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Overrated First Year Advice

Disclaimer: I don’t mean to discredit the posts that have these suggestions in them… However, I know that for people going into first year university, it can be stressful seeing pages and pages of “must-dos” and feeling like you have to do them all. As always, different things work for different people! 

Talking to Profs 

  1. Getting to know profs personally. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to profs personally, don’t feel like you have to. In upper years, it can be really valuable to know profs for recommendations, etc. but in first year this is less important. Profs also don’t usually mark your work in first year, so you don’t need to suck up to them for good grades. 
  2. Going to office hours every week. Going to office hours can be very valuable if you have questions about the course or an assignments. However, I see a lot of posts telling students to go every week even if they don’t have a question. You don’t need to do this unless you want to! Often times, profs will even request that you talk to your TA before them.
  3. Emailing the prof if you miss class. Unless you go to a very small school, the prof is not going to notice if you miss class. You don’t need to email them telling them why you were absent, you can just go to a different section of the lecture or get the notes from someone. (If you have labs/tutorials/seminars, the same does not apply!! Email your TA.) 

Studying and Grades

  1. Starting to study for tests six weeks in advance. This is one piece of advice that always baffles me. The semester is only 12 weeks long (usually), so if you have a quiz in week 6, you can’t start studying for it much before week 4 or 5. Also, there is no way you will retain the finer details of things if you learned them 6 weeks before writing the test. 
  2. Guaranteeing a 4.0. I see a ton of posts telling students how to guarantee a 4.0 average or straight As. But honestly, as much as you do all of the readings and go to lectures and follow all of the studyblr advice out there, you can still get a TA who won’t give any mark higher than an 80. Just try your best and know that even though getting high marks is great, it is not the only indicator of success in uni. 
  3. Sitting in the front of the class. This is not a necessity. A lot of people post that if the prof can see your face and remember you, you will get better grades. However, in first year, the prof doesn’t mark your papers usually and even if they did, your paper doesn’t have a photo of you on it. Also, they teach so many classes I doubt they just naturally remember the first three rows of each one and no one else. Just sit where you are comfortable and can pay attention and see, and you will do fine. 
  4. Choosing your major in high school or based on what job you think you will get. If you think you want to major in something and then it turns out you hate it, that is fine! Your major should be a subject you are passionate about and can get good grades in, not something that you chose in high school or will “guarantee” you a good job (although, its also okay if your major is all of the above). 
  5. Taking full notes on a topic before the lecture. If you are going to the lecture with a ton of info already, it is easier to get distracted or to feel like you don’t need the lectures at all. Instead, take notes in the lecture and then supplement them with notes from readings or bonus material rather than the opposite way. 


  1. Buying textbooks online. I definitely think that buying textbooks online can be a good idea, but sometimes it is just easier to buy them from the bookstore. For example, if you are not sure if a site is legit/the book will come in time/its the right edition, etc. it might just be safer to get it in person or buy it used on campus from an upper year. (Remember, you can probably sell it next year!) 
  2. Buying old editions of textbooks. If you have the two books side by side and can tell that they are very similar, go for it. But often times, two different editions are totally different and can just mess you up. Science and math books often have different practice questions, and even in social sciences and humanities, the content can change drastically in one edition. 


  1. Buying extra storage and furnishing for your dorm. Make sure you do a virtual room tour or talk to someone about the layout before you buy a ton of storage. Most dorm rooms that I have been in have a ton of storage (mine has a closet, a huge desk, shelves to the ceiling, a dresser, and cabinets for extra storage). You don’t want to show up with way too much stuff. 
  2. Keeping 1000 things in your backpack. If you live on campus, you don’t actually need to carry every single thing on earth in your bag. It will get annoying carrying around a heavy backpack while walking. Unless you are going to the library for a huge study sesh or can’t make it back to your room all day, pack lightly! 
  3. Avoiding wearing “freshman clothes”. No one cares what you are wearing. People often wear pajamas or just track pants and a baggy t-shirt to class or the caf. If you like dressing up, that’s great! But don’t feel like certain clothes are off limits. 
  4. Living at home meaning you aren’t independent. Posts that look down upon living at home or going to your home university are garbage posts in my opinion. Being able to live away from home is a privilege, and many people are not financially, physically, or emotionally able to do that. If you are living at home, do not feel bad about it. You are still an adult and you are still independent. 

Hope this helps reduce some rising freshman anxiety! And remember, if you do want to follow any of the original tips, that is okay too. :) 

Teach me how to love you
Because I don’t know how to do it.
Moments like this I stay alone with something impossible to describe.
For that reason I want to build a new world and I want just you next to me in that world.
Teach me how to love you.
Let’s define everything anew.
Let’s invent a new language for ourselves and let’s confess our love to each other in that language that no one else knows.
Teach me how to love you.
And I will teach you about bravery…
How countries and borders will collapse for the sake of our love.
And now I’m saying the most painful thing of all;
I write letters you’ll never read and day by day I lose my own essence on these lines.
I don’t know also what will be left of me.
You, me, love, separation, death, life?
I beg you,
teach me how to love you.
I beg you Hilal,
promise me a country where we will live and die together.
—  Leon

ok so: an autistic young man (coded but not confirmed in canon) who has tremendous skill in an area he doesn’t value in the way others do, but he still uses. protective of genius younger brother to the point of extreme violence if necessary, despite disliking/not being suited to fighting. shigeo kageyama or tick jefferson?


On your old site, you had a quote from some TToI bonus material (a commentary, I think?) with Peter Capaldi and a few others joking about how he breaks out his DVDs and has “Pete nights” rewatching all his random small film and TV appearances. Would you mind reposting that, or giving me the link if you already have and I just can’t find it? I get such a kick out of that one.

(as asked by an Anon with an excellent memory since I first posted it in something like March 2013.  This is a reconstruction since I didn’t save the original version, but I think it is pretty much the same except the gifs are slightly different.)

Jesse: How do you three feel about watching your own work?  Did you watch them all when they went out and have you watched them subsequently?
Peter: I love it.  I have whole Pete Fests at home.  I tell no one to call–
Chris: Local Hero
Peter: close the doors–
Chris: opening the–
Peter: I put everything on.  My Waking the Dead, Judge John Deed
Chris: Many, many Judge John Deeds
Peter: Crown Court
Chris: Midsomer Murders, of course.
Peter: Midsomer Murders.
Chris: Midsomer Murders
Peter: I could spend whole weekends drinking and watching that stuff.  I invite people around, but nobody accepts my invitations.
Chris: Nobody accepts.  Peter’s having one of his weekends again.


In light of the new song collaboration, i take you back to earlier in the year when RM asks V to introduce himself in English. When you listen to the new song, think “this for you”. Bonus material from the boys is also on this edit.

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Off the Record - Bonus Material

From Off the RecordShe doesn’t like the way it sounds, doesn’t like the way he’s just dismissed three months of missed calls and countless voice messages and a string of particularly embarrassing and regrettable texts her drunk self had seen fit to send him on Christmas Eve.

Behold, a string of increasingly embarrassing and regrettable texts Alex sent Strand during the PNWS holiday party.

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anonymous asked:

JESUS!! tptb cant get over Daddy issue!! I can't believe. they testing us. i dont want to be done with the show but... but... the answer where is it? and red saying what Kirk want to listen or believe whatever. still they put Red as Liz father, then he whispered to him and it's over. Help me here. 4B wiil be a "traitor", Fakobstill aroud, Liz to fakob: "With red you never know". Cerone is trying to calming don us, but i do think they lost hand in the series...

This show has been fucked for quite some time now, anon. The only thing 408 managed to confirm is that they will never be able to confirm anything (and they don’t really want to bc dicking fans around is now firmly prioritized over any serious attempt at solid writing). Any decent narrative has to be built around something immutable that ultimately anchors it. In TBL universe everything is a lie, therefore nothing is. Everything is “confirmed”, therefore nothing is. It is a pointless, directionless, formless mess where characters and principles are regularly wiped and reset to fit the most recent sensationalist, desperate grab for the steadily dwindling audience attention.

Red’s most recent “yes” is surrounded by the same off-screen noise his previous “no”s were (except that JB and JE and the rest didn’t even re-affirm it the way they did w/ the “no”), which means they cannot be relied upon. If you say one thing is true and then you say the opposite is true, you kinda lose credibility. The on-screen circumstances, however, are different as in his “no” is backed up by common sense and logic and character integrity the way that “yes” will never be. Red killed Sam - acc to him the hardest thing he’d had to do - in part to keep the bio father’s identity a secret, yet he gave himself up to the FBI and refused to speak to anybody else but Liz, making absolute sure that ppl in possession of the finest investigative tools - including DNA testing - started wondering at (and investigating) their connection? He claimed knowing her father’s name would put her in grave danger, yet he continued to closely associate with her and make her suspect what he didn’t want her to even think about?? He claimed he was a sin eater absorbing the dark deeds of others to keep their soul pure, yet he let Liz believe she murdered her own father and pushed her mother to commit suicide??? Big Bad Arch-nemesis Berlin went to amazingly great lengths to get to Red via Liz, claiming he sniffed out their connection, yet never bothered to find out if they were related even though the very basis of his decades-long revenge mission was eye-for-an-eye, that is daughter-for-daughter, and was ready to move on Zoe based on mere suspicion that she was Red’s daughter but completely ignored Liz whom he had spied on for YEARS? And so on and so forth. The stupid never stops once you go down this road.

Red the biodad is still the dumbest, most nonsensical and reductive bullshit “answer” there is, and the simple reason for that is that he was never conceived or written to be biodad. According to one of the original-but-later-abandoned concepts he and his partner actually killed biodad (there’s a screencap of this somewhere from a DVD bonus material). We also have the original pilot script where the descriptive bits indicate his disposition towards Liz to be anything but paternal. We have company emails talking about marketing strategies to gear the Red/Liz branding towards having clear Hannibal/Clarice vibes. And then there is the on-screen stuff ranging from song selections to acting and filming choices that point in the same not-dad direction. So me refusing to accept his “yes” as any kind of confirmation is not me refusing to face facts. It’s just me refusing to swallow plain bullshit the writers continue to shovel in front of us to distract from the only fact that remains about this show: its so-called writers have no clue what they are doing and they keep moving the goalposts and confirm contradictory statements which only results in the type of chaos that’s no fun at all.

And this is why I am taking an indefinite break from this show. I’m beyond tired of going in increasingly absurd circles that lead nowhere and punish those who actually pay attention.

Things I learned from the Mr. Robot bonus material so far: Rami is exactly as I’ve always thought he was.  A dweeb. He’s also a little prankster shit that likes to push at your buttons, but also very lovely. Carly is fantastic, and she likes to do puzzles?? which I have no patience for, so I commend her. I wonder how far she takes it. 3D puzzles?? agh. Portia is great, I have no idea if she ever got vaselined or not, and I need to know what is in her playlists. Christian is as hilarious as I’ve always known him to be, and the extras of him goofing around with Rami are LIFE. Sam Esmail takes a lot of shit from Rami with a lot of grace. Excellent extras, I’m hella into this.


Who’s Smarter? Bonus material from Mistaken for Strangers

Landeskog Swedish interview from this summer, bonus material posted now:

So here on Boxing Day, I offer free reading from an old Pro Hockey reportage. Last summer, I met the Gabriel Landeskog for an interview and I had with me a number of reader questions from Facebook.

Was so good - a little Q & A between the Colorado Avalanche Swedish team captain and a bunch of NHL fans:

Adam: “Who in the team hang you the most with your free time?”
Paul Stastny.

Pontus: “What do you eat before a match?”
Ahead of the home games will be pasta, chicken or meat sauce. Prior to away games will the salmon.

William: “Who is the toughest player to face?”
Jonathan Toews, for he is good at everything and works even how hard any time.

Adam: “Do you have any routines before the match? Are you superstitious?”
I do not want to be superstitious, but it becomes so easy. If I do I drink a blue Gatorade and the team losing 5-0 so I drink only red. It will be hard to remember all the stuff, ha ha. As for routines so I start with the right body side when I put on my equipment.

Joakim: “What had you been doing if you do not become a hockey player?”
Boys Dream: policeman or fireman.

Gideon: “Who is the chick magnet in the team?”
Well I do? Ha ha, no I’m just kidding. It's Ryan O'Reilly, if he remembers to put the tooth in the mouth…

Markus: “How many clubs do you do with a full season?”
This year I’ll try to keep statistics, but I think it could be from 40 to 50 clubs. I must not have the new club to every game, but if I take a new club and score with it so I want to take a new one for the next game. Or so I keep it because it brings luck. Ah, you notice, you become confused to be superstitious …

Adam: “What was your favorite player and your favorite team as a young man?" 
Foppa was my favorite player and Colorado was my team. Then as a teenager, we were at one camp in Toronto and Ottawa as well, so it was the three teams: Avs, Leafs and Sens.

Jonas: "What kind of training did you have not wanted to be without or have more of that lad?”
Skating Training, you can never get too much of. As a kid you just want to play, play, play, but if you put the foundation of skating, it is worth gold. Skate training came later. Technology we always did and more like that is always fun.

Luke: “Ending a career in the NHL or in Djurgården?”
Ha ha, it’s perhaps a little early to say now, perhaps, but it is clear that it would be fun to finish in Djurgården, if I have gunpowder left. Hopefully I am over 35 years when the question arises, and it’ll be many factors at play.

And then one final question from me: “Who has meant the most to you?”
My dad Tony has meant the most. He is extremely confident in himself and in all he does. He is a great role model for me, how he behaves and resolving the situation. He knows about what advice I want and what I need now and then. He knows that I will soon be 21 years and a separate person who is an adult. But little things like that he gives tips for heavy match periods, such as eating well, sleeping properly, things that I know but that’s good to hear anyway. 
He always knows what to say, whether it’s about personal relationships, school or sport or life in general. He gives me the security I need. 
I do not talk to him about how the last game went, but about life. When I talk to Dad, I want to talk to dad and not talk hockey with a journalist , and so it is in our relationship. He has been and is very important to me.

Footnote: The story of Gabriel Landeskog was published in Pro Hockey # 9/2013.