from disney tbh

i get that they wanted to make the belle dress simple to allow more movement and how emma wanted it to be more modern without too many hoops, a corset, etc. but honestly if i were cast to play a character with an iconic dress from a beautiful historical time period i would be geeking out too much to even care about movement or freedom or any of that i’d have such mad respect for the costume designer and i’d be excited to be suffering in corsets and hoops lmao like how many people get to have fun and get paid to wear amazingly designed baroque ballgowns? not me that’s for sure but i’d do it in a heartbeat

elsa: oh my god! you have the same hair colour i do!
me: oh yes i do!
elsa: does this mean you have magical ice powers too?!
me: yeah yeah sure, i do!
elsa: what do you like to do with them?
me: well… build magical ice castles mostly.
elsa: like mine?
me: yes! but well, yours is prettier.
elsa: aw thank you! but well, maybe i could come visit your castle… and then you could come visit mine some time?
me: oh. yes! i could. so it’s a date?
elsa: aw yes!
me: :’)
elsa: :’)


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What are your nationality headcanons for the guys?

OoOOoo - neato! Yeah sure, I have my own personal headcanons.

Nathaniel - 1000% American.

Castiel - Canadian.

Lysander - English (There is a difference between “English” and British. English coming from England).

Armin/Alexy - Latino

Kentin - Idk but I see him as either a Japanese-German, something from Disney tbh. He’s probably Canadian-

This is supposed to be day one of Descendants Week - my favorite villain child, but I’m almost certainly not gonna draw any more and also I think I’m posting this on day seven. But anyway :)

[img desc: Evie, from the Disney movie Descendants, smiles with her eyes closed, looking down. The banner in front of her says “Rotten to the core.” The background is light pink.]

I would like to thank Disney Japan for acknowledging Tadashi Hamada's existence as a Big Hero 6 character

It almost makes up for the fact that Disney US conveniently forgot about him.



i can’t stop laughing i just remembered in 2012 made this cover of “Belle” from Beauty and the Beast with all sorts of ridiculous voices and costumes and

-I have like 2 different moustaches and chest hair at some point

-all the village people look dead inside because I was concentrated on reading the lyrics taped under the camera

-Belle doesn’t know which way to turn pages (unless she’s reading arabic or something?)

-cheap powerpoint transitions oh my go


-i don’t even know what kidn of accent i was tryna pull of with LeFou

-Gaston: “and don’t I deserve the best?” *holds up rainbow manicure*

-the biMBETTEs