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Netflix Recommendations for Littles - Part 1

Since this is my first list of these, I’m gonna start with some of the classics:

- Lilo and Stitch: In Lilo and Stitch, get ready to go crash-land on Earth with Stitch, a runaway genetic experiment from a faraway planet. As he wreaks havoc on the Hawaiian Islands, he becomes the mischievous adopted alien “puppy” of an independent little girl named Lilo and learns about loyalty, friendship, and ‘ohana,’ the Hawaiian tradition of family.

- The Emperor’s New Groove: Emperor Kuzco is turned into a llama by his devious advisor, Yzma, and her hunky henchman, Kronk. Now the ruler who once had it all must form an unlikely alliance with a pleasant peasant named Pacha. Together, they must overcome their differences as they embark on a hilarious, “groovy” adventure.  

- The Iron Giant: A giant alien robot crash-lands near the small town of Rockwell, Maine, in 1957. Exploring the area, a local 9-year-old boy, Hogarth, discovers the robot, and soon forms an unlikely friendship with him. When a paranoid government agent, Kent Mansley, becomes determined to destroy the robot, Hogarth and beatnik Dean McCoppin must do what they can to save the misunderstood machine.

- Anastasia: The evil wizard Rasputin puts a hex on the royal Romanovs, and young Anastasia disappears when their palace is overrun. Years later, the Grand Duchess offers a reward for Anastasia’s return. Two scheming Russians, planning to pawn off a phony, hold auditions and choose an orphan girl with a remarkable resemblance to the missing princess. They bring her to Paris for the reward, not knowing she’s the real Anastasia.

- Tarzan: With his wisecracking ape buddy Terk and neurotic elephant pal Tantor, Tarzan learns to survive in the animal kingdom. His two worlds collide with the arrival of humans, forcing Tarzan to choose between a “civilized” life with the beautiful Jane and the life he knows and loves with his gorilla family.  

- The Road to El Dorado: Two con-men get hold of a map to the lost City of Gold, El Dorado. After stowing away onto one of the ships of the Spanish explorer Cortez, the pair escapes and eventually finds the city. There, a priest proclaims them to be gods in a scheme to win control of the city for himself. Meanwhile, they meet a beautiful girl who helps them in their ruse.

- The Little Rascals: Mischievous youngsters Spanky and Buckwheat lead an anti-girl organization, and they pick their buddy Alfalfa to represent them in an all-important soapbox car rally. When the boys then find their driver canoodling with schoolmate Darla, they decide they must break up the couple. Unfortunately, while Spanky and his pals are busy meddling in Alfalfa’s affairs, their prized race car is nabbed by two young toughs.

A Letter Delivered By Courier

The script of the note delivered to the Doctor is meted out by the most precise, and heavy, of hand. Somehow, quite akin to the nature of the writer, the dark ink manages give the impression of marching across the surface of the parchment, each character, held in uniform formation. The whole; a crisp regiment.


I would be willing to volunteer myself for your experiments detailed in your presentation two-days-past. Though I am certain of your ability to divine the obvious, I am missing my right eye. Such was lost in campaign under the Prince’s banner a decade’s past — infection faraway from proper resources.

I expect little, as you had stated, a fresh wound would have worked better concerning your work. Yet, nonetheless, the curiousity nips at me fiercely each time I have laid my head to rest.

Should this opportunity pique your interest, hesitate not to call upon me at your convenience; the Guard’s current stationing in Quel’thalas lends little to properly occupying the hours of the day.

Thanidiel Highdawn


Yuri on Ice interview translation - CREA 2017/03 (p32-33)

This is the full interview with Mitsurou Kubo published on CREA. I actually wanted to translate all the YOI interviews together but some translations going around urged me to post this one before the others, as I wouldn’t be able to finish everything tonight.

It’s not really an interview, it’s more like a partial interview and a short commentary of each episode.

The other 4 short interviews are with Kenji Miyamoto (choreographer), Eiji Abiko & Junpei Tatenaka (figure skating animators), Yuuko Sagiri (original costume designer), Keisuke Tominaga (music producer). I will try to post them tomorrow night if I can finish them.

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The reality as expressed by 5 people who created “Yuri on Ice”

Reality #1: Story x Mitsurou Kubo

“The reality of emotions” is what Kubo-san gave most importance to when she created the manga storyboard for this series. “Simply listing up the contents of the skaters’ programs and their score and connecting them together is not going to create something emotional. In my storyboard I tried to convey the feelings of all athletes, not just Yuuri, with their performances, to express them carefully, so that other skaters who watch them will in turn be influenced by them like in a chain reaction.”
An important tool to express those feelings are the monologues that can be heard during the programs, blended in harmony with the performance.
“Watching the footage of the choreographies by Kenji Miyamoto-sensei I realized that, even though he simply created them based on the songs, in many cases they perfectly match the athlete’s feelings too. I was so moved and thought that Kenji-sensei is an amazing person.”
As the series is pursuing reality, it does not contain any unrealistic techniques.
“If we had included something over-the-top people would have just said ‘that’s unreal’, so I thought that it was better to just go a little ahead of reality, and consulted with many people to decide the difficulty of the techniques to use. However, shortly thereafter real life skaters actually surpassed that level, which really surprised me. We did decide the level knowing that it would be surpassed one day, but we didn’t think it would happen so soon!”
The writer Mitsurou Kubo also needed a lot of courage to portray Yuuri determined to win for love.
“On the ice rink you can express anything, and that’s why, even if I had never thought about what true love is or represented it before, I decided to try my hand at openly depicting love as fiction. As a result, I myself was encouraged by the story I wrote and felt that I could make a fresh start after that.”

“I ended up being encouraged by the story about love that I openly portrayed as fiction.”

Highlights of every episode by Mitsurou Kubo

#1 Nan no Piroshiki!! Namida no Grand Prix Final
“I want you to watch the best figure skating animation”
Before the series was broadcasted I was worried, because normally original anime not based on a previous work and airing late at night take a long time to catch the viewers’ attention. However, my fear was swept away by the extraordinary skating scenes of the first episode, and the show gained a good reputation right away. Stunning images can provide the best promotion.

#2 Futari no Yuri!? Yutopia no Ran
“Figure skaters feeling more familiar”
This part is set during the off-season in Yuuri’s hometown. If we had showed special people battling each other in a faraway place from the very start the viewers would never have felt close to them, therefore I decided to start the story with the Russians, Victor and Yurio, spending time in the onsen of the castle town Hasetsu, eating katsudon and spreading news via the SNS, so that they would feel more familiar to the audience.

#3 Boku ga Eros de Eros ga Boku de!? Taiketsu! Onsen on ICE
“You can feel the growth of Yuuri and Yurio”
Once the Grand Prix series starts no one can afford to lose anymore, so I created this provisional match between Yuuri and Yurio to emphasize their relationship as rivals but also as comrades. I also wanted to show that a competitive program is progressively brushed up during the season based on each athlete’s pace. Originally I also thought of showing Yurio’s mother rushing to the scene.

#4 Jibun wo Suki ni Natte… Kansei!! Free Program
“Yuuri and Victor gradually become closer”
In the process of completing the free skating program Yuuri and Victor become closer to each other, both as coach and student and as equals. Yuuri’s gesture of poking the top of Victor’s head has no logical meaning. I think it symbolizes how Yuuri, acting on an impulse, breaks his own shell and steps into the territory of the person that previously was only considered a living legend.

#5 Kao Makka!! Shosen Da yo! Chuu-shikoku-kyuushuu Senshuken Taikai
“Check out the relationship between seniors and juniors”
Minami-kun, a skater that looks up to Yuuri, appears in this episode. I really like the scene where Yuuri, finally becoming aware that he is going to lead the current generation of Japanese skaters, silently hits Minami-kun’s back. As in the scene where he pokes Victor’s head, once again Yuuri uses a physical action, instead of logic or words, to try to communicate something. When it’s animated it looks really awesome.

#6 Kaimaku Grand Prix Series Yacchaina!! Chuugoku Taikai SP
“Check out Chris’ sexiness”
The tournament starts and many fascinating athletes make their appearances, but this episode is also an occasion to fully enjoy the charm of Chris’ ass. After watching Kenji-sensei’s choreography I decided to draw a beautiful ass in my storyboard, then its charm was further emphasized in the animation, and finally thanks to the voice actor’s absolutely sexy voice we could obtain the best ass animation ever.

#7 Kaimaku Grand Prix Series Yacchaina!! Chuugoku Taikai FS
“An FSP where Yuuri and Victor overcome their fears”
Yuuri and Victor were both anxious before the FS, and I feel that the strongly emotional scenes following that were represented in a very effective way. Regarding the last scene, I started receiving lots of questions from overseas, asking “Did Yuuri and Victor hug? Or was it a kiss?” and that’s when I realized how much the anime’s popularity had spread worldwide.

#8 Yuuri VS Yuri Osoroshia!! Russia Taikai SP
“JJ’s striking appearance is a must see”
This episode is where Jean-Jacques Leroy, aka JJ, one of the most likely candidates to win the gold medal, appears. What is scary about JJ is that he has the ability to paint any story in JJ color, overshadowing even the protagonist. Mamoru Miyano-san, the one who played his role, managed to take JJ to the next level with his natural personality and made him all the more convincing.

#9 Yuuri VS Yuri Osoroshia!! Russia Taikai FS
“When the absence of an important person makes you grow”
This episode is where Yuuri grows after fighting without Victor next to him. When we went location hunting at the Fukuoka airport there was a glassed-in corridor close to the arrival lobby, and as the director saw it she excitedly said “Yuuri and Victor are going to run side by side separated by the glass!”. I was like “they definitely are!”, and we started taking heaps of pictures. The airport is currently being remodeled and it’s not possible to recreate the scene.

#10 Chou Ganbaranba! Grand Prix Final Chokuzen Special
“Ordinary life episode the night before the last fight”
As the last part depicting ordinary life before the Grand Prix Final, I wanted to create a relaxing episode without skating scenes while at the same time introducing the athletes, but in the end so many things happened in it that no one could relax and I was told that even animating it was a pain. The ring Yuuri gave Victor also carries the meaning of a symbol that the two of them are like soul mates.

#11 Chou Chou Ganbaranba!! Grand Prix Final SP
“The speed leading to the last episode is impressive to watch”
The OP footage, that was gradually changed from episode 1 by adding colors, is finally complete. I was happy that we could welcome as voice actors Ken Gamada-san, who actually works as an MC in tournaments and ice shows, and Nobunari Oda-san as himself doing the commentary. With the pace of the story speeding up toward the finale, this episode was just chaos.

#12 Chou Chou Chou Ganbaranba!!! Grand Prix Final FS
“A final episode where you can catch a glimpse of everyone’s future”
Including Stéphane Lambiel-san’s debut as an anime seiyuu, which is something no one could have expected, the chaotic mixup of anime and reality reaches a climax in this episode. Beside the sense of fulfillment for the victory, I think that the contents also let you catch a glimpse of each character’s future. I was about to faint looking at the beauty of Victor’s tears.

Final note (this is just my opinion, it’s not part of the translation): There is a translation going around where the line about soul mates is translated as “proof”, but actually the word 証 (akashi) can have many different meanings, among which symbol/mark/token/proof/sign etc. In this case, I personally do not think it means “proof” (also to be honest when it’s “proof” usually they write it as 証拠 shouko). It’s more like symbol/token, as in “it’s meant to symbolize Yuuri and Victor’s deep bond that goes beyond a normal relationship”. Although the difference is only subtle, I still think it’s not the same. Also please understand that the Japanese word “soul mate” does not have the meaning that is used in fanfiction… I believe it’s actually the same in English too, but in normal conversation it means “two people that have a strong spiritual/emotional bond (that makes them suited for each other, be it either as friends or lovers)”, not “two people who were destined to be together from their previous life”. That is something you are free to imagine or fantasize about, however please do not twist the creators’ words just to fit people’s headcanons…

P.S.: And please do not misunderstand me. I love Victuuri, but I prefer to draw a line between canon and fanon, and I don’t really like it when words by the creators are “adapted” to accomodate people’s shipping ideas. I think what she says is deep enough even without mistranslating it anyway…

Ok so we all know Viktor has a slight complex about getting older (probably because of the worries of an athlete wondering how many years he has left, the way he has to present his image, maybe even a little bit of vanity). I imagine he spends a lot on hair products and skin care and he takes care of himself well and he’s always worrying that he’s growing too old and he’s always a little bit more savage when Yurio calls him ‘Old Man.’

And one day, he notices Yuuri looking at himself in the mirror, fiddling with his hair. He notices that Yuuri has some silver hair. 

And before he can launch into a panic (”Don’t worry Yuuri, I know where we can buy the best hair dye, oh, and I can pluck those white hairs out for you”), Yuuri just turns to him with watery eyes and says, “Look Viktor, I have hair like yours! We’re growing old together!” and sounds so damn happy that Viktor just melts.

Cue hugging and make-outs and cooing.

And then when people ask Yuuri in the future, why he doesn’t dye his hair, why he leaves it salt and pepper, that’s his answer and that always guarantees a glomp from a faraway viktor ok

PSA: For hackers still on 11.3, you can still play online with ctr-httpwn.

For anyone using Soundhax on 11.3, you may have noticed you are blocked from going to faraway towns or Club Tortimer. When attempting to access these features, you will be told that you need to update. However, you can still use these features without updating! The answer is ctr-httpwn.

What is ctr-httpwn?

ctr-httpwn allows hackers to prevent their 3DS from forcing them to update. As simple as that. This handy-dandy tool is included in the standard homebrew starter kit. If for some reason you do not have ctr-httpwn in your homebrew launcher, you can download it here

How to use ctr-httpwn.

To use ctr-httpwn, follow these simple steps:

1. Launch Homebrew (Cannot be used with browserhax! Soundhax is okay!)

2. Scroll down to ctr-httpwn icon as seen below and run it.

3. Press A when given the prompt. 

4. Wait until it says “Done.” and press start.

5. Once back on the Homebrew menu, press start and then press X to return to your 3DS menu without rebooting. (This is important!)

6. And finished! You’re ready to play online! 

Reminder: ctr-httpwn will deactivate if you turn off your system. You have to run this program following the above steps every time you want to play online in acnl after restarting your 3DS. 

sophiiemead  asked:

hey i love your writing! it's really amazing! could you write something about archie seeing betty and jughead together through his window and going over there to confront them and being really confused and a little mad?

Thanks so much! Here you go, hope you like it! 

A/N: Part 2 to the fic I wrote about Betty’s friends finding out about her relationship with Jughead. Part 1 can be found here. Also, I left it kind of open-ended in case anyone wanted a part 3 lol. Just let me know. 

“Archie!” Kevin sprinted across the Cooper’s front lawn, nearly toppling into a bush as he tripped over a crack in the pavement leading up to the front porch. “You can’t just barge in there like the angsty teenage police brigade, Mrs. Cooper will slice you up into a million little pieces and serve your for dinner. It’ll be her own homegrown version of Delicatessen and she’ll love every freakin’ second of it!”

“She’s not even here, Kevin,” Archie pointed out, turning on his heel and gesturing towards the empty driveway.“Her car’s gone. And do you really think Betty would risk having a boy in her room while her mother’s around? She’s too smart for that.”

“Well what are you going to do, Archie?” Kevin sighed, stepping in front of him to block his path to the door. “March into her room like the macho man jealous ex-boyfriend? Well newsflash my friend, but you and Betty aren’t together. You never were. So why are you acting like this?”

“I don’t know, I just…” Archie furrowed his brow in frustration, bringing his fingers up to massage his temples as if to get rid of a headache. “I just need to talk to them, okay?”

“Fair enough,” Kevin muttered, stepping back to gesture towards the door with one hand. “But would you at least knock like a civilized human being, please, and take the testosterone level down like fifty notches?”

“I can do that,” Archie agreed, the corner of his mouth twitching up into a faint smile.

“Thank you,” Kevin breathed a sigh of relief, crossing his arms in front of his chest as he waited for Archie to make his move. “Now, go on, I haven’t had a chance to binge watch Gossip Girl today and could really use my daily dose of teenage drama.”

Archie exhaled a nervous breath as he lifted his fist to pound loudly on the wooden door. He and Kevin exchanged a curious look as they heard padded footsteps making their way through the house and into the foyer. A second later the door swung open to reveal a sock-footed Betty wearing a mixed look of shock and horror to go with her classic slicked back ponytail.

“Uh, hi, Arch!” Betty stammered, her eyes wide with panic as she met her long-time friend’s gaze with a look of confusion. “And Kevin, you’re here too! What a surprise! What are you, um, what are you doing here?”

“We saw your little, Fifty Shades of Pillow Fights make-out sesh with our snarky, yet surprisingly lovable pal Jughead Jones III, from Archie’s window,” Kevin explained, narrowing his eyes at Betty and pointing a stern finger in her face. “You’ve been found out, Betty Cooper.”

“What? Um, that’s crazy, I don’t know what you’re…” Betty’s words came out rushed and jumbled before she realized she was doing little to convince her friends that she had not been participating in the acts she was accused of. “I’m really sorry we didn’t say anything earlier. We were going to, I swear, it just never seemed like the right time.”

“We had a deal, remember?” Kevin reminded her, his face contorting into a look of faux-hurt and anger. “Never leave Kevin out of the good gossip. And this, I mean come on, this is better than that time Cheryl got that football coach from Greendale arrested for-”

“Well, well,” A familiar voice coming from the doorway stopped Kevin in his tracks and they all turned to find Cheryl Blossom, accompanied by the unlikely pairing of Veronica Lodge standing by her side. “Isn’t this cozy. Looks like we missed the invitation for this little powwow you all seem to be having. It’s like the live-action version of Scooby-Doo, but instead of Sarah Michelle Gellar we get Betty Cooper. What a downgrade.”

“Hey, B, hope you don’t mind us stopping by,” Veronica greeted her friends as she stepped into the house, ignoring Cheryl’s snide comment and turning to smile at Betty. “Cheryl and I were thinking about this new cheer routine that we thought the vixens would totally rock and-”

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but Betty, I really have to talk to you,” Archie chimed in from behind the group, taking a step forward to place a hand on Betty’s arm. “Can we go somewhere a little less… Crowded?”

“Sure, let’s go into the kitchen,” Betty suggested, smiling politely at her unexpected guests and turning in the opposite direction to lead Archie into the kitchen.  

“Can I get you anything?” Betty asked, gesturing to the refrigerator stocked full of the finest foods that Riverdale had to offer. “Soda, juice, those disgusting cheese-flavored corn chips that you love-”

“Betty, how could you keep your relationship with Jughead a secret from me?” Archie’s voice rose above Betty’s, causing her to turn to him with with wide eyes. Having known him since they were kids, she had very rarely heard this sort of tone from her friend.

“We weren’t keeping it a secret, Archie, we just decided not to tell anyone yet,” Betty explained, coming around the counter to face Archie.

“I thought I was your best friend,” Archie reasoned, his voice dropping to a much softer tone. “There was a time when we could tell each other anything. What happened?”

“We grew up, Arch,” Betty shrugged, leaning her arm against the counter’s surface to meet Archie’s gaze with a leveled expression. “And I’m sorry, but this didn’t really have anything to do with you, okay? You’re right, you’re my best friend, but my relationship, whomever it might be with, is none of your business until I’m ready to share it with you.”

“I just want you to be happy, Betty,” Archie breathed, his brows knitting together in concern.

“Okay, well, I am happy,” Betty assured him. “Jughead makes me happier than I’ve been in a long time. He’s the one who’s been there for me through everything happening with Polly and the baby and my parents. He was here with me, while you’ve been working on your music and football and dealing with the whole Grundy situation.”

“I know,” Archie mumbled, his eyes dropping to the tiled floor. “I know I haven’t been around much, but-”

“But nothing,” Betty finished for him. “We’re growing up, Archie, and we’ve moved on to doing our own thing. So if you really believe what you just told me, and you want me to be happy, then I want you to let this go and accept that Jughead and I are together.”

“Okay,” Archie said after a moment, his voice barely making it above a whisper. “You’re right. I didn’t have any right to get upset about you not telling me about this. I just… I really miss the way things used to be, you know? Now everything’s changing and I don’t really know how to deal with it.”

“I’m still here for you, Arch,” Betty assured him, reaching up to pull him into a hug. “Always.”

Once they pulled back from the hug, Betty and Archie turned to see the rest of their friends emerging from the living room to make their way into the kitchen.

“Okay, now that all of that is settled,” Kevin breathed a sigh of relief, weaving his way through the group to stand in front of Betty. “Can you please tell poor Jughead that it’s safe to come out of hiding and join us? I’m just picturing him crouched in your closet with his little beanie, wondering when his next meal is gonna be.”

“Jughead, get down here!” Betty called up to her room, smiling at all the faces looking at her with curious expressions. “We’re going to Pop’s!”

A moment later, they heard hurried footsteps coming down the stairs before a disgruntled Jughead stood before them in the doorway leading into the kitchen.

Jughead turned to his friends, shoving his hands into his jacket pockets as he leaned against the doorframe. “Just so I’m caught up, everyone here knows that we’re-”

“Yes!” The group shouted in unison, rolling their eyes as if hearing that Betty and Jughead were now an item was old news.

“Alright, well who’s buying?” Jughead asked. “Because I was stuck in Betty’s closet for a good twenty minutes and I’m completely famished.”

“Told ya,” Kevin mumbled as he passed Betty, leading the way out of the kitchen. Betty let the rest of her friends pass, pulling on Jughead’s sleeve to hold him back before they joined the rest of their friends.

“So is everything…” Jughead trailed off, turning to place either hand on Betty’s shoulders.

“Everything’s great,” she finished for him. “We’re together, our friends are happy for us, and now we get to go eat celebratory burgers. What more could you ask for?”

“This.” Without another word, Jughead took Betty’s face in his hands and met her lips with a soft kiss.

“I could get used to that,” Betty whispered into his ear, reaching up to let her hands slide gently across his cheek.

As Betty laced her arms around his neck and pulled him into a tight embrace, Jughead lifted his head to see the boy who he once called his best friend staring at the couple as if they were complete strangers. And although it was faint, almost undetectable from a faraway glance, Jughead could see that Archie was looking at them with a look of something he had never seen from him before. Archie Andrews was jealous, and the fact that Jughead was with Betty Cooper and Archie wasn’t, was the reason for it. 

Nothing should really break you and sadden you except being faraway from Allah, You can knock at every door seeking happiness and peace of mind. Be certain that no one will truly give them to you except your Creator.

لا شيء يستحق أن يكسرك ويُحزنك إلا بُعدك عن الله، بإمكانك أن تطرق كل الأبواب باحثاً عن السعادةِ وراحة البال، كُن أكيداً أنه لا أحد يُعطيك إياهما بحق إلا خالقك.

insanereddragon  asked:

I'm obsessed with the way you have Will and Hannibal interact. There is always this playful push-pull between them, whether it's fluff or angst or smut. And I love that about them. Even at it's darkest there is still that edge of everything being a game. And either of them could win at any moment, and as a reader I never know who is going to end up with the upper hand. (Even more so when Will apparently 'wins' but you just know that Hannibal is secretly pleased with the outcome.) <3 You're Fab!

꒰⌯͒•̩̩̩́ ᴗ •̩̩̩̀⌯͒꒱!!! Thank you! 

It took me a really, really long time to be able to write any dialogue whatsoever and then an extra really long time to write Hannibal and Will talking even just a little (they use a lot of metaphors and I have yet to capture any of that) so I’m super happy you like that aspect of my writing!

Please enjoy some s2 Will and Hannibal playing poker together.

The motel room was musty from the combination of the windows being caulked shut, the old heater which emitted a burnt scent trying to keep up with winter, and two grown men occupying a tight space.

It had been Hannibal’s suggestion to accompany Will to Colorado, to inspect a fresh murder scene and possibly apprehend the serial killer, despite how high a risk it was for him to spend any time at all with Will. But he had made the offer and had been surprised when Will had accepted it.

The thought of spending three days with Will to himself was too great a temptation and any suspicions he had he packed at the very bottom of his suitcase.

They sat at the small table, Will on one side and Hannibal on the other. Will had stripped himself of the armor he wore when surrounded by FBI agents and Jack Crawford. He sat in only his under shirt and boxers, legs kicked up on the extra chair. 

He was the picture of a man relaxed and comfortable with his company and a pleasing sight for Hannibal to witness, knowing he was one of very few who would ever see him like this.

Will pulled out a worn deck of cards from his messenger bag. He shuffled them and skillfully dealt the cards.

“Will we be making a monetary wager?” Hannibal said lightly, scanning over his cards and placing them face down. 

“Too boring. Plus, I didn’t bring that much cash with me.” Will thought for a moment. Hannibal spent that time admiring how the lighting, though dull from the two small brass lamps in the room, illuminated and curved around Will’s features, highlighting the curls around his ears in a very attractive manner. 

“How about,” Will looked at him from under his lashes, “whoever wins has to answer a question truthfully.”

“Are you insinuating I lie to you?”

“Maybe I’m the one lying to you and I want to come clean. Why, do you have a guilty conscious?” Will said with forced levity though the smile behind it was slight and real.

Hannibal was captivated. 

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Port Mafia Drama CD -Kaji, Chuuya and Akutagawa.

So in no way I am a proper translator so I am just doing my best here! If there are mistakes, I apologize!


That is the audio that  @anemoneee posted, so credits to her!

Onto the translation!

So it starts with Kaji doing an experiment inside his Lab, while he is laughing like a maniac Chuuya walks in with Akutagawa.
Chuuya: Oi, what are you being so loud for? Also, I heard you attacked the detective agency?

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guardian angel au (reposted)

pairing: taehyung | reader
genre: angst
word count: 10.418
warnings: alcohol mention, violence

Am I dead?

The first words that rise above your cloudy thoughts find their answer immediately, eyes slowly opening as they grow accustomed to the colors, too bright, too vibrant. Almost resonating in your ears, the images twirl in seamless waves, gradually forming shapes and lines as you blink repeatedly.

The world unveils right in front of you, and even though the scenery feels familiar, there’s something outlandish about it, about the way the people walk and speak and laugh, as if the world that you used to hold between your fingers was snatched right out of your hands. You feel like an intruder, like a watcher of the humans that walk past you without giving you a second glance.

You suppose that in some way, you are a watcher. The memories you hold of the afterlife are faint and blurry, as if coming back to the human world made them break into tiny pieces, glimpses of unearthly shapes and colors. You still managed to hold onto some small remnants of the other world, words and fuzzy reflections forming in your mind as you try to recall the conversations you had with the ethereal beings, whose faces you’re unable to remember.

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Tonight it seems
everyone sleeps but me
it is early
but the houses
are dark
not quite summer
a chill slips through the leaves
even the rain stops falling
I breathe silence
and hush the world
there are quiet ghosts
playing in my backyard
I think I hear their laughter
risen from memory
like some faraway music
the lyrics are lost
there is no script
for watching clouds float
on nights when I could be out
living some kind of life
what would I do
but wish for runaway stories
and pack imaginary bags
over and over
until everything is built
into a perfect escape
then lie down on the white sheets
and cry myself into dreams


Your Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt.2: Prologue
(Non-idol!AU) It’s summer when you and Jungkook meet, and immediately decide that you didn’t like each other. It all begins by the hill where the prince reunites with the princess.

Prol. | [x]

You remember the day Saren arrived in your little town. It was on the very day the flame trees bloomed last year. She came to work at the hilltop orphanage despite the very little pay. She was good with the children and they loved her–she was petite, pretty, and polite, and they thought she was like a fairy-tale princess.

And you agreed. But rather than a princess who lived happily ever after in a castle, she was like one who escaped into the woods, cursed, hiding from dark demons from her past. She always seemed wary of anyone who came close to her, and her smiles never reached her eyes. Your friends, Hyuk and Hongbin, thought her standoffish, but you saw her simply as lonely and scared. There was only you, your mom, and your grandma at home, and more than enough space for a tiny young woman who needed the company. So, you took her in.

Slowly, her smiles grew brighter. Hyuk and Hongbin–especially Hongbin–grew fond of her. And then it seemed to you as if she had always been here in your little town and belonging to your family home.

Still, you sometimes wondered if some prince from faraway would come for the hilltop princess.

Today, when you ride your bike to to the hill, you see a prince-like man approach Saren under the flame trees. You form a heart with your hands and peer into it, framing the beautiful picture they make. “I guess he must be the prince.”

Feeling your neck prickle under scrutiny, you turn to find a young man staring unabashedly at you. He doesn’t even react when you catch him and continues to stare. You find yourself getting flushed from embarrassment instead, so you level him a challenging look and ask: “So what does that make you?”

A smirk plays upon his perfect Cupid bow lips and you feel your cheeks grow even hotter. Instead of answering your question, he snickers: “Him? A prince? You don’t seem to have very high standard for men in this town.”

You glare at him. Nobody talks shit about this town but me! “High enough to know that you’re a frog!” you retort.

Instead of getting angry or flustered as you hope, he only chuckles in amusement. You feel even more off-balance because of his unexpected response. “A frog prince then, since that prince charmless is my hyung.” The smile he gives you is more bunny-like than froggish, however. You find yourself holding your breath. “Jungkook.”

“Jungkook?” you echo. “Why are you calling me Jungkook? Do I look like a Jungkook to you?”

He shakes his head, laughing out loud. “That’s my name. Jungkook. What’s yours? You do have names in this town, don’t you?”

“Y/N!” you all but yell. “That’s my name. Got that?”

“Sounds normal enough,” he playfully concedes. He turns back to the couple on the hill before you can think of a comeback, and you follow his gaze.

You lift the trusty camera hanging from your neck and start snapping. They don’t seem to be talking. Jungkook’s older brother gazes at Saren with adoration. He looks prince-like enough… and yet the apprehension on her face belongs to a princess who’s cornered by a dragon, not meeting a prince.


“So why did you come to this backwater town?” you demand, to fill the silence than out of any real interest.

Jungkook points at the hilltop. “For my hyung. For her… my hyung’s princess.”

“I knew he was a prince,” you mutter under your breath. “But I guess not all siblings are alike.”

He gives you a sidelong glance. “Don’t frown so much. As soon as we convince noona to come home, we’re leaving.”

It’s your turn to laugh. “With Saren-unnie? Did you really think it would be that easy?”

Much to your satisfaction, uncertainty flashed in his eyes. “Huh?”

You grin wickedly. “I suggest you try to get comfortable in this little town, city boy. I think you’ll have to stick a while.”

As if on cue, Saren runs down the hill, her long hair fluttering behind her. She doesn’t bother to use the flight of steps leading from the orphanage to the dirt road by the hill, and almost slips. Jungkook opens his arms to catch her, but she barrels towards you, and you steady her by the shoulders before she can smack straight into your chest.

“Unnie, you okay?” you ask, less about her panicked run and more about the clamminess of her skin and the paleness of her face.

“Yes, Y/N,” she gives you a reassuring smile that doesn’t convince you. “Are you heading home now?”

“Yeah. I just came here to see if you have time to eat lunch at home. Mom made your favorite kimchi jjigae, though it’s really too hot for it.”

She smiles again, more genuine this time. “Let’s go then.”

“But–wait, noona…” Jungkook stammers.

“Kookie!” She claps her hands together and dips her head in a small, apologetic bow. “I’m so glad to see you again. I’m in a hurry right now but… we’ll talk soon, alright?” Without waiting for his response, she hurries to your bike; you’re barely able to sit and steady it before she climbs to stand behind it.

“Hold tight!” you exclaim, pushing off with one foot and pedaling down the path. Saren’s arms wrap around your waist. You look over your shoulder to see Jungkook gaping and blinking in your wake–he shakes himself out of it when his older brother stumbles down the hill to stand beside him.

“Did you tell her?” Jungkook asks.

“I didn’t get the chance,” his older brother replies softly.

Then you’re too far away to hear anything more. You glance at Saren, who’s staring straight ahead, her eyes wide and anxious. “Unnie, what did that guy want?”

“Nothing,” the tell-tale high pitch of her voice giving away the lie. “He just wanted to say hi.”

“Old friends?”

“One friend. And one… former schoolmate.”

“I see.” You pedal faster as excitement bubbles in your heart. A bit of guilt stabs at you–Saren clearly has a plenty of misgivings about the new arrivals–but just a bit. “It looks like something interesting is going to happen in this town for once.”

A/N: Saren is pt.1′s Y/N, so this Y/N is someone completely new.

A Touch of Our Fingers (Woozi/Jihoon)

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Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1831 words

Summary: The boys give Jihoon a hard time for not showing affection to you, so when you’re alone with him you suggest the Vulcan way of kissing to start him off.

Requested by: A shy cloud ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ hope you’ll like it!

It had been clear from the start that Jihoon didn’t fancy physical skinship. From a lack of morning kisses, to rarely ever initiating hugs, it had been evident - but being a person who generally wasn’t a huge sucker for romance, you were fine with it as well. There just, wasn’t a need for touches between the both of you, however baffling it may sound; as long as you were right beside him, and him you, you were both satisfied with the company. No frequent hand-holding, no dramatic cupping of cheeks while staring into each other’s eyes, nor will there be a time when the both of you would be sitting on each other’s laps. As compared to all the other outwardly romantic and cheesy couples, the relationship between you two had always seemed more platonic than romantic to people around you - filled with jokes, harmless pranks, and playful giggles throughout every date, however, the both of you still knew deep in your hearts that you were both meant for each other.

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a tradition older than man

older than the skies and the seas

older than the universe itself

nobody knos where these elusive images come from,,,, some say they are the remnants of an ancient society,,,,,,,,,,others, communication from a faraway galaxy,,,

Green And Blue, Blue And Green


With a scream, a hiss and a foul stream of curses that would have made a sailor blush, the demon swirled and vanished in a cloud of black smoke that smelled strongly of sulphur.

When Raphael Santiago of the New York vampire clan had asked him to investigate the mysterious murders of Downworlders all across the city, Magnus had agreed.

Despite their professional attitude toward each other, to Magnus, Raphael remained the scared fifteen-year-old fledgling convinced of his own soulless hopelessness.

And to Raphael, Magnus remained, however reluctant he was to admit it, a guardian and a friend.

So when either asked the other for help, help was given.

Magnus sighed. Apart from being totally against the Law, summoning demons - Greater or lesser - was exhausting, even for a warlock as old and powerful as himself. Of course, it didn’t help that he’d had a pounding headache since the minute his feet had hit the ground that morning.

All he wanted now was a drink, preferably containing very strong alcohol, something for his all-anhilating headache, and, he realized with slight surprise, Alec.

Alec was new. He was young. He was shy, conscientious and terribly endearing. It didn’t help that Alec was also beautiful in the ethereal way that seemed reserved for angels either.

He had been seeing Alec for a little over two months now, and already Alec mattered more to Magnus than he would like to admit; warlocks - and all Downworlders, for that matter - did not mix with Shadowhunters.

Especially not closeted Shadowhunters with homophobic parents.

Nevertheless, Magnus knew that there was little use in denying simple truths to oneself: in the past few months the blue-eyed, dark-haired Shadowhunter had become a constant and irreplaceable presence in his life.

And Magnus was terribly, irreversibly in love.

He was slightly disgusted at himself; the thought of Alec brought with it a rush of unbidden images and memories that could not but made him smile.

And although High Warlocks did not smile and blush at the thought of Shadowhunters, this High Warlock did.

Alec, the first time they had met, laughing shyly at one of Magnus’s jokes.

Alec, hiding in the back of their little group where each was more glamorous than the other, and blazing with a sort of quiet, angelic beauty that had caught Magnus’s gaze… and kept it.

Alec, standing shyly in front of Magnus’s door, asking Magnus if he would like to have a drink with him.

Alec, the first time they had gone on a date, blushing at the attention, smiling at someone noticing him and no one else.

And then Alec’s lips on his, Alec’s body underneath his, Alec’s embrace, Alec in the curve of his shoulder, he and Alec lounging on the sofa, Alec making coffee in Magnus’s kitchen, Alec’s smile that made Magnus’s heart stutter a little, Alec’s eyes full of stars…

And not for the first time, he was scared of how scared he was of losing Alec. Love was hard to come by and harder to keep when you were immortal; everyone else seemed faraway, distanced from him by the fact that they aged and died and he didn’t.

Perhaps he should have learned by now that falling in love simply didn’t do: nobody seemed to be able to truly love an immortal, to truly bring him peace and give him rhythm in a world that sounded with the beat of a hundred thousand hearts.

A directionless cacophony which he would have to endure for all eternity.

He shook his head, as if chasing off a fly. On a whim, he picked up the telephone and called Alec.

After all, there was no use in denying oneself the simpler pleasures of existence.

“Angel,” he said upon hearing the phone picked up

“Hey,” smiled Alec. Magnus could hear it in his voice.

“Can you come over? Or are there demons demanding your attention?” he teased.

He had missed Alec so much it hurt, and he had only realized it now.

Alec laughed. “No, yeah, I’m coming. Ten minutes?”

And then Magnus’s heart shattered: it had been a long, long time since anyone had cared enough to come to him without asking questions, without pretending or hidden agendas.

“Perfect,” he smiled.

“Thank you, Alexander. Love you,” he said and the phone clicked dead on the other side, but devoid of its usual finality. Instead it seemed to beat in silence with a simple promise of company.

Magnus wandered to his sofa and fell down, bone-weary. It wasn’t long before his eyes fell shut.


He must have dozed off; he was awakened by the sound of his doorbell ringing. Lazily, he stood up and walked to the door to let Alec in.

Alec opened the door and smiled at Magnus. Something in Magnus lurched at seemed to push him to the one person who he had wanted to see so desperately.

And then Alec’s smile froze on his lips as his eyes widened in shock, surprise, disgust; Magnus couldn’t tell which it was.

Later, it had occurred to him that an expression of disgust could have been accompanied with such tenderness in Alec’s eyes.

It took a split second for him to realise what Alec had been looking at. For another sliver of an eternal second green eyes stared into sapphire ones.

It took Magnus yet another moment to close his eyes, hiding the green-gold cat eyes that marked him as only half human, a creature of the abyss, son of a demon.

But the damage was already done.

In the millisecond Magnus had his eyes closed, he cursed himself a million times. How could he? How could he be so forgetful as to let his glamour slip even for a second, after he had been so careful for months?

For months. Months when he had been naive enough to believe that he could hide his warlock’s mark form Alec forever. Naive enough to believe that Alec wouldn’t wonder, wouldn’t ask, wouldn’t eventually see.

And in a household with parents who were part of the Circle, where Downworlders where looked down upon, how could Alec be anything else than disgusted, repulsed?

What did it matter anyway, if Alec turned around and left? a voice inside him asked. You knew this would happen, knew that this was a fling at best, something that would fizzle out and die.

Oh, but it did matter, and how!

When you’re immortal, nothing anchors you. The world around you changes, the people, the places… the loves.

But with Alec, Magnus had felt safe, secure. As if - finally - something had fallen into place, into rhythm.

Magnus took a deep breath, cast glamour to hide his eyes, and opened them.

He would take this as it came.

Magnus was prepared to see Alec stutter, make excuses, anything to get away from a man he thought he had loved (Had he ever loved you? the voice in Magnus’s head asked.) but who had turned out to be a monster.

But Alec did not stutter, did not flinch, didn’t run. Instead, he took Magnus’ face gently in his hands (Alec’s hands, how he had missed them, how he knows them, how familiar they felt, how loving, how caring) and kissed Magnus’s forehead.

“Why didn’t you show me before?” he whispered into the space between them, while his hands and lips darted softly, carefully, across Magnus’s face, outlining his mouth, his eyes, his jaw.

Each of Alec butterfly kisses spoke of marvel, wonder… and complete and utter acceptance.

“I… ” Magnus was rarely at a loss for words, but this was one of the exceptions. Funny how Alec tended to do that to him.

“I didn’t want this, us, what we had, to go away. I’m sorry.” Magnus couldn’t muster anything more.

At this, Alec chuckled.

“Do you really think that I, of all people, wouldn’t understand the importance of acceptance? And did you really think that a warlock’s mark would make me love you any less?”

Something in Magnus soared, and then Alec’s lips were on his, Alec’s body moving beneath him, each of Alec’s tender touches conveying what words could not: care, love, acceptance.

At once, something tense and ugly that had been coiled up in Magnus’ stomach relaxed.

He pulled Alec closer by the lapels of his jacket (he really does wear awful clothes) until there was no space between them. And then he kissed Alec again. And again. And again. Each kiss a silent thank you, an I love you, an I don’t want to lose you.

Alec was alive underneath him, kissing him with reckless abandon. Magnus kissed Alec’s neck, and Alec groaned low in his throat. Long, cool fingers slipped underneath Magnus’s shirt and skimmed up his back. Alec gripped Magnus’s shoulder and kissed him again.

Magnus wanted to melt into Alec, to be as close as he could to this one person that made him feel safe, more than anyone else did.


It was late when Alec left, their night spent by kissing, talking and marvelling at each other.

“Goodbye, angel,” Magnus said when Alec had reluctantly looked on his watch and groaned that he needed to go.

“And thank you,” he added silently when Alec was already out the door. “For doing what you do so well: giving me what I need before I know I need it.”


There was a grandpa who taught me cello. A grandpa with a white beard. I first found a cello in the storage room. I was touching it, then he came to tell me “You know, this musical instrument was born in a place called Venice in the 1700s. Musical instruments live longer than humans. They are older than you. They are also older than me.”

I was shocked “This is something that’s even older than my grandpa, that came from an unknown faraway country and now it’s by my side.”

 My grandpa held my hands in his and taught me how to hold a cello. The cello was too big in my hands. For some reason, it was so poignant. I felt like I was being protected. 

Quartet (2017)