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KazuBisha Week Day 2- School Days AU

‘I can’t believe we got even more homework.’ Yato groaned as he examined the 3759 page long book he was meant to read. ‘Where does the teacher even get all this stuff?’

‘The bookshop?’ Hiyori suggested, trying to shove her own copy into her backpack.

‘I’d like to see what kind of bookshop can even fit 24 copies of these stupid things inside.’ Yukine rolled his eyes.

Bishamon stared blankly at the pile of paper she had in front of her. She should have known better than to leave her homework to the last minute, and now she had catch up work to do on top of the new tasks. She looked around helplessly. Surely there was someone who was in even more trouble than she was. Bishamon couldn’t have been the only person who was lagging behind.

But alas, everyone else seemed to be managing fine. They all complained, sure, but atleast they were used to Tenjin’s ridiculous assignments. Bishamon, a transfer student, had no idea what she was in store for when she first moved here.

For one thing, her entire class seemed to be filled with rude and noisy boys. The ever-arguing Yato and Yukine, Okuninushi’s absent mindedness, Ebisu’s constant blabber about financial investments, and Takemikazuchi’s obnoxious attitude towards any living thing. The girls, on the other hand, were nice and polite, albeit a little strange themselves. Kofuku was always off in her own little world, doodling nonstop in her textbooks. Mayu seemed normal enough, but she seemed to hold a grudge of some kind against Yato. Hiyori, on the other hand, helped Yato and Yukine through all their problems. She was an A+ student, and a lovely person, but Bishamon didn’t really see herself being friends with anyone who was close to that creepy Yato.

'Class dismissed.’ Tenjin yawned as the bell rang, strolling casually out of the room as if he hadn’t just thrown them all into a hurricane.

Bishamon’s classmates trailed out slowly one by one, weighed down by the books, and soon she was the only person left in the classroom. Bishamon closed her eyes and rested her head against the book. She felt hopeless. Just what would she do now…?

'Excuse me, are you all right?’

With a start, Bishamon opened her eyes. She must have fallen asleep. Looking up sleepily, she found herself face to face with a bespectacled, brown haired boy.


'What time is it?’ Bishamon stood up quickly, knocking her chair to the ground and startling her companion.

'Break is nearly over,’ the boy answered hastily. 'But you still have some time to get to your next class.’

'Great, thanks!’ Bishamon replied, grabbing everything and sprinting off as fast as she could. Her next class was with Amaterasu, and she was unforgiving to latecomers.

'Wait! You forgot your-’ the boy began, but Bishamon was long gone. 'Book…’

He sighed, and glanced cautiously at the huge thing sitting on the table which looked like it was about to collapse from the weight. He poked at it gently, and the whole desk caved in.

The boy stood staring at the pile of what used to be Bishamon’s table, and sighed.

'She has Tenjin, doesn’t she?’ he murmured to himself.

Bishamon walked in circles outside her Languages classroom.

No, no, no, no, she thought to herself. I’ve lost it!

She had completely forgotten about Tenjin’s assignment until after the last period had ended. When she was leaving the school grounds, Hiyori had asked her how her bag was so light, seeing as everyone else was practically dragging their books home. In a flurry of panic, Bishamon rushed back to the school and into the classroom, only to find what used to be her desk in a pile on the floor, and the book nowhere to be seen.

Maybe one of the teachers had taken it. But why would anyone want to carry around that thing?

'Hello again. I thought I’d find you here.’

Bishamon whirled around to find the boy from before. In his hand was the answer to her question.

'You have my book.’ Bishamon sighed in relief. 'Thank you.’

'No problem,’ he tried handing the book back, but Bishamon was unprepared for just how heavy it was and it simply slipped out of her fingers. With a resounding thump, it landed hard on the floor.

Bishamon and the boy looked at it dejectedly.

'You can keep it.’ Bishamon glanced at him sullenly.

'You have a lot of homework, I see.’ the boy replied politely. 'What’s your name?’

'Bishamon,’ she replied. 'And yours?’

'You can call me Kazuma.’ the boy smiled. 'Tell you what, Bishamon, let me help with your work.’

'What? Seriously?’ Bishamon stared at him. 'You want to do this.’ she gestured at the lump of pain and suffering on the ground.

'To be more precise,’ Kazuma pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose, reflecting light into Bishamon’s eyes and making her squint. 'Let me help you do this work.’

'Thanks, but…’ Bishamon hesitated. 'No one else in my class gets help from a senior, and if they managed to do it, I should be able to as well, right?’

She looked up at Kazuma, proud of her motivational speech, only to find Kazuma staring at her, mouth agape.

'W-what?’ Bishamon asked, going red with embarrassment. 'Did I say something wrong?’

'You didn’t know?’ Kazuma asked incredulously.

'Know what?’ Bishamon replied blankly.

After a long discussion about who was to carry what, Kazuma came to the brilliant solution of using a push cart from the nearby PE shed.

Bishamon lifted the book carefully onto the trolley, and the two rushed away from the new dent in the floor. They pushed the trolley all the way to the local library, getting many strange looks from passersby on the way. There, Bishamon was tasked with moving the book from the trolley safely into the library.

'I don’t believe it,’ Bishamon frowned, squeezing the book into her bag and lifting it slowly onto her back. 'How are the school bags not breaking?’

'As soon as Tenjin became a teacher, the school started making bags with army-grade materials which shall remain un-named because the author doesn’t know what they’re called.’ Kazuma explained as they marched into the library.

'I see.’ Bishamon nodded, although she wasn’t really listening. Even with a bag, carrying the book was painful.

As they walked further into the massive library, she started to see familiar faces. A clueless Kofuku was doing math equations with a tough, black haired man who looked suprisingly patient. Yato sat at a table a few feet away, unhappily writing down names of different capital cities around the world as another student blabbered on unhelpfully in the background. Takemikazuchi sat on a beanbag with his hands behind his head, reciting science terms to a boy kneeling beside him, book in hand.

'This is the buddy system you were talking about?’ Bishamon asked, glancing at Okuninushi who was being taught the art of not-shouting-every-word-he-said by a short, chubby man.

'Yes,’ Kazuma answered. 'Apparently you haven’t heard of it, being a transfer student and all that, but if you wish, you can apply for a buddy to help you with your homework. Most people who get Tenjin as a teacher do, because he sets such high standards. Yukine prefers to have Hiyori teach him herself, so that’s why they aren’t here.

'The guy working with Kofuku is called Daikoku. That annoying looking kid with Yato is Fujisaki, and for future reference he is, in fact, very annoying. Lastly, Kiun’s working with Takemikazuchi. We’re all seniors, so you don’t need to worry. Unless you’re with Fujisaki, then leave immediantely. The other students are either not here or they don’t feel the need for honework help, which is, of course, perfectly understandable. Ah, this should be fine.’

Bishamon set down her bag on the floor beside the pristine table, and brought out her work. Kazuma seated himself down next to her, and they looked at the mountain of homework before them.

'So, what do you want to start off with?’ he asked, smiling slightly.

'Better get Tenjin’s assignment out of the way.’ Bishamon sighed, bringing the book to the front of the pile.

'What is this called, anyway?’ Kazuma brushed sone dust off the brown cover. 'I haven’t actually seen the title.’

“The History of Japan and its Shinto Gods’,’ Bishamon read aloud. 'Sounds fun.’

'Well then, let’s get started.’ Kazuma edged closer to Bishamon until they were touching shoulders.

Bishamon blushed slightly, and as Kazuma opened up the book, she thought she saw him going pink as well.

Yato glanced over from where he was working, his partner talking on and on about absolute nonsense.

'I ship it,’ he whispered quietly, then punched Fujisaki in the face.

TalesFromRetail: Shopping trolley is for me yes?

Hi guys, on mobile sorry if formatting is off!

This happened last week at the small organic shop I work at. A while ago we “borrowed” a shopping trolley from a nearby supermarket to use when restocking, moving stuff around etc. Our shop is so small there are no trolleys for customers, just baskets.

It was a busy and all of us were serving customers at the tills, my coworker nudges me and points at an older lady struggling to push this giant trolley around the store. She must have taken whatever was in it out and started to use it.

When she came up to the tills we could barely keep a straight face. She then leaves it right in the doorway! We were all too amused by her to be annoyed.

By: shhhushnow

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Hi! Thank you very much for everything you have shared so far! Can you tell us about scene 11 of act 1, when Albus and Scorpius get off from the moving train (and specially about the trolley witch)? Thank you!

Thank you for asking! So the scene where Scorpius Malfoy jumps off a moving train because Albus asked nicely? Yeah, I’d be glad to talk about that :’) Sorry this is slightly ramble-y:

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