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im laughing because in the wings concert program book bts were asked for advice on handling long flights overseas

and yoongi and jimin both said the same thing: “stay awake for 24 hours, get drunk as fuck, and then sleep the entire time”


voltron characters as things i have heard people actually say in my ap classes part two:

sendak: “i would willingly stab out my own eye with this pencil if it means i look more badass”

haxus: “sometimes i just look at myself in the mirror and think ‘holy shit i’m so attractive’ or ‘who the fuck dragged this piece of shit out of the garbage’ and there’s just no in between”

thace: “sometimes i sigh so loud that i’m genuinely surprised my lungs aren’t catapulted from my chest cavity”

prorok: “wow can you believe you get to breathe the same air as me ??? you must be blessed *finger guns*”

rolo: “wanna hear about the time i saw jesus after mixing four shots of caffeine with two red bulls and a redline ??? lol i don’t know how i’m alive either but i got my essay done in like twenty minutes”

nyma: “i got an 89 on the last essay and a 36 on the one we just got back and all i can say is get you a girl that can do both”

shay: “*shoving cloth into her bag from the theater department* i keep telling everyone that i own cats but it’s a lie. its a dirty dirty lie these are for the raccoons that visit my backyard. i also buy cat food for raccoons can you believe the predicament i’m in”

kolivan: “bitch i would punt you into the sun no hesitation”

ulaz: “my life is the bee movie except every time someone says ‘essay’ i die just a little more inside”

antok: “everyone says i’m a chill guy but my life is crashing down around me and my internal monologue is one giant keyboard smash on caps lock *takes sip of coffee*”

Now I want to write about Vanoss being a creeper in a tree outside somebody’s window, he’s trying to spy or something..

Vanoos keeps slipping and almost falling out of the tree, its hard to hold onto bark, you know?

When Cartoonz opens the window and asks “what the hell are you doing out there?”

“Wait, this isn’t Delirious’ house..?”

Sisters 🙌

Not sure about the rest of the world but where i come from, women are expected to live up to the standards set by the society, that change with time. So it is pretty darn tough for a believeing woman to practice Islam freely. They question why she covers in front of people who saw her grow (non mahrams), they ask why she puts on no make up (people won’t send proposals), they ask why she doesn’t perfume herself and dress nicely when going out or to specific ceremonies. Wallahi these people have abandoned the teachings in the Quran and Sunnah of RasoolAllah SallahuAlaihi wasalam. They have no fear whatsoever, instead of being content and happy and encouraging their women, they often do what the kuffar of Quraish did. Sadly, a woman has to go through all these trials until and unless she is married, and even then, it the husband turns out to be bound by customs of the soceity, she continues being called out for being sincere to her Rabb and Deen. Have patience sisters, this world is a mere mirage, you will receive rewarda, recognition and the Mercy of your Rabb soon enough, and the on lookers would wish they hadn’t taunted you instead joined you. Do not let anyone, anyone at all, be the reason to hold back, they can’t force you, they can’t physically force you to abandon anything, and their words are mere words, Allah’s promises out weigh what they say, hold on to those promises. You don’t need the consent of your family, nor your husband, not anyone. You were given consent by your CREATOR, The All Mighty. HE will aid you through the hardships, HE will stand by your side when everyone refuses to. Find the right company, find people who would motivate you and out weigh the hate with love. This land is still filled with the Momineen, you just have to look in the right places.

woke up this morning and immediately remembered that I SOLD MILK TO HOMESTUFK COSPLAYERS AT FIVE MINUTES TO CLOSE LAST NIGHT

they were excited that i guessed they were supposed to be from it

i’m 25! i’m not old! they were probably 17-18 like that’s how old i was when you couldn’t turn around on here without hitting a homestufk

literally sold a quart of milk to teens dressed as dave striker (strider? dave? dick? what’s his fucking name?) and rose lalonde or whatever

in 2017


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A fan spotted Jungkook and Jimin sitting together, just the two of them, on a train heading back to Seoul from Busan. She couldn’t comment on their hair colors and stuff (because it could potentially spoil things for their comeback) but she did mention that they looked healthy and were given space by the public.