from an email he was kind enough to share with me

A temp I barely knew was actively trying to get me fired behind my back.

This happened a while ago but decided to post today as she rang a member of the office and used the threat of unfair dismissal claim if she wasn’t given a good reference. Not sure if it belongs in here or not.

TL:DR An office temp I’d spoken to a handful of times conspires to have me fired without my knowledge. It’s a very long story so be warned it’s a bit of a vent.

So, we had a temp covering maternity leave that turned out to be a bit of a nutjob. She was EA to Deputy CEO and seemed to think this gave her some sort of status. We’ll call her the temp. I’d spoken to her twice maybe three and was incredibly nice; I make it my business to be nice to everyone. What she didn’t know is that from about a week after she started I knew she was sending daily complaints (all unfounded and untrue) to my manager about me. My manager and I get on socially and professionally and he was dumbfounded by her doing this. I still have no idea, why she did it to me either and until today I’d put her out of my mind.

We are talking 3 or 4 complaints a day and asking for stuff to be taken further and why wasn’t I getting warned/reprimanded, whatever?

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All Too Well | Pt. 8

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9

Summary: You and Yoongi shared a loving relationship with one another until you both agreed to end things and pursue your separate careers. But two years later, Yoongi is a member of the ever growing Bangtan Boys, and you are a new makeup artist for their upcoming tour.
Pairing: Yoongi | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Angst/Smut; Idol & Makeup Artist AU
Word Count: 6,330


“Have you talked to Y/N recently?”

Jeon Jungkook flickers his gaze over to the speaker, having only caught the faint murmur of a voice through his headphones, before the maknae tugs the equipment off of his head. “Sorry, what did you say hyung?”

Yoongi sighs, shutting his laptop completely and silently beckoning the other boy to follow suit. He has been battling this internal question for the past few hours, in spite of its simplicity, but it’s the context behind the question that has Yoongi all worried about what the answer could lead to. He has always been told not to ask questions he did not wish to know the answer to, and yet here he was: asking something in which the response was likely to terrify him. Yet, still doing so anyways.

“Have you talked to Y/N recently?” He repeats, heart ramming out of his chest as he gauges the youngest for any shift in expression to indicate an answer. But Jungkook is no longer that shy 15 year old who couldn’t lie to anyone’s face, the boy hides his emotions well. “I know that you guys… are friends.”

Jungkook momentarily can’t meet Yoongi’s gaze—the youngest looks set on tracing the outline of the headphones that rest along his neck—before he finally looks up. “Are you trying to ask if I know about what happened between you and noona? Because I do.”

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One man tents aren’t meant for sharing

I wanted to write bed sharing. So I did. 

Smut ahoy.

3k words-ish

One man tents aren’t meant for sharing. Neither are sleeping bags. Too bad they don’t have any choice…

On FF.NET and AO3

Killian Jones’ rather bony elbow dug into Emma’s back. Wincing, she scowled then retaliated by shoving her icy cold right foot backwards until it was wedged between his bare legs, causing him to mutter profanities under his breath.

Today was such a fucking mess. She was cold, tired and mentally drained from an afternoon of drudging through the forest with… him .

“Swan…” he groaned, the low timbre of his voice cutting right through her body making her gut clench.

“Keep your arms to yourself, buddy,” she snapped, her frown growing deeper.

“Gladly,” he quipped, flopping dramatically onto his stomach. The extra-large sleeping bag that housed the pair lurched in his direction, spinning her onto her back and somehow wedging her arm beneath him.

“Urgh!” she cried, tugging herself free, thanking God and all the stars that the man was at least wearing an undershirt.

He turned his head. Though it was late, it was summer and the night sky still provided enough illumination to see his expression: a smug grin combined with raised eyebrows.

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What I Like

Originally posted by sugutie

Excited chatter fills the room as students trickle in for the first day of class. Spirits are high, outfits are cute, hair is neat and makeup is perfect; you give it a few weeks until everyone is miserable and dressing in sweatpants with messy hair and no makeup. But until then you’re stuck at the front of the room, quietly waiting for the professor to enter and bring some semblance of order to the chaos.

You have no interest in public speaking and you don’t plan on going into the business field but you have a social science slot to fill and you heard from your business major friend that this class is an easy A. However, she failed to mention exactly what was required of the class and the moment the professor passes around the stack of syllabi, you’re only a few seconds away from getting up and leaving.

“I’m sure that many of you have heard that this course is an easy A,” the professor laughs as he takes his place at the front of the room, “and I’ll concede that this is true. If you are capable of working with another person.” There’s a mix of groans, cheers, and noncommittal hums before the professor motions for silence. “I know,” he laughs, “some of you are incredibly excited while others are incredibly annoyed. Either way, if you stay in this class then you have to work together. The last day to drop is next Friday. If you’re going to drop, I ask that you do it sooner rather than later. I’m going to announce your pairs today and if your partner happens to drop, we’ll figure something out. And you did hear me correctly. I will assign the partners, I want you to get to know a stranger. If you’ve met your partner before, that’s fine. If you’re best friends and have known each other for years, let me know and changes will be made. I’ll call roll and then we’ll get started.”

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part i | part ii | part iii | part iv | part v

part vi: in which we let sasuke live

The phone sat between them as the seconds ticked by. Like a good friend, Naruto came over the moment Sasuke told him there was an emergency.

“Fuck,” Sasuke cursed for the nth time, glaring at his phone. He touched the screen when it dimmed, bringing it back to its full brightness and displaying Tinder Girl’s selfie of herself in a green bikini as she hugged the neck of her unicorn floatie like the basic bitch she probably was. “Fuck.”

“Okay.” This was the first word said in the past ten minutes aside from ‘fuck.’ “Okay, I have a plan.”

“What is it?”

“You have to like more photos.”

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anonymous asked:

Can I request a short fanfic of the moment where Saeran breaks into the apartment during 707's route, but for this request, 707 is just a really good friend? And when saeran breaks in, they find MC in an animal onesie and she doesn't refuse the offer for paradise, but instead stalls them by offering them food until 707 gets there (aka is just really nice to Saeran/not freaked out or scared). And then when Saeran leaves, he kinda starts to crush on MC, and you can go from there!

((Sorry, I kind of kept going and now it’s over 2k words now. Also Saeran may be a little OOC here but he’s cute!))

“The Special security system will be acti-acti-activa….”

MC looked up from her phone to look where the sound was coming from. She stood up from the bed and went over to the sound, but it suddenly sputtered out. After that, she couldn’t figure out where it came from, so she shrugged and flopped back down on the bed. Suddenly, there was a loud shattering of glass, and MC whipped her head towards the window. Glass was shattered everywhere, and MC was stunned.

How the heck? I’m on the 14th floor!” MC thought to herself

“Gosh…I didn’t plan on making a sound, but I suppose I failed on that.” A smooth voice muttered from the direction of the window

MC, not having anything to really defend herself with, picked up her pillow, ready to smack the heck out of the intruder with it, but before she could get off the bed, the young male’s voice shouted for her to stop.

“Hey miss, just stay there. You’ll hurt your feet if you step on glass. I’m climbing over the window.”

MC suddenly saw a lanky boy wearing black skinny jeans, a red tank top with a black leather jacket on top with the left shoulder exposing an eye tattoo climbing in through the broken window. As he came in, MC saw that he wore a black face mask that covered the bottom half of his face, and had white and pink hair. He walked over to her and softly smiled with his eyes. 

“Hello. You remember who I am?”

“I’m assuming that you’re the hacker since you didn’t come through the front door.” MC said in a monotone, yet irritated tone

“Smart girl. You might be able to understand me then.”

“Excuse you?” MC asked irked. “You saying you thought I was stupid?”

The boy ignored her and looked around the room absentmindedly.

“Wow, it feels so strange to see it like this…”

“What the heck are you talking about? Who are you and how did you find me?” MC shouted, raising the pillow above her head in a threatening manner

The boy turned to MC and smiled a somewhat creepy smile, and advanced so he was no more than one pace away from the terrified girl. His eyes showed no sign of harming her, in fact, they were rather kind, and MC found them rather attractive. She shook it off

“MC, Do you know that I’m the one who first talked to you about the missing phone? I left that strange message a couple days ago…And I’m the one who sent that email.”

“Wait, how do you know my name? Also, you’re the one who sent that email about Mint Eye?”

“I led you here, I know all about you. Yes, It’s your invitation to paradise MC.”

“Paradise?” MC asked, slightly intrigued.

“Yes MC, our Paradise, where everyone is happy. Magenta of hopes and dreams. I’ve come to take you there…I will explain everything once we get to magenta” The boy said, extending his hand to her

“That sounds great, but um, I’m in an animal onesie and I’m not changing in front of a guy who’s name I don’t even know.” MC replied, just staring at his hand

The boy stared at her, and after a moment, came to the realization that MC was in fact in Panda footie PJs, and was still holding a pillow over his head. A slight blush came to his face in embarrassment for not noticing. He retracted his hand and coughed uncomfortably.

“So, you going to tell me your name or no? I mean, if you’re going to take me somewhere, I should at least know their name.”

“S-Saeran.” He answered quickly, refusing to look at her.

“Saeran, huh? So, you want some snacks while I get dressed into something a bit more appropriate? Oh, don’t worry, I’ll change in the bathroom.”

“Food sounds nice…” Saeran answered awkwardly.

Saeran was internally freaking out because THIS was not part of the plan. Besides, didn’t this girl realize that he just crashed through a window….on the 14th fricking level? And here he was, introducing himself while she got food for him. He looked over to the shattered window and felt a pang of guilt. She probably didn’t have the money to pay for it to be repaired, and he could have just opened it without breaking it…

“H-hey, um , miss? Do you have a broom or something. I don’t want you to get hurt with the glass. Since I broke it, I figured that I should, well, clean it up”

MC looked over her shoulder as she made sandwiches. He honestly looked guilty, and so she brought him a broom and a dustpan to him, and he began to sweep up the glass into the pan carefully. She couldn’t believe that this was the same person who came in through her window and tried to whisk her away in her panda pjs.

She put the plate next to him and grabbed an outfit to change into. He muttered something that sounded like ‘thanks’. She then smiled, shaking her head as she wandered into the bathroom to change. She quickly got changed and headed back out to see the boy had taken off his face mask and was now munching on the last sandwich.

“That good huh?” MC asked jokingly

“Actually, yeah. I don’t really like bread, but this actually pretty good.” He replied, staring at the sandwich as if it would tell him why it tasted so good.

“It’s Hawaiian bread. It’s sweeter than most bread. I’m glad you like it. So Saeran, right?”

Saeran just kind of nodded in response.

So…do you wanna play video games or something? I bought a DS awhile back and found another one in a thrift shop for cheap. It came with these games…oh there’s two copies of Kirby, you wanna play?”

“Uh…What’s a Kirby?”Saeran asked, cocking an eyebrow

MC smiled and gave him a DS. He just kind of stared at it and MC realized that he had no clue what to do with it. She took the DS back and in and started a new game for Saeran, and he just stared at MC setting it up, then snapping out of his trance as she handed it to him. She taught him the basic controls, and soon, he was running and sucking up all the enemies. They then hooked up and played two player. She thought it was rather funny how he would scrunch his eyebrows together while he was focusing.

“Hey…um. I’m kind of hungry again…” Saeran admitted, not looking up from the game, hinting at the fact that he wanted MC to get more food.

“Me too. I’ll go grab us some snacks!” MC laughed and went to the kitchen to get snacks for the two of them

She found it rather funny that this boy was now playing Kirby with her, when just minutes ago he was going to kidnap her and take her to some “Mint Eye” Maybe going with him wouldn’t be too bad. He seemed sweet enough, and honestly, he was really cute. He reminded MC of her best friend Seven for some reason, but she couldn’t figure out why. She snapped out of her thoughts and got some chips for the two of them to share

“DAMMIT KIRBY! YOU STUPID PINK BALLOON THING! HOW DARE YOU DIE TO A WALKING LOAF OF BREAD!!!” Saeran shouted at the DS, growling as he was sent to the beginning of the level…again. He had gotten bored of waiting for MC and had tried to beat the level alone and, well…it wasn’t working very well. MC couldn’t help but laugh at how innocent he looked as he cussed out the happy pink character

“Saeran! I got the snacks!” MC cheerfully said as she put down the snacks and took back her DS.

After about half an hour later, Saeran excuses himself to go to the restroom, and MC resumes playing on the DS alone. Suddenly, there’s a bang on the door, and she hears Seven’s voice shouting from the outside. As she gets up to answer it, Saeran, with his face mask back in place, comes out and stops her. The door is suddenly thrown open, and Saeran grabs MC to keep the door from smacking her in the face.

“MC, I’m here! I’ll turn the special security system back on, gimme a sec.” Seven says, taking his backpack off and preparing to unzip it.

Saeran then walks up to Seven, grabs him by the shoulders, spins him back towards the door, and starts pushing him out the door. Seven is so shocked by the fact that there’s another person here and by the fact that MC isn’t freaking out that he just kind of lets the person push him out. MC begins laughing hysterically as Saeran pushes the confused hacker out the door, kicks him in the back of the knees, and slams the door on him. He then locks the bolt and tells Seven to get lost. At this point, Seven has snapped out of his shock, and is frantically trying to unlock the door to no avail.

“Who the hell are you, and how the hell did you get in?” Seven shouts through the door.

Saeran ignores him, and returns to MC, who at this point is rolling on the ground laughing her head off. She couldn’t help it. Seven’s confused face and Saeran just pushing them out so easily was hilarious to her for some reason. Saeran cracked a smile under his mask, and almost started laughing himself. I mean, he had expected to get revenge on his brother, but not like that!

“Well Princess, I suppose I’ll have to leave for now.” Saeran told her, trying to hold back his laughter.

MC immediately stopped laughing and begged Saeran to stay. MC suddenly realized that it was kind of weird because he was originally here to kidnap her. 

“Wait, is he still going to kidnap me? I mean, he is pretty cute, and paradise sounded a lot better than being locked in an apartment…with a bomb…alone.”

Suddenly there was a thud on the door and an ‘ow’, and Saeran decided that he could come back later, now that MC had his trust. Plus, he kind of had fun with her. He would enjoy having her at Mint Eye, but with his stupid brother trying to kick in the door, getting MC out now would be difficult.

“Wait!” MC cried out, getting Saeran’s attention as he walked to the apartment door, “If you’re going to leave, take this.”

MC held out the DS that he had been playing with, and also a charger. Saeran paused for a minute before taking the DS and charger and slipping it into a back pocket. He didn’t know why, but it was the first time he had ever received something, and it felt rather nice. He heard another thump at the door and sighed. He should get going before Luciel actually knocked in the door and she had to pay for that too. For some reason, he felt a pang of guilt, and looking back at her, he kind of felt bad leaving such a cute girl in an apartment alone with a bomb that was unstable. He shook it off though, and opened the door and watched his brother keep running and fall onto his face. He pulled down his mask and gave MC a quick kiss on the cheek and then ran out the door.

MC stood there and touched where Saeran had kissed her gently. She hoped she’d see him again. She really enjoyed the company, and honestly, getting out of the apartment sounded like a good idea. For crying out loud, Seven was going to set the bomb up…again. She sighed as Seven got up and went out into the hall to get his backpack.

Meanwhile, Saeran was scolding himself for kissing her. He didn’t know why he did that. He thought about it, and he supposed that she was pretty cute, and she was really nice to him. He remembered the gift that she gave him and promised that he would definitely bring her to paradise. She deserved to be happy….and maybe Savior would let him keep her. It was worth asking. With that, he ran down the stairs, excited to return to Mint Eye with the good news.

English Class: A Ballbusting Story

I wrote this story a longggggg time ago and I just never felt like posting it. But now I’m bored and have a bunch of stories to share, so I figure I will give you guys this one. Hope you like it/pm me any comments!

Alex was 17 years old, and a junior in high school. He was getting straight A’s at the private school that he attended. He was popular with everybody, from the students to the teachers. Most of the girls liked him, but he still did not have a girlfriend.

Alex was sitting in first period English class, with his teacher Katie, who was 24 years old, the youngest of his teachers. She was a yoga master, and she had the muscles and curves of one. It was the middle of December, and they had just suffered a recent blizzard, so most people were getting to school late, if arriving at all. Alex was alone in his class with two other girls, Clare and Erin. Both of them were in his grade, and they were extremely cute.

Clare was five foot five inches tall, with dark hair and soft skin that stayed tan through the winter. She was curved and cut like a supermodel, and she was just a beautiful. Erin was five foot eight inches tall, with blond hair in a ponytail, with breasts to brag about and a luscious ass to charm her backside. His teacher Katie was about five foot eight as well, and she had flowing blond hair and a nice smile.

Katie called the class over to the table to teach the days lesson, since there were only three students. Katie began the lesson, and sure enough, Alex began to doze off. Katie seemed to notice, and she kicked Alex in the shin under the table with her flats.

“Wake up Alex,” she said. “We are trying to learn here, and seeing as there are only three students here, you should be paying attention.” Clare and Erin giggled softly.

“I’m sorry, I just didn’t sleep very well last night.” Alex replied. He knew this was no excuse.

“Well you better not fall asleep again, or the next time I kick you, it won’t be in the shin.” Katie grinned at him with a devilish grin, and the girls started giggling a little bit louder. Alex squirmed in his seat.

Once the girls stopped laughing, Clare asked, “Have you ever been kicked in the balls before?” Erin burst out laughing, but Katie didn’t silence her. She just grinned in an amused way.

“Ummm…No, why?” He replied quizzingly.

“Well, fall asleep again and you might find out.” Erin said in a coy voice.

While Alex was busy talking to the girls, he did not catch Katie sliding her slender, curved feet out of her flats.

“Ok, well I’m sure that she was joking. She is our teacher, for crying out loud!” He stated. Just then, he felt the curved arch of Katie’s foot slip into his groin, gently pressing against his testicles.

“Oh I wouldn’t be so sure.” She stated, before lifting her foot away several inches, then slamming it back into his unprotected crotch. The heel of her foot caught his nuts and ground them into his pelvis. Alex howled in pain, as he double over forwards, trying to cover up his groin, but with little success, as Katie twisted and mashed his balls under her heel, with a sexy smile on her face. Erin and Clare’s jaws both dropped as they watched the scene unfold. Alex thought for sure that they would tell his teacher to stop, but they didn’t. They both exchange glances and began to smile as his balls were helplessly squashed under Amanda’s bare foot.

Clare looked over at his teacher. “Oh my god, Katie! I never thought you would actually do that!” She exclaimed, with a smile on her face.

“Yeah, look at him struggle!” Erin giggled.

“You guys like that? I used to do this to my boyfriend all the time, so I know all the moves and tricks to make a guy’s testicles hurt.” Katie replied in a proud voice. “Do you guys want to give this a shot? I just got an email from the principle, and it doesn’t look like anybody else is going to be coming in today.”

The girls exchanged glances again, grinning wide. “We would love to!” Replied Erin. Alex struggled and tried to remove the petite foot from between his legs, but Katie was strong, and she wouldn’t budge.

“Alright, then you two slip off your shoes and let’s get this party started.” Katie exclaimed enthusiastically.

Clare looked a little bit off-put. “Do we have to take our shoes off? I feel like that would be kind of weird.”

“Well, trust me when I say this, because I have had experience, but the arch of a bare foot will bend more easily, allowing you to curve your foot around his balls so they don’t have anywhere to go when you squash them.” She slipped her other foot up and placed her sole over his mouth and pressed his lips closed. She then slid her foot away from his groin, and before Alex could move his hands to protect himself, she smashed her foot back into his nuts. Alex tried to scream with pain, but Katie’s other foot was smothering his mouth.

Katie giggled. “It tickles your foot when they try to yell but your foot won’t let them.”

“Ok, I’ll take my shoes off as long as I can hit him in the balls.” Clare said.

“Oh yeah, one more thing.” Katie butted in. “His pants are coming off as well.” She stood up and walked over to Alex. She bent over so Alex could get a good look at her cleavage as she undid his zipper. Then she yanked his pants off with such force that his boxers came off with them.

Erin and Clare both giggled and blushed as they got a good look at his package. They didn’t have a long time to look, for Katie, now standing over him in front of his chair, lifted her right foot and stomped her toes right on top of his testicles. She leaned forwards on his balls, which were trapped against the chair. The pain that Alex felt was piercing, but a throbbing ache at the same time. Katie had caught his nuts perfectly under her toes.

Erin and Clare slipped off their Ugg’s, which they were both wearing. Clare’s feet were small and tanned, just as he had expected. Erin’s feet were perfectly curved, and both of their feet had smooth arches.

“So what do we do?” Asked Erin curiously. She and Clare observed Katie flattening Alex’s nuts underneath her pink painted toes. She removed her foot from his balls, and Alex breathed a sigh of relief as he put his hands over his aching balls.

“Well,” said Katie. “You can make him do whatever you want him to. You just have to remember that you control his manhood right now, and that if he ever wants to have kids, he has to do everything you say.”

“I’ll go first.” Said Clare. She walked up to him until she was standing right in front of him. She had on a pair of skinny jeans and a tee shirt. She stood in front of him menacingly looking at his hands, which were covering his damaged nuts.

“Move your hands.” She demanded, staring Alex straight in the eye. Alex didn’t move his hands, and he averted her piercing gaze. Clare was growing impatient. “I said move your hands!” She yelled. Katie walked over and grabbed his hands and jerked them away from his nuts, which were now unprotected.

“Well now, Alex,” She whispered seductively. “Since you’ve been so uncooperative, I’m going to make this hurt. Now stand up!” Alex, with his hands being held by Katie behind his back, could do nothing but obey. Clare raised her leg so that her bare foot hovered inches away from his nuts. She then moved her foot forward gently and gave his balls a tap, and Alex winced. Clare could barely conceal her grin as she wound up her foot behind her, and then swung it forwards with as much force as her soccer-toned legs could muster.

The top of her foot slammed into his balls, pressing them back up into Alex’s pelvis with tremendous force. Alex went teary-eyed with pain, and he slumped forwards to the ground, his eyes just inches from Clare’s small feet. She then bent down and rolled him over with her hands. She walked down towards his legs, which she picked by the ankles, one in each hand. She raised her left foot into the air, and then stomped down onto his testicles with all her might. She grinded his balls under the arch of her foot, causing Alex to scream in pain. She lifter her foot and stomped once more, then again, and again, and again once more. Alex was now crying as his nuts begged for mercy from Clare’s bare feet.

“You know, Katie, you are right. When I was grinding his balls under my arch, I was able to crush them with much more force than with shoes.” Clare said. She sat down between Alex’s spread legs, and lifted her feet into his crotch, where they rested against his balls. “See, Alex? My feet must have just been designed for this day, just to rest perfectly in your crotch. Moreover, how does it feel, being brought to your mercy by my small feet. How could such delicate instruments do so much damage to your poor, vulnerable testicles?” She grabbed his ankles once more and leaned back until her head was resting on the floor, her feet being pressed perfectly into his nuts with terrifying power.

Alex groaned with pain. He looked down at his balls, but all he could see where her feet cradling his nutsack, and his penis resting on her toes and she squashed his crown jewels. Clare lessened the pressure on his balls, and lifted her feet high into the air. She then brought her bare heels down onto his testicles with all her might, flattening them against the floor. Alex cried from the pain, and then he blacked out.



         Alex awoke back in his chair, his balls screaming with pain. He saw Erin sitting on the desk in front of him, her crossed legs bobbing back and forth. She was wearing light grey sweatpants and a long sleeved cotton shirt. She tilted her bare feet back and forth in the air, her toes painted light blue. He saw no sign of Katina and Amanda, but their shoes were gone.

         “Hello, Alex.” Erin said with a mischievous grin on her face. “How are your balls?” Alex couldn’t help but look down to make sure they were still there. He could see that they were intact, although he was almost dying from the pain. The whole time he was looking at his balls, he could see Erin’s bare right foot dangling back and forth in the air, hovering ominously over his balls.

         “Well now, let’s get started, shall we?” Erin questioned. She uncrossed her legs and raised her right foot to Alex’s mouth. Her toes pressed lightly against his lips. “I want you to do me a favor.” She said. “You are going to open your mouth and suck my toes right here, right now.” Alex was revolted by the idea, and he refused to open his mouth.

         “Oh,” Erin said in a disappointed voice. “I figured you might be like this.” She moved her toes all over his face, from his lips to his cheeks to his eyes. She slid his eyelids shut with her toes and held them there. Alex did not know what was going on until he felt Erin’s heel fly into his unguarded groin. He almost threw up from the sudden pain, and he tried to open his eyes, but her toes pressed a little bit harder and he was unable to. All Alex could hear was the sound of his own screams, and all he could feel was Erin’s cool toes pressing gently into his eyes, which was rather lovely compared to the crushing heel flattening his nuts.

         “So, right now, Katie and Clare are out of the classroom making sure things are going ok and we aren’t discovered here.” She removed her heel from his nuts and relaxed her foot against his nutsack. “Since nobody is here to monitor us, if you do not do what I say, I will press down so hard on your testicles that they will break, and you will never have kids, or another orgasm, ever.” She enunciated the word testicles, and as she did so, she pressed her foot a little harder into his jewels. “Now I think you should open your mouth and suck my toes, because if you don’t, the consequences will be grave.”

         Alex was terrified, but he opened his mouth. Erin removed her foot from his eyelids and slid her big toe into his mouth. “Now start sucking.” She commanded. Alex rolled his tongue around her big toe, sucking as if it were a Popsicle. Erin stared deep into his eyes the whole time, and he forced himself to stare back. Her sexy blue eyes showed pleasure, but they also gleamed with the power that she had over him.

         Erin slid her big toe out of his mouth and moved the other four in. Alex ran his tongue between her petite toes, sliding his tongue in the gaps between. Erin leaned back in clear bliss. After a few minutes, Erin removed her right foot from his mouth. Just as soon as Alex thought he was done, she raised her left foot from his groin and moved it into his mouth.

         When he finished sucking Erin’s toes, she stood up. “Time to get up.” She said, and Alex obeyed, fearing what Erin might do to his balls if he didn’t. Alex loomed four inches taller than Erin, but she held all the power in this situation. With that, she pushed him gently back towards the wall, which he stood solemnly against. She stood up on her blue painted toes, and tiptoed towards him, until she was looking at him at eye level.

         Erin walked right up to where Alex was pressed against the wall, and their noses almost touched. Alex thought that Erin wanted to kiss him, seeing as her breasts were pressed right up onto his chest. She leaned in as if to kiss him, but right when their lips brushed against each other, she shot her hand down into his nutsack, catching him in a death grip. Alex gasped for air but was unable to scream. Erin squeezed the life out of his balls with her bare hands, her body still pressed up against his. She gazed into his eyes with the gentlest look that you would expect from a sympathetic girlfriend, except she was destroying his testicles instead.

         Alex started to slump down from the pain that Erin’s strong hands were wreaking on his balls, and his face wound up in Erin’s large C-cup breasts.

         “So you want a little bit of action yourself?” Erin asked with a smile. “I think your deserve a little bit of pleasure for all of the suffering you’ve been going through.” She released the death grip on his groin and stepped back. She grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up over her head. Before Alex’s eyes, he saw the most perfect rack on a girl he had seen yet, tucked beneath a black lace bra. Erin reached behind her back, and before he knew it, her bra was falling to the floor. Alex thought that it couldn’t get any better when she was just wearing the bra, but now it really was getting better.

         Erin cradled his head gently in her hands and guided him back to his chair, where she sat him down. She then climbed onto his lap, straddling his legs with hers. She brought his head down into her breasts. “You want to suck my tit?” She asked. “Go ahead, Alex, they’re all yours.” Alex couldn’t believe his luck. He brought his mouth down towards her left tit and began to suck. It was the greatest experience he had ever felt. He felt her tit grow hard in his mouth as he beat it with his tongue. Alex brought his other hand up towards her right tit and massaged it. For the first time since English class had started, Alex was in pure bliss.

         Erin uncurled her legs from around his waist and stood up, but she kept her tits where Alex could get them.

         “Anyway, while you have fun with my things, I’m going to have fun with your things.” Erin said as she brought her knee into Alex’s nuts. Alex immediately let go of her tits and shrieked in pain. Erin then put all of her weight on her knee, which was squashing his testicles into the chair, the same place where Amanda’s toes had done a number on his balls as well a while earlier. Alex tried to stay conscious, but once again blacked out from the pain, for the second time that day.


         When Alex awoke, he was lying flat on several desks lined up together, his arms and legs tied to the legs of the desks. His balls were on fire. He looked around trying to see if there was anybody he could call to for help, but he was alone in the classroom.

         “How are you holding up over there, Alex?” He heard Katie say. She walked out from behind the shadows and came towards him. The only clothes she had on were a lacy white bra and a white thong to match. He could see her pussy underneath. She stepped up onto the desks with her bare feet and walked over towards his face. She stopped with one foot on either side of his head, and she gazed down at him with a sexy look. She lifted her right leg and began to peel the thong off. She lifted her left leg, took the thong off completely, and threw it into the corner.

         Her pussy was smooth, and there wasn’t a hair to be seen. She crouched down above his face, then got on her knees and rested on his chest. Alex was absolutely mesmerized by her pussy, and Katie knew it. She slid herself forwards until her muscular thigh muscles clamped around his ears, so he couldn’t hear a thing. She rested her pussy right on top of his mouth, and without even asking, he took her clit into his mouth and ran his tongue up and down its length. As he was doing so, Katie took off her bra. Her tits were not as big as Erin’s but they were still marvelous.

         “Give me a foot massage.” Katie said. She took his hands gently and put them onto the well-rounded heels of her feet, which were resting near Alex’s shoulders. Alex moved his hands up and down her feet, pressing into her soles. While he was doing this, he slid his tongue deep into her pussy, licking and absorbing its juices. Katie moaned with pleasure, and she reached behind her towards his cock, which had become hard. She pulled a tub of Vaseline from what seemed like nowhere, and she put some on her hands. She grabbed his cock with her strong hands and began pumping up and down vigorously.

         Alex intertwined his fingers with her toes and tongue-fucked her pussy even harder and she pumped her hand faster and faster on his cock. She screamed with delight as he licked viciously with his tongue, and he felt that his nuts were about to blow. He unleashed his payload all over her hands, and the pumping slowed down to a gentle massage. She stood up and got off the desk. She got a pair of scissors and cut the ties that were holding him to the desk. She put some hand sanitizer on her hands to get the Vaseline off as he started to stand up.

         Alex turned to look at Katie just in time to see her bare foot come flying into his testicles. He screamed with pain like never before, as he had just emptied his payload and his balls were feeling bad enough as it is. He crumpled to the ground with no life force left in him, and he rolled on his side. Katie then picked him up off the ground, and she then lied down and took his place. She positioned him so that he was standing directly above her naked pussy. She curled her left leg up towards her, and slowly extended it up into his groin, putting her legs at a 90-degree angle. Her knee was bent since she was not extending her leg fully yet.

         Alex knew he was in real trouble, since Katie was a strong, flexible yoga master, and probably knew some good ways to make him hurt while getting a nice stretch in. Before he had the chance to do anything, she straightened her left leg so that his balls were cradled between the bottom of his pelvis and the sole of her foot. His whole body weight was on his balls now, and he screamed with agony. She took his hands in hers and looked him in the eye.

         “I know that you are only 17 years old, and I know that you should have plenty more sexual experiences in your life to come, but I think that our sexual encounter is perfectly sufficient for your needs. Therefore, this is going to be the last one you will ever have.” She then leaned back towards the ground, pulling his hands and rolling him forward with her. So much pressure was building on his balls that he felt them start to give between her sexy sole and his pelvis.

         “Say goodbye to your testicles, Alex.” Katie said. He then heard two loud pops, accompanied by an excruciating pain in his groin, and he blacked out.
I Could Even Learn How To Love (Like You) - Chapter 1 - fireflysummers_ao3 - モブサイコ100 | Mob Psycho 100 [Archive of Our Own]
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Mob Psycho 100 Fanfiction

I Could Even Learn How to Love (Like You)

Teru realizes that, despite his best attempts, he still isn’t a great person.

That doesn’t stop him from trying though.

(Dedicated to @uncannycookie​, @auro-cyanide​, @terubi​, @avoresmith for getting me Thinking About The Haystack Child Again)

(Doubly dedicated to @rustnut​ and @ofpaintedflowers​ for being my betas)

|| Chapter 1 ||

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|| theme song ||

{summary: in which you find out that peter parker adores spiderman just as much as you do.}

so there was some spiderman: homecoming event held in tokyo some time yesterday, and there was some new footage being shown [♥] @//tomhsource on twitter had a few screenshots saved on their twitter page (and also, just to clarify, their twitter page never explicitly stated that angourie rice was playing gwen stacy. they called it out as a RUMOR, and these shady sites were just looking for more clickbait material by saying that she was confirmed to be gwen)

but i’m not here to talk about the mess behind angourie rice’s character identity (even though I still firmly believe she’s playing betty brant, personally) what i’m most excited about is how peter is actually seen in the footage WRITING his own spiderman theme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and I just had to make an imagine out of it ;)

I will be using [[cosmicbooknews]] transcription since I have their whole typed out theme saved in my emails

tags [permanent + peter parker]: @ghostedwolf , @psychicwitchphilosopher , @pharaohkiller , @moonlight53 , @wannabe-weasley , @mcusebstan , @tmrhollandkay , @pepcvina , @nekonerdxox , @lokigirl18 , @fangeekkk , @kylielo22 , @wavy-ley , @lghockey , @buckysendoftheline , @1022bridgetp , @potterjamesharry

warnings: none

**please don’t plagiarize/repost this story. reblogs are fine!!**


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The Most Beautiful Thing on the Planet

Alec and Magnus travel to the Maldives Islands for some much needed rest and relaxation. Their alone time gets interrupted by something unexpected. Alec is full of sass and Magnus is his usual magnificent self. Basically, just these two lovebirds in paradise.

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Or Here:

It was amazing how everything was better on vacation, even the coffee tasted better in paradise. Alec stood in the doorway to the deck of their overwater villa. They had been keeping the large sliding glass door opened all the way, so that the indoor and outdoor spaces merged into one. Even at night, there was no need for privacy, the only thing as far as the eye could see were the crystal turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean and a blue sky filled with puffy white clouds. They were but a few steps away from water so clear you could see all the marine life below, as your feet settled into soft white sand. It was a stunning sight, but even the idyllic scenery had nothing on the sight that was currently capturing Alec’s attention.

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Important Lessons (Ch. 2)

Saizo x MC 
My darlings, here it is, chapter two. I am so SO sorry it has taken so long, but tada~ For future reference, this is now a multichapter fic that will have porn but also plot (we’re getting to the plot part, uh, eventually.) So thank y’all so much for your kindness. Please enjoy.

“So…” Oichi stared at you expectantly, you’d done a good job of avoiding her since yesterday, since you left Dr. Kirigakure’s office reeking of sex and flushed up to your ears. But you knew you couldn’t avoid her forever.

Honestly you had thought about telling her, airing it out, spilling your dirty little secret almost immediately, but something had stopped you. It was just too clandestine, too dangerous, too…precious to you for you to tell her. Which was saying something, Oichi had been your best friend since grade school.

What she didn’t know couldn’t hurt her.

So you had gone home, taken a long shower, eaten some take out, watched netflix and tried your best to compartmentalize the vivid scenes that kept playing in your head.

His head between your legs, the comfortable weight of his body leaned against yours, the look of desire in his eyes…

No, it hadn’t worked very well. Honestly even sitting here, a full 24 hours later, nursing an iced coffee you still felt a little bit hot and bothered.

“Hey, are you even listening to me?”

“Hmm?” You looked up, meeting Oichi’s worried gaze.

“Are you okay? You seem really out of it, did something happen yesterday?”

Ah yes.

Time to lie to your best friend.

“It went okay.” You sighed, doing your best to feign indifference and disappointment. “It wasn’t very encouraging, Dr. Kirigakure basically just told me the same things he said over email and on the test. So I think i’m going to get a tutor from the writing lab to help me on thursday.” You shrugged, willing your body to relax the tension rapidly building in your shoulders.

“Ah, I see. So this is a case of the over-achiever blues, hm?” Oichi leaned forward, poking you on your cheek. “Sounds like we need to go and get drunk as soon as you are done with this test on Friday.”

“I’m not sure that will fix my problems.” You snorted, shaking your head. “I don’t know how someone with such an overprotective brother seems to be able to go out every weekend.” You smiled at her, your tone joking.

“Come on, you’ve been watching me do it since we were in high school, all we have to do is avoid the places he’s at, duh.”

Oh yes, you had done your fair share of hiding from Oda Nobunaga since you were barely old enough to pretend to be old enough to get into bars. Even still…

“I’ll do it, only for you though.” You shook your head, snapping your book shut and leaning over to gaze at her. “No funny business this time, I hate having to bail you out of trouble.”

“But you’re so good at it!”


Class, right. You had to go to that.

You sighed, for what was certainly the 50th time that day, pushing the door open to the small, dare you say intimate, classroom.

There were only about 15 students left in the class, so it didn’t much matter. It wasn’t like you were packed in like sardines.. Still the smallness of the space seemed pronounced today as you slid into your desk. Right, it was just class. You went to this class every other day. You could do this.

The professor was late, unsurprising, he was rarely early. Yet, he always seemed to just appear, almost like out of thin air, right as the students started to let their guards down.

Right as you let-

“Well, what a miserable looking group we have here today.” His mock cheer tore you from your thoughts.

Yes, exactly like that.

There he was, the same cool and composed force as always, except….except where he had once been a far off longing of yours, (who didn’t have teacher fantasies, after all) now he stood in flesh and blood and heat that you had felt yourself.

You still had the vivid feeling of his messy hair between your fingers and his body pressed to yours. And…And…You pressed your legs together, a mortified sense of dread building in you.

Everyone was going to find out.

There was no way they couldn’t tell.

The blush on your cheeks was visible, you were sure.

Okay, okay, you just had to take deep breaths. Steady yourself. He surveyed the room, leaning against the desk at the front, a bemused look on his face, and then he looked at you. You grew still, trying your best to maintain enough eye contact to appear normal before looking down at your desk.

You could swear you saw the beginnings of a smirk on his face as you looked away.

“Well, children, I see that some of you are anxious about the exam you have on Friday.” Professor Kirigakure sighed, in what was clear disappointment. “Midterms are, as you know, quite important to passing.” He stood, walking over to the whiteboard behind him. “Luckily for most of you, one of your classmates decided to be a willing sacrifice and email me.” The group of people around you were murmuring to themselves. No, none of them had emailed him, then who?

You, you had emailed him.

“Because of one student’s bravery, I’ve decided to reward you all with a review packet on what all we’ve learned.” A feeling of relief. Saizo hands out the packets, choosing to go one by one down the aisle, dropping a packet onto your desk.

You could feel his warmth as he brushed against you, his hand for just a moment grazing the flesh on your arm, goosebumps breaking out at the feeling.

You glanced up at him, only to find that he had moved on, resuming his discussion on the material at hand.

Oh, how were you going to handle this?

You flipped through the packet, scanning the words with minimal interest, until you turned to the back, the last page, where a phrase was written in a familiar script.

Naughty little ladies that don’t pay attention get punished.

Holy shit.

You all but slammed the paper of the packet shut, eyes firmly planted on the whiteboard.

He had definitely noticed your slip of attention, damn.

No matter, no matter. You shook your head, taking as many notes as you could.

After class you did your best to slip out quietly, Dr. Kirigakure swamped with questions as usual, and yet, somehow, as you reached the door a hand grasped at your arm.

“E-Eh” You looked up, meeting the crimson-copper eyes of your teacher, a growing ever-more familiar smirk on his lips. Your heart pounded in your chest at the look he was giving you. “P-Professor?” You stammered, allowing him to guide you just out of sight, your body pressed against the wall next to the door.

“You weren’t doing a very good job of appearing inconspicuous.” His tone was amused, his hand wandering up your shirt. “We should try to do better in the future, hmm” You nodded, heat coiling in your stomach. You’d do whatever he wanted, really, so long as he kep touching you.

“Yes sir.” It left your mouth before you had a chance to pull it back, a predatory gleam appearing in Saizo’s eyes at your words. His lips pressed to yours in the next moment, drawing and swallowing the gasp off of your lips. You clung to him, relishing the feeling of his body pressed against your own.

Then it was over, and you were panting as he shrugged his shoulders.

“Unfortunately, the little lady still has to be punished for not paying attention in class.” He pressed his mouth against your ear. “But that will have to wait until tomorrow night, won’t it?”


You stood in front of your mirror, a frown creasing your features. Tomorrow had come far too quickly and now you were at a dilemma.

How was one supposed to dress to have a secret rendezvous with their professor? You sighed, falling back onto the bed.

Normally, they were supposed to dress normally, because it was supposed to be inconspicuous, and why the fuck would you be dressing up just for him to take it off? You could imagine his humor already, if you showed up in your sunday best.

That hadn’t stopped you from putting on your best lingerie, might as well try to look cute where it counted, right?

You hummed to yourself, a discordant tune, opting for something that you’d call ‘dressy casual’ before stepping out of your room.

Oichi sat in the living room, eyeing you with an open interest.

“Are you going on a date?” She sat up from her spot, looking you up and down.

“Tutoring.” You responding, not even stopping to look at her. You could hear her snort, could almost imagine her shaking her head.

“Must be a cute tutor.” She was giggling as you shut the door.

You entered the address on a much crinkled piece of paper into your phone.

Deep breath.

You could do this


Saizo lived in a really nice apartment complex, not surprising considering his teaching position. But at the same time you weren’t really sure where you had pictured him living.

His office maybe?

you sighed, stepping out of the elevator and into the hallway. Now if the numbers were in ascending order you should be there…

You paused, looking up at the door. Okay, good. You reached out a hand to knock on the door only to have it open up before you could.

You blinked, surprise evident on your features. Saizo stood in front of you, appraising you with his knowing eyes. Butterflies churned in your stomach. You stand there for a moment until he speaks.

“I suggest you step inside, unless you want my neighbors to wonder what you are doing here.” he chuckled at the look you shot him in return allowing you to follow him into the room, looking around with interest.

It was quite plain, to your surprise. Sturdy furniture, and a minimalist feel, something that you would have described as the bare essentials of living. You thought back to your own homey and cluttered space and glanced at your teacher in curiousity.

What sort of secrets were lying just underneath his cool facade?

“That look on your face can only mean trouble for you.”His cool voice at your ear makes you shiver. You turned to face him, only to find a pair of arms hooked around your waist, keeping you in place with your back pressed against him. “Of course, maybe it is trouble you’re looking for, considering that you are here.”

“Didn’t you ask me to come?” You wriggled and then stilled in his arms, stealing a glance up at his face.

“And you had to be very brazen or just a little bit stupid to actually come.” he chuckles as you flush, trying to pull away from him.  “Ah, ah, no. It’s too late now, little lady. You did come here for another lesson, didn’t you?” One of his hands trailed a path up your stocking-clad leg, stopping when his hand met flesh. “Thighhighs?” he looked down at you, raising his eyebrow. You pouted in response.

“I guess I am more brazen than stupid, sir.” You replied, a soft edge of victory at brief look of surprise on his face.

“Well I suppose I could never turn down a student so eager to learn.” He navigated you to his couch pulling you into his lap. You froze, perched comfortably against him. The intimacy of the gesture threw your emotions into a tizzy and you inhaled sharply as you tried to keep yourself in check.

Saizo sighed, tsk’ing his tongue.

“I didn’t realize how much you had to learn.” he patted you on the head “Turn around.”

“Hm?”  You shifted your body, turning around to straddle him.  “Is this what you wanted?” the blush was high on your cheeks as you brought your hands up to rest on his shoulders.  

“Mm. Getting better.” his hands rested on your hips and you took the opportunity to press your lips against his. He let you go for a moment, opening his mouth and allowing you to explore it with your tongue.

Only for a moment though.

His teeth sunk into the flesh of your bottom lip, eliciting a soft cry from you as you attempted to pull away. He held you fast, however, trailing his tongue to sooth the wound the copper taste filling your mouth. The sensation drew a moan from your lips, and when he finally let you pull away you could only look at him, letting your teeth graze over the sensitive spot he left.

“I think you’re ready.” Saizo pulled a ribbon out of his pocket, the stark red of it drawing your attention. You shivered softly at the dark look he gave you, a sudden uncertainty growing.

“Ready for what?” your voice was small, he noticed your hesitation, brushing his knuckle against your cheek.

“Your next lesson is a lesson in vocabulary.” You stared at him. What was he even talking about?

“What’s that for then?” you grasped the free end of the ribbon in your hand, a sudden thought crossing your mind.

It was like the red ribbon of fate connecting the two of you

“Sensory deprivation.” He ran his thumb across your bruised bottom lip. “Covering your eyes, letting you describe what exactly it is I am going to do to you, using more appropriate language.”

Oh that did sound pretty appealing actually.

“Oh…Okay.” You nodded, an embarrassed flush on your cheeks, “If…Ah, mmh, if you want to.” As you spoke, he was pushing up the fabric of your dress. You reached down and tugged the material over your own head, letting it fall beside you.

Yes, you were glad you had worn your good underwear.

“Well then, I suppose we are in agreement, little lady.” He looked you over with some measure of cool appreciation before securing the ribbon over your eyes, shrouding you in red-tinted darkness. “If you want to stop at any time, just say dango.”

“Dango?” You let out a nervous laugh. “Is that your favorite dessert or something?”

“Maybe.” His hands were cold enough to make you shiver as they brushed over your bare skin. “What’s a word you would use to describe this feeling?”

“nn…Ticklish?” You wriggled as he adjusted your body to fall softly against the sofa . “Soft…mm, like feathers, maybe?”

“A feather light touch that sends shivers down your spine?” His voice seemed lower than before, or maybe you just hadn’t noticed before.

“Mmmhmm.” you sighed as he continued to trail his hands lightly against your skin. You felt his lips brush lightly against your neck, followed by teeth grazing against the skin. A mewl left your throat as he applied more pressure, light kisses followed by nips at your skin.

“What about that?” He questioned, breath so hot against your ear. He had unclasped your bra in the moment, and you felt the material go slack against your arms. He pulled it off and you could hear it hit the ground as his hot kisses made their way to your breast.

“A-Ah.” You arched your back as he bit at the soft flesh, the cry leaving your throat before you even realized.

“I believe we were asked a question.”

“A-Ah, thats n-not fair, you know.” Your hands were in his hair. “It was painful, but I liked it.” the confession was stark.

“That’s all?”

“U-Uhm. It was…it was…” You struggled for a moment. “It was pleasure at the height of pain?” You ventured, trying you best to think back to the packet he had passed out. Sex novels were pretty over the top.

“Better.” He laughed, a sound that tugged at your heartstrings. “Maybe you aren’t so hopeless after all, little lady.”

“I said I wasn’t a B average student.” you ran your hand down his chest, a bit surprised to meet bare skin. When had he taken off his shirt?

Down, down you went. Trailing lower, brushing against him. A bit surprised to find him aroused. He made a noise not unlike a growl as you pressed your hand more firmly against the cloth of his pants.

“What is your plan exactly with that?” He captured your hand, bringing your arms up to rest above your head. “Do I have to tie you up as punishment for trying to distract me from the lesson?”

“W-What?” You stuttered. “I don’t know about all that, sir.”

“You can say Saizo, you know.” He continued, ignoring your comment. “We aren’t in class, and this certainly breaks the student and teacher boundary already.”  You could feel his weight shift on the couch as he leaned back, pulling your underwear off in one motion.

For a moment you were still, the sound of him shedding the rest of his clothes

“I’m not sure I can.” You stated finally.

“What is stopping you little lady?” He pulled you closer to him by your hips, and you were conscious of the feeling of the material under you. “In fact I seem to remember you moaning my name without much issue last time.” He sounded amused. “Maybe that is all I have to do.” he pressed a surprise kiss to your lips as he maneuvered your leg around his waist. You caught on quickly enough,  hooking your legs around his waist, digging your fingernails into the skin of his shoulders in anticipation.


“Same as last time sir- I mean, Professor Kirigakure.” You let out a giggle, unable to stop yourself.

“Cheeky for someone who still has an entire half a semester in my class.”  He doesn’t sound upset though, rather almost proud. “You know.” He pauses for just a moment. “I think hickies are a good look for you.” You gasp, slapping his shoulder lightly. “Or rather, my hickies are a good look for you.” Before you can respond his lips are on yours again, his body pressed so, so close.

You rock your hips against his, a impatience in your movements you hope he picks up.

He does. It doesn’t take him long to adjust your bodies, sliding into you in a way that had you panting against his lips.

“Uhhhnnn.” A muffled cry of pleasure left your mouth. You wondered, if his hickies looked good on you, did the bruises you left on his shoulders look good on him?

He wasn’t gentle, even less so than before. Maybe it was the blindfold that had you seeing stars faster than normal. It was like your awareness of your own body had increased. His movements seemed to have a sharper edge, each one bringing another sound to your lips.

“E-exquisite” You managed, sliding your hands to his chest. “Mindblowing, m-mostly.” You continued,  lifting your hips to meet his movements, each of his thrusts bringing you closer to the edge.

“At least one of those would get you an A on my exam.” He drawled, sounding a little less in control than normal.

“I hope I use the right one then.” You were barely holding on, a mess, it took quite a bit just to be able to coherently form that sentence. His hands were firmly planted on your hips, tilting them up to bring a different angle to his thrusts. He knew what he was doing, you were all but crying at his movements.

“S-Saizo.” Finally, you broke, chanting his name over and over again like a prayer. That seemed to do the trick. You could barely comprehend his murmur of “good girl” as he brought you to climax, this time you could feel his own body stiffen as you fell off the edge, a sort of sordid satisfaction at the idea that he got just as much satisfaction as you did from this.

After a moment of silence he undid your blindfold, tugging it off in a fluid gesture.

You blinked, gazing up at his eyes, startled to see a softness in them so much like last time, when he had kissed your forehead.

“I think you are better off without the blindfold.” He said, idly pulling you back onto his lap, using the ribbon to tie up your hair.

“E-Eh?” You were almost a bit overwhelmed at his gentleness, waiting expectantly for him to continue.

“Your facial expression are too telling for me to just cover them up.” He smirked, nipping at the shell of your ear and making you moan again, a short and soft sound.

“T-Too much.” You were blushing, which seemed to only prove his point.

“It is so unfortunate that the midterm is tomorrow.” He continued, allowing you to snuggle against his chest, his hands resting lightly in your hair. You refused to garner the thought that he might stop seeing you after the test, so you did your best to ignore his words.

“But there is always the final.” You finished for him, biting your lip and relishing the soreness. “I’m sure I can still find room to improve.”

He rolled his eyes.

“With words like that I might not want you getting any better.” You frowned at him in response, which only made him smirk. “Don’t worry little lady, I’m not near done with you.”  

You didn’t like how he could read your mind so easily.

You sighed, moving to pull away from him, a yawn leaving your lips. He held you in place, allowing himself to fall back onto the couch, with you resting on top of him.

“Not so fast.” He shook his head. “You’re only dismissed when I say so.”


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Sangbum fic rec list

All you sinners stand up and say hallelujah 

I will update this rec list frequently because I like having all my fave fics in one place and sharing is caring, I suppose. In fact, I’m probably updating it as we speak. Message me if there are any fics not listed but you think are worthy to be recced. I’m so thirsty for fic you don’t even understand. This is basically me trying to cope after my chapter 19 tears :^)

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{ five’s company // ch. 11 }

a/n: gonna try to get better at updates. feel free to yell at me for this one. 

t/w: jefferson’s being gross what’s new,,

inbox || masterlist


Things had finally settled down for a while. Your biggest event was over, and Christmas actually gave you time to relax. You went over to see the Washingtons’ as planned and they were always so happy to see you. 

Christmas day was loud. Living with four other people who are equally as excited as kids on Christmas morning made it hectic. John woke you all up, practically stepping over each of you to get out of bed. You’d made cinnamon rolls with Hercules as tradition that morning. Wrapping paper was everywhere and your boys had the biggest smiles on their faces. You wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Herc made you all matching sweaters as a gift with a little red heart sewn just above where your actual hearts were. You all screamed and tackled Hercules after you put them on. You didn’t let each other go for the rest of the day.

New Years’ was only slightly quieter. The Schuylers had their usual New Years’ party. Drinks were being passed around in grand amounts. You chose to stay relatively sober for the night, keeping an eye on your incredibly drunk boyfriends. You stayed up to watch the ball drop with all of your friends, and kissed all of your partners before crashing immediately after. You nursed the boys’ back to optimal condition when they complained about their horrible hangovers the next morning. Angelica–-bless her heart–-let you all stay the night. You made a note to buy her a very nice thank you gift.

Things were slowly falling into place. You’d been working a little more, happily writing on issues you cared about. Elections had changed this nation, but you hoped for the better. 

Januaries in New York were lovely to you. There wasn’t a lot of snow yet, but there was quite a lot of rain, so Januaries in New York were hard for your Alexander.

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Missed connection:

You, with the bloody knuckles, angry and wound up like you were set to burst.

Me, blue balls, and bluer, hypothermic, balls.

It’s Marco who leans over to whisper conspiratorially in his ear, “That’s Eren, you should talk to him.” He says it with a smile that dimples both cheeks, and if it wasn’t for the fact that he’d funneled vodka down Jean’s throat like it was going out of style, he could be mistaken for the picture of angelic innocence. 

As it is, he’s funneled vodka down Jean’s throat. As it is, Jean’s spent the better part of two and a half years in love with him, wasting his lit major on truly terrible poetry about longing and unrequited love. Not that he thought it was terrible. His professor told him that.

“Nah,” he says instead, glancing quickly over at Eren – eyebrows knitted, frowning, fingers clasped around a dart – “I’m here for you, babe,” he winks, and it feels less stupid than it is because Marco laughs and because he has half a bottle of hard liquor sloshing around in his stomach.

Regrets, like hangovers, are saved for morning afters.

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anonymous asked:

Just had a weird spur of the moment headcanon. But bear with me for a sec... AU, where RFA is in highschool with MC, and MC is with Jumin, and one day MC is sick and doesn't show up, so Jumin sneaks into MC's room to bring her stuff and fluff ensues.

Haha, that sounds super cute! Depending on how close they were (I’m assuming they were super tight in the au you were suggesting) I don’t think it’s unlikely. (I accidentally read this wrong the first time and wrote them as good friends that fall in love??? I’m sorry I can’t read to save my life sometimes??? *facepalm* I hope you enjoy this anyway) Maybe it would go something like this? (Also I’m making them all the same age because I’m a lazy):

MC was feeling abysmal as she closed the door to her bedroom, cradling a tissue box in her arms as she returned to bed. Looking to her phone, she noticed class was over in the time she had inadvertently passed out on the couch downstairs. She opened the messenger to ask Jumin for the homework– as they shared most of their classes being honor students–when her window slid open of its own accord to reveal a familiar head of dark hair. Her hand flew up to cover her mouth as she laughed at his unceremonious entrance, unrepentant as each limb and a bag followed.

“Oh my God, Jumin, you did not.” She managed in between giggles.

His deadpan expression softened into a sheepish yet devilish smirk. “You have your ways of avoiding your mother, I have mine. Please excuse the intrusion.”

She waved him off, unperturbed. They’d been climbing in each others houses for years now, they were hardly strangers. “You could have just emailed everything to me, you didn’t have to come all this way. I don’t want to get you sick too.” MC insisted with a sniffle. More than that, she didn’t want him to get in trouble with his father over something so trivial.

“Where’s the fun in that? I’ll be fine.” He grinned, removing a neat folder from his bag with everything she needed to catch up, she was sure. “For you.”

“Thank you,” She placed the small stack of papers on her nightstand. “How long did you have to fight Zen to be the one to bring it to me?” MC asked dryly.

She was delighted to hear Jumin laugh, holding up his hands from their original position crossed over his chest. She loved it when it was just the two of them. He always seemed so comfortable, so liberated compared to his usual withdrawn reticence. “You got me, I had to beat him at rock paper scissors before he relented. Which makes no sense considering we live a block away from each other. In terms of efficiency, I was the most viable option.”

MC smiled. Jihyun was right, he was ever the scientist. But she thought the practicality was adorable, and it made him a lot more honest than most. It was refreshing that she never had to wonder what he was thinking since he was always open about it.

“Wait just a second, you must be thirsty after running here and climbing that tree. Let me get some water,” She exited before he could protest and returned with two water bottles, one to keep her hydrated and the other to make sure he was drinking properly too. Though she doubted he had problems with his health considering how he regimented just about everything.

“Thanks.” His voice was quiet, low. The sound of it never failed to soothe her, even now as her head throbbed slightly from oversleeping.

There was a comfortable silence for a while, their gazes wandering, most often to each other. A light blush often colored their cheeks whenever either was caught staring, accidentally or not, and Jumin’s hand came up to rub the nape of his neck. 

MC was curious at the sight of the gesture. He only did that when he was nervous. “Is something wrong, Jumin?“ Was his stepmother acting up again? “You know you can always stay here if you’re not comfortable at home.” She said softly, her hand reaching out to cover his in the hopes of comforting him. She had wanted to talk some sense into his parents for a long time, but she knew they would only take out whatever she said on him the moment she was gone. She hated how powerless she was to stop it. Anything she could do to help, he had but to ask.

He shook his head. “No it’s not that, but thank you, MC.” His words were suffused with a warm gratitude that was somewhat shy. “It’s…actually…” His gaze moved to the floor, lips pursed until he managed to force the words out. “Would you have preferred it if Zen was the one to come instead of me?” She could see the faintest of blushes coloring the tips of his ears.

“Much as I would appreciate whoever came to deliver the things I need, I think I’d have to say no.” She hedged. His head shot up immediately to stare at her in surprise as her hands fiddled with the sheets, pulling at a stray thread on one of the corners as she her face flamed.

A slow smile she didn’t see overtook his face, more radiant than any he’d worn all his life. “Truly?” He asked. 

She nodded, mortified and unable to look at him and down-spiraling as usual. God he was going to think she was one of those crazy kids at school desperate to get his attention for all the wrong reasons, nice going you idiot. As if he doesn’t have enough girls hitting on him on a daily basis! Way to ruin everything, all he wanted was a real friend and you had to take it too far, stop being selfish and–

Her thoughts were halted in their tracks when she felt the velvet brush of lips and the lightest pressure on her forehead, her eyes widening and her cheeks darkening even further. All she could do was blink and stare at his crisp white collar, mouth slightly agape as he took a step back. He was blushing a bit too, despite his indulgent smile.

“Before you self-destruct,” He began, knowing all too well how she overthought things sometimes. Her brows would knit and her face would scrunch up in quiet horror in the most endearing way, though he always halted her before she could go too far with it and come to the wrong conclusion. “I like you too,” He revealed, his voice no louder than a murmur.

“O-oh.” Was all she could manage to say. Holy crap holy crap holy crap this was not a drill, Jumin liked her plain ass back. At this rate, she was going to need a hospital for an entirely different reason. She had liked him for a long time, but never wanted to make him uncomfortable with the expectation of something more considering the kinds of experiences he’d had with women all his life.

“But the most important thing right now is your health,” He continued, wrapping a spare blanket from the closet around her shoulders. “We can address this more as soon as you’ve rested. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to call on me if you need anything.” His voice was as stern as it was sincere, largely because MC was stubborn to a troublesome degree about asking for help. He didn’t want her to hesitate, even if all she wanted was to talk. “Feel better, MC.” Shooting her another one of his delightful small smiles, he climbed back out and down the tree, heading home to tell his father about another impromptu student council meeting no doubt.

Her hands came up to cover her face, trying to hold in the shrill scream climbing up her throat. He had to be the cutest combination of awkward and charming she’d ever seen. Hoping it wasn’t a fever dream and giddy for tomorrow, she got to work on the day’s assignments so that she could go to bed early.

She pulled the blanket he had retrieved for her closer in the hopes that she would warm more quickly, which made her notice it was her favorite one: the gray one. The one she had draped over his shoulders when he’d appeared one night, eyes wide and terrified; desperate to be as far away from what she assumed to be his home. It had been raining heavily and she hadn’t known him all that well yet, but he had seemed trustworthy enough at school. So she pulled him inside without a second thought despite the lack of explanation. She then led him to the living room and asked him to wait in the quietest voice she could manage, only moving when she saw him nod imperceptibly. She didn’t ask him any questions, just prepared Earl Grey tea–thank God Jihyun had gushed about him to her– and chose the blanket because it had matched his striking eyes. The ones that had seemed so dull and clouded when she first met him, like the mist that guards a heavily fortified fortress. After pouring the tea and setting up the couch for him to stay the night, she remembered asking him if he wanted a book or a movie or something to help him fall asleep, to which he replied that she pick her favorite movie. The next two hours was spent watching Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. She’d hoped the music and the intricate artwork would help him grow drowsy, but it was clear he was wide awake throughout even though he was still as a statue. She would have been worried if it hadn’t been for the sound of his even breathing filling the silence. He’d seemed remarkably poised and implacable at school, like nothing could ever faze or deter him. So what on Earth had the power to make him withdraw into himself to this degree? 

When the movie was over she turned off the lights and found the newest book she’d intended to read, pulling up a chair deliberately in between him and the front door. Soon after that, his eyes closed and the next time she looked up he was sound asleep. Her jaw set at the sight, remembering the strange but strong scent of perfume that clung to his chest when she’d wrapped the blanket around him. If anybody came looking for him–no matter who it was– she was going straight to the police. That morning, they left the house and she accompanied him to retrieve his things before they left for school as if nothing had ever happened.

To this day, she thanked her rarely lucky stars that her own family had been gone for the weekend and she had been able to let him stay somewhere safe for the night.

After the incident she noticed little changes in his demeanor each day; a pencil appearing on her desk before she could ask for one, a question she’d written while taking notes answered in an elegant script on her page when she returned to class from the restroom, notes brought to her house when she was ill just like today. His attempts at conversation were still tentative, but much more apparent than before, and she always responded with her full attention. It didn’t take long for their conversations to run deeper than they ever would have imagined, engrossed to the point where entire hours would pass without their knowledge. Soon they were inseparable; she couldn’t remember being so close to somebody all her life.

She buried her face in the blanket, the memory from two years ago bittersweet. Her heart would always break at the thought of what he might have lost that night, but she always hoped he would remember it for the same reasons that she did. The start of a wonderful friendship and the slow emergence of a lifelong love.

I’m sorry I kind of got carried away with this AU idea, but I hope you like it anyway??? Thank you for enabling my endless thirst somebody please protect this boy he is all I think about. 

vocaloiderutauer  asked:

Hm... I'm enthralled now. How did you come to do voice acting? Was it a sort of, spur of the moment? Or was it more so like a passion you wanted to pursue after highschool/college? I've also begun to wonder. What do you specifically do to change the timbre of your voice? I assume its different for every voice actor out there and, given your experience, you've most likely developed a method no? Lastly, how do you land jobs? Do you need a specific talent or is it more so fitting the voice color?

January 2007 

I discover that voice acting is a thing. My time spent on Neopets noticeably dwindles for the moment.

(Also none of these are specific moments that I think made or broke my career, I am just offering all relevant moments in time)

Feb/Mar 2007 

A man by the name of Deven “Mac” notices my frequent postings on Newgrounds - my fervent spamming, more like - and informs me about Voice Acting Club. Kira Buckland, 10 years younger, is finishing up school soon and has begun plans for moving out of Alaska to pursue life in Cali

March 2007 - 2008

Amateur Voice Acting AHOY! I audition for a shitload of projects, mostly fandubs. Mostly Newgrounds. my voice is terrible but my enthusiasm and energy is unyielding. Mac helps me with basic tenets of voiceover techniques and I also exhibit some pretty shitty behaviors (delaying submitting lines for weeks because I’m nervous about ‘doing them wrong’).

September 2008 

I get accepted into Western Michigan on a scholarship. I decide to major in Film/Video/Media studies because it’s ‘the most similar to what I want to do’ (Voiceover) and decide to put more personal interests in as minors (Journalism, Japanese, Psychology).

The actual curriculum itself did jack shit for my career but it’s what I did during my time there that matters more.


Four years of college. I make friends within my interest groups but nearly all of my time is spent either in class or in my dorm room on my PC. OMGPOP is king of my time until Maplestory releases the Evan class.

More importantly, it was also the formative years of my freelance career.

I sign up for Voice123 membership. It goes horribly. Low ratings nearly all the time. I take on an audiobook job and deliver over-estimate by 7 goddamn months. Client is PISSED.

A site called VoiceBunny also crops up; more suited for quick one-off jobs that don’t need 'the perfect voice’, just a suitable one. Extremely reliant on being at your computer at a moment’s notice.

I have no social life.

This meshes well.

Within college, I am constantly involved in things related to acting/voiceover.

- On-campus Sexual Health Peer Education group (skits and lectures) all 4 years of attendance. This also gave me opportunities to record voiceover for segments needing 'voice of god’
- local radioplay group All Ears Theater (2 productions every 2-3 months, included a formal audition process and live performances in front of audiences for later broadcast via radio/web)
- Audio Production class (as part of my Major) quick-learns me basic editing techniques, directly translates to my ability to do quickfire editing and turnaround now as a freelancer.
- Continuing to do auditions for stuff for Voice Acting club. This is probably the most similar to many ‘Tumblr phase’ performers on here.

Over time, constant exposure + guidance from peers/my mentor helps me to hone my skills. I still tend to 'loud-act’ things, IE using an unnecessarily loud/forceful voice for simple business narration,but I’m beginning to understand the intricacies of different styles (Commercial vs. Promo vs. character, etc)

January 2009

During winter break, on a ski trip with family, I learn about Anime Expo’s AX Idol competition. I tell my dad the one thing I want for my birthday present is funding to help go to this convention and compete. He obliges.

Summer 2009

I go to Anime Expo and compete in AX Idol for voiceover.

Things go well.

Fall 2009 - sometime 2011

Things DO NOT GO WELL. My victory at AX causes me to feel like I know what I am doing, leads to an almost 2 year stint of godawful delivery choices as I 'phone in’ performances like they’re just going to be good on foundation. My mentor is frustrated with me and at least one peer of mine actively thinks I don’t deserve the kinds of opportunities I’ve had over how hard he himself has worked.


I graduate from college, determine that the only way I’m going to make progress is by forcing myself into the community where the industry exists. If I’m going to get workshops and studio auditions and actual non-online work, I need to be where the work is.

Summer 2012, 2 months after graduation

I move from Michigan to California

I have enough savings to cover about a year of rent if everything goes horribly horribly wrong (including losing every single freelance client I’d slowly built relationships with during college), but it’s obvious I need to find work to continue to stay out here.

I take a Graveyard shift job at Stanley security. It sucks my fucking soul out.

Meanwhile by day, I am still doing my freelance thing. I let BangZoom know I am now local. I work with my mentor on piecing together a demo both from good bits I’d done before and fresh content written for the demo, something I can show off to clients that is good enough to be worth listening to but that I can admit “I am new to the area and aiming to get my foot in the door for more professional work so that I can update my portfolio accordingly”


The Workshop Grind

Workshops with BangZoom, with Crispin Freeman, with VoiceTrax West, etc.

Through character archetype classes, I begin to understand where my inherent strengths lie (I already had an idea from my freelance side, but now I was able to confirm those strengths by having actual professionals go “You made great choices”)

BangZoom, meanwhile, SLOWLY works me up the chain of trust. I get called in for unpaid walla sessions just to see if I can meet appointments on time and follow directions.

Then unnamed 1-time characters in a crowd.

Then unnamed characters you can hear.

Then a recurring unnamed character.

Then at some point I get audition sides for something called Sword Art Online, for Kirito and Diabel. I initially only plan on auditioning for Kirito (dem Protagonist dweams) but have a last-minute Skype Workshop with Crispin about my auditions and get feedback from him.

He recommends I still try out for Diabel because it plays into my strengths and “why the hell not?”

I do.


Pretty much my ONLY studio work is coming from BangZoom, and it’s not frequent. I quit my job at Stanley only because I had some extra savings now and wanted to force myself to 'git gud’ instead of letting a safety net of money keep me from pursuing more.

But slowly, SLOWLY, through BangZoom auditions and the occasional booking, web strings begin to attach.

Out of personal interest, I do a brief stint as a QA tester for NIS America. This also happens around the time BangZoom is casting for DanganRonpa and Fairy Fencer F. My employment didn’t affect my audition chances, but it did solidify NISA’s knowledge of me as a voiceover artist.

I do some work for Ys: Memories of Celceta for a company called XSEED. Nothing comes of it until almost 3 years later, when a new localization lead named Brittany recalls my performance from Ys and says “I think he could be a really good fit for this dude named Rean Schwarzer”.

I land work on Killer Instinct through BangZoom. The director of that LOVES my performance, proceeds to slowly bring me back now and again for recurring roles on stuff like Gundam IBO and other projects.

Back to XSEED.

I land my lead role in Trails of Cold Steel. Recording is at PCB Productions, who now knows I exist.

Everyone has a good time, I send my samples/demos to PCB (now updated further), they begin sending me THEIR audition sides as well.

At one point, a director for PCB I know well is collaborating with a studio called Cup of Tea on Akiba’s Beat. Kira has been working with Cup of Tea for YEARS but I had never had an opportunity to get in touch with them before now.

Director puts me in touch with Cup of Tea, who now knows I exist. Session goes decently, I tell them I am very interested in pursuing future work/auditions and would like to share my demos with them. They accept.
For sake of time I will leave that thread where it is because I imagine you can understand what the underlying theme is.

Just a sporadic but progressive timeline of preparedness + Opportunity allowing me to expand my options.

Back to Workshop Side:

I continue actively pursuing workshops for other companies, especially VoiceTrax west. I sign up for “meet the pros” evenigns where I have a chance to perform + get feedback.

The workshop actively disclaimers that there is no expectation of getting work + it is intended to be a learning experience, but I go in with the mindset of “I’m going to leave them WANTING to work with me”.

With a much more thorough understanding of my strengths by now, I tend to do a formula of picking 1-2 characters I know I can do well, and one that is within my range but is relatively challenging. Worst case scenario I still leave a good impression, best case I completely surprise myself (and the host) and leave a lasting one.

This works out well. Said method greatly interests a representative from Mattel and one from Disney Parks (not the animation side, just the theme park side). I thank them for their time, ask if I can share demos with them/get their contact email, contact them and express interest in receiving audition opportunities.

Through one of these same workshops, I also meet my future agency, SBV Talent’s lead person Mary Ellen Lord. I do the same thing. Mary proceeds to circumvent SBV’s entire policy of “Referrals Only” representation to ask me to come to their offices to record an official application demo.
Note that none of these workshop outcomes, or the workshops themselves, were things pointed to me by studios I was working for. This section was all self-driven/pursued (and also required me to be local).

Since then, I’ve been continuing the routine of doing freelance work from home, sending out auditions for studio-hosted projects when the sides are provided to me, and generally working with my mentor when I have questions about approaching a certain character. Either because of personal growth or recent portfolio additions (or both), my success rate with booking new roles has kind of shot up; I’m hoping this trend continues for the foreseeable future.

The Office

2 teams of 6 good looking men, 1 intern, 1 receptionist and an overwhelming amount of tension and flirting.

Part One - The Intern

Genre: CRACK | Fluff | Angst
Members:  OT7  
Word count: 3,317

A/N: Well… here it is… my child… coming at you, a story I started working on last august… I’m planning on updating biweekly on Saturdays. I hope you like it, it’s been a long time in the making. - Amelia

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Originally posted by jamless-vibes

It’s been 2 years since I started working at this electronics company; which is a long time considering I get shitty pay for what I have to deal with. Each day I come to work, answer the phone and listen to the problems of my co-workers. I’m practically their superior at this point, because they’re always pulling me into their ‘meetings’ and asking my opinion on their work or asking me if I have any ideas, even though I know nothing about marketing… they seem to want a female perspective on things. I don’t understand why they would stick me in a department full of men but they did… Honestly it feels like some sort of sexist joke sometimes but I have to pay the bills so, here we are.

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Joy Sparkle BS Speaks- Laineys Twitter and Livestream Attacks

I tried to be kind, considerate, and give Lainey a chance to speak, as she wanted. But now I am speaking out on what happened last night.

I run a youtube channel Joy Sparkle BS. I released an interview with Erin and Haylee, two girls Lainey dated ONLINE, and had made plans to meet up with both, around 2 weeks ago. I moved on from the onision subject and onto other topics. I said from the beginning I am NOT here to cover all of his dramatic BS, honestly there would be NO way in the WORLD to keep up with it all. I only wanted to focus on the two subjects, his making money off of underage minors and children in their underwear, with no apology, and him harassing billie, ayalla, and his exes/harassment of teenagers.

Last night, Lainey decided to start tweeting about the interview, to which I got an onslaught of 12 year old onion and lamp fans reacting with nonesense on twitter to me, which is fine, they are children, this is what they do.

I began doing a younow broadcast, and while I was streaming, Sarah was mentioned in tweets that were being written back and forth between the 12 year olds and myself, and SArah responded and send me the “cash me outside, how bou dat” meme.

Sarah also let me know i was using incorrect pronouns for lainey.

i respectfully told sarah i loved that meme and thanks for sending it, and told her that i not only have health/memory issues, but moreso, lainey keeps changing her pronouns, with my memory issues i have a hard time keeping up with it.

then lainey began streaming, so people from my stream went back and forth between streams to let me know what was being said. lainey was ripping me, erin, and haylee apart, as far as i understood it from my viewers and friends. lainey said the following:

-She was upset that I did not reach out to her directly and get her side of the story before i released the interview. —I explained that I DID reach out, i tweeted at her TWICE, but felt if i tried more than that, she would think I am harassing her, so I figured she was not interested, which is fine, thats her choice. Im a smaller youtuber (11k subs and growing) and figured she did not want to get involved.

-After my viewers/friends relayed the message, she said I did not try HARD  enough to get intouch with her, that i should have tried her busiess email or instagram. —-I had NO idea she had a business email, and i dont have an instagram, only facebook and twitter, so twitter was the only way i knew how to respectfully contact her.

-I offeredto speakto her, woman to woman, to which she replied if I tried to come into her broadcast she would block me

-Seeing as tho i dont like bullshit, and want to be fair, i went into her stream and left 3 respectful comments telling her i would be happy to talk to her in private/interview her/or invite her on my stream, and that we can work thigs out peacfully. i was threatened to be blocked, not sure if it ever happened.

-As I was in the stream, everyone was writing KILLJOY andmaking it a hashtag. this went on throughout the WHOLE stream, and my understanding is ONLY in the end did they tell everyone not to kill me and start blocking people about it. It was also reported when people started saying to kill me, the two girls laughed.

-Lainey accused me of doing it for the money, so i showed SCREEN SHOTS of my stats to PROVE i dont monetize the onision series on the underage miniors in underwear OR the harassment of billie and ayalla

-to which they replied i did it for attention and subs, however my subs were in the high thousands by the time that interview was released

-My viewers tried to reason with her and let them know I am a decent person and fair and im trying to be kind,t o which she threatened to block my viewers for saying that

-She said she woud not speak to me bc i misgendered her

-When ym viweres told her i have memory issues (veyr true, copper toxicity and fibromyalgia) she said  i misgendered her throughout the whole video.

-I thenw ent on twitter and respectfully wrote lainey 3 tweets letting her know i was open to speaking to her, apologized if i was at all offensive, and offered a private convo to respect her privacy, to which she kept tweeting PUBLICALLY at me. 

-Long tweeting stories short, she told me that she already said everyting she needed to say, insisted i take the interview down bc i know its all lies (which is not true, ive SEEN the proof from what the girls told me, and lainey offered me no proof and refuses to talk to me, although shes upset that i wont talk to her, so…), and when i asked to speak w her bc she wanted me to, said she told her story through the younow stream and for me to watch it.

-When i asked her where it was archived, bc i coudnt see it, she said she didnt know, she hadnt used younow in a year,although she used it a couple weeks ago when she doxxed one of the anti onision bloggers online.

-i asked her how i can tell her story if she did not have the broadcast up, she did not respond. i asked twice nicely, no response.

now today, after her fans went after me again, she has blocked me.

sorry for the typos and if this is written oddly, having a sick night tonight, but wanted to share my side of how this went down.i am STILL willing to talk to her and be fair and balanced, however, in the end, i think this is all crybullyism, she gets it from Greg. ive been OVERLY supportive and kind to her in my videos, this was just another way she can lash out at people while claiming to be the victim.

now greg is harassing these girls AGAIN. i was true to my word, i stopped reporting on him when he and the clan backed off of harassment of the girls. but now will be following this until he stops again.

thanks for taking the time to read. if anyone has any questions please direct them to my tumblr joyspakrlebs or my twitter joysparklebs

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Sugar, Oh Honey Honey

This is the first part of my Viktuuri sugar daddy au! This part is just an introduction so there won’t be a ton of romance, but part two definitely will have some.

Yuuri Katsuki was struggling, but he was to ashamed to admit why he’d found himself looking at sugar baby website. He’d always been stubborn when it came to taking his friends advice since he thought he’d be able to manage on his own throughout college without doing some ridiculous job. However when his friend Phichit suggested he became a sugar baby, he wasn’t fully against it. That job always came with a reputation that wasn’t the best, and since Yuuri was going to be in the public eye, that is if he could skate well, he didn’t want people to find out. Yet he still found himself looking at the sign up page for a website called beneficial relations. The website seemed professional for what it was advertising, but Yuuri couldn’t overlook the suggestive adds that were plastered on the sides

Find Russian singles in your area

Yuuri let out a sigh as he dismissed the pop up add. Once the image of a pretty blonde woman, was off his webpage, he found his mouse gravitating towards the sign up tab. He spent five minutes going over the pros and cons of this entire idea. He was single, so maybe he’d find an actual relationship out of this, but he’d never been in a serious relationship so he doubt he be any good at it. One major pro was the cash he’d earn. He knew that lonely people would do anything for love. Even give away hundreds of dollars for fake love. Yuuri remembered Phichit telling him how much money he’d earned from his sugar daddies, which was currently his method for paying off student loans.

Both had been friends since hey entered the rink at the age of eight. After spending years together and forming and inseparable bond, they both respectively chose the same university that catered to both their dreams. Phichit wanted to get a degree in photography, and Yuuri was determined to go into professional figure skating. They found a program for both of them in one of Russia’s best colleges located in the center of St. Petersburg. They both were into competitive figure skating, so they’d made the best choice in moving to the country that had produced the best figure skater ever.

Speaking of Viktor Nikivorov. Yuuri had idolized the ground the man walked on, and was as dedicated as a fan could be.Yuuri had always found himself captivated by the way the Russian moved himself. He could show the grace of a swan one minute, and the next be full of sex appeal. The thought was kind of scary just how perfect he was. Yuuri had seen him years ago and decided for himself that skating would be his career. The time and devotion that Yuuri had to the ice was similar to the devotion he had for Viktor. That was his main reason for choosing the college located in the figure skaters hometown. Yuuri knew the odds of meeting Viktor were one hundred to one, but he allowed his mind to think he had a chance at meeting him.

Yuuri returned his focus to the website in front of him, making him groan at the thought of making a decision. He spent a good four minutes before an adrenaline kicked in, and forced Yuuri to enter his email and create a password. Reading all the legal terms and conditions of the website, he finally clicked the sign up button. Once they had confirmed that he wasn’t a robot, Yuuri was faced with, what he thought, the most difficult task ever. Creating a profile. He typed in his username going with yurionice and wrote a small bio about his life. He wanted to include some good facts, but not enough for a stalker to find him. He wrote about his university of choice, ice skating, and his favorite food, pork cutlet bowls.

After choosing the most appealing picture of himself, Yuuri made his profile public and closed his laptop a little to hard. He had a lot to think about. What if someone wanted to just use him? What if no one was interested in him? What if they saw him in person and were disgusted with him? Yuuri felt his breathing getting heavier, along with his eyes become blurry with tears. Rejection was something that Yuuri feared the most. There was a saying that all skaters have hearts of glass, which was completely true in most cases. And Yuuri was one of those cases.

“Yuuri are you ok?”

Yuuri heard the voice of his best friend, and felt immediately better. Phichit knew about Yuuri’s anxiety attacks and was always so helpful. Feeling his heart beat at a normal rate Yuuri finally returned Phichit’s gaze,” Yeah I’m fine. Just got a little freaked out by this whole thing.”

Phichit’s eyes were drawn to Yuuri’s laptop where it sat on his bed, still not fully understanding what Yuuri meant. It was like fitting the last pieces of a puzzle together, and Yuuri could imagine the gears turning in his friends head. Appearantly it was harder for Phichit to figure out than Yuuri thought, as he still had the puzzled look plastered on his face. Figuring that he should help is friend out, Yuuri gestured between the laptop and himself to see if that would help at all. Finally Phichit seemed to understand what Yuuri was trying to say, and gasped. “You didn’t.”

“I did,” Yuuri said as he let a small chuckle leave his lips. He knew Phichit would react this way, but it was still funny to see him get excited over the smallest of things. That was one of the many reasons that Yuuri loved Phichit. platonically of course. Their relationship was one that Yuuri held near and dear to him. “Since you suggested it and since I’m broke, I figured this was the best option.”

“Well I don’t want you to be forced into anything Yuuri.” Phichit said with slight concern.

“Don’t worry about it. I kind wouldn’t mind being fawned over.”

Phichit laughed at that,” Yeah that’s defiantly a perk, but since you’ re new why don’t we go get some coffee and I’ll fill you in on all the rules you need to follow?”

“Ok” Yuuri said with a small smile on his face.

Both boys made their way to a local coffee shop, making small talk along the way. This was one of their favorite places to meet up, due to the fact that it was only a couple blocks away from their shared apartment. Another thing that Yuuri loved about the coffee shop was how good the food was. Yuuri was skeptical of Russian foods when he first arrived there, but the coffee shop was perfect because it catered mostly American pastries.

“So are there any specific rules I need to follow, or did you just want me to take you out?” Yuuri aid as he and Phichit headed for a table at the back of the restaurant. Yuuri didn’t need anyone eavesdropping on their conversation. He hated the criticizing looks that some people had. Yuuri cursed his anxiety for that. He new deep down that nobody really cared, but the thought was still quite worrying for him. Being a sugar baby might help with his confidence in some ways, which is why Yuuri was excited to start.

“Don’t talk to anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable , and remember that you set the boundaries. They cant force you into anything without your consent.”

“Good to know, but you could’ve told me those two things back at our apartment.” Yuuri sighed.

“I know I could’ve, I just wanted to drag you out of your hermit shell. It seems like you only leave the house for classes or practice.”

“Well being a dance major, and studying under a prestigious coach for your figure skating career takes effort, the only reason I’m doing this whole sugar baby thing is because college is expensive.”

   It was true. Yuuri barely had time for himself, and when he didn’t have a scheduled day he would continue to practice or just stay at home. He wasn’t an complete introvert, but he wasn’t to crazy about socializing. He’d been forced to socialize since he was very young. That was how he met Phichit, which he didn’t regret. In fact Phichit was one of the only friends that Yuuri had managed to keep throughout his life. He still had his family, Minako, and Yuuko of course but Phichit was different. He’d been someone who didn’t baby him, or treat him like he was fragile. Also Phichit was younger so Yuuri could dote on him if he wanted to. 

“That’s true, this certain job is putting me through college.” Phichit laughed. “Why don’t we head back. I’ve got a essay that needs to be written and you have a sugar daddy to find.”

“Why do you want to go home all of a sudden.” Yuuri said as he turned a bright shade of red. Leave it to Phichit to embarrass him in public.

“Well I’ve had enough of wasting your money on coffee.” Phichit said as he gave Yuuri a sly look.”

“Gee thanks.” Yuuri sighed as he and Phichit both made their way back to their apartment.

Viktor sighed as he fell back onto the couch in his lonely apartment. He looked up at the grey ceiling completely bored with everything around him. It had been a few weeks since his big win at the Grand Prix Finals, and the luster of gold medals was starting to wear off. It was his sixth medal in a row, which was something to be proud of. However he was to lonely to even consider celebrating. The thought of leaving his apartment sent a shiver down the Russians spine. He might’ve been a common name to anyone that watched figure skating, but Viktor didn’t really have a ton of friends that he could spend time with. Or that were in the same country as him.

Suddenly he was struck with an idea. This certain idea was implanted in his brain when he heard his friend Chris talk about it at the banquet. He had no idea why sugar babies were brought up in the first place, but he couldn’t help but listen at what his friends had to say. He was really surprised that People under the age of fifty even had sugar babies, but it did make sense. Figure skaters didn’t really have time to commit to actual relationships, but since sugar babies were paid to do whatever they did, the relationship was beneficial for both parties.

Viktor could just check the website, and if he wasn’t interested he didn’t have to do a thing about it. With that in mind he checked the recently added profiles to see if anyone caught his attention. The profiles all seemed bland. Pretty faces, but Viktor could tell that they were fake. He knew from experience what fake smiles looked like. His career had taught him that lesson a little to well. Every single person who was interested in him always wanted something from him. Like he could give them something that they didn’t have. Viktor had been scrolling for a while, and was about to call it quits until he saw someone who caught his eye.

His name was Yuuri Katsuki and he was breath taking. The photo of him showed him in what appeared to be a Japanese castle, but Viktor was having a hard time focusing on the background. Viktor had obviously made his decision in whom he would pursue, and now had no choice but to sign up. Once all his info had been confirmed, he skimmed over his bio to check for any misspelled words. He decided against a profile pic, thinking of haw the media would react to the news that Viktor was a sugar daddy. He decided to play it safe.

 Once his profile was public, he retuned his attention to Yuuri Katsuki. He’d learnt that he was a skater, which was good. They’d have something to talk about. He also was attending college in St. Petersburg, which made things more convenient for him since it was walking distance from his apartment. Yuuri Appearantly liked Video games as well. Viktor didn’t really have time for that, but he’d make time or Yuuri. Viktor could’ve read an autobiography about Yuuri, but a better idea came to mind.

After retyping the message several times he finally felt like it was up to his standards. The message was simple, but it got across the point that Viktor was defiantly interested. Yet he still hadn’t sent it. He’d been staring at the computer screen for over a minute hoping that the message would just send for him. It wouldn’t . Viktor knew he’d have to be the one to hit send in the first place but the idea of it was making him extremely nervous. More nervous than he’d ever been for a competion, or for a press conference.

Finally bighting the bullet, Viktor hit sent then slammed his laptop shut. He’d wait for Yuuri to respond, the text him back when he did. Except it wasn’t that easy. Viktor even downloaded the app to check if Yuuri had responded, but nothing. Pacing around his apartment, Viktor decided that the best thing for him right now was to probably get some practice in. Even if he’d just won gold, he still needed to keep his skills sharp. Gathering up his skates and a proper coat, Viktor left his apartment to try and clear his. Yuuri Katsuki had done something, and Viktor hoped it was for good.

later that night Yuuri received a message,

 Hi Yuuri! I’m Viktor. I saw in your bio that you live in St. Petersburg, which is where I live. Would you maybe like to get coffee sometime?

Authors Note: I have been writing this for five days now, so I hope it turns out ok. I know this is real long, but who cares. If you have any feedback/suggestions feel free to message me or ask!

homecoming - p1

((hi everybody!! welcome back to the rev au!! always wonderful to talk with you all and i hope you’re having a wonderful time here!! bc i sure am. :’) anyways, here’s this installment. enjoy! ♥♥♥ part 2 to come soon!))

summary: When Victor and Yuuri announce that they’re going to vacation in Japan for a week in the summer, they don’t expect their teenaged rink mate to come stomping up to them after practice.

“I’m coming too,” Yuri Plisetsky snarls. “No way I’m letting you two go overseas for secret practice sessions or something. What time is your flight?”

Yuuri sighs when he gives him an answer. It’s good that his family home is an inn.

word count: 2k+
rating: t
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