from amish country

7x03 recap

so I’m happy with this episode! it actually felt like pll, it was exciting, intense (minus Emily’s shitty parts)

- elliot Rollins was drugging alison to hallucinate
- Spencer figured out he was the one dressed as Wilden
- Rollins ain’t stupid. he figured out someone went through his stuff.
- the hospital head honchos didn’t know he was treating his own wife (b.s.)
- JASON CALLED **my sweet angel
- elliot and Charlotte used to go to the Amish country bed and breakfast (homage to Wilden being from Amish country in the books)
- Charlotte gave those creepy ass dolls to everyone.
- toby and yvonne are engaged.. who cares
- Hanna bought a fake $39.99 ring to lie to her friends (this b!tch is the definition of pretty little liar)
- elliot Rollins is not elliot Rollins. he stole that identity. (how much u wanna bet he’s a kingston)
… wait why is identity theft so damn easy in this show??…
- Spencer confronts caleb and he admits he and Hanna kissed
- Aria finally grew a pair!
- Emily was being emily
- elliot changed his plans once he realized his stuff has been tampered with. he took alison from the hospital.
- Alison supposedly “pinned” elliot phone so the girls would follow
- why these idiot girls would let their tortured friend who randomly stares off into space drive at night in the middle of nowhere I’ll never know
- bang elliot is dead
-awesome job with his death scene.

my thoughts
- Emily bores me
-Spencer is too damn smart
- toby clearly is still very connected to these girls!
- the whole world knew about Charlotte except the liars!
- elliot planned for the girls to follow him.. he didn’t plan to be killed. he pinned them.
- Alison is not at innocent as we think. the way she sauntered back to hannas car and just stood there staring at the body all ghostly. wow!

can’t wait till 7x04