from a 3rd party perspective

Once Upon a Coffee Shop

Genre: 2012! phan, coffeeshop au, angst/fluff

Summary: When Dan and Phil’s relationship begins to fall apart, will the girl who’s seen their love from the very beginning be able to help them mend it back together again?

Warnings: Slight language

Word count: ~3,500

Author’s Note: I’m trying something new here bc it’s told from a 3rd party perspective instead of from either Dan or Phil’s, so any feedback at all would be really amazing! Also, a bit of background before reading this: most of Dan and Phil’s relationship problems are understood as stemming from what was happening between them in 2012 (so if you have any questions about that just message me and I can explain more in depth!). I really hope you like it! A huge thank you to the best, pure-phantasy​ for betaing and helping me be less nervous about posting this! <33

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