from depressing to hilarious

This is a little bit personal, but I’m going to share this story because I think it’s a little bit hilarious.

So I suffer from severe depression, and before I started taking medication, I was really really pathetic pretty much all the time. (Okay, I’m still pathetic, but I’m cheerful and pathetic vs. miserable and pathetic:) Like, I had trouble getting out of bed ever and when I did I basically sat in the shower and lay on the floor and tried not to think about real life. BUT. One night I discovered James Spader’s extensive filmography and realized that when James was younger, he did a lot of movies. I stayed up late looking at old pics of him and going “gosh, what a cutie!” Now to the funny part: the next morning, I got up of my own accord and ate breakfast and took the dog on a walk. So the moral of the story is that James Todd Spader has magic healing powers.