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I get notifs from your blog and ive honestly just been sitting in class and reading all of these asks. I love the dick discourse and all the kink revelations

omg i really hope no one sees your screen 

Interviewer: “So what’s the relationship between Lance and Keith?”


it’s 3am and i’m laughing over my own snaps

I figured I should finally make an info post about Kaoru(using reference from my art blog)

Name: Kaoru Hanakura
Age: 22
Class: Spear Fighter
Personal Skill: Unsettling Presence( @some-fuckwit gave the name)- if choosing the wait command for this unit, any enemy unit within 2 spaces would suffer a -4 to their defense ( @pormhub​ helped with the description)

-comes from a rather mediocre family. They were not super close, and there was no unconditional support from his family, but they weren’t broken either.
-a very outgoing guy
-the reason for his personal skill; he grins and laughs on the battle field
-its very hard for him to read the atmosphere, so he’s rather dense.
-also very gullible
-very optimistic, and tries to see the best in everyone.
    -feels as if something is missing, but he doesn’t know what. So he tries to cover this up with a super optimistic point of view.
-due to the fact that his family life was mediocre, he doesn’t really know what its like to have support. His family was less supportive and more apathetic
-struggles with forming close relationships
-does not believe his problem to be worthy of bothering other people with it, so he stuffs and never tells anyone.
    -believes this because of all the stories about crappy pasts that he’s heard from other people
-tends to zone out a bit whenever he sees super close, happy families, because he wishes that he had a family like that
    -if you show that you notice this, and hug him, he’s likely to break down
-he doesn’t really understand what it means to fully support anyone either
-due to the fact that he covers his negative emotions with energy and optimism, it’s actually rather hard to notice when he is struggling
-desperately wants to know what it’s like to have a close, happy family
-even after marriage, he still struggles with achieving it because he doesn’t know what to do
-his child(gained after S support with someone), Hiroko tries her hardest to give him what she knows he wants, but he’s actually very unreceptive to support, because he keeps denying that he needs it

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2, 6, 10, 11, 13 and 14!

meme: mun & muse questions ››


guzmeria has been dominating my life ever since i started this blog. for like the first month and a half tho there were no active plumerias and i was fucking dying. then cookie @plumeriaxskull showed up. i was walking home from class and her blog popped up while i was on mobile and i literally ran the rest of the way home so i could reply to her open. it’s been bliss ever since. i love the life we’ve built for them. i’m also really grateful for other plumerias i rp with. being able to explore the ship with different interpretations of her only fuels my soul even more.


ummm well, i guess so. i love my boi and he loves me back for loving him <3 if he were a real person and i didn’t know who he was though, i highly doubt i’d even want to speak to him at all LOL


i opened this blog on october 2nd, so almost 6 whole months! this is the longest i’ve ever been active on a blog in one stretch of time.


          “She’s aight. Nawh, I love her, ‘cause she really loves me a whole lot and it’s real easy to tell.”


          “How fuckin’ long it takes her to write shit all the time! I’m always ready to go an’ she’s sittin’ there doin’ who fuckin’ knows what else!”


          “Nah, not really. I been makin’ sure they stay outta her head for a long time now. Nobody’s gonna be dethroning me.”

[ ;out of miles ]

I’m not trying to clog with ooc posts but, tysmto everyone who sb me/followed me/etc. in the past day or so !! You really helped me out, I’m so grateful !!

I’ll put out an official starter call when I get back from class (just in case anyone was curious… lol); this blog will be officially up & running by later today !!

my italian cinema professor just randomly recommended noragami to the entire class and i’m crying trying to hide my inner weeb

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I'm Kiara from your English class and I saw on your blog you were taking girlfriend auditions, I would like to take you out on a date to show you my qualifications.

“Oh, hey Kiara. Maybe instead of a date we can just start with, going over the last English assignment? I mean girlfriend auditions is kind of a silly concept really… Since that’s not a great way to start a relationship…”


We’re just one day away from the weekend, so you know what that means- It’s FRIDAY FASHION FACT time! Today we’re going to talk about the oft-forgot members of history. I have received several questions asking what the lower classes wore within various eras of history. It is safe to assume that the poor who spent their lives laboring and living in tragically dirty and cramped conditions weren’t wearing the vast majority of the clothing I post, decked in delicate beading, elaborate embroidery, and opulent silks and velvets. So then what did they wear?

Let me start by saying that I am not purposely omitting working class fashion from this blog. I am not interested in only posting the “pretty” pieces (though of course I love an over-the-top ball gown as much as the next person) and I aim to include as wide a variety as possible in terms of gender, formality, era, and culture. The simple truth is that extremely few pieces worn by the working class still survive today. This is due to two reason. For one, the working class would not have been able to afford clothing fine enough to be worth saving. Think of it this way- you might save your wedding or prom dress, but it is unlikely that you would save the old jeans you wear while cleaning the house. Not only would they not have been able to afford formal pieces, but even if they had managed to save up, it is highly unlikely that they would have had any sort of occasion where formal attire would have been appropriate. 

The other reason why little clothing from lower classes survives is due to the fact that, as I’ve mentioned before, since clothing in previous eras was far more expensive than it is today, it wasn’t tossed aside with as little thought as frequently occurs today. Even the most simplistic clothing cost significantly (proportionally) more than in modern times. This cost could be either monetary or labor. In other words, the poor often made their own clothing from scratch, but as you can imagine, this required a fair amount of time and effort. As a result, when clothing wore out, it would be repaired instead of discarded. Pieces would be remade until they no longer could be, at which point the fabric scraps would be used in whatever capacity possible.

So then without surviving pieces, how do we know what was worn? There is writing and art, of course, but even these sources are very limited, and often subject to artistic interpretation. Luckily, there are a a few general rules of thumb which apply to nearly every era that can tell us what the lower classes wore. The most important thing to understand is that the working class fashion was not entirely different from upper class fashion. It was merely more simplistic. They would wear generally the same silhouette, only without the exaggerated features. For example, poor women in the 1860s would wear skirts with far less volume than the wealthy, or in the 1890s their sleeves would be less full. However, since the working class wore their clothing for so many years, it would often be a few years behind the popular style.

Donning modified versions of popular fashions was also applicable to underpinnings. All women in the 18th and 19th centuries would wear stays or corsets, regardless of wealth, just as (nearly) all women today will wear bras, regardless of budget. Working class women simply wouldn’t lace them as tightly, or they would wear styles with slightly less stiffening, to allow for greater ease of movement while working. 

When it came to materials, members of the working class would wear the most affordable fabrics available. Typically this would be rough wool, linen, or other natural local material depending on the region. The fabrics would be usually dyed dull earth tones, as the elements which made those colors were the most affordable. They also had the added bonus of being able to better hide dirt and grime. Unsurprisingly, embellishments would be extremely minimal, if they existed at all.

When you think about it, though the materials have changed thanks to technology, these rules still generally apply to affordable clothing today. Cheap fabrics, no fancy embellishments, and though they may not be as well-structured as expensive clothing, they are not altogether different.

Have a question about fashion history that you want answered in the next FRIDAY FASHION FACT? Just click the ASK button at the top of the page!

au where chris and josh die but become ghosts and separately spend the rest of the night trying to keep the rest of the group alive. 

chris knocks the stranger’s book open to the page about wendigo bites so sam has the information to stop the fight before it gets out of hand. when ashley tries to open the trapdoor he puts all his ghostly might into knocking over something huge and loud to scare her away from it. he tries to watch sam but feels he could be more help watching over ashley and emily instead. which he regrets later when he finds out that josh died and he wasn’t there.

so josh dies and ‘wakes up’ in the mines, and he searches until he finds matt whom he tells all about the wendigos (now that he’s thinking more clearly than he has in years and has a better handle on being corporeal than chris does) and about jessica coming up the tunnel and needing help. and jessica can tell he’s dead immediately, she should know- she’s half dead herself. (she breaks it to matt gently though, before josh starts flickering when they leave the tunnels). they all get to the yard before the explosion. 

during the lodge fight chris spends his time chucking shit directly at wendigos to distract them from everyone getting out. (because he can’t move himself really, just the things around him) and josh runs inside the lodge to try and help everyone get out but it’s just chris and mike that’s left by that point

so josh helps mike up and pushes him towards the door and mike hits the switch on his way out. which makes josh panic because he still hasn’t gotten chris out so of course he runs over to chris and chris is kind of a mess because he just realized that neither of them were hurt in the explosion. which means they’re both already dead. 

and part of him is relieved because maybe he won’t have to spend forever on the mountain alone. 

they don’t really get a chance to say goodbye, but they walk outside the lodge just in time to see the helicopter start lifting off and josh waves to jessica who waves back at them. which just leaves the boys alone to figure out the rest of their deaths together. 

My mirroring is working!! Yusss!! Thanks!


The blog was locked/deleted, so you can’t find it anymore, sorry.

Frisk: “Well, I know more about human history… I never heard about monsters, really… we just knew that climbing Mt. Ebott wasn’t really safe… but I never imagined something like this.”

Mix bad teaching with the fact that monsters are a legend now, and Frisk never heard of monsters in history class!

After three weeks of planning and drawing in between the rest of my projects, work, and classes, I have finally finished my short [very short] animation film for my Graphic Design Class!

I wanted to share it with you all:
I know the Sabres have yet to win a Cup, but I thought it would be fun to make the situation with them finally winning it. The radio announcer is John Walton calling the Joel Ward OT goal against Boston in 2012, and I know it has nothing to do with the Sabres of course, but I needed a sound bite to fit the very short animation, and that’s the one I already had. So just take in the animation, don’t think about the teams, voices, names, and such that you may recognize–it’s not at all accurate and it’s not supposed to be.

With that, I hope you all love it as much as I do! I am really proud of how it came out! I drew every frame without a tablet, just my mouse–so think about that haha. 

Link to video: