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Posting on this blog to end - existing pictures will stay up!

Hi all. 

Firstly I would like to thank the nearly 1000 people following this blog now, never expecting it to get this popular (although as of recent the spam/porn blog follows seem to have accelerated due to genuine interest growing!) so thank you all.

I’ve decided I will be no longer posting to the declanstrains blog as i’ve lost interest in tumblr as a whole and barely go on here anymore (even considering closing my personal account due to lack of use). I’ve been mulling over what to do with the blog over the last few months and I have decided that this will be the last post. My apologies to those who enjoyed seeing my pictures but you still can see the best of my photos from 2011 onwards on flickr here: I have not lost interested in Railways or Steam Locomotives so pictures will be uploaded to my flickr as and when I see them.

Once again I am very grateful for the support and time people have spent enjoying this blog and i’m very sorry for any disappointment this may cause but I just don’t have the enthusiasm for tumblr anymore. I hope you can understand.

All the best and thanks.

futureihopeyouarekind  asked:

Hey! 😊do you have any 2015/2016 cherik Mpreg stories? With Charles pregnant?

Hmm, I don’t read a lot of Mpreg stories so not really, no. :/ Sorry. But there’s this lovely story called Sing or Swim, it’s from 2015. It’s not mpreg but it’s still really good –> With the kids and Alpha/Omega dynamics. 

There’s Your Baby is My Supermagnet with /both/ Charles and Erik pregnant at the same time –> . It’s from 2011 though. 

Also when I searched now this showed up –> I still haven’t checked it though. 

I’m sorry there’s no more I can suggest :/ But I trust if any of my followers know a Cherik mpreg!Charles story from 2015/2016 they’ll let you know! Come on, Cherikers, we need to stick together! We’re not alone ;)  


From 2011 or so when I was (believe it or not) even more up my own ass than currently. Also I couldn’t really afford food and didn’t drink so we can marvel at how thin I was.


ι ѕтιll need ya, need ya, don'т мean тo тeaѕe ya

I 👏  AM 👏  STILL  👏  IN 👏  KLANCE  👏  HELL 👏  *edits with songs from 2011*

all artists credited in the YT description and are the reason i live and breathe so thanks guys

also shoutout to @lionbots @bae-llura and @klanced for keeping my dash in good supply of this ship, u guys are the real mvps