from a child

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There are
people who will
always come back for you,
and it doesn’t matter
how deep you bury their souls.

in the middle of the night -
they will come for you,
floodlights on and the
barriers smashed to pieces.

and you’ll scream,
and shout,
and yell for them to
leave you alone,
but they won’t.

And you’ll curl up
into a ball on your bedroom floor,
hands covering your ears,
and pray
they won’t break you again.

—  charleigh aleyna.
Charlie Eats Dice for Power
Justin, Travis, Clint and Griffin McElroy
Charlie Eats Dice for Power
I hope my name burns marks on your tongue,
and every time you say my name,
your evil soul gets tattooed,
like needles hammering away at your heart.
—  charleigh aleyna