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Naughty or Nice? 

“The nice side, we’ll go with my old teammate Frans Nielsen, I think he’s probably the nicest guy in the league. The naughty side, I don’t know, I think there’s a decent amount of guys that can go on that list, so I’ll put my friend Casey Cizikas on that one, he seems to get away with a lot of the things he does, but Santa’s watching.”

Sanji gets reverted back to a child and finally gets the childhood he deserves. [2/?]

  • Zoro takes what he assumes is Sanji into the kitchen.  He looks like what a 5 year old Sanji would look like but infinitely less irritating.
  • “Umm, where is this?”
  • “Your kitchen.  I know it’s been a while since you’ve been in it dartbrow.”
  • “I have a name.”
  • “Sanji!”
  • Chopper speeds into the room and Zoro lets down Sanji back to the actual floor instead of dangling from his hands.
  • “Did you eat something weird again?  What happened?  Why are you so small?  Did someone touch you with their devil fruit?  Do you know where you are?”
  • Zoro can feel the tension building up in Sanji’s shoulders.  He wasn’t there for the fight against Big Mom so he got an extra summarized version of Sanji’s past.  He figured Sanji wasn’t always the person he met on that floating restaurant years ago.
  • “Slow down there Chopper.”
  • He stands a little taller when he speaks again, “How do you know my name?  You called me Sanji when you ran in.”

All Hands on Deck

A Pirate Fantasy AU that’s still in the planning stage.
The world is a strange mix of Voltron, One Piece, Pirates of the Caribbean.

Shiro is the Captain of Voltron.
White Lion
Allura is the Second in command and is a Princess from the big island Altea.
Princess Allura
Coran is Allura’s Advisor and Guardian, he became a Pirate with her, he’s the Cook part time.
Advisor of Death
Hunk is from a peaceful island in the warm waters, he’s the Cook and Shipwright.
The Muscles
Lance is the Sniper of the ship, his island is near Hunk’s.
Sniper King
Pidge (Katie) is the daughter of Royalty, she ran away from her country to get away from an arranged marriage and to find her brother who was taken by pirates years earlier.
Keith is the son of the Pirate Queen, a Galra by the name Zirke, he’s the only known half-breed between human and galra.
Bastard son of Pirate Queen Zirke

Preposizioni PT.2 - Preposizione semplice o articolata?

How to choose among preposizioni semplici (PS) and preposizioni articolate (PA):

(Once again I suggest you to read the post about the use of the articles, as it’s almost the same story. And also, remember about the other posts in the grammar masterposts about the preposizioni, as “a vs in” and so on.)

1) When you have relatives/family nouns:
-> As you don’t have to put the article in front of the possessives mio-mia, tuo-tua, suo-sua, nostro-nostra, vostro-vostra, so you won’t have to use the PA. If needed, the PS will work: Sono andata a cena da mio fratello. = I went to dinner at my brother’s (place).

-> When you have a modified noun (mamma, papà, cuginetta, fratellino...), or an adjective before that noun, you’d put the article and so PA is needed: Sono andata a cena dal mio fratellino. = I went to dinner at my little brother’s (place); Sono andata a cena dal fratellino di Lucia = I went to dinner at Lucia’s little brother.

-> When nouns are accompanied by plural adjectives, you’d put the article, so PA is needed: Sono andata a cena dai miei fratelli/fratellini. = I went to dinner at my (little) brothers’ (place).

2) With forenames, you don’t use the article (it’s a dialect form used in few Italian areas, grammatically wrong though) so you don’t use PA, but PS: Il libro è di Giorgio. = The book is Giorgio’s/belongs to Giorgio.

3) When “in” is used to express a “complemento di luogo” (complement of place, to say where you are or you’re going), if you have a Nation with a name conjugated at the singular you’ll use a PS, while if the name is plural, you’ll use a PA.: Sono in Italia = I’m in Italy. || Sono negli Stati Uniti = I’m in the U.S.

4) PA is generally used in front of names of States, islands or big groups of islands, continents, seas, rivers, lakes, mountains: Sono appena tornata dalla Sicilia (I just went back from Sicily - big island) vs Sono appena tornata da Cipro (I just went back from Ciprus - little island); Vado a sciare sulle Alpi (I go skiing on the Alps)
–> Remember to use PS if you want to say: I go in Sicily => Vado in Sicilia. (X)

5) Don’t use PA in front of city/towns names, unless it is accompanied by an adjective or a specification: L’architettura di Roma (Rome’s architecture) vs L’architettura dell’antica Roma (Ancient Rome’s architecture).

6) Usually with a complement of aim or manner, you have to use PS: Camera da letto (bedroom), Essere in ansia (to feel anxious)…

7) When you use an infinitive verb as a noun, you need to put PA: Nel cadere si è fatto male (While falling, he hurt himself)

–> We could say that when you have a situation in which you could use both PS and PA, remember that usually PS is used with a more general meaning while PA has a more specific one: sono in farmacia = I’m in the/ pharmacy (a pharmacy that could be anywhere) VS sono nella farmacia all’angolo = I’m in the pharmacy on the corner (that one you know).

In fact, when you use sentences about places, sometimes you have to use PS, especially if the noun that follows has a generic meaning, while you use PA if it is followed by an adjective, a specification or a relative sentence that specifies that noun. 

For example, with the PS “A”, you generally say “a teatro, a pranzo, a letto” (at the theater, at lunch, on the bed), but if you try to specify it (exception made for “a letto” which is mostly a condition and not only a place), you should say: al teatro di via Roma (at the theater of via Roma), al pranzo di Natale (at Christmas’ lunch).

Let’s see something more specific:
–> “A SCUOLA” => if you want to talk about the type of school or the subject of the school, you can still use PS: a scuola di teatro = at theater’s school; a scuola di nuoto = at a school of swimming; if you want to specify the name of the school or which school is, use PA: alla scuola Alessandro Manzoni = at Alessandro Manzoni’s school; alla scuola elementare = at the elementary school.

–> “A CASA” => is mostly accompanied by PS: a casa (at home), a casa di Luca (at Luca’s place), a casa dei nonni (at my grandparents’ house). PA is used only when you secify the kind of house: alla Casa Bianca (at the White House), alla casa di riposo (at the retirement home)…

Some sentences about places are introduced by PA even if they have a generic meaning. These are: al cinema (at the cinema), al ristorante (at the restaurant), al bar (at the bar), al supermercato (at the supermarket), al mare, al mercato (at the market), al matrimonio (at the wedding), al concerto (at the concert), alla stazione (at the station), alla posta (at the post office. Tbh I use much more “in posta”), alla partita (at the match), all’università (at the university/college), all’ospedale (at the hospital), all’aeroporto (at the airport), all’osteria (at the pub).

With “IN”: as above, use PS when you’re using a noun with a generic meaning as in banca (in/at the bank), in chiesa (in/at the church), in biblioteca (in/at the library), in ufficio (in/at the office), in piscina (in/at the swimming pool), in centro (in the city center), in montagna (on the mountain), in campagna (to/in the countryside), in città (in the city), in palestra (in the gym), in edicola (in the newsstand), in vacanza (on holiday), in discoteca (at the disco), and also with places or shops ending with “-ia”: in pizzeria (at the pizzeria), in libreria (in the bookshop)… Use the PA when you specify that noun: nell’ufficio del capo (in the office of the boss), nella campagna toscana (in Tuscany’s countryside), nella libreria all’angolo (in the library on the corner)…

With “DA”: it introduces “moto a luogo” and “stato in luogo” complements with names and personal pronouns. It basically refers to the place that thing/person lives or works or does something (it basically means “presso” = at, in).
As a PS it is used with personal pronouns, forenames, or names of public places (as restaurants or whatever): vengo da te = I’m coming at your place; vado da Luca = I go to Luca’s place; ho prenotato un tavolo da “Luigi” (name of the restaurant) = I reserved a table at “Luigi”’s.
In any other situation, and especially with jobs/professions, PA is better: dal dentista = to the dentist; dai miei (genitori) = at my parents’; dal medico = to the doctor…


Here’s my prediction for the order of the islands and trial captains.

We know from the charm that the player will start on the yellow island, then go to the red, the pink, and finish at the purple.

Using this information we can predict the island captains.

For melemele it has to be Lana, as she doesn’t seem to fit with any other island.

Sophocles has to be next because the location he is seen in in the trailer appears to be the observatory from the big Island, which is the second in the sequence.

Mallow is next because it is confirmed that she is on Akala island, the pink island, real life Maui (to the right of melemele), which is third in the series.

And that leaves Kiawe on the last island, poni, the purple island (the left most island,based on kauai). This also fits because Kiawe is interested in dances and this is the most secluded island, most in touch with the tribal peoples who first inhabited the islands.


Time lapse tour of several Hawaiian Islands. Highlights for me include the subtle tide coming in and out timelapse shot and the close ups of the small volcanoes inside Haleakala.

From the videographer:

Highlights include:
Being above the inversions on Mauna Kea (13,796’) and Haleakala (10,023’ summit, Holua back-country cabin @ 6,900’) was a memorable experience. The weather was so predictable during our stay. Clear through the night and into sunrise, then the Trade Winds shift all the clouds into the Haleakala’s crater around 9am. For the rest of the day you’re stuck in the clouds with limited visibility. Around sunset the clouds begin to clear and the inversion settles back into place just under 7,000’.
The shadow of Mauna Kea (13,796’) attempting to bend over the earth’s atmosphere, although it wasn’t as spectacular as I have seen in other videos due to some unwanted clouds blocking the sun near the end.
The Zodiacal light is visible near the end of several easterly facing star-lapse sequences. This is caused by sunlight reflecting off of dust particles in space in the final hours of darkness proceeding sunrise. Normally this is masked by light pollution.
Viewing other islands: you’ll notice Maui as seen from Mauna Kea (Big Island), Mauna Kea & Mauna Loa as seen from Haleakala (Maui), and Molokai, Lanai, & Kahoolawe as seen from Southern/Western Maui coastline.
Our home galaxy, the Milky Way, as viewed from where we camped on Green Sand Beach, the southern most point of the United States. Lots of other Hawaii Milky Way photos posted on my Flickr page.
Waxing Gibbous moon light across Haleakala’s Ko'olau Gap with the grand finale being the setting moon as shadows dynamically passed across the super wide cater and Hanakauhi (8,910’).
Relaxing on the beaches, hiking through the rain forests, etc…. all the awesome stuff not featured in this video!

The Copper and the Brat: A Love Story || Danny Williams

He sped through the mountains, wind whipping through his hair, the motorcycle’s tires only just catching on the dirt road, barely making turns, dust flying everywhere, not obscuring the driver’s view by chance, the light, salty ocean breeze filling his lungs while managing not to sting his eyes. The whole thing was highly improbable, and seemed to run almost as if by magic.

Draco snorted. Almost indeed.

It had been almost two weeks now since Mother had removed him from the Big Island–though the name had been a joke, there was nothing big about the island of Hawaii at all–and sentenced him to Merlin knows how long on O‘ahu. He was forbidden to call it a sentence, seeing as the reason he and Mother were here in quasi hiding was to avoid the trials, which Father still had to stand, but good god it felt like one. Yes, the scenery wasn’t awful and yes, he could certainly do with a break from the post-war atmosphere of Wizarding London, but would it really kill them to spend time in society somewhere? At least there were wizards on the Big Island; O‘ahu was utterly devoid.

He was pulled out of his thoughts by his motorcycle suddenly jerking to one side and then the other, sputtering angrily, and grinding to a halt.

“No!” Draco yelled, tightening his grip on the handlebars and pushing forward. “Come on, you bastard! Go!”

This was, of course, useless, but he hadn’t the slightest idea what was wrong. The motorcycle had been a compromise: somewhere to get him to where he could fly his broom, safely stowed in his backpack thanks to a handy miniaturizing spell he’d learned during the raids, without Apparating.

No magic! Mother had said very loudly and in a very high register, immediately following the incident that had gotten him exiled to O‘ahu. It was not the first time she’d told him so.

The motorcycle didn’t budge. Draco threw himself off the wretched thing and kicked it. He watched with some satisfaction as it fell over with a loud clang!

…the only problem was now what. He had no idea where he was, his owl was at home, not that he had anyone to send it to, he’d refused a “selling tone”, whatever that was, and even if he took out his wand and used Point Me, it wouldn’t get him anywhere. He could vaguely see a village far down the mountain, which meant flying was out.

“Merlin’s fucking beard,” he muttered and, with a silent, wandless spell to clear off any dust or debris, sat on the side of his motorcycle, chin in his hands, and waited for a miracle.

So feather-set gave me a fantastic idea! My bottle be a bit smaller, but I wear it as a necklace everyday :) Contains: Sea salt (protection), lavender (calmness, peace), small May flower (MAY!!), sea glass (spell for self confidence), piece of volcanic rock from Big Island Hawaii (to repel negativity), dash of red pepper (to help with love), and finally a small shell that I performed a self beauty spell on to help with self confidence and liking myself the way I am.