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About the chest size question... Omo sorry i forgot about the member limit T.T SORRY can you do bap and jackson ? Sorry again

Don’t worry, bub, it’s not a problem ^^

Yongguk - Yongguk strikes me as the type who would love curvy girls. Like girls with thick thighs, a large chest, so I think he would purposely seek someone out like that. 

Himchan - I think Himchan would be like Yongguk. I think he’d love a girl with the perfect hour-glass figure. 

Daehyun - I kind of see Daehyun going for a more petite girl typically, if I’m honest. But I could also seem him go for a girl who has a body like Bernadette from The Big Bang Theory - She’s quite small, but doesn’t exactly have small boobs.

Youngjae - I think Youngjae would like a girl who is kind of chubby, as opposed to a petite girl, so I can’t see him having an issue at all.

Jackson - Jackson strikes me as the type that would love a girl regardless of her size, as long as she was happy and healthy, so I don’t think he’d mind too much if you did or didn’t have large breasts. 

Jongup - I think he’d be like Daehyun, in that he’d prefer a girl who was on the petite size, if I’m honest. But I feel like a key thing for him would be if they were a dancer. 

Zelo - Zelo is quite young, and youthful and so I think he’d prefer a petite girl who was quite cute, but as he matures and grows older, I think that could change. It might be my refusing to see him as older he’s older than me, but he’s still a bby but I can’t see him looking at someone’s body as much as their personality and the way they come across. 

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Olicity: Unwritten

Anonymous said: Prompt: Something along the lines of piece by piece by Kelly Clarkson, maybe felicity having a long overdue conversation with her dad or something

Also inspired by a scene from The Big Bang Theory

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It arrived on a Thursday morning, delivered to Donna. So, naturally she read it. It didn’t matter that she wasn’t the named ‘Miss Smoak’ on the front of the envelope, it was a sheer excitement to receive her first piece of mail addressed to the loft while she was staying there waiting for her new apartment to be ready, and before she knew it, she’d read it.

A letter from Felicity’s father.

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I was fucking a girl and she had a poster of Sheldon from the Big Bang theory up in her room and I didn't notice until like 10 minutes in and I screamed out loud

she yellin bazinga when she buss

We tell ourselves stories. We weave together different plot lines, wondering if the outcome of the story might be different were we to have done or said something other than what we had done or said, all the while knowing that the various alternative outcomes are just more stories - fictions meant to distract us from what’s actually happening. And so we pause from weaving and commence breathing, gently and non-judgmentally saying hello to what is…

Oy vey.

—  Chuck Lorre - Vanity Card #335

I very often whare game related socks, no one ever know!

Sma with T-Shirts, always something nerdy that only i can understand so people have to walk up to me ans ask what it is so i can give them an explanation! :3

Olicity Fanfic Recommendation

Hi, guys!
As usually you get my fanfiction highlights of the last week.

Lost by @synchrolicity - A fic about Felicity’s thoughts on Oliver having lied to her about his son (included in the Olicity Fic Challenge 14 Days of Olicity).
Great! (And so different from mine for this prompt…)

Unwritten by @yespleasehawkeye - A Big Bang Theory inspired fic about Felicity and her dad.
Two of my favorite TV series in one fic! Loved it!

Go back to bedby @yespleasehawkeye - When Oliver suffers from a panic attack, Ava is there to calm him down.

Call my name by @jsevick - Felicity wants Oliver to say her codename… in a special occasion.
A cute, little dialogue-only fic!

You’re safe. I’m here.” by @lovebeasunflowerhannie - When Felicity has a nightmare, Oliver is there to calm her down. Just like she always did for him. 
I love it! And a mention of Bali! I don’t know what happened there, but I love Bali already!

Could I have this dance by @ourwritinginvein - Oliver and Felicity share their first dance as Mr. and Mrs. Queen.

I only sleep to dream of you by @ourwritinginvein - Felicity gets hit by the powers of a metahuman who lets you believe the last dream you’ve had is your reality. Felicity is with Ray, but she always dreams of Oliver, so when she gets hit, being with Oliver is her reality.
A nice parallel to If only I could live in my dreams which is probably my favorite fic written by @ourwritinginvein and also one of my favorite fics in general (recommended 11/09/15) with reversed roles.

It was an accident by @aussieforgood - When Oliver shoots Felicity with an arrow, he actually has the nerve to say it’s her fault (included in the Olicity Fic Challenge 14 Days of Olicity).
Very funny!

Thanks to all the great writers for their work!

If you want to be included, just tag me or send me links to your fics, and I’ll check them out (even if it might take some time).

You can find all my recs here. If you ever need them, the link is in the sidebar of my blog.

Big Bang Theory 200th Ep Welcomes Adam West, Sara Gilbert, 3 More

It all started with a big KAPOW!

The Big Bang Theory has unveiled the guest list for its 200th episode (airing Feb. 25), and it includes a first-ever appearance by Batman icon Adam West, TVLine has learned.

PHOTOSFriends Reunion at NBC’s James Burrows Tribute — See the First Photo

Also set to guest star in the milestone outing are recurring Big Bang players Christine Baranski (Beverly), John Ross Bowie (Barry), Wil Wheaton (as himself) and Sara Gilbert (Leslie).

While Baranski, Bowie and Wheaton have all been steady fixtures on the CBS smash in recent seasons, Gilbert’s physicist character hasn’t been seen since the Season 3 finale, when Leonard showed up at his ex’s door looking for a quickie in the wake of his split from Penny.

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Couples Dating in Secret:

While the shows’ big wins were definitely a cause for celebration, the cast members were also spotted getting cozy while watching the annual award ceremony. Photos from the event show the actors sitting next to one another and, once again, holding hands. Another image shows Cuoco playfully grabbing Galecki’s face.

While their latest outing is sure to get “Big Bang” fans’ tongues wagging, the actors have made in clear on numerous occasions they’re nothing more than good friends. They last addressed the dating rumors in October 2015 after Galecki was accused of playing a role in Cuoco’s divorce from tennis pro Ryan Sweeting.

“So sorry to disappoint, but no home wreckers or secret flings going on her,” Cuoco captioned an Instagram shot of her and co-star. “Me and [Johnny] are just the best of buds - Leonard and Penny will just have to suffice!!!”


“The whole thing about Gillian and I dating is so weird. It’s never happened, it’s not going to happen, we’re friends,” he says. “I don’t want to rain on anybody’s parade, but no, it’s not gonna happen. It hasn’t happened.”

The rumors, which have been present for years, made their rounds on the Internet again last week after Anderson joined Duchovny onstage during a recent concert to promote his album Hell or Highwater in New York.

“I see Gillian, I kiss her hello. She’s my friend. If somebody gets a picture of that, if it’s on stage and she comes up to sing with me, I’m going to kiss her hello,” he says. “I wish the show would be enough. I don’t understand why people want more from Gillian and I. I really don’t.”

He adds: “You can have Mulder and Scully, and that’s gonna have to be enough.”

as of today, i have been forced to look at videos of the big bang theory in class not once but TWICE. two times. two times i have had to watch clips from the big bang theory. zimbabwe.

“He’s not autistic...”

“Don’t tell me that I don’t understand autism as much as autistic people.  I may not understand every detail like that autism and Aspergers aren’t separate anymore, but I had to live with it throughout my entire childhood and I know exactly what it looks like.  He’s not autistic, he’s a normal, intelligent teen.  He doesn’t display any of the traits I’ve seen from the dozens of autistic people I used to be forced to hang out with.” 

“I absolutely hate it when people try to glorify autism or diagnose fictional characters because they like them and want them to be like them.  A better example of autism in fiction is Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory.  He’s practically a textbook case.  The best thing is, it’s not even an exaggeration, it’s exactly what it looks like to others.  My father will even point to him and tell my brother ‘That’s how you look to other people’.  “