from darkness we rise


This is what happens when you make jokes

Cal Calore as the student athlete meme

Mare“And what do you see Cal?”
Cal: I SEE 👀 a world 🌎 on the edge of a blade🍴and we must RISE from this darkness ❌ to glory🏅💪 Calore 3:14 🙌 🙏

Cal: the only reason 🤔 you’re still breathing 💨 is because that GRIND 💯💯 NEVER quits 😤 and neither do I 👊🌟 can’t stop won’t stop 💪

Mare: “I won’t go back. For anyone.”
Cal: BACK 😮❓❕there is no BACK 👎😈 there is only FORWARD ➡️ fight the good fight 💯 need for speed 💪🏁

Mare: “Tiberias, choose me.”
Cal: CHOOSE ❔🤔❓ everyday life is 💯 a choice 👊 life is what you make it 💪 stay WOKE because 🤙that GRIND never ends🔥

Cal: They call me a BURNER 🖐💥because I’m always on fire 🔥⚡️KILLIN’ the grind 👌👊 Norta is LIFE 🔵⚪️


The Courts and High Lords of Prythian ~ The Day Court // Helion

“The sun is a daily reminder that we too can rise again from the darkness, that we too can shine our own light”

Not sure why Jack is glowing, but he is. Not sure why Pitch likes it, but he does…

I can never decide if I actually ship this or not, but I do like the dynamic between these guys. The sketch for this is from forever ago and I finally did something with it! Somehow it reminds me of an epic blackice fic I read a while back. From Darkness We Rise. Very long, very involved, and definitely an awesome read. Mad love to @not-poignant Let’s just say it was inspired by that one ^^;


Augus Each Uisge from not-poignant’s Shadow and Light series.

If you haven’t read this beautiful RotG fanfiction, then do it… now.

I walked into the bathroom today and saw my hair and I was like “Hey, with the right makeup, I could make a cool Augus.” I didn’t plan on doing it for sometime and this technically isn’t finished because I would like to get some sort of watery greens in my hair and some water droplets on my face, this was mostly a makeup and costume ordeal.

My hair refused to stay wet enough for this. Which is especially annoying because when I shower it doesn’t dry quickly. *shakes fist*

There is also a possibility of my boyfriend dressing up as Gywn for me.

anonymous asked:

Do you listen to music while you play or/and work with your dog?

Hell yes! Always - in every time!

This one is our favorite (just listen that refrain, bietch!)

“ For the king we will ride
Through the dark galactic skies
To defeat the foes
When the Chaos Wizards rise
Now the universe will burn
Evil sorcerer returns
Tragic fate rages tonight
Chaos Wizard rise “

When I heard this song first… “Holy fuck, it’s me! I’m the dangerous cultist of Slaanesh, the Chaos Prince/God.

Otherwise Bonnie’s favorite the Dubstep. Sorry, It’s my fault. I’ve always listen DBs.

“We Are Just Your Fans Right?”

Y/N P.O.V.

It was Thursday night after we all finish our late nights at the library studying so we decided to do something fun.

“Oh I got it! Let’s go to the hockey rink.” Zane suggested while everyone agreed excitedly.

We were all goofing off in the car as we drove to the Kings Valley Ice Rink. Justin’s song Just Friends came on and Hailey and I started singing along. Zane and Jonas groan at us because they won’t much fans of Justin’s music.

Hailey and I were huge beliebers, we worked two jobs just to get money to buy tickets to go to his shows. It was floor tickets because we couldn’t afford those but we didn’t mind at least we got to see our idol. We have been supporting him since day one but we never had much luck getting him to notice us on any of his social media’s.

We pulled up to the ice rink as we all hop out. Hailey and I both wore our Purpose Merch. Hoodies and sweats. We saw paparazzi outside as we entered but we didn’t think much of it. Probably just the hockey players. Zane give me a piggy back ride inside. We all got our gear as we headed to the rink. I was talking to Zane and Jonas as I felt Hailey elbowed me in the ribs.

“Bitch!” I muttered in pain before she started to fangirl. “Y/N! Look it’s Justin!” she whispered shouted pointing to the corner of the rink where I saw him and Selena. Justin on his knees on the bench leaning over the table and Selena on top of edge of the barrier reaching for Justin as their lips met each other. My blood started to boil so it wasn’t my place cause I’m nothing more than a “stupid fan”.

“Let’s go play!” I shouted pulling my helmet down as we took the ice. I kept my gaze on Justin as we played, his team against ours. Everytime he has the puck I kept running into him making him fall and score, I could tell he was getting annoyed but I didn’t care. I heard him ask who is that but everyone wished I don’t know. This time Hailey had the puck and Justin ran into her causing her to hit the ice hard. She groan in pain as we all rushed to her side.

I took my helmet off and I could tell Justin was shocked to see a girl playing hockey. “That’s for hitting me to floor prick!” he spatted at Hailey and that’s when I laughed. Zane and Jonas got her up to her feet removing her helmet also. “Nice way to talk to a lady. BTW she didn’t hit you to the floor I did. It’s not my fault you play like a girl.” everyone ohhh and laughed. I took my hockey stick causing him to trip again and the arena echoed in laughter.

As I was about to walk off he shouted a bit angry. “What’s your problem?” I scoffed as Zane and Jonas telling me to let it go. “Shut the fuck up. Let her talk.” Justin said annoyed and that’s when I lost it.

I walked up to his face and looked him in the eye. “You are my problem! I can’t believe I ever supported you! All you ever did was hurt us. You never cared. We were the ones who were there for you was she left you.” I said pointing to Selena. “But why would that matter right? Cause we were only sending our love and support day and night over a computer where I’m pretty sure you never checked. We are only your fans right?” I asked and he said.

“Right. My fans who will love and support me no matter what.” I clench my fist. “Of cause I see. The ones who you just use to promote your music, buy your merch, cds, songs on iTunes, vote for you… the list could go on but when it comes to our feelings or opinions we are wrong, we are sending hate or what have you right?” he didn’t say anything as Selena called out to him turning his attention of me to her. He was about to leave but I stopped him.

“We are all humans right? We make mistakes, you always want us to give you a break but you never gave us a break. She hurt you so much to a point there was no turning back, us beliebers went to bed crying at night that when we wake you might not be there. What was she doing when you were hurting? Besides partying, making fun of you, dating around like you never existed… because I could tell you was us beliebers were doing. A side of crying to sleep, we prayed that God will guide you and bring you back from that darkness, we prayed you would find your purpose again, rise up when everyone had lose hope.” I explained feeling my voice croak a bit. He looked down as he licked his lips.

“Of cause we don’t know everything that happened with between you too but we saw enough to want to protect you so you don’t get your heart broken again. We are just afraid if you get heartbroken this time there is no çoming back and we will lose you for good.” I felt a tear leaked down my cheek as Justin was about to touch me i stopped him and back away. “You go live your life… but always remember we are not just your fans… we were once your family.” I said before leaving and everyone cheered, clapping as we left the ice rink.

The next day I saw a video of me on ig telling Justin off and apparently it was a huge hit. I went on Twitter and I saw my followers and mention we increasing but one message stand out over all was. Justin Bieber Sent You A Message. I didn’t know whether I should read it or not.

Thank you for making me realizing how important you guys are to me. You were right. Without you guys there will be no Justin Bieber and I’m sorry for taking you guys for granted. Thank you for always supporting me and showing love. I love you. - JB✌

The sun is a daily reminder that we too can rise again from the darkness, that we too can shine our own light.
—  (via sturzpoesie IG)