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What I do : Supernatural, The 100, BBC Sherlock, Shameless US (season 1-5), The Walking Dead, Z Nation. From Dusk Till Dawn: Series, Games Of Throne, Criminal Minds, Gotham, Hemlock Grove, Vikings, Marvel (mostly the movies), Teen Wolf, Lost, Prison Break, Daredevil(netflix), Misfits(season 1-2), DC: Legends of tomorrow, Shadowhunters, Firefly, Sons Of Anarchy, Batman : Dark Knight Trilogy and a lot of movies

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I do : Supernatural, The 100, BBC Sherlock, Shameless US (season 1-5), The Walking Dead, Z Nation. From Dusk Till Dawn: Series, Games Of Throne, Criminal Minds, Gotham, Hemlock Grove, Vikings, Marvel (mostly movies), Teen Wolf, Lost, Prison Break, Daredevil(netflix), Misfits(season 1-2) and a lot of movies xx

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get to know me [1/20] parings ✧ sethkate (from dusk till dawn); “i always felt throughout the first season, kate was like seth’s conscious…whatever shred of innocence or morality that this guy had or respect for innocence–and you know, you see it a lot, these small glimpses of an instinct to protect or to right a wrong or a slight, even stupid one liners by sex machine–seth will step in or anytime she’s in danger, he’ll step in. he’s always checking richie to make sure that she’s protected. he doesn’t know her from anyone when he meets her, but in my mind, she was his, the angel on his shoulder, you know, the thing that ignited the better part of seth.”


Kate & Richie // Starboy


Seth Gecko and Kisa/Santanico Pandemonium relationship development Part 1.

Seth and Kisa go from openly hating and not trusting each other in season 1, where she mainly aims at using Gecko brothers, to reluctant “allies” who happen to have common goal - Malvado, for different reasons. But in the most crucial moment, Seth Gecko is the one to help Kisa defeat Malvado, a man who had used and sexually abused her for centuries because it was the right thing to do.

Under the cut you will find #308 rp icons of Eiza González as Santanico Pandemonium/Esmeralda from ‘’From Dusk till Dawn’’ season 1 requested by catholicraised. All  the icons are 100x100 with border/texture, I did the resize, crop, sharpen, add a border/texture/psd to them, so full credit goes to the owners. Please like/reblog if this helps you in any way.

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anonymous asked:

You know what I can't quite figure out? The pool scene where Kate and Richie meet, his little vision of Kate asking him to take her bikini off for her. Was it actually a vision? Most of his little visions of people were of them being monsters bc they were planning something or were a threat. Yet I can't figure out if he saw Kate asking this because he wanted her to or if it was just a more appropriate nod to the movie Kate and Richie interaction.

Honestly anon I’m gonna take that moment as a vision because Richie was [and probably still is] clairvoyant with the ability to see things others can’t. He sees the truth about people. He wasn’t hallucinating her, to me if felt very much like foreshadowing their future. It can also can be left up to anyone’s interpretation I however like to believe there was a hidden depth behind it.

Every single one of Richie’s visions that he had in S1 all came true; Scott, Jacob and himself becoming vampires, Kate’s death, his death and he saw Kate’s mother’s suicide when he held Kate’s hand at the pool. He also foresaw that Kate was different “you’re not like them” why would he say that especially with how her fate ended up being resurrected by a demon after she was killed? 

I don’t think the writers would’ve had Richie have that vision of Kate if it wasn’t going to mean something crucial for them down the road. I say this not because I ship Kichie but because I believe everything on Dusk happens for a reason. Just like their first kiss they shared at the twister in S1 happened for a reason. That moment solidified their instant star-crossed attraction to one another. The Dusk writers know what they’re doing, they have a story to tell between Richie and Kate and it has remained consistent this far.

finally getting my tv and vcr set up in my room today! i think i’ve amassed a good library of vhs over the past year, so far i have:

  • the dark crystal
  • close encounters of the third kind
  • steel magnolias
  • madonna live: the virgin tour
  • scream 1 & 2
  • from dusk till dawn
  • terminator 2: judgment day
  • nightmare on elm street 1 & 5 (still on the lookout for 3 & 4)
  • a compilation of episodes from the x-files season 3
  • 12 monkeys
  • it
  • mask
  • fried green tomatoes
  • the silence of the lambs
  • big trouble in little china

and i’ll be adding more. combing through vhs at yard sales and thrift stores is always so much fun