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ID #46474

Name: Dylan
Age: 15
Country: USA

Hi! I’m Dylan! I’m 15 and I live in the US. I am a classical pianist and I go to an arts highschool. My interests are:
Music (indie, pop, chillout, sometimes pixel?? i would love to hear all of your fav genres too)
art (painting, photography, anything!! anything at all)
film making
stationery (i’m a stationery addict! if you are a person who loves to send pretty letters on cute papers with nice pens, i am the person for you)
and anything at all you’re up to talking about!

Preferences: Any country is fine as long as you can speak English fluent enough for us to communicate! I am currently learning Spanish but I do not speak any other language. Someone near or around my age would be preferred!

Prompt #66

“You should be nice to me. I just saved your life.”

I stood in the corner of the dorm room trying to pack away all my stuff. The man whose life I had just saved started to make sounds. I didn’t turn around though just kept doing what I had been. “You fucking whore what did you do to me!” I suddenly heard, as a glass shattered just by my head.

“You should be nice to me. I just saved your life” I snapped at him. I knew he was hopped up on the pain killers and was probably disoriented, but still. I grabbed my bag and left the room. I went out to the bar motioning for a show of whatever.

“Princess what’s the noise about?” Jax asked coming over to me.

“Apparently I am a whore” I stated flatly. I cut him off before he could say anything though, “I get it I’m a hang around. I like you boys, but I have a job. I save lives.”

“I know” he said before standing up. “Clay” he nodded his head moving away.

“Princess” he wheezed some the bullet wound causing him some pain. “Didn’t know it was you” he sighed.

“Next time I won’t save you” I snapped before walking out. “Get back in bed!” I yelled just before the door shut behind me.

The sun kissing my scars
No longer held captive by the shield
No more urges being fed

— Cynthia Chapman // haiku

ID #47867

Name: Aurélie
Age: 23
Country: Belgium


I’m Aurélie (pronounced o re lee) and I’m 23 years old. I work in a warehouse to fold, sort and secure clothes. I like Harry potter, orphan black, Orange is the new black, BBC Sherlock and Doctor who (Jodie is perfect, fight me). Apart from that I like walking and politics.

Preferences: Age 18 - 26
No homophobia or racism allowed

ID #80916

Name: Michaela
Age: 22
Country: Canada

Hi! I’m Michaela, born in 1994, and from Canada (Ontario). I was actually living in Korea for a little over a year and got back about 3 months ago? It’s a little strange to be back, Canada feels a lot more boring than it did before but the air is really fresh and I can see the stars again so that’s nice.
Now that I’m back I’m kind of just… trying to work and save up money to leave again? I’d like to travel a few more places in East Asia… the top of my list is Bhutan (because it has a super interesting culture) and Malaysia (because every Malaysian I met while travelling were the nicest, sweetest people I’ve met and I feel like it must also be a nice country to visit). I’d also like to go to Ireland, Poland, Finland, Denmark and pretty much anywhere except the Antarctica and gun crazy / war torn areas of the world.
Apart from travelling I also love music, art, fashion design, and gardening. I’m planning on making an indoor garden soon. I’ve also slowly been teaching myself how to code as well as learning Korean. I’d love to learn other languages afterwards but I can’t really focus on more than one language at once if I want to be fluent. I’m also trying to practice guitar more… my goal is to be able to play B chords effortlessly. I should probably just get a smaller guitar but I’m determined to make the one I’ve got work. I was thinking if I get good enough maybe I’d be able to bring it with me while travelling and earn some spending money from busking or something, but it’s probably wishful thinking. I’m a bit shy for something like that.

Anyways, I’d love to make a friend from another country or a friend within Canada! Either one is good!

Preferences: I’d like to do email and/or snail mail (I can’t really send anything but letters and small candies though because it’s expensive to send packages). Ages 18-27 only please.

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Just this blog or afc too??

just this one. at the moment, askfakeconnor is in a very plot heavy spot (i regret everything) and it doesn’t make sense to me personally to do guest artists during that. 

ID #93309

Name: Casey
Age: 19
Country: USA

Hi! My name is Casey, and I’m a 19 year old girl currently living in Michigan. I am a barista at a local coffee shop, and a student studying microbiology. I truly like most things, but I’m especially fond of old movies, music (classic rock, indie, classical, etc.), science, and learning about the lives of others. My first language is English, but I am semi fluent in French as well. I am looking for a person to chat with, because I’d like to expand my horizons a bit and connect with new people. I’m open to many discussions!! Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to talk!

Preferences: I would prefer to contact someone via the Internet at first, and then go from there. But I am very open to snail mail in the future!

Ignorance we see
The protection blinds pulled down
No found wit, spineless

— Cynthia Chapman // Haiku #4

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hey uh idk where else to put this bc i don't have a sunny blog but Game Shows Touch Our Lives by the Mountain Goats is about the gang and also mac and dennis, thanks

ok so TMG aren’t really my cup of tea but “people say friends don’t destroy each other / what do they know about friends?” is a HUGE sunny mood 

ID #76292

Name: Maya
Age: 16
Country: Mexico

I’m a senior year girl who loves music (indie-kpop-)my favorite bands are …Seventeen F(x) GOT7 THE1975 THENEIGHBORHOOD etc… my hobbies are learning languages (english,korean)dancing singing and drawing.When i was a kid i watch anime and i kinda love old animes also i would like to have a really good friendship and want to learn more about other cultures.

Preferences: online is okay but if you can send snail mail would be lovely.

ID #97788

Name: Christina
Age: 20
Country: USA

Hi! My name is Christina. I have always wanted to have a pen pal so here I go. Sorry, I am really bad at talking about myself. (I never know what to say.)
I love listening to music and discovering new songs and artists to listen to. I love listening to my weekly discover playlist on spotify. I am a big Disney fan, Beauty and the Best, Wreck it Ralph, and Big Hero 6 are my favorites at the moment. I also cook and bake a lot. I am always on pinterest to find new recipes to try. I would love to learn about other cultures and other places around the world.

I would love to find a pen pal from another country. I would prefer to start with email then write letters, however I do not mind if you would prefer one way over the other. Honestly I just want to make a new friend.

Preferences: 16+, I would prefer someone from outside the US but it isn’t a deal breaker.