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Hey, I know I'm a few years late in asking this, but... could you please explain to me the significance and rise to fame of the love fern and the red pen?


First of all, welcome to the Arrow and the Olicity family. I have only joined the fandom in 2015 too, so I absolutely know what it’s like that everyone is freaking out about something and I have no idea what’s the big deal. I am not sure how well I am at explaining this, especially since English is not my first language, but I will do my best. I don’t know how far you have watched, but this has major spoilers for 2x23 and 3x01. You have been warned!

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death cure deleted scene (spoilers)

okay i watched the newt and thomas deleted scene from the death cure and im honestly so upset

i’ve been avoiding spoilers like crazy but i decided to watch it since it’s deleted. i also haven’t seen the movie yet so i’m not gonna let myself get too mad before i even see it but…

i guess i see why they cut it, because they didnt talk about newts limp ever in the first two movies. but at the same time this scene adds so much to newts character and his motivation and i’m just…sad

i just hope leaving this arc out wont affect THE scene too much or take away from it


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The general nodded in approval. Rhodey was about to follow him to the Humvee when his cell phone rang. […] He answered it with a curt, “Yeah?”

“Well?” That was all Pepper Potts said. “Well?”

“Well… he’s alive. We know that much.”

“Because you didn’t find his body.”

“Yeah,” he admitted.

“Who’s got him, Rhodey? What do they want with him? Ransom? What?”

“We don’t know, Pepper. I wish to God we did, but we don’t. But we have our best people on it. We’ll find him.”

“You’ll find him.” There was distinct bitterness in her voice. “Because we’ve done such a fantastic job finding people hiding in mountains in Afghanistan, haven’t we…”


“You were supposed to protect him, dammit! You with all your weapons and security! You were…”

He had never heard her like this. She had never been anything other than in control, on top of everything. Smiling, efficient, nothing ever threw her. To hear her like this tore him up.

He tried to respond, but before he could, Pepper had brought herself under control. “I’m sorry,” she said.

“You don’t have apolo-”

“No. I do.” Her voice had reacquired its detached, businesslike demeanor. […] You’ll keep me apprised.“

"Absolutely. You’ll be the first one to know.” […]

He pocketed his cell phone and wondered, not for the first time, if Tony Stark was aware of just how completely, totally, and madly in love with him Pepper Potts was. For that matter, he wondered if Pepper herself knew.

-Iron Man Movie Novelization | Gif Series