y/n is saying her goodbyes to everyone before she leaves the town Richie shares his feelings to her. 

Requested: Yes, but the character wasn’t clearly stated 

Song: Tear in my heart By Twenty One Pilots 

A/n: Holo Lovely’s I honestly couldn’t think of anything for another IT also this is kind of similar to the end description of the plot in the Wiki report thing, because as it states “ One month later, Beverly informs the group of a vision she had while catatonic, where she saw them fighting the creature as adults. The Losers form a blood oath that they will return to Derry in 27 years if It returns and destroy the creature once and for all. Beverly tells Bill that she is moving to live with her aunt in Portland. Before she leaves, Bill reveals his feelings and they kiss. As Beverly bids Bill farewell, he watches her walk away and smiles. “ Which seems to be VERY similar to the plot that I choose for this specific fanfic for Richie, but lol oh well and I mean no harm in any way of “Copying” this its just an idea that I just so happen to choose. 

                                                    *  *  *

      “Oh come on Bill! Stop being such a baby!” You called out, you were already wearing your swimsuit dragging him by his hand to the edge of the cliff. “It’s fine we are just going to land in water!” You looked at him, “Please..It will be fun” You gave him slight puppy eyes and he gave in. “Fine.. B-but your going first” Everyone looked at you and you nodded. You walked back a couple of feet then ran darting into the direction of the cliff leading into the water, “Shit’ Richie mumbled. You jumped off of the cliff balling up until your body hit the water, it took you a couple of seconds to swim back up. Everyone looked down at you, “You okay Y/n?” Stan yelled out to you. You nodded “Yeah just hurry the hell up you guys!” You called out to them. Richie shook his head then signaled for everyone else to jump with him. Richie jumped in first then one by one everyone else did. Before you could swim away from Richie when he jumped in he grabbed your foot making you swim back over to the group. “Seriously” you muttered. He rolled his eyes. “I still can’t believe all that has happened this year” Mike spoke up ignoring the awkward tension before. “Yeah…Its crazy to believe all this fucking shit” Richie said in agreement. “Y-yeah” Bill said, you liked Bill. It had caused some controversy with Bev because that was a secret you kept with her. But then she moved sadly. She was the only girl you could gush over guys with or have personal talks about anything. “Y/n?” Mike said as he waved a hand in your face to get attention. “Mhm?” You said realizing that you zoned out. “Can I tell you guys something?” You said softly which earned a couple of surprised looks from everyone. “Yeah” Richie said to keep the conversation going, “I-I’m leaving..My mom still thinks it’s not safe to be here..She said tha-” You started to explain but Richie interrupted “Seriously Y/n? I mean Beverly already left us after she promised she would come back! And we all know she won’t! The entire ‘Club’ is going to shit with all these people leaving and these deaths!” Richie called out. He was still pissed off and depressed about Eddie dieing. You and everyone was but this changed Richie the most. “Both of you need to calm down” Stan said as he pointed to me then to Richie.

                     “Please continue what you were saying Y/n” Bill said as he looked at everyone else, you nodded then continued what you were originally saying. “As I was saying, my mom wants us to leave the town and go down to some place like N.Y.C which would be cool. She still thinks that its unsafe because of all the missing kid reports.” You stated while looking at everyone. “Oh” “Wow” “Seriously?” You sighed. “Can we have a chicken fight?!” Richie interrupted getting slightly excited. You shrugged your shoulders, “Sure”. The chicken fight ended up with you on Richie’s shoulders trying to fight Bill on Stanley’s shoulders. The fight felt like it had 10 rounds but it was really 6. You had to stop at 6 because the sun was set and you could see the stars all around you. It really was a pretty sight it just was too late outside.

Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon (Cullen Family Imagine)

WARNING(S): Anger issues, Cussing, Sadism, Sexism

“Did you see the way she brought that guy down though?!”

With a sigh, Edward chuckled at his brother,

“You have seen her bring down many people since we got here Emmett. What was the difference for today?”

Jasper’s eyes snapped to Edward,

“You and I both know what was different this time Edward. You could hear her thoughts. But I could feel them.”

Rosalie’s interest was now peaked,

“What’s different?”

Jasper and Edward shared a glance before Edward spoke lowly,

“She felt…. joy instead of remorse or guilt.”

◇◇◇◇◇ A Week Later
SONG: Winaloto by Tommy Cash

Whispers could be heard as soon as I stepped out of my car. With my headphones firmly on and some bass heavy music playing, I looked at no one and made my way into the school. A smirk formed from my lips as I noticed some of the looks of fear coming from my fellow student body. A fight was certain today. The teachers wouldn’t mind, I’m sure. They enjoy the entertainment just as anyone else.

My wait wasn’t long as Bella Swan and her boyfriend, Edward Cullen, decided to sit next to me at lunch. This of course was seen as an invitation for Emmett Cullen and Jasper Hale to join as well. Then of course Mike Newton and Tyler came. No one talked to me at first. Bella was the one who started though,

“So, y/n, do you like wrestling?”

Arching an eyebrow, I looked intently at the girl before nodding slowly. Mike then jumped in the conversation,

“Men’s wrestling is the best. More stunts and fighting compared to the women’s matches.”

Strike 1

“I mean, women’s wrestling is only allowed because we get to see girls in got outfits. It’s all staged for them anyway. Now the guys get all the tricks. There’s actually blood with WWE.”

Strike 2

I rolled my eyes but ignored the boy’s words until,

“Now women’s soccer has to be the most exciting. The fights that break out are too hot for words and more than half the players are lesbians anyway. I mean, haven’t you all seen Bend It Like Beckham? Obviously those two were lesbians but the studio just could film the lesbo sex scene we wanted.”

Strike 3.

Unchosen: An Analysis of Erabarenu Mono

One of the reasons I love the song “Erabarenu Mono” so much is that it is a perfect distillation of the relationships between the characters portrayed and consequently, the main tensions in Bakumatsu Tenrouden.

This group song is sung right after Yamatonokami Yasusada announces his intention to join the Shinsengumi and is a culmination of the tensions in the relationships that have been building up to that point, especially between Okitagumi and the Kotetsu Brothers. Their clash in ideals is heard in the piano instrumental introduction, where what should be a C major chord is disrupted by the addition of an extra ‘B’ note, thus creating a feeling of tension.

(Over 4000 words of me just talking about a 5min 27s song under the cut)

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NCT as Your Older Brothers

I was too lazy to do ‘em all so I hope it’s ok that I only did the debuted members! >.< this turned out so loooong but it was fun to do :D

rv version; here


  • looks out for you so much
  • always asks how you are & remembers every single test you have, then asks you about it
  • will listen to all your worries & never judge, no matter what you tell him. even something that not everyone might accept, such as not being the “standard” sexuality or gender or mental state
  • loves you so much, no matter anything in the world
  • comes home sometimes with strawberry milk or a chocolate cookie for you. then tells you to eat healthy afterwards
  • is so nice to your friends too & has been the driver of your squad to many a nightclub & party
  • anxiously stays awake when you’re out, only able to sleep when you’re home, safe, in bed. so that’s why he’s the driver; he’s always awake anyway.

Originally posted by crybabytaeil


  • sooooo protective
  • the most protective big bro, but tries to pretend he isn’t. he does it without meaning to so he’s not even aware of how protective he is
  • sometimes looks over your shoulder when you get a text or looks up your friends on social media to check that they’re worthy of your time
  • oh & partners better watch out
  • even if they’re the holiest of holys, they’ll never be good enough for you
  • can be too busy to hang out with you sometimes but makes sure to always at least check in on you with a text or call a day
  • and makes up for lost time on days off by bringing you to see a movie or go bowling

Originally posted by teeuai


  • “eww, you have a crush? I’M TELLING MOM!”
  • he’s the type to read your diary, bomb every sleepover, hide your things, eat your food, pull your hair, run into your room to fart then run out, is just an overall annoyance basically
  • but he’s your annoyance, you get me?
  • for all the grief he’ll give you, he’ll also buy you medicine when you’re sick and cuddle you until you’re feeling well. then promptly denies even knowing you - “what do you mean, I rubbed your back? do I even know u?”

Originally posted by omg-hyung


  • is a bit clueless at times
  • doesn’t know how to deal with you if you start crying or what to buy you during holidays/birthdays bc he wants something special but what do u want? what do the kids these days want?
  • “doyoungie, you’re young too, you know that???”
  • “shush, little sibling, your big, superior brother is thinking here”
  • is so awkward around your friends & boy/girlfriends
  • never spills your secrets & is very trustworthy

Originally posted by yonges


  • has said before that if he were to introduce his younger sister irl (that’s 3 years younger if I remember right) to anyone it would be mark. so he would introduce you to him too & try to set that up
  • if you’re not interested, then he highly recommends johnny. & if you turn him down then ten’s genuinely confused since “he’s so handsome, what’s wrong w u? well, if you don’t want him, I’ll have him”
  • compulsively lies & blames you for everything. so fights can happen
  • but for the most part, you two live in harmony & love each other deeply

Originally posted by y-ta


  • does his best to pick you up when you’re down, doing aegyo or cooking you something to make you smile
  • knows that all your friends think he’s hot so if they’re over, even in winter, he’s in tank tops & shorts to show off his body & flirting grossly w them
  • so he’s annoying at times.
  • oh, he takes your food too. pesters you til you feed him. always makes sure you’re fed too
  • loves when you fall asleep on him, esp since he can take sneaky pics of you & send them to the members like “wow, I’m such a great person that anyone could fall asleep on me”
  • your relationship is very good & strong. not a day goes by where he doesn’t mention you or how much he adores you

Originally posted by nikaiv


  • the type to wake you up christmas day with a snowball shouting “snowball fight!” so you run outside barefoot in pj’s to no snow since it turns out he made the “snowball” from ice in the freezer to trick you
  • nags you to keep up with your school work
  • introduces you as his “fetus sibling” to the boys
  • teaches you how to charm taeyong & now he’s both your bitches

Originally posted by nctinfo


  • jamming to beyonce & rap songs all night long
  • he even blares them on his phone then jumps on you to wake you up
  • when you two share a bed, he wraps his legs around you since he loves sleeping w a pillow between his legs & now that’s what you are
  • always gives you song recommendations
  • shows you the lyrics he’s writing before anyone else; “what do you think? does it sound good?”
  • practices his dance/rap/singing & makes you be his one-person audience
  • takes you ice skating every christmas
  • sometimes wakes you up in the middle of the night to vent or offer you some ice cream
  • has no issue with you dating & even helps you sneak out of the house if you have to

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  • introduces you to as many sm idols that he knows. exo’s lay basically considers you a younger sibling too
  • the kind of brother to put something cute up on his social media on your bday, like his fav childhood photo when you two went to a park & you scraped your knee so he kisses it better. will also accompany that w a cute, heart warming caption
  • your parents never had any trouble with you two as kids. even now there’s no issues, since you two get on so well.

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  • he will play your fav songs to cheer you up on practically every instrument in existence since this boy is talent™ 
  • loves playing video games with you and watching movies. esp car movies so I hope you’re okay with that
  • he doesn’t mind having you in his room as long as you don’t touch his car models or car drawings or his anime figurines
  • doesn’t talk about you a lot to his hyungs though bc he’s afraid they’ll fall for you but will also support your relationships. as long as you’re happy, he’s happy

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  • NOT TRUSTWORTHY. DON’T TELL HIM ANYTHING. will spill all your secrets for ice cream or even for free if he’s feeling evil
  • teases you constantly
  • takes your things & lots of bickering
  • screenshots all your ugly snapchat pics for a long 10 minute compilation for your bday on fb
  • pulls up your enemy’s insta page to mock her/him with you. bitch sessions are the only time you two truly bond. the sass is strong in your family
  • but if you ever have a problem then he gets so emotionally involved it’s like it happened to him. if you ever experience bullying then don’t be surprised when he starts crying
  • behind your back he’ll complain to the boys that you’re gross but if one of then even looks wrong at you then r.i.p they had a good life.

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  • all nighters watching iron man or horror movies. which, depending on which of the two, you two either pass out on top of each other on the couch. or you sleep in the same bed. just in case a murderer shows up
  • makes sure you eat an apple a day to keep the doctor away
  • always has playful dance offs with you, esp to exo songs
  • once dreamed of being a doctor so acts like it when you’re sick; “what are your symptoms? no, don’t buy that medication. get the one in the red packet, those work better”

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  • introduces you to exo’s lay, so now he also treats you like a sibling. between lay, renjun and chenle; you’re taken care of
  • sings you to sleep when you’re sick or upset
  • is also super mischievous so sometimes pulls pranks. not extreme ones though. he’ll never push it too far
  • is also your partner in crime
  • your parents have a lot of their hands since you two always have each others backs; “broken vase? what broken vase?” “yeah, we’ve been in our rooms all day.” if one of you goes down, the other does too, & you wouldn’t have it any other way

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  • brags about you all the time to his hyungs
  • sends you the cutest snaps & texts & buys you things all the time from cupcakes to a new phone
  • is basically your wing-man since he praises you so much that the other guys joke “man, maybe we should marry (y/n) since they sound so great” & jisung’s so proud like “yeah, my lil sibling is so great & cool.”

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you know what? I want to know about wizard unemployment and homeless wizards. tell me about all the wizards and witches who try their hardest to get jobs or set up businesses. who go from door to door saying they’ll work for free for a short time, if they can just have a chance, but being turned away because magic can do most things for the employers. tell me about the groups of homeless magic folk who group together on cold winter nights under highways and sing songs, to keep their spirits up. I want to know if they can afford wands or not, if they share them or if they’re all really good at wandless magic because they have no other choice. do they cast spells to make camp fires, or do they fight about whether rubbing sticks together makes a flame. where are the rebel kid and outcasts who didn’t get to hogwarts, or were kicked out by strict parents? I want to know about the punk homeless boys and girls who are metamorphmagi and steal from the sweet shops but never get caught. that never have a safe place to sleep but love their lives anyway. let us know about the people who weren’t in the wars, are old enough to remember tom riddle, or the people who barely know who harry potter is.

I want to know about the wizards and witches who didn’t all revolve around hogwarts. tell me about the magic folk elsewhere.

I can’t quit you.

Boy: Jay

Summary: Another song fic yall, I’m obsessed with them so expect a lot haha. Based off Cashmere Cat and Ariana’s song, Quit.

Warnings: OOC for Jay for the purpose of the song.

You sat on the floor of Mal and Evie’s shared dorm room. As soon as those girls arrived from the Isle, you instantly clicked and became good friends with them. And not too long after, started a relationship with Jay. A paring that your two new besties didn’t agree with.

“Has Jay called you yet?” Evie asked drawing in her sketchbook.

“No. I haven’t heard from him since our fight. He called me the devil. Can you believe that?” You questioned.

“Honestly, I think it’s for the best that you stay away from him. I know Jay, I have since we were kids and I think he’s just not ready for a serious relationship. The way he treats you, isn’t how a normal boyfriend treats his girlfriend. He’s suffocating you.” Mal told you, you nodded though you knew that it would take a lot for you to want to be without him.

Soon you phone started ringing, “Guys, it’s Jay.” You said nervously.

“Don’t pick up the phone, Y/N. Let him think you’re not home.” Evie suggested but whenever he calls,  your heart starts to roll.

Avoiding the looks from the girls, you hit accept and walked into the hallway to talk to him. 

“Jay? I thought you didn’t want to speak to me ever again?” You recalled his words from earlier today.

“I know baby. But I miss you and you know I never mean it when I say it.” Jay said. He had his post-fight voice on, he knew exactly what to say and how to say it.

“I know. I missed you too.” You said, biting your lip.

“Come over?” He asked. Despite your efforts to listen to your head and stay away from him, you wanted to be his arms, it was your heaven your hell. So you already knew you were going to over to his place.

“Um, I’m kinda of hanging out with the girls. We’re going to watch movies.” You told him. You could basically hear him roll his eyes through the phone.

“Come on, baby. I want to see you, especially after what happened early. I want to make sure we’re good.” He pleaded.

“Why was Chad at your dorm?” Jay questioned. Chad had came into your room, claiming to need help in chemistry and you being the nice person you are,  helped him. Jay walked in and started jumping to conclusions.

“We were just studying. It’s no big deal.” You told him, your voice bored. Jay did this a lot. Second guess you, it’s like he had no trust in you.

“I could tell it meant a lot more too him.” He argued.

“God, Jay! Stop this, it’s getting old. I’m over it.” You fought back and his eyes widen.

“You’re over it? You’re over us?” He asked, raising his voice even more.

“No, I-I didn’t mean it like that. It’s just you can be a lot to handle. Sometimes it gets a bit too much.” You spoke honestly.

“I’m too much handle? You’re ridiculous. You know I could have any girl in this damn school? All these gorgeous angels yet I picked you.” He said and you could feel the tears coming, you pushed them back.

“I thought I was your angel.” You said, voice small.

“You’re a devil in disguise. I’m don’t want to ever speak to you again.” And with that he stormed out of your room leaving you a mess.

The little quiet voice telling you to tell him no, to tell him it’s over that he has hurt you too many times, that voice wasn’t there when you said, “I’ll be there in ten.

You opened the door to reveal a very concerned Mal and Evie. “So what did he say?” Evie asked.

“He wants me to come over.” You told him already fearing their reactions.

“And you said no, right?” Mal questioned.

“No, I said yes. I’m sorry guys. I really am. I just have to fix things with him.” You said and they rolled their eyes.

“Whatever go, ditch us for Jay. Again.” Evie said not even looking at you.

“I love you guys. I hope you know that. I just, you know how it is with Jay.” You said, hoping they would understand.

“Just go, Y/N.” Mal said and you sighed and left. Behind the closed door you heard Evie say to Mal, “It’s like she’s under his spell. You didn’t spell her did you?”

“No of course not!” Mal said, laughing at the claim.

You knocked twice on the door of Jay’s room. He opened the door and smiled at you, “Thank you for coming baby.”

“Is Carols home?” You asked, searching for him as you followed Jay further into the room.

“No, he’s out. We have the room to ourselves.” He smirked wrapping his arms around you from behind.

“I thought you wanted to talk.” You said, annoyed at his actions to always avoid talking about things with sex.

“Do you really want to talk?” He asked, kissing down your neck. You were going to regret this.


You woke up in Jay’s bed. You stared at his sleeping self, why do I keep doing this to myself?

When Jay woke up, he saw the frown on your face. “I love you Y/N. I know I don’t always show it, I’m just scared to loose you.” He confessed.

“You’d never loose me Jay. I can’t quit you.” You told him, moving in to kiss him.

You got dressed and left his room. You were standing in line at the school cafe when you say Evie, Mal, Carlos and Jane sitting at a table. You waved to them. Evie and Mal just shot you a dirty look. You turned away and ordered your coffee.

You walked over to the table of you friends,”Where’s Jay?” Mal asked.

“Practice. Can we talk?”

“Now we’re more important than Jay?” Evie laughed.

“Come on guys, you know how it is.” You pleaded.

“Stop acting like the victim. Like you have no choice. You do have a choice and you made it, Jay. You two bring out the worst in each other but yet you still him want to be with him over the people in your life that actually treat with you respect.” Mal said. You didn’t know what to say so you just walked out of the cafe and sat by the bleachers to watch Jay’s practice.

You knew Mal was right about the choice. You did choose Jay and if you didn’t  already regret it now, you would.

Worlds on Fire

Part One

Summary: An alternate timeline - what if Sansa Stark had chosen to go with Sandor Clegane the night of the Battle of the Blackwater? How would this one decision have affected the fate of Westeros? How would it have affected Sansa and Sandor themselves?

Part Two: Here
Part Three: Here
Part Four: Here

Word Count: 1176
Pairing: SansaxSandor (VERY slow burn)
Warnings: Violence, blood, language
A/N: I’m so excited to share my first venture into fanfics with y’all! This interpretation is faithful to the story as told in A Song of Ice and Fire. The first excerpt in italics from “A Clash of Kings” is the point of departure. This has turned into quite the saga already, so be on the lookout for future parts! I would love your feedback, so please feel free to share!

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Looking Into Our Future (Kaitlyn x MC)

Note: To make it short, I’m no writer and this is actually the first “essay“ I wrote for fun. I didn’t expect for it to get this lengthy so I became lazier as I got to the end. For a while, I’ve thought of writing something related to the prompt before it even came out so I was quite shocked when it did. Anyway, I tried.

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anonymous asked:

Any One Direction songs in which you find the romantic relationship to be portrayed healthily?

That’s an amazing question anon.  Thanks so much.  I’ll try to do it justice.

Before I begin I will have to talk a little bit about what I see as most damaging about One Direction songs.  It’s not the subtle negging of Little Things, or the sudden rash of rape-y songs on the third album.  It’s that there are so many songs which strips the person the song is about of any agency and reduce her (later maybe them) to an object of desire. The singer is so obsessed with his own feelings that there is no space for the girl he is singing about to have any feelings at all - or for those feelings to matter.

And that’s so damaging - the target audience of One Direction is young girls who are told in a million different ways that men’s desires and feelings matter and theirs don’t.  One of the most important fights, both for feminism, but also for women in our own lives, is realising that we are subjects and not objects - when we have so often we are told differently.  

Before I get into One Direction’s songs I want to share an amazing Dar Williams song - about women claiming their subjectivity - that I like to imagine fighting UAN and TMH and destroying them both with its awesome power (and then they rise from the ashes - still great pop songs but with magically transformed better lyrics)

There’s lots of different sorts love in a pop song - and I’m going to organise my discussion around different subjects - because I think each sort of song has its own pitfalls.

We’re Super in Love With Each other, isn’t it great (aka Larry songs)

  • Strong
  • Right Now
  • Home
  • I Want to Write You a Song
  • 18
  • If I Could Fly
  • Act My Age
  • Through the Dark (maybe not great - but better than it would be otherwise.  I particularly like that the perspective of the person this song’s about is relatively strong).

I didn’t include Drag Me Down - because I think the ‘shell of a man stuff’ is  fraught.  It’s often a really manipulative thing to say.  I think in the context of the whole song it’s actually fine - because the song is so joyous.  There’s a huge difference between ‘Things are great! I love you! Thank you! Without you I wouldn’t be as great as I am!’  And ‘Things are terrible. I love you.  Without you things would be even worse.  But it did make me cautious. 

Everything About you is surprisingly good for a song on UAN (they’re literally all about how it’s unfair that a girl would like anyone but the narrator) - but there’s that bit in the middle about other guys seeing her and not knowing that it’s him - which is really gross.

Quite a lot of these songs are borderline for me - in that there isn’t much space for the person being sung about to have any feelings or their feelings to matter.  If I was talking to Louis (in particular I think) about what sort of love songs he wrote in the future - I would encourage him to be more specific about the object of his affection and to give that person a voice in the song.  But there are obviously reasons that might have been difficult.

It’s the two of us against the world - but our love will win (aka more Larry songs)

  • Ready to Run
  • You & I
  • Fireproof (just - like I have very strong feelings and readings about this song - but it would be so easy to introduce some mutuality to it.  To have the first version be “nobody knows you baby the way I do” and the second “nobody knows me baby the way you do”.  The difference of having ‘we’ in both Ready To Run and You & I is really pointed)

Definitely not They Don’t Know About Us - which I feels hits too many red flags.  Presenting young girls with the idea that ‘people on hate on our relationship because they’re jealous’ is a romantic statement - is basically priming them for emotional abuse. 

I’m attracted to you and think you’re amazing

  • Better than Words
  • Girl Almighty

The key to this sort of song is to make the focus how amazing the object of the song is and not on the singer’s own feelings.  There are a lot of songs in One Direction which are about how the object of the song should be into the singer rather than someone else.

Songs about hooks ups that are portrayed as mutual and consenting:

  • Best Song Ever (they just dance and she says no - and that’s OK)
  • Never Enough
  • No Control (I think ‘I’m all yours’ saves the ‘no control’ - and makes it clear that the encounter is mutual and consenting)
  • Up All Night (I’m absolutely grading on a curve here - it wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t on their first album)

Lots of songs are almosts in this category. Live While We’re Young has the pressure-y vibes of Zayn’s verse. Temporary Fix would be there if it wasn’t for the idea that bodies can speak. And I would include Kiss You - but the line about showing her off to his friends is fucked.  In fact, almost every way that friends feature in 1D songs is a red flag for me.  There’s a lot of ‘your friends hate me’ - which it bothers me is being portrayed as slightly romantic - rather than a sign that the person is actually terrible. 

Songs about break-ups and heartbreak that aren’t gross and entitled

  • Walking in the Wind (obviously you could read this song about any sort of separation - but it’s beautiful, mature and respectful of the subjectivity of the person).
  • Rock Me

There are many One Direction songs which make out that breaking up with the singer is a terrible unjust, unfair wrong thing to do.  In that context these two stand out. 

Some final examples

Over five albums their songs changed significantly. Lyrically they matured so much.  I want to pick out two songs from MitAM that don’t fit my categories - but show how much more honest, real and respecting MitAM is about relationships than UAN.

A.M. - this is a song about a shared moment and experience - it’s not explicitly about sexual relationships, but I love its specificity. I also think the fact that it’s not definitely about a sexual relationship makes it more healthy than equal than so many of their songs that are.

End of the Day - I don’t know if I’d exactly call this song healthy.  The person is so scared of expressing themselves and the situation is clearly messy (an early equivalent which is also much better than most of their early stuff is ‘Change My Mind’ - where the singer is seeking out consent and cares what the object of the song feels).  But I think songs that are messy and complicated about how hard being vulnerable is are so much better songs and less damaging - than some dude whining ‘my love is better than his’.  I think all sorts of relationships can be beautifully portrayed in songs that add something to the world - not just healthy ones.  What makes End of the Day so great is that there’s space in the song for ‘her’ - even if things might not work out the way the singer desires.


I know this is going to sound like such a Larrie thing to say.  But the more I think about this the more impressed I am with Harry and Louis.  And I do mean Harry and Louis. Niall doesn’t write that much.  And I can’t attribute the changing view of love within One Direction songs to Lima - when he’s all Wolves is a song about how stressful it is when people hit on my hot girlfriend. One Direction songs were really limited in the way they portrayed relationships.  And that’s changed.  MitAM depicted a range of relationships in songs that often had space

I think actually given the experience they’ve had over the last five years - that is quite extraordinary.  Being in the centre of a boyband storm - and yourself being treated by an object by so many fans - it’s not necessarily a place that you’d expect to develop maturity about relationships and an understanding of other people’s subjectivity.  They’re really impressive.

I’m going to stop now before I get even more sentimental and ridiculous. 


From admin Remmie : This is not an updated masterlist!!! Go to for an updated one - I will try and update this eventually (17/07-16)

This is for the mobile users that cant see the masterlist link on our page so this is for y’all. 

Monsta X:

Monsta X when you’re sexy and cute

Monsta X when you slap their butt and leave a handprint

Monsta X when you start a prank war that goes too far

Monsta X when they meet you at a party while dancing

Monsta X when they accidentally dye/cut your hair

Monsta X when you jump out of their birthday cake

Monsta X when they hear their girlfriend is in a Marvel movie.

Monsta X when their girlfriend changes their style a lot.

Monsta X when you’re working on a painting and they’re bothering you and end up ruining it.

Monsta X youtube challenges with their girlfriends

Montsa X: You tell them you’re pregnant but its just a joke.

Monsta X Kissing Styles

Monsta x reaction when you fall asleep on them while watching movies at their dorm

Monsta X couple types

First date: MONSTA X and SEVENTEEN.

Monsta X when they have cuddles with their girlfriends

Monsta X react to when you have a tickle fight

Monsta X: react to you playing guitar and singing a love song to them.

Monsta X Reaction: When you want to go bungee jumping

Monsta X react to you lecturing them.

Monsta X finds out their girlfriend is a Victoria Secret model

Monsta x Reaction When You Challenge Them In Rapping/Singing/Dancing

Monsta X Reaction When Their Gf Invite Them To Her Dance Competition And They Forget Completely.

Monsta X Reaction When Their Girlfriend Begs Them To Remove Their Make-up.

Monsta X Reaction When You Catch Them Shirtless And Become Embarrassed.


SEVENTEEN’s reaction when you’re angry at them for fighting with another member.

SEVENTEEN’s reaction to receiving a thoughtful/touching present from their girlfriend.

SEVENTEEN: Sharing your first kiss, makeout session and cuddles.

SEVENTEEN: Woozi, Joshua, Mingyu and THE8 react to you creeping up on them with hugs and kisses.

SEVENTEEN’s reaction to taking you home drunk.

SEVENTEEN’s reaction to you being scared of thunderstorms.

SEVENTEEN’s reactions to falling in love with a girl who looks like Woozi.

SEVENTEEN: Couple types.

First date: MONSTA X and SEVENTEEN.

SEVENTEEN’s reaction to you starting to date Hoshi and they have a crush on you.

SEVENTEEN: Joshua, Woozi, Mingyu and Dino reacting to you telling them you love them.

SEVENTEEN: You catch their eye at a fansign

SEVENTEEN: when you’ve been avoiding physical contact because of your body hair 

Woozie X Reader oneshot

SEVENTEEN: Another member cleans pumpkin out your hair and they get jealous


B.A.P when they catch you putting cute things in their locker

B.A.P when  you do aegyo on a rare occasion

B.A.P when they’re mad at you but you do aegyo

B.A.P when you hang out with another member instead of them

B.A.P when they’re all in love with the same 98 liner

Block B:

BlockB when you’re flirting with them

BlockB When their gf lets out a moan when they slap her butt

BlockB When they find you have a sexy hidden tattoo

BlockB when you hang out with another member instead of them

BlockB When you catch their eye at a fansign

BlockB when a girl on the street catches their attention


BTS when they catch you performing underground one night.

BTS when you wear yoga pants around them

BTS when they see new trainee (you) dance to dope and try to ask you out

BTS when their girlfriend surprising them at work with gifts

BTS when they’re trying to confess to you but their friends interrupt

BTS’s reaction to seeing their girlfriend at work in a silly uniform.

BTS reacts to their girlfriend letting out a small moan after being slapped on the butt.

Rapmonster, Suga and Taehyung when you kiss them.

BTS reaction to finding out you’re pregnant.

BTS react to when you sing properly for the first time. Before you used to mess around sing.

Rapmon, Suga, J-Hope and V react to when you surprise them on their birthday with a puppy

BTS Reaction To When You Tell Them You Love Them

BTS Reaction To When You Wear Yoga Pants Around them

BTS Reaction When You Compete In Underground Battles And They Catch You One Night.

BTS Reaction When Your Friends With Another Idol And They Get Jealous.

BTS When they find out you have a sexy hidden tattoo

- Admin L

Starklings superhero headcanons
  • Robb’s powers manifest first, and dramatically - he has splitting headaches for a week and then suddenly, inexplicably turns into a direwolf at the dinner table
  • (Grey Wind is not impressed)
  • Jon is less than three months later, and with significantly less fanfare
  • He’s pyrokinetic and cyrokinetic
  • There’s a cyromage in every generation of Starks, and Catelyn is pissed, because it should be her trueborn Stark son spilling ice from his fingertips (Ned reminds her firmly that turning into a direwolf is a perfectly Stark-like power)
  • The pair of them and Theon (energy manipulator, with the easy arrogance that goes with that power set) run around Winterfell for a while stopping petty crimes and getting into a ton of trouble
  • “You can’t call yourself Kraken, Theon, that’s so lame” “You call yourself Direwolf” “I turn into a direwolf”
  • Jon goes by Elemental
  • They get caught eventually, because gods know none of them are masters of subtlety, and Ned wants to let them stew in jail for a while for being idiots but eventually bails them out
  • The Stark kids are firmly banned from any and all vigilante activity
  • Sansa’s an empath and she hates it - they hire a therapist specializing in mutants who calls her an empathic mirror. She mimics the emotions of the people around her and it’s hard as hell to control
  • She won’t learn for years that she can manipulate other people’s emotions as well
  • Arya’s a shapeshifter as well, but changes faces instead of forms
  • For a while she has to concentrate constantly just to keep her own shape, but she’ll be good at it eventually - years in the future she’ll entertain the next generation of Starklings with a new level of impersonations
  • Bran’s probably the most powerful, but the least in control. He’s precognitive and retrocognitive, but he can’t control what he sees (at least not yet)
  • They won’t learn it for a while, but he has the potential to be a reality warper as well, the most powerful since Brynden Rivers
  • It’s Rickon (super strength and invulnerability) who decides to follow in his big brothers’ footsteps and start superheroing around again
  • If Rickon is doing it, then Bran is doing it, and if Bran is doing it, then so is Arya (they go by Wildling, Greenseer, and Huntress, respectively)
  • They actually manage to be less subtle than their brothers, and have a tendency to spraypaint “THE NORTH REMEMBERS” on the nearest wall every time they stop a crime (Bran has a flair for the dramatic and Rickon has a flair for spraypaint)
  • They’re fooling nobody, especially Ned
  • Robb is a Responsible Adult, but Jon laughs and tells them all the best hideouts in Winterfell
  • Bran works comms most of the time (his powers aren’t great in a fight). Sansa will join him eventually, as Lark
  • Rickon and Arya are a hell of a team, and the local police want to hate them, but honestly it’s so much less paperwork when you don’t actually have to stop the robbery yourself so they don’t try all that hard to catch them

In the anime world, some kind of evil overlord who isn’t Rippen had kipnapped Penn Zero and it’s up to Sashi to save him. While she transforms for a few SECONDS and travels around beautiful anime environments and when she reaches the evil anime overlord’s lair, she fights a lot of his henchmen with the power of MAGIC and GLAMOUR. While all of that is happening, you can hear Sashi’s voice singing this song. In the end, Sashi defeats the evil overlord and rescues Penn. The last shot would of them sharing a beautiful kiss on the lips.

In Secret - Fire It Up

It was still early to be going to the kids, and I was still a bit tense, so I went back over to the guildhall. I wouldn’t be harassed by the sound and smell of a certain woman, since I knew she was back now. I threw the doors open and walked up to the bar. My workout had burned enough energy that I felt like eating again, so I had the demon woman grab me some iron. While waiting for my food, my gaze wandered around the hall. Salamander was sitting at a table not far from me, talking really loud.

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Something better to do (Bucky x Reader)

Title: “Something better to do”

Requested by: @marvelfanuniverse asked: Hi! I saw that you were doing prompt requests! Would you please do #12 “Ugh you should kiss me.” with Bucky? :D”

Pairing: Fem-Avenger Reader x Bucky Barnes / Slight Pietro x Reader lol 

Prompts: #12 “Ugh you should kiss me” || MASTERLIST

Word count: 1239

Warnings: Language and hm crappy writing, as usual my dears, as usual!

A/N: Well I got carried away… but hell I love that song that I mention here and just needed to write and this is what happens when you can’t sleep! If you see any error or something lemme know? Sometimes I overlook! Lol Hope you, dear who requested it, like it!! And you guys enjoy, remember that feedback is always appreciated and also requests and prompts are still open and stuff like that.

Kisses for you all. –Lor.


|| I don’t own Bucky Barnes or any of the Avengers, they belong to Marvel. ||

The quinjet was quiet, the avengers were getting back from a mission and everyone was way too wounded.

“Why are we letting Clint fly this thing?” Y/N asked, kicking her boots and stretching her legs. Pietro and Bucky were both looking at her.

Pietro had told everyone that he had some sort of funny crush on her, and they would flirt all the time. Bucky on the other hand, had told only Steve about him falling for the spy that was way too friendly with the blonde God and his own best friend, the Captain America.

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