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Come on Lance you should know boyfriend jackets can’t be bought, they can only be stolen 💙❤️💋

(It’s not quite the 25th, but I’m about to jet off to osaka+kyoto for christmas, and then I’ll be spending the new year in taiwan so I’d rather be early than late! Happy holidays everyone!)


10.17.16 • it has been a whirlwind for me lately! This spread is from back in September and I just never got around to posting it. I had the busiest September ever because I volunteered for my city’s fashion week, and I had a bunch of homework. Anyway I’m back in the swing of things with my bullet journal after taking a break for a couple of weeks!

Pretty Little Liars Time-Line.

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1987 - Charles is born.
1988 - Jason is born, from Jessica’s and Peter Hastings’ affair.
1995 - Alison (and the liars) are born.
- Charles tries to drown Alison on scalding water.
- Charles is checked in at Radley.
- The DiLaurentis family moves to Rosewood.
2003 - Charles’ alleged suicide and organs’ donation.
October 2007 - Marion Cavanaugh’s death/suicide.

October 2008 - “The First Secret”

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July 2009 - The liars blind Jenna.

September 1st, 2009 (That Night):
- Charles and Bethany escaped Radley.
- Someone hit Bethany.
- Melissa buried Bethany alive.
- Charles hit Ali, and Mrs.D saw him.
- Mrs.D buried Alison alive, with Charles watching.
- Mrs. Grunwald took Ali out of the ground.
- Mona helped Alison dissapear.

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September 2010:
- Aria comes back from Iceland.
- The liars start junior year.
- Maya moves to the DiLaurentis’ house.
- The liars start getting texts from A.
- Alison’s/Bethany’s body is found.

November 2010 - Alison pushes Ian from the bell tower.


November 2010 - Ian’s body is found with the suicide note. 

December 2010 - The liars get arrested for having Alison’s “murder weapon”.
March 2011:
- Mona is revealed as Original A.
- Lyndon James kills Maya.
- Mona is checked in at Radley.


September 2011:
- Em comes back from Haití.
- Charles steals the game from Mona.
- Alison’s grave is dugged.
- The liars start senior year.

October 2011:
- Emily kills Nate St. Germain / Lyndon James.
- Toby is revealed as part of the A Team to the audience.
- Halloween Train.
- Darren Wilden kills Garret Reynolds.

November 2011:
- Mona gets out of Radley and comes back to Rosewood High.
- Spencer finds out about Toby on the A Team.
- Toby fakes his death.
- Spencer is checked in at Radley.
- Spencer gets out of Radley and joins the A Team.
- The lodge is set on fire.
- Alison helps the liars, dressed as Red Coat.

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November 2011:
- Wilden’s body is found, CeCe killed him.
- The liars go to Ravenswood.
- Ezra is somehow revealed as A.
- The liars confirm their suspicions of Alison being alive.
- Aria finds out about Ezra’s book.
- Ezra is somehow revealed as not A.
- The wedding dresses runway.
- The liars go to New York.
- Noel Kahn leads the liars to Alison.
- A shots Ezra.
- CeCe goes to Paris under the identity of Vivian Darkbloom.


November 2011:

- Aria kills Shanna.
- The liars get back to Rosewood with Alison.
- Alison tells the Rosewood P.D. that she was kidnapped and held hostage for 2 years.
- Charles kills Jessica DiLaurentis.
- Thanksgiving Day.
- Mona fakes her death and is kidnapped by Charles.
- Mona is taken to the Doll House.
- Spencer is arrested for Bethany Young’s murder.

December 2011:
- Spencer is bailed out of jail.
- DiLaurentis’ Ice Ball.

March 2012:
- Mona’s funeral.
- Alison is arrested for Mona Vanderwaal’s murder.

April 2012:
- Hanna is arrested.
- Alison’s trial.
- Alison is declared guilty of murder in the first degree.
- The rest of the liars are arrested for “helping the wrong person”.
- Charles kidnaps the liars.
- “Welcome to the Doll House”.

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May 2012:
- The liars escape the Doll House.
- Sara Harvey is found.
- The liars start the investigation on Charles DiLaurentis.
- The liars find out Lesli Stone was a patient at Radley on the same time Charles and Bethany were.
- Prom. (6x09)
- Charles’ reveal. (6x10)


This time-line was made by me ( myyouthismine ), and I put a lot of effort in this. If you like it, reblog it so more people can see it. Please, don’t steal it.
If you find another events you’d like me to include, message me.

P.S.: November 2011 was a long, crazy month.

1D Media Limited

1D Media has filed once again to change their fiscal year end date. Back in September they adjusted it from 31-December to 30-December. Today they filed to change it to 29-December.

Additionally, with these date changes, the date of their filing deadlines have changed (which may be why they keep changing the dates). Their 2015 annual report is now due on 16-March-2017 (It was due on 31-December-2016, and before that 30-September-2016).

I do not know what this means, nor do I have a guess as to what it implies at this time.

I’m devoting my day towards reinstalling Skyrim and associated mods, since I haven’t actually been able to play it since I got my laptop back from repairs in September.

After downloading and installing the vanilla game. I decided to go ahead and run it vanilla, something I haven’t done in years, and it’s stunning.

75 FPS on ultra high settings.

Load screens a second long at most.

Everything runs the first time.


It just works.

The slow grind of progress is picking up momentum again!


I got a ton of feedback from the Kickstarter back in September / October, and have been making changes to the game’s engine and gameplay mechanics based on it!


So, basically, I wanted the game to be keyboard and mouse and control similar to Ori. All of you made it very clear that you wanted controller support and that it needed to be a higher priority. The entire input handler has been rewritten accordingly with a strong bias toward SNES controls, so this is sort of a six-steps-back-and-seven-steps-forward development milestone.

There’s still some weirdness with old abilities that relied on mouse cursor position for targeting, and I still need to set up a proper options menu that will make it easy to toggle between KBM and SNES input modes.

Still have a lot of work to do in terms of making the UI controller friendly. Someone pointed out that you can use a controller to skip the splash screens and then have to use the mouse to click on the New Game option. That’s pretty silly - I’m working on it.

Weapon sprites now properly loading, displaying on weapon switch, and animating with the player (bouncing when you run). I’m not sure how I feel about the fragmentation of player abilities, player weapons, and the way the ui loads everything, so I might end up rewriting some of this stuff so that I don’t have to touch things in 3 different sections of the assets folder to add a weapon to the game.

The weapon UI has been changed so that L and R cycle the weapons left and right while in SNES mode. The callback attached to TAB has been temporarily removed until I have a better input handling setup for KBM.

@telivesion has been helping a lot with the art workload! Check out the prototype animated claw-ear!

Our main protagonist will be getting some clothing and a face makeover soon for their dialog boxes.

Debug is now a little less vague when it can’t find ability components.

Working on more music. I replaced that lead from my last post with a saxophone and it sounds pretty rad now - I’ll update when I’ve got the second half of the first cave’s theme polished up.

I’ll be releasing the next major demo preview in August, and we’ll see how things go from there.

Several features are probably going to be removed or unused in the final game. For example, ziplines are cute but I’m having a hard time finding a way to add them in that’s not super-forced or awkward. Since it’s not currently breaking anything, I’ll leave the code and documentation in there and see what modders do with it.

It turns out that writing a boss fight with attack patterns and phases is REALLY REALLY EASY and making reactive enemies that fight you in a regular level environment is COMPARATIVELY MUCH HARDER. My boss monster for area 1 is currently a red box, so no screenshots of it yet.


Conveyor belts
Segments where you play as Ceil
A few minigames
Wind mechanics
More animations for frugs


Additional gameplay modes when you finish the story (boss rush, speedrun)
A handful of weapon suggestions that need testing


“Inside Out (f. Charlee)” by The Chainsmokers

FINALLY new music from The Chainsmokers. It’s been over two months since their last release (”Don’t Let Me Down (f. Daya)”) and I’m always jonesing for new music from these two.

They started teasing this song back in September and finally admitted this week that they would be releasing new music and it “was the (song) we’ve been asking for.” 

They also teased another song back in November that (supposedly) features vocals from The Chainsmoker’s very own Drew. This was the song that I thought they were going to release and that’s the one I’ve been waiting for but looks like I’ll have to wait longer for that one.

“Inside Out” isn’t a club banger like “Don’t Let Me Down” was and reminds me of their previous song “New York City” – although its definitely not a sad song like NYC. This new single takes a little bit to build but the drop is extremely optimistic and definitely gives you the feels. 

No surprise but this song has been on repeat for me since it’s release. Check it out above.

anonymous asked:

Did you always plan for Matthew to be an angler fish mer, or did you have other designs before this one?

(( Ahhh this takes me back 

Okay so this whole blog actually started because i was inspired to draw mermaids thanks to ask merman oliver, and it spiralled down from there cx 

On my art blog ( this post ) back in september 2015 I drew an anglerfish mermaid and i thought hey,,,, matthew has a curl,,,, hes my fave,,,, why not,,,, 

so then I posted this series of art and matthew was born

To answer your question, Mattie was always an anglerfish :3 ))


I’m back from Egypt. It was amazing, it always is. :)

We’re going back this September. And you can come with us! :)

September 11. 2016- arrival
September 12-15 - Awakening the illuminated Heart workshop
(September 15 arrival, if you are not joining the workshop)
September 16-24 - Sacred journey through Egypt
September 25 - going home 

For more information send an email to