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I’ve been staying w my family at my sister’s for the last week so here’s a quick update / gratitude list:
• I made a crystal grid and such for the full moon, lunar eclipse and comet
• my sister gave me cute souvenirs from Mexico and my mom from Cuba
• we’ve been cooking together and it feels like when we all lived at home
• I made a vegetarian taco filling which I liked more than the others I’ve made
• we’ve been watching so much Netflix (and I don’t watch anything on my own)
• I’ve still been meditating daily
• I’m almost finished my second book for the month of February
• and most importantly, I’m officially an auntie 😭💞

#20 The Fixing Procedure Part 10 (Harry Styles)

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“You know what I love about you?”  Edward lay on my stomach, pressing occasional kisses on it.

“What?” I giggled, his hair tickling me.

“That you care about people in a way nobody does,” He climbed, and placed his head on my chest, and I hugged him.

“What does that mean?” I asked.

“Look at people here, they don’t care about us patients,” he said.

“They do,” I countered.

“Not like you do,” He looked up.

“Well, it’s not supposed to be like me,” I told him. “We can’t get connected, you know…”

“You’re a goner then,” He smirked

I didn’t want to believe he was standing in front of me. It took me a long time to get myself away from him and, there were hardly any days which went without a mention of his name in my head.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, panting after the long angry make-out session. Our lips were red and swollen, my top a bit was torn and Harry half naked, sitting like an angel on my bed. He looked like a masterpiece sitting on my bed. I still remembered the first day I saw his picture. He is still that beautiful.

He didn’t answer me but, lay down on the bed. I sat still not moving from my position. He tapped the space beside him, wanting me to sit and rest beside him. I did, and he wrapped his hands around me. “I drove all night, can we sleep? It’s quite late,” He whispered, cuddling into my neck.

I nodded and switched off the light. Pulling the blanket over us, Harry snuggled into my body like Edward always did, and I held him. It didn’t take a lot of time for me to sleep. Months were spent with me attached to him, it was like a habit now that, I was getting used to again.

I ran next to him on the field. Harry had started working out now that he ate better. He was getting in shape and was making me run with him, too. “I can’t do this!” I yelled.

“One more round, come come,” He gave me his million dollar smile and pulled my hand with him. “I thought you’d always be with me,” He said, repeating my words.

“Why can’t with you be done from the bench!” I huffed.

“Nope, with me, means every step with me!” He let go of my hand as I ran beside him.

“Your legs are too long! I have to run faster than you to just catch up!” I told him.

“I’ll slow down, here,” He said, slowing down a bit.

“Makes no difference, let’s finish this!” I pushed him and ran forward.

Waking up next to him after so many months was weird but, in a good way. It was like I fit with him. Like, two halves fixed together, again. I lay in bed answering all my emails, not wanting to leave his corner. I slept longer than I usually did. He calmed me down.

“Hey, good morning…” I heard him whisper.  I didn’t say anything. He kissed my shoulder and got off the bed. “Want to go have breakfast?” He asked. “I  saw a cafe on the way here, is it good?”

I nodded. He told me to get ready, opening my cupboard and taking out my clothes. We knew each other that well. I took the clothes and ran to the washroom. I met him near his truck, he looked all washed up and clean. “You’re a long way from home,” I told him.

“Or I am home?” He smirked. I didn’t understand him. He pulled in front of the cafe and ordered pancakes for both of us.

“What are you doing here?” I asked while he was ordering.

“Do you want a shake with it? Coffee? She’ll have a Cold Coffee Milkshake, make it strong and I’ll have a black coffee,” He told the waitress who kept eyeing him and biting her lips. I chose to ignore her, I had bigger battles to fight.

“Are you going to tell me?” I asked again.

“I thought, you weren’t planning on studying psychology after your experience with me? What happened?” He laughed like it was some joke.

I didn’t respond, keeping my face blank. The waitress kept our food on the table and walked away, still biting her glossed cherry lips. I knew she had her number stuck down his plate. I took a bite of my pancakes, relishing them. It had been a long time since I had eaten one. Harry kept looking at me while eating and smiling to himself, after that.

We finished our food quite fast and in silence. I guess, none of wanted to explain or deal with what had happened. “You didn’t answer me? I thought I had removed every intention of you trying to fix people after me,” He smirked.

I couldn’t control it. This was Edward, but it was Harry, too. Knowing Edward, he couldn’t have kept shut for so long, this was a different man. “You must find it funny but, I don’t!” I got up and threw a bill and walked off. Harry stopped me, pulling my hand just outside the cafe.

“It’s not funny,” He said. I wanted to kiss him. I wanted to hug him, it was too much for me. “You know, you were the one who bailed me out! I do deserve an apology!” he said, as he matched my pace.

“You remember?” I stopped in my tracks.

“Everything finally found the box!” He said, smiling. “There was a reason I forgot you.”

“Really? Why? Some sadistic joke? You know what, I can’t do this!” I shook my head but, before I could walk away, he held me in his arms.

“I kidnapped you, I hurt you too, and you took it,” he said, “I wanted to fix myself and give a chance for us to fix ourselves, at least that is what my head says,” he kept him head on my shoulder. “Nothing makes sense to me, Eliza.”

“What if I forget you?” Harry asked.

“What?” We were cleaning all his cameras and arranging them according to their dates.

“What if I don’t remember you one day because I lose time. What if one day I wake up and nothing makes sense,” He said.

“That won’t happen,” I kissed his cheek. “You know why? Because I’ll be there right beside you, clearing things out.”

We sat in his truck, wrapped up in blankets, “This is a nice truck,” I said.

“She’s my baby,” He smiled. “Don’t worry, you are too.”

“Sure,” I shook my head.

“It’s a lot to process, Eliza,” He continued. “I don’t think I would have survived if an alternate side didn’t take it for me. I was abused every month by that man, every month and my mother saw nothing,” I rubbed his shoulders. “I have been trying to understand everything. The killing, the gang, everything and it’s just something which, I want to get rid of now, you know.”

I kissed his cheek and sat in his lap. We were parked beside the community park, in a shaded corner. He spent the day telling me about all he found out and tried to solve. It was a lot. Twenty-two years of his life worth shit, which he was coming to terms with now. “Doctors say that I have a choice,” He said. “I can choose to forget the negative and focus on the positive. Start afresh, anew like a second chance that, I have been offered. And, that makes sense to me. The only thing in all of it that made sense to me is you.”


“I dreamt about you. Almost every other night and slowly joined the pieces. You are all that makes sense to me. All that I want to remember. Nothing else, nobody else,” He said, holding my face. I wanted to cry. “Everyone gave up one but, you never did. I’m sorry for hurting you. I’m sorry for forgetting you but, I have been looking for this missing piece inside me which I still can’t join and with you here, I feel fixed. I feel complete,” Tears poured down his eyes. “I know,  I hurt you. I can’t forget the look on your face when I said that, I didn’t remember you. But, you do say that everything happens for a reason. Maybe this was a chance to come to terms with ourselves,” He said.

I kept my head on his chest. I loved him so much. It was my love with him which he remembered.

“Do you think you can give us a chance again? As Harry and Eliza? Because I love you. The Harry in me, the Edward in me, all of me loves you, and I’d give up everything for you,” He said as I cried in his arms.

“You asked Aunty to stop me from seeing you. I was dying Harry, and you did what I was most scared of, you forgot me,” I whimpered.

“I thought, I was doing you a favour. I thought I had ruined you. Letting go of me would give you clarity away from me,” He held me in his arms, crying with me.

“You gave it a very good shot,” I nodded, and he smiled.

“Please don’t leave me again,” I hugged him.

“Never again.”

I sat sketching Edward, as he read his book. He was the perfect work of art that I wanted to capture with my skill.

“This book is shit!” He slammed it shut.

“Why?” I asked, laughing.

“I don’t like sad endings, he didn’t have to die!” he crossed his arms.

“It’s reality,” I shrugged.

“Are you giving me a hint, honey?” He smirked.

“I’m just telling you that, it’s life, and there can be a time when I’m not there, and…” He stopped me by keeping his fingers on my lips.

“Wherever you’ll go, I’ll follow,” He said, kissing them.

“For that, you’ll have to get out of here. To get off here, you’ll have to get fixed, and for that…” He picked me up and lay me on the bed and climbed on top of me.

“I know, I know, and you’ll fix me. And, take me with you, won’t you? You won’t leave me behind,” He said, sucking my neck.

“Not until you want me to,” I confirmed.

“Well then, you’re stuck with me.” He nodded and threw his shirt away like a hero. “Forever.”

“Forever it is,” I laughed and pulled him close.


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Day 18 - Duet

Okay, so this isn’t really about a duet. It just kinda includes a duet so I’m just gonna say it counts as a day 18 fic. And I don’t even know if Sophie actually has a daughter, but let’s pretend. Also, I’m currently working on a second part to this. :)


I was cutting up vegetables for dinner while Adam cooked the rice. We had insisted on cooking dinner tonight and giving his sister, Sophie, and her husband a break.

We decided to take a trip to Scotland only a week before. I was in love with having time off because it allowed us to be spontaneous. I’d only met Adam’s sister’s family once before and it was months ago when I was on tour in Scotland. Though I didn’t have much time to spend with them, I enjoyed talking to Sophie and bonding with her five year old daughter, Eva.

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