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Overrated First Year Advice

Disclaimer: I don’t mean to discredit the posts that have these suggestions in them… However, I know that for people going into first year university, it can be stressful seeing pages and pages of “must-dos” and feeling like you have to do them all. As always, different things work for different people! 

Talking to Profs 

  1. Getting to know profs personally. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to profs personally, don’t feel like you have to. In upper years, it can be really valuable to know profs for recommendations, etc. but in first year this is less important. Profs also don’t usually mark your work in first year, so you don’t need to suck up to them for good grades. 
  2. Going to office hours every week. Going to office hours can be very valuable if you have questions about the course or an assignments. However, I see a lot of posts telling students to go every week even if they don’t have a question. You don’t need to do this unless you want to! Often times, profs will even request that you talk to your TA before them.
  3. Emailing the prof if you miss class. Unless you go to a very small school, the prof is not going to notice if you miss class. You don’t need to email them telling them why you were absent, you can just go to a different section of the lecture or get the notes from someone. (If you have labs/tutorials/seminars, the same does not apply!! Email your TA.) 

Studying and Grades

  1. Starting to study for tests six weeks in advance. This is one piece of advice that always baffles me. The semester is only 12 weeks long (usually), so if you have a quiz in week 6, you can’t start studying for it much before week 4 or 5. Also, there is no way you will retain the finer details of things if you learned them 6 weeks before writing the test. 
  2. Guaranteeing a 4.0. I see a ton of posts telling students how to guarantee a 4.0 average or straight As. But honestly, as much as you do all of the readings and go to lectures and follow all of the studyblr advice out there, you can still get a TA who won’t give any mark higher than an 80. Just try your best and know that even though getting high marks is great, it is not the only indicator of success in uni. 
  3. Sitting in the front of the class. This is not a necessity. A lot of people post that if the prof can see your face and remember you, you will get better grades. However, in first year, the prof doesn’t mark your papers usually and even if they did, your paper doesn’t have a photo of you on it. Also, they teach so many classes I doubt they just naturally remember the first three rows of each one and no one else. Just sit where you are comfortable and can pay attention and see, and you will do fine. 
  4. Choosing your major in high school or based on what job you think you will get. If you think you want to major in something and then it turns out you hate it, that is fine! Your major should be a subject you are passionate about and can get good grades in, not something that you chose in high school or will “guarantee” you a good job (although, its also okay if your major is all of the above). 
  5. Taking full notes on a topic before the lecture. If you are going to the lecture with a ton of info already, it is easier to get distracted or to feel like you don’t need the lectures at all. Instead, take notes in the lecture and then supplement them with notes from readings or bonus material rather than the opposite way. 


  1. Buying textbooks online. I definitely think that buying textbooks online can be a good idea, but sometimes it is just easier to buy them from the bookstore. For example, if you are not sure if a site is legit/the book will come in time/its the right edition, etc. it might just be safer to get it in person or buy it used on campus from an upper year. (Remember, you can probably sell it next year!) 
  2. Buying old editions of textbooks. If you have the two books side by side and can tell that they are very similar, go for it. But often times, two different editions are totally different and can just mess you up. Science and math books often have different practice questions, and even in social sciences and humanities, the content can change drastically in one edition. 


  1. Buying extra storage and furnishing for your dorm. Make sure you do a virtual room tour or talk to someone about the layout before you buy a ton of storage. Most dorm rooms that I have been in have a ton of storage (mine has a closet, a huge desk, shelves to the ceiling, a dresser, and cabinets for extra storage). You don’t want to show up with way too much stuff. 
  2. Keeping 1000 things in your backpack. If you live on campus, you don’t actually need to carry every single thing on earth in your bag. It will get annoying carrying around a heavy backpack while walking. Unless you are going to the library for a huge study sesh or can’t make it back to your room all day, pack lightly! 
  3. Avoiding wearing “freshman clothes”. No one cares what you are wearing. People often wear pajamas or just track pants and a baggy t-shirt to class or the caf. If you like dressing up, that’s great! But don’t feel like certain clothes are off limits. 
  4. Living at home meaning you aren’t independent. Posts that look down upon living at home or going to your home university are garbage posts in my opinion. Being able to live away from home is a privilege, and many people are not financially, physically, or emotionally able to do that. If you are living at home, do not feel bad about it. You are still an adult and you are still independent. 

Hope this helps reduce some rising freshman anxiety! And remember, if you do want to follow any of the original tips, that is okay too. :) 

Teach me how to love you
Because I don’t know how to do it.
Moments like this I stay alone with something impossible to describe.
For that reason I want to build a new world and I want just you next to me in that world.
Teach me how to love you.
Let’s define everything anew.
Let’s invent a new language for ourselves and let’s confess our love to each other in that language that no one else knows.
Teach me how to love you.
And I will teach you about bravery…
How countries and borders will collapse for the sake of our love.
And now I’m saying the most painful thing of all;
I write letters you’ll never read and day by day I lose my own essence on these lines.
I don’t know also what will be left of me.
You, me, love, separation, death, life?
I beg you,
teach me how to love you.
I beg you Hilal,
promise me a country where we will live and die together.
—  Leon
Loki-First day of school...again

(A/N) So…this one goes out to all my fellow tributes - ah I mean students, that have to join all their friends in the battle of Hogwarts - dammit, I mean school today! I have a second one (with Draco), that I will post later.
If you have any other characters you’d like to read a oneshot about (first school day), just say so!
This is NOT a part of ‘Can I keep you?’. Proceed with caution!
Oh, and I didn’t put the reader in any specific class, so you can choose in wich class she goes!

Warnings: anxiety, mental breakdown




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Waking up to the beeping of my alarm clock, I couldn’t help but let out an unmotivated groan. School starts again today. The only positive thing about it: I can’t even think of one. I’ve hated school all my live, it gives me serious anxiety. It also doesn’t help to be the daughter of the famous Tony Stark. The teachers immediately asked more from me, giving me bonus material to learn and making me do harder tests. Sure, I easily get bored in class, but that’s because my father talks nonstop and sometimes he even spits out wisdom. And since I’m more of a listener than a talker, I take it all in and save it away in my brain. Either way, I hate school and that won’t change. But there’s nothing I can do against it.
Just as I pulled my blanket over my head, my door opened and I heard heels click against the floor.
“Good morning (Y/N). Come on, I made breakfast.” Pepper, aka Mum, sat down beside me and began to rub my back.
“I’m sick.” The lie came out just as unmotivated as I felt and Pepper chuckled. “No, you’re not. Come on out.” She walked out and closed the door behind herself. I pulled the blanket back and sat up. “Oh! And don’t forget to wear the uniform today!” The door opened again and Pepper’s head came into view. “Sure.”
Slowly, I stood up and walked to the bathroom. First, take a shower and wash your hair, then brush your teeth and get dressed. Last step, eat breakfast. After I finish all those steps, Tony will probably bring me to school. He does this every first school day.
So, I step into the shower and enjoy the hot water as if it was the last time I’d feel it. After shampooing it and rinsing out the conditioner, I shave my legs quickly. As by a miracle, I don’t cut myself accidently as I usually do.
Stepping out, I dry of my body and put my hair in a towel on top of my head. Pepper would fix it later into some kind of braid anyway. Putting toothpaste on my toothbrush, I stick it in my mouth and walk to my closet while brushing. Rummaging through it with only one hand is easier said than done. Finally, after searching for ten minutes, and having to go back to bathroom to rinse out my mouth, I got my school uniform. Putting it on, piece by piece, I looked at myself in the mirror. Blur skirt, white shirt. Black over knees and a black tie. My long, (Y/H/C) hair, hung in wet strands around my face, letting water drip to the floor.
Well, that’s as good as it gets. Might as well go to breakfast now, before Pepper comes back.
I walked through the corridors of the Avengers tower, to the elevator. Upstairs, in the living room, everyone waited for me to join them. They all sat around the big table, plates before them, caught in a conversation with each other. None of them noticed me as I sat down and began to eat.
Well, none except one. Loki, the guy that attacked New York a few years ago, sat opposite of me and looked just as motivated as me.
Stuffing my mouth with bacon and eggs, one of my legs, brushed Loki’s causing me to immediately look up. Opening my mouth to apologize, I only stopped because Loki shot me a small smile and touched my leg with his again. Returning the smile, I concentrated back on my breakfast, occasionally bumping Loki’s leg with mine.
I can’t explain why, but his slight touches somehow relaxed me, kept my mind off the next few months, filled with horror. Of course, I couldn’t stay in this little bubble forever. All too soon, Tony stood up and grabbed my shoulders.
“Ready for school kiddo?” “What would you do if I said no?” “Drag you along anyway.” He grinned at me and got his key and wallet from the counter.
Sighing, I stood up and followed him to the elevator. Pepper ran after us, carrying my bag, handing it to me.
In the garage, Tony chose one of his many cars and as soon as we sat inside, he shoved one of his favourite CDs into the radio and AC DC started playing.
“Listen, I know, you don’t like school. I know you’d rather be home-schooled. But, look what it did to me. Until I became Iron Man, I was just an asshole with a lot of money. I don’t want that to happen to you. You probably don’t under…” Looking out of my window, I blende out my father’s voice and stared at the people in the street. Some walked to work, some teenager and children with their parents walked to school or to the kindergarten.
How I wish I was still just in kindergarten. No one expected something from at that time. It was still fun to learn new things and to be better than the other kids. Now, it was an ongoing contest I didn’t sign up for.
“Y/N?” Tony poked me in the cheek and I awakened from my trance. “We’re here.” I looked ahead, and sure enough, we were in front of my school.
“Thanks for the ride dad.” I opened the door and swung my legs out. “Y/N! I love you.” “Me too dad.” I got out of the car and closed the door.
The other students stared at me as I walked up to the massive building I call my school and I immediately felt sick. In contrast to my father, I didn’t like the attention of other people, I just hated it. “Okay (Y/N), first class starts in ten minutes. Time enough for a mental breakdown on the toilet.” My quiet mumble went unnoticed as I made my way to the girls bathroom on the first floor. Some say it’s haunted, so no one uses it. The others are way too afraid of ghosts since they found out that gods exist. I just use it for my mental breakdowns I sometimes have.
Entering the bathroom, I walked into one of the cabins and locked it behind me.
Burying my face in my hands, I take slow, deep breaths, trying to calm down.
“It’s only the first day. Nothing will happen. You can freak out in a week (Y/N). Calm down.” Walking around in small circles, I ruffled through my hair, messing it up.
“(Y/N)?” Startled, I turned around, just to be met with two emerald eyes. Loki stood right in front of me. In the girls bathroom. In my school. How did he get here?
“L-Loki? What are you doing here?” Without answering, he pulled me into a tight embrace. “Calm down (Y/N). Everything’s going to be alright.” His usually cold hands, warmed against my back, sending a comforting wave through my body. He is definitely using magic on me, but…I’m kind of glad he does. Whatever he is doing, it calms me down and that is what I’m really needing today.
After about five minutes of him just holding me, I pulled away and looked into his eyes.
“What are you doing here Loki? They could send you back to Asgard for just leaving the tower!” My hands were on chest, while his rested on my waist. “Well, they can’t send me back if one of the Avengers himself brought me here, now can they?” He smirked at me, fully knowing that they could still send him back. But, he didn’t care. Not at all.
“You were in the car the whole time…” “I sure was. And I’m going to stay here with you until you can leave.” What an idiot. But right now, I was really glad that this idiot came here with me. Maybe that will help me.
Just as I was about to thank him, the bell rang, signalling that class will start in about a minute and every student should make his or her way to said class.
“Can the others see you?” He just shook his head. Satisfied with his answer, I took his hand and pulled him out of the toilet and to my class.
And he stayed true to his word. He spent those three hours we had on the first day, either standing beside or behind me, or sitting on the floor. Either way, he kept me entertained and calm and if I started to freak, he used his magic to calm me back down.
After the three hours, he walked with me through the city. Somewhere along the way, he made himself visible for everyone and held my hand, squeezing it gently every now and then. People stared at us, but in this moment, I couldn’t care less about them.
Back in the Avengers Tower, Loki and I went to our own rooms, changing clothes and grabbing things, just to meet in the living room again.
Pepper was at work and the other Avengers were on a mission. So, we spent the rest of the day together on the couch, watching movies and eating pizza leftovers from yesterday.
The next day, Loki accompanied me again. And the day after again. So, I spend the school year with Loki by my side. The rest, I’ll leave to your imagination…


On this day in music history: July 14, 1998 - “Hello Nasty”, the fifth album by the Beastie Boys is released. Produced by the Beastie Boys and Mario Caldato, Jr., it is recorded at G-Son Studios in Atwater, CA, The Dungeon, Ted Diamond’s House Of Hits, RPM Studios, Soho Music Studios, and Dessau Studios in New York City from Early 1997 - Mid 1998. The group’s first new album in over four years, it marks the Beasties return to the more sample driven roots of their first two albums. The title is inspired by the groups publicity firm “Nasty Little Man”. The firms receptionist was known for greeting callers with the phrase “Hello Nasty”. The album also introduce new DJ Mixmaster Mike (Invisibl Skratch Piklz) to the group. It spins off four singles including “Intergalactic” (#28 Pop, #4 Modern Rock) and “Body Movin’” (#15 Modern Rock). “Nasty” also has a limited number (7,500 copies) that are pressed on clear gold vinyl. Production issues with the LP jackets being manufactured incorrectly results in many of the colored vinyl copies becoming warped during shipping, with the majority being recalled as defective. Rapturously received by fans and critics upon its release, the album sells nearly 700,000 copies in its first week. It also wins two Grammy Awards including Best Alternative Music Album and Best Rap Performance By A Duo Or Group for the single “Intergalactic” in 1999. The album is remastered on CD in 2009 in a two disc edition. The first disc contains the original twenty two song album. Disc two features twenty one bonus tracks including various non-album B-sides and remixes. It is also reissued as a double vinyl 180 gram LP, and as a limited edition four LP set (limited to 1,500 copies), with the latter containing all of the bonus material from the second CD. “Hello Nasty” debuts at number one on the Billboard Top 200 spending three weeks at the top, and is certified 3x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.


On your old site, you had a quote from some TToI bonus material (a commentary, I think?) with Peter Capaldi and a few others joking about how he breaks out his DVDs and has “Pete nights” rewatching all his random small film and TV appearances. Would you mind reposting that, or giving me the link if you already have and I just can’t find it? I get such a kick out of that one.

(as asked by an Anon with an excellent memory since I first posted it in something like March 2013.  This is a reconstruction since I didn’t save the original version, but I think it is pretty much the same except the gifs are slightly different.)

Jesse: How do you three feel about watching your own work?  Did you watch them all when they went out and have you watched them subsequently?
Peter: I love it.  I have whole Pete Fests at home.  I tell no one to call–
Chris: Local Hero
Peter: close the doors–
Chris: opening the–
Peter: I put everything on.  My Waking the Dead, Judge John Deed
Chris: Many, many Judge John Deeds
Peter: Crown Court
Chris: Midsomer Murders, of course.
Peter: Midsomer Murders.
Chris: Midsomer Murders
Peter: I could spend whole weekends drinking and watching that stuff.  I invite people around, but nobody accepts my invitations.
Chris: Nobody accepts.  Peter’s having one of his weekends again.

Off the Record - Bonus Material

From Off the RecordShe doesn’t like the way it sounds, doesn’t like the way he’s just dismissed three months of missed calls and countless voice messages and a string of particularly embarrassing and regrettable texts her drunk self had seen fit to send him on Christmas Eve.

Behold, a string of increasingly embarrassing and regrettable texts Alex sent Strand during the PNWS holiday party.

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@skitsofanacts ‘s video is up! Thanks again for doing such an awesome project! Also, bonus material from me~ The following reference image was sent to the group for Mabel’s outfit. Here it is If anyone else wants to give it a go!