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Sixty-One Hours.

Sixty-one hours. That was when Petra expected him back thanks to Vice’s glorified itinerary.

Gods, she hated being alone. She found the minutes ticked by so slowly and there was only so much she could do to keep herself occupied. Edwin was off on a voyage. Veth was in Un’goro with the tattoo artist doing gods only knew what with dinosaurs and digging for some mysterious object. And Petra was left here. Alone. And without a goodbye. It irked her, really. And worried her all at once. But she had known that he’d be leaving within the week. She had not known, however, it would be without any sort of goodbye. Hmph.

So, she lay there along the couch, humming idly to herself in an old tune she’d learned from a Sin’dorei. Veth had been gone for a measly six hours. Six. Hours. She’d already cleaned their home. Played her harp. Made herself lunch and breakfast. Went for a walk. And now she considered what else she could do with her time. Sky-blues bore into the ceiling of his home as she curled into the blanket that still scented of him. She was a hopeless romantic, that was for certain. But she’d become so used to his presence. His home… their home. It was not home-like without him here.

And it was too quiet.

Sure, Veth didn’t talk. But his tinkering and noise making in his workshop was a comforting sound. She had not even realized how accustomed she’d become with it. The anticipation of how empty the house felt without the clanking of metals or the grinding of gears or the turning of wrenches or zaps of welding was something she’d never considered. Yet here she was, watching the clock along the mantel tick by as slow as molasses drips on a zero degree day. And she missed watching him work. She’d grown so used to settling down beside him to just… admire his creations and him.

With a heavy sigh, Petra moved up from the couch and aimlessly made her way toward the workshop. At first upon opening it, she leaned along the door frame, arms crossed under her bust as she simply stared into the emptiness. She was being pathetic and Petra well knew it. Miss Mopey-robes. A wrinkle of her nose ensued at the thought and she rolled her eyes at herself, shaking her head, and entering his sanctuary with barefooted-stealth as if someone would hear.

Sky-blue hues settled along the first picture she’d ever given him and her chest warmed, lips morphing into a smile. He’d placed her others nearby as well, and the fact he adored keeping them so close to him made her grin like a total fool. But soon she kept wandering his workshop, poking and prodding along many intricate and nifty things until she’d come across his bin of scrap metals and gears. Loose nuts and bolts. Parts galore!

Petra nibbled along her bottom lip a moment and even took a precious second to look around the room to make sure no one saw what she was about to do, despite how silly that was in an empty house! Then… she dove her fingers within, sifting through the pieces and pulling out scraps of metal and loose parts that he’d discarded, eyes widening as thoughts and ideas poured into her mind.

Petra would do this for what seemed like hours, her hands now greasy and dingy, her robes covered in the grime as well. But now laid before her were loose and scattered parts strewn in an intriguing pattern and precariously placed as if they were to create something new. She stared at them for another long moment, making sure she had everything and hoping it would work. But she’d never used a welding thing… or solder.. or anything of the like. She’d only observed very closely as Veth had done his work.

Looking up to his workbench, at first she felt a wave of nausea. What if she burned the place down? What if she injured herself? Veth would never forgive himself. But Petra was a risk taker… and so? She got to work.

It took hours upon hours. She worked so easily through the night and into the early morning as she used his tools and his tinkered. It was now clear as day to her how Veth got so wrapped up in his creations without looking at the time. It flew by! And she had only stopped occasionally to eat a snack, take a break due to nature, or smoke a cigarette as she admired her new creation as it took on formation.

By the time she actually finished, Veth would be home in… She looked at the clock in his workshop… in nine hours. Petra had stayed awake for the majority of the sixty-one hours with only a few cat naps in between workings, but now that she was finished with the little mechanical, she grinned with pride, likely feeling much like Veth did when he threw open his workshop door and the knob hit the wall in his excitement of a new creation. She knew that if he was here, she’d have eagerly done the same exact thing to show him the small creation.

Petra was covered in grease and grime from her hair and face to her fingers and arms. Her robes were destroyed. And she cared not! She had created this adorable thing out of scrap metals and while it was not the most perfect thing in the world, it was hers! She’d made it! From nothing but discarded parts! With a wide grin and a squeal, Petra sat it on the table in the kitchen with a short, sleepily and hastily drawn note with a heart at the end that read:

Welcome home. I missed you. I am likely sleeping.

With a quick, hot washing to scrub away the filth, Petra strode her now clean and bare form into their room… and collapsed on their bed face down. It took a moment before she turned on her side, snuggling fiercely into his pillow as she inhaled deeply of his scent.

He’d wake her when he got home, she was sure of it.

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To the quel'dorei anon, have you ever considered learning someones story before just judging? Like any other non-Horde clan, tribe, or race. Maybe they have a valid reason on being here. Just like the dragon Rper's, even the super cringy ones. We've Amani, Gurubashi, Houjin, and Blackrocks. We've half breeds from all walks of live, including a few humans I've seen in passing. So, instead of just judging, ask. You might be surprised what you learn. ~Quel'dorei Rper from WotLK