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Interviewer: “So what’s the relationship between Lance and Keith?”

Edd: Oh I had this blog for two months now, it’s like the forth I bought
Edd: Tom, could you aim the camera at the blog?
Tom: Sure

Edd: My blog is mostly doodles and stuff from art class, not that interesting but I’m proud of it

Edd: See? 
Tom: Is that Tord in the corner?
Edd: Ha, yeah, he was on his phone and I was bored in class
Tom: Also are you hidding that drawing?
Edd: There’s no drawing there
Tom: But-
Edd: Nope, rien, nada

ID #80388

Name: Emma
Age: 16

My friend and I wanted to try this out, and I’m hoping I can meet a new friend!! I do fencing, and I hate math. Like, HATE math. Anyway, I love learning new languages, and I find other cultures really interesting to learn more about! I will probably ask for relationship advice eventually, also while complaining about mundane things…. other than that, I love Portlandia, Jake and Amir, Ben Schwartz, and my forensics class!! -Emma

Preferences: Someone less than 20 years old


mood board - jason brody

jason brody. from los angeles. great grades, an athlete in college. only odd jobs after graduating. last year alone registered for six skydiving trips, two parasailing, four mountain climbing, and seven snowboarding. you’re a daredevil, huh?

Might as well lol

So, Ik its been awhile since any requests were filled and even tho my brain hurts, ima try and pump out some requests (once I plug my phone in lol)

feel free to send in random asks AND due to missing the 1k appreciation, we have something planned out for the 2k follower appreciation c:

I currently have some free time away from rehearsals and mandarin classes and I feel bad for slacking on the blog so here I am!!

I hope everyone enjoys the upcoming edits and I also hope to get some interactions in tonight (even though its 10:30 on a wednesday night lol)


love y’all

- Admin Min-Y

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I told my school about this blog and a group of guys from my class are yainting. I apologize.

I had to stop doing my review in geography, take this selfie, and write yaint just for this ask, so feel special.

-admin ash

One day when I’m inevitably teaching a 3000s level gender studies class i’m just gonna assign this screenshot from a porn blog as the prompt for a reflection paper


These are a bunch of pages of a comic about Aventruine that i never finished. what was supposed to happen after this is the robinod thing was supposed to drop her in a pile of failed geodes that the other robinoids were collecting.(failed geode means that the gem didn’t survive to term and its now just a geode). Aventurine was supposed to met a era 1 peridot that was in charge of collecting the failed geodes and then the peridot was going to program her with the rest of the knowledge she needs and makes it so her gem can project pink colors so she can make a uniform that would fit her assigned diamond. Then the peridot would go on to explain that the reason why Aventurine was the only one to come out of her kindergarten was because of a battle between homeworld and the rebellion was happening to close to her kindergarten. Her kindergarten was accidentally bombed during the battle and since both sides used explosives they aren’t sure if it was friendly fire or not. Since she doesn’t have a kindergarten to be with and bond with she stays with a group of peridots till one of the new kindergartens are producing gems. While with the peridots she learns about gems and how they develop and learn. She ends up with Jasper’s kindergarten and struggles to fit in with the rest of the quartzes.

Though since making this comic I have changed some things concerning her backstory. I’ve made her not be the only one to come out of the kindergarten, I’ve added a Green topaz, which I have yet to come up with a nickname for. But when Aventurine is placed with Jasper’s kindergarten the agate controlling them says that she cant control Green topaz anymore and a sapphire from Blue diamond’s court buys Green topaz to have as a permanent guard. During Aventruine’s time working for homeworld she has difficulty interacting with her adoptive kindergarten and misses her topaz. The times she sees her its only glances since now they are considered different class gems.  

Hello folks of tumblr! I am completely new here so I have no idea what’s going on, but I thought it’d be cool to make some online friends for a change!

Feel free to ask me whatever you’d like to know about me and I’ll get to you when I can 🐛I’ll pair a doodle of myself with each answer

Introducing my shy, sweet daughter, Oti~

Full Name: Otolissa ‘Oti’ Adillon

Oti is a calm and quiet young girl from a middle-class family. The ‘Sweet’ of this blog ((Iman being the Spice)). A little anxious at times, Oti is mostly in the company of herself, too shy to make the first approach.

She has a great love for astronomy and stargazing, and incredibly curious in the pursuit of outer space exploration. Oti is a dreamer and imaginative soul at heart, often curled up comfortably in her own little world

A bit of a romantic, she is easily roped in and mesmerised by the stories of the books she reads and in secret wonders for her own-


She is very friendly once comfortable, so do not be shy to approach approach her~!