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What I do : Supernatural, The 100, BBC Sherlock, Shameless US (season 1-5), The Walking Dead, Z Nation. From Dusk Till Dawn: Series, Games Of Throne, Criminal Minds, Gotham, Hemlock Grove, Vikings, Marvel (mostly the movies), Teen Wolf, Lost, Prison Break, Daredevil(netflix), Misfits(season 1-2), DC: Legends of tomorrow, Shadowhunters, Firefly, Sons Of Anarchy, Batman : Dark Knight Trilogy and a lot of movies

I don’t do ships, real person or smut

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I do : Supernatural, The 100, BBC Sherlock, Shameless US (season 1-5), The Walking Dead, Z Nation. From Dusk Till Dawn: Series, Games Of Throne, Criminal Minds, Gotham, Hemlock Grove, Vikings, Marvel (mostly movies), Teen Wolf, Lost, Prison Break, Daredevil(netflix), Misfits(season 1-2) and a lot of movies xx

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Title: Take Care Of You

John Murphy Imagine

Word Count:1k

Requested: Yes

Song Suggestion: Dusk Till Dawn - Zayn


The night John Murphy returned you didn’t really know what to think about it, he was just back. He was back and covered in blood, the people from the camp were treating him like complete crap, pushing him around and punching him. In an instant, you stopped the people, you wanted to protect him, you didn’t really have a legit reason for protecting him.

After all that he had done to you, protecting him should’ve been the last thing on your mind, but you couldn’t help yourself. A larger boy brought his fist down, hitting you in the face, you fell to the ground, a burning erupting in your cheek. “You motherfucker.”

John spoke from behind you, trying to stand up to hit the boy but Bellamy stopped him quickly, pushing him back down. “What are you doing back here, Murphy.”

“They let me go” Confusion washed over everyone, Murphy was put through a deep interrogation, questions on top of questions. Bellamy threatened to throw him out but Clarke convinced him that Murphy has valuable information.

Little did everyone know, Murphy was sick, he was spreading the sickness one person at a time, it started with two boys. The disease was extremely deadly, each person who was infected should start counting their blessings, because they weren’t going to have many left. You managed to avoid the whole disease, almost like you were skimming deep deep water, that was until you fell in.

It all started when your nose bled, then it moved up to your eyes, you were seeing nothing but red. You became lightheaded, falling on the ground as you started to cough up blood.A figure stood over you, quickly getting to your side, “hey, Y/N, I got you.”

You felt your body being lifted off the ground as you continued to cough, you looked to your aid, it was none other than John Murphy. His blue bruised eyes looked down at you, feeling a sense of empathy you let him carry you, “John, what if I die?”
“Y/N, I won’t let you die. I promise.” He stated with a little chuckle at the beginning, Murphy had no struggle carrying you, almost as if it was easy for him. You always had mixed judgement for Murphy, whether to hate him or care for him, the only time you could truly seem to hate him was when he wasn’t around.

When he was around, it was almost like you couldn’t breath, your heart would skip a beat every time your eyes connected. The worst was when he would touch you, you couldn’t keep your heart beat steady, and Murphy knew that, “your heart is racing…”

You started to cough again, blood coming out of your mouth, Murphy quickly set you down, patting your back rhythmically until you were done. “How-w far until we reach-h the ark?”

Everything started to become spotty, comfort came over you, Murphy yelled at you, “Hey! Hey! You gotta stay awake.”

It was too late, you were out cold, fever succumbing you, and sweat dripping down your brow, Murphy instantly becoming concerned, he couldn’t get you awake. He picked you up, carrying you the rest of the way to the drop ship, he set you down on a table, rolling up a blanket as a pillow.

The resident doctor, aka Clarke was sick, she couldn’t stay conscious, Murphy didn’t know much about doctoring, but he could help you. He got a bucket of water, planning to use it, he started cleaning off your blood stained face, dabbing a cool rag on your cheeks. Your eyes fluttered awake, seeing murphy as he cleaned you off, you reached for his hand.

Shock washed over Murphy, he hadn’t really noticed you were awake, he had been admiring you. “Y/N?” You held his hand, trying to smile the best you could. You tried to sit up, feeling your stomach jump as you did,“don’t strain yourself..”

Blood came up your throat, you moved to the side, your body started to convulse. Murphy grabbed your hair, holding it back as you threw up violently, “you are gonna be okay..”

After the episode, you laid on your back, wiping your mouth with your hand. The crimson liquid left a taste in your mouth, almost metallic, everything you wore was stained with blood. Murphy appeared at your side once more, this time with a cup of water, he held your head up, allowing you to take a drink. “Thank you-u”

You laid on your back once more, feeling a shiver come across you, Murphy was quick to get a blanket, covering you. A deep sleep washed over you once more, Murphy would sit at the edge of the table, waiting until you needed him, “Murphy, you don’t have to take care of her, Clarke is awake now.”

Murphy saw Clarke to the side, holding a washcloth, he shook his head, “I want to take care of her..”

Clarke pushed him out of the way, taking the ropes from Murphy, he walked away in shame.
You woke up, blood coming out of your eyes, everything was blurry but you could only see Clarke over you, she was trying to help you, “Where’s John?”

“I’m taking care of you now.” You sat up, regardless of feeling sick, “I want John.” Clarke accepted defeat, walking out of the drop ship to get Murphy, when he walked back in, he saw you wide awake.

Murphy rubbed the back of his neck, a deep red color rising to his cheeks, “I heard you asked for me.”

You smiled, despite the fact that you might die, Murphy walked closer, he instantly put on a cover, “you can’t resist me huh?”

“What can I say, you make me feel better.” Murphy patted your cheeks with a smile on his face, feeling confident.You knew he would nurse you back to health, it may take time but he was always gonna be there. “Besides,you did promise to keep me alive…”


get to know me [1/20] parings ✧ sethkate (from dusk till dawn); “i always felt throughout the first season, kate was like seth’s conscious…whatever shred of innocence or morality that this guy had or respect for innocence–and you know, you see it a lot, these small glimpses of an instinct to protect or to right a wrong or a slight, even stupid one liners by sex machine–seth will step in or anytime she’s in danger, he’ll step in. he’s always checking richie to make sure that she’s protected. he doesn’t know her from anyone when he meets her, but in my mind, she was his, the angel on his shoulder, you know, the thing that ignited the better part of seth.”

The fdtd timeline in season 3 is so fucked up

It is explicitly three months between season 1 and season 2. It is explicitly six months between season 2 and season 3 (or six moons w/e coto) so that’s a total of nine months from season 1 which all took place during one day which is the day earl mcgraw died but Dakota explicitly says “my father died a few years ago” when she’s talking to richie so like

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Seth Gecko and Kisa/Santanico Pandemonium relationship development Part 1.

Seth and Kisa go from openly hating and not trusting each other in season 1, where she mainly aims at using Gecko brothers, to reluctant “allies” who happen to have common goal - Malvado, for different reasons. But in the most crucial moment, Seth Gecko is the one to help Kisa defeat Malvado, a man who had used and sexually abused her for centuries because it was the right thing to do.

Under the cut you will find #308 rp icons of Eiza González as Santanico Pandemonium/Esmeralda from ‘’From Dusk till Dawn’’ season 1 requested by catholicraised. All  the icons are 100x100 with border/texture, I did the resize, crop, sharpen, add a border/texture/psd to them, so full credit goes to the owners. Please like/reblog if this helps you in any way.

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