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2000link  asked:

Have you ever done a midnight release for a game? I want to maybe do it for zelda at gamestop for the first time, I'd you have any tips? (Tips to make sure I will get that switch 😩).

I have and I got some tips I guess.

1.  If you reserved a system and you haven’t gotten a cancellation email from them, you should be fine. Don’t panic. If you didn’t you should get there as soon as the doors open.

2.  My situation/example: My gamestop is in a mall so as soon as they unlock one of the mall doors, I’m going in. (even though I reserved a system, botw, and the amiibos)

3.  Bring a 3DS to play and pass the time with it. Sitting there doing nothing will eat away at your soul. Trust me.

4.  Talk to others there. They are going to be there for the same thing too. It’s always fun and again it passes the time. 

5.  Be nice to the employees. They are probably going to stress hardcore over this launch. If they are acting rude or too slow, let it go and just say thank you for helping with the finalizing of the purchase!

Let me know how your midnight launch goes. 

A notice of sorts (??):

I have a coding program due tomorrow and our TA emailed us some more info about it yesterday and, long story short, the professor forgot to include some files so now the code I finished this week isn’t compatible with the new files ;____; 

Anyway, I probably, most likely will not be posting much between now and Saturday as I rush to redo my code so that it works. I might post some edits that I was already working on (before the dreaded email from my TA) but that’s about it. ;____;

Edit: I did manage to finish 4 band designs yesterday so now I’m done with 21 designs and there are only 8ish more to go!!! :D

Daily positive

I got a nice email from a parent. So many parents tend to be negative lately that it was really wonderful to get positive feedback.

To: (Satan; manager)
From: (I.F.)
Subject: QUESTIONS about GOD


I have QUESTIONS, and I’d really appreciate if you’d hear me out for them.

They’re questions about GOD and the DEVIL, which, if you’re really Satan, you’re more than qualified to answer since — again if this isn’t just some silly fear-mongering alias made to play on people’s fears — you are the LITERAL DEVIL.

Like?? How do you even get around to having a DAY JOB when you’re running hell? You’re SATAN himself; but you get to manage a hotel? Something’s screwy. But maybe it’s boring in hell sometimes? IDK I’ve never been there. Is it like that one joke where hell is just a bunch of people waiting on a plane for takeoff and— wait maybe that joke was about purgatory…. I can’t remember.

I’m getting off topic.


So let’s CUT to the CHASE:

What’s it like being the Devil? Do you have like a monarchy kind of deal going on? Are there “Hell politics” like there are “office politics” or is it more ‘I’m the literal devil do as I say’ and also everything is on fire?

Are you aware of the ‘this is fine’ dog meme?

Do you have memes in hell? 

Is there a God?

If there’s a god, are they like… the same coin to you, but just a different side?? Do you ever talk to one another? Is there some sort of unspoken RULES that y’all adhere to?

Do you PERSONALLY torture souls?? Does every soul that goes to hell get tortured? Why (or why not) do you do that?

What’s your OPINION on purgatory? Is THAT even a THING???

But yes, I have MORE questions but those are the IMPORTANT ones. I hope that you’ll be able to take time out of your day of being literal Satan/the Devil and answer a curious humans questions.

— I.F.

Can it be April yet?

Just got an email from the county letting me know that my training that starts on Monday is being changed a bit.

Instead of twice a week for 2.5 weeks, it’s going to be once a week for 5 weeks. So I’ll be finished at the end of March now instead of the middle. Which kind of sucks, but at least it will give me a little more time to get my sister moved and get everything ready.

She did reiterate that the plan was still to have everyone complete their physicals, background check, paperwork, fingerprinting, etc. during training and then to schedule the homestudies for the first week in April.

I’m still on track to be licensed in April at least. Kind of irritated that I got this email today and class starts on Monday though. Sigh. I guess I should feel grateful they even warned me at all.

It also mentioned that they’re low on homes with open beds (as usual) so they may need to expedite the process for some people (depending on needed age range, # of kids desired, etc.). She said basically that if they needed us asap, all that would have to be completed pre-placement is our background check and a quick homestudy.

So that’s a scary thought.

So a hilarious thing happened at work today

A common piece of advice- check your spam folder if you didn’t receive an email.

My colleague received an email from someone who decided to phrase that in a very interesting way.

I shit you not, this is what they sent:

“Sometimes, these emails go to people’s junk folder. We would be very grateful if you would periodically check your junk.”



I think it’s safe to assume that most of the team hasn’t seen snow?? Like:  

  • Lance is Cuban 
  • Keith most likely grew up in Texas/the south 
  • Hunk is Samoan and he also just. Doesn’t dress for the cold lmao. 
  • Altea didn’t even have rain, I doubt they had snow, so Coran and Allura are out.

Pidge and Shiro are the only ones who potentially could have grown up with snow lmao

a viral video starts circulating of supergirl dabbing immediately after saving the day. ppl start editing it with really loud rap songs with the bass way up in the background. alex emails kara from her official deo account one day. the subject line is just “WE TALKED ABOUT THIS” and the body is just a link to the video

my advice for young incoming college students: it is way more important to do what you love and be ok than to be rich and do something you hate. as someone who used to be obsessed with being financially successful, i majored in a field i really did not like, and it took me 2.5 years to realize i should’ve just been studying what i wanted to study this whole time and now i have to start over. my aunt majored in finance, worked on wall street for five years, and then dropped everything to go to culinary school. my friend’s mom went back to school recently to become a yoga instructor. most people end up doing what they want to do anyway and it’s better to start down that path from the beginning than to sort it out during a mid-life crisis. either way, there is always potential to be wealthy in any field if you have the right drive, and that drives comes from passion 👊🏻


local floating head wants to suffer in bed all day without disruption


Hello! I know several people have messaged me about wanting a commission, so I thought I should finally make an official commission post! If the pictures aren’t explanatory enough:

Commissions (with examples to the right):

  • Sketch: $15 + $5 for each extra character added (Example: Drawing of one person would cost $15. Drawing of two people would cost $20. Drawing of three people would cost $25. Catch my drift?)
  • Sketch + Color + Basic Shading: $20 + $10 for each extra character added

  • Final Illustration: $30 + $15 for each extra character added


  • No complex backgrounds or mechs pls
  • Besides that, I am willing to draw anything (this includes NSFW, gore, furries, Stardew Valley characters since CA is fine with one-off commissions etc.) as long as it isn’t offensive, pedophilic, racist, or sexist. With that being said, I trust that you will use your best judgement when asking!
  • I can deny a commission if I want to (not to be a jerk, but if it makes me too uncomfortable or if it’s way too complex)

If anyone is interested, you have the option of being mailed a physical copy of your commission (with a hand-written thank you note, of course <3)! It is fairly inexpensive, so if you are interested we can discuss it over email.

Finally, I am a rather busy person with college and crying taking up a lot of my time, so I will take only take 5 commissions at a time. I will update everyone when all 5 slots are taken! Once those 5 commissions are completed, I will open the slots again. Thank you for understanding!

Please email me at: or PM me here!

Thank you for your interest and support! I look forward to drawing whatever your heart desires! :)

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The year is 2035, I’m 43 years old. I get an email from Kickstarter saying that my physical copy of Hiveswap is being shipped to my address. I close my eyes, a single tear rolls from my eye. I moved 15 years ago.

RE: That post going around about Beneful dog food

You know the one, where Beneful causes the dog to have diabetes and seizures and it’s a tragedy and don’t feed your dog this or they’ll die. Full disclosure: my dog had diabetes and died after a brain tumor began to cause untreatable seizures. I have the utmost sympathy for the dog owners, and I very much understand the search for answers.

HOWEVER, THE POST IS WRONG, and spreading this kind of misinformation is dangerous.

And because I am That Guy, I asked a vet–my sister–why. Here is what she said, pasted from her email:

There are things like this going around all the time. Last one I heard was that it was poisoning dogs b/c of the propylene glycol in it (that would be a preservative, they were thinking ethylene glycol). These are the same things you hear from anyone who is about all organic, grain free, raw diet bla bla bla. 

Fun fact, if any of that were true Purina would be out of business. Now I do consider the Beneful more of a “junk food.”  Still well balanced but the lower quality of the Purina brands. Lots of fat dogs on it b/c of just that. So basically they are very wrong, though you’ll never convince them of that.

PLEASE, research before you reblog. This is how we get ‘vaccines cause autism.’ At best you are causing a lot of undue stress to people. If you have concerns, ask a vet. They’ll be happy to help you.