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My very favorit shooting from almost 2 years ago! We shooted the priest versions of the italy bros in Venice (thanks to Lewys dad xD) and man it was wonderfull

South Italy + Editor: @lewyko

North Italy: Me

[Art belongs to Hidekaz ofc]

Remembered [this picture from almost 2 years ago] the other day and felt the urge to redraw it. Thinking about it, it’s one of the first KH fanart I’ve ever drawn and certainly the first time I’d drawn Axel or Kairi.

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How to be the best Gamer

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🎀: when did you know you were a little?
I knew I was a little almost 2 years ago from what I can remember when I was told by my mother and grandmother that I don’t act like my age which made me realize that I would slip into little space before I knew what it was when I would get home sometimes and just wanted stuffies and chocolate and to cuddle in my blanket and be a little girl and wanted my s/o to take care of me. I ended up finding through Tumblr about dd/lg and realized I was a little.

💸: do you have an allowance?
I do not have an allowance. I don’t have a daddy and I work so the only allowance I have is my paycheck lol

🐰: what’s your favorite animal?
I love dogs so much, I love so many animals it’s so hard to actually pick one but besides pets I would say cows because they’re so cute and they love to cuddle (it’s true)

🙈: what helps you feel little on days when you can’t go into little space?
I’ve been going through a tough time getting into my little space the past few months (hence the slight inactivity) because I’m really stressed with a lot of personal stuff but what I find helps me is hot chocolate in a sippy with a warm blanket watching Disney movies or coloring.

👑: what are some personal pet names you’ve been given?
I’ve never had an official daddy before but I’ve been called princess, queen, & baby girl but that’s it really

😺: do you enjoy pet play?
I’ve never done pet play before it’s never something that’s really intrigued me but I would try it.

🐒: would you rather go to the zoo?
I’m completely against zoo’s even though i know going and seeing all the animals would put me deeper into littlespace but wild animals deserve to be in their own habitat not in a cage

Pony, a game character I created almost 2 years ago. Drawn from memory so she looks a bit different. She was very graphic originally, in a shin-chan kinda way. 



how are these 2 different people but they’re both me like growing up is weird how does a person change this much in so little time


If I look at old pictures from when we just had her almost 2 years ago, I see this anxious nervous pony. On every photo she has the same look on her face with her ears this much backwards. It makes me realize how much we’ve grown together. She’s truly an happy athlete now, always willing to work and give her best with confidence :) 

this is totally unrelated to neopets and i apologize but today marked the end of my 9th consecutive month of exercising 5x per week so i took some progress pix of myself and then compared them to pictures of me from almost 2 years ago and i’m just… really proud of myself. i literally don’t even look like the same person anymore and i really just need to boast about myself for a minute. sry. ((i also have major bitch face in that pic on the far right lol woops)

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Discovery deepens mystery of scores of Roman skulls found near site close to Liverpool St station and may confirm theory they are from Boudicca’s rebellion

  • by Maev Kennedy

“Almost 2,000 years ago somebody neatly packed cremated human bones into an old cooking pot, put the lid on, and set it by the banks of a smelly little urban river, the Walbrook in London. The discovery has deepened the mystery of scores of Roman skulls found nearby, polished till they gleam by tumbling among the pebbles of the riverbed.

It had been suggested that the skulls ended up in the river – which vanished into culverts centuries ago – by accident, eroded out of a Roman cemetery and washed downstream until they came to rest at bends in the bank. The new finds suggest a grimmer explanation. Jay Carver, Crossrail’s lead archaeologist on the site yards from the bustling commuters at Liverpool Street station, said the thrifty reuse of the old pot, and its deliberate placing by the river, will force archaeologists to look again at the skulls found in this excavation and generations of previous digs around the river.

“We now wonder again if the skulls were deliberately placed on the banks. Certainly no river ever carried off the cooking pot with its cremated bones which was unquestionably deliberately placed here. And the horse skull we found with one of the skulls didn’t come out of some equine graveyard, that was clearly also placed there,” he said.

The finds are now beginning to suggest gruesome ritual deposits of skulls, set along the river bank as offerings and boundary markers. Scientific tests are continuing on both the cremated remains and the skulls, and may confirm an early theory that most are the heads of young men who may have been executed criminals and rebels. Some could even be from the major rebellion Boudicca, queen of the Iceni tribe, led in the first century of Roman rule” (read more).

(Source: The Guardian)

Pickle and Clem! I’m posting this one of Clem because it shows how crooked his mouth is. I bought his from a Petsmart almost 2 years ago when he was a very small fry; he’d gotten a rock stuck in his mouth and the store wasn’t doing anything about it. So I asked them to take the rock out, and then tried to walk away without buying the poor guy…but I couldn’t! So here he is, crooked rock-mouth and all. 

lemme elaborate right quick

ok. so yes Mitchy is beautiful inside and out and always has been…… but i dont think its fair to kind of ignore the way hes changed himself?? like he made the decision to lose weight and you can tell hes in a better place as far as his self image (at least that’s the way it seems). when i see ppl like “i like mitch better before” or “hes ALWAYS perfect” or “i don’t see the difference” when they see the pictures from 2 years ago to now, its almost not fair. like why do u want to dismiss all the hard work hes put into himself??? body positivity is an incredible thing but theres nothing wrong with acknowledging that mitch looks waaaay different and he looks absolutely stunning. like do u think mitch isn’t aware that the way he looked then and now is a serious change?? of course he does
this hardly makes sense but my point is: mitch purposely lost weight and now seems to have more confidence than he used to. dont ignore that and think that it makes you a good fan bc youre supporting how he used to look. we all loved him before and we all love him now but the work he puts into changing his appearance shouldn’t be overlooked.